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Hot Wheels Kaufen zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen. Große Auswahl an Hot Wheels Kaufen Hot Wheels online bei Kaufland.de entdecken & Top-Angebote sichern. Hot Wheels günstig online kaufen - jetzt bei Kaufland.d 1 Description 2 Standard Side-Loading Versions 3 Non-Reproduction Prototype Rear-Loader Versions 4 Non-Reproduction Transitional Versions 5 Brightvision Reproduction 6 Gallery 7 Similar Castings Or Names The Volkswagen Beach Bomb was a casting from the 1969 Hot Wheels line-up. It featured removable surfboards mounted on the sides, and it can be found with a dark brown or white interior. The.

During ROADSHOW's 2016 stop in Salt Lake City, Utah, appraiser Grant Zahajko met Cary, the owner of a rare red variation of the 1969 Hot Wheels Beach Bomb. Check out Grant Zahajko's appraisal of a 1969 Hot Wheels Beach Bomb prototype, in Salt Lake City Hour 1. Aired: 04/03/17. Rating: TV-G. The full episode is no longer available for online streaming

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  1. 1969 Redlines: Sell Redline Hot Wheels: Buy Redline Hot Wheels : 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb : Hong Kong made only : Aqua: Blue: Brown: Green: Light Green: Olive: Orange: Purple: Red: Rose: Yellow : 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb : Prototype Model by Mattel : The Real Deal Rear Board by Mattel: The Real Deal Rear Board by Mattel: The Real Deal Rear.
  2. There's one Volkswagen made in 1969 that has more than held its value. The famous Pink, Rear-Loading Beach Bomb Hot Wheels car is still the most valuable Hot Wheels ever produced, and it keeps.
  3. This Volkswagen Beach Bomb, a Hot Wheel based on the Volkswagen Bus with surfboards hanging out of the back window, is an early prototype that dates back to 1969. There are a few things that make.
  4. World's most expensive Hot Wheel: Volkswagen Beach Bomb. Bruce Pascal, an avid Hot Wheels collector, was only 7 years old when these car toys hit the market in 1968. It's hard to explain the craze today, but Hot Wheels was huge. All of my friends were saving up to buy all the Hot Wheels they could, Pascal told Volkswagen in a recent.
  5. Average price for this page: $233Middle price for this page: $199. Hot Wheels Redline 1969 HK Purple VOLKSWAGEN BEACH BOMB NM Spectacular! HOT WHEELS REDLINE BEACH BOMB - MAKE OFFERS!!!!!!!!! Hot Wheels Redlines NEAR MINT/MINT ©1969 Beach Bomb Green White Interior MINTY!! 1969 Hot Wheels redline Beach Bomb
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The Beach Bomb was Hot Wheels' model of a Volkswagen Microbus that came with a pair of surfboards. However, the original design was too top heavy and wouldn't work with Mattel's Supercharger. This is a 1969 Hot Wheels Beach Bomb prototype. I received this from my father, who was a foreman at Mattel Corporation in California at about that same time. And he told me that this was a.

He still had not found the one Hot Wheels vehicle that was alluding him, the most valuable Volkswagen ever produced - the pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype. The model was a bit of a folly. When VW and Hot Wheels initially created it, the car's narrow body and surf boards out the back window made the vehicle unable to stay upright when rolled Rear Loading Beach Bomb 1968 Volkswagen T2 Micro-Bus vs. the Pre-Production Hot Wheels Beach Bomb The original Hot Wheels version of the Beach Bomb was based on the second generation (T2) of the Volkswagen Type 2 vehicle, also known as the Transporter, Kleinbus or more commonly as simply the VW Bus

Today, Pascal owns over 4,000 Hot Wheels models and about 3,000 pieces of memorabilia, but the pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb remains his most prized possession. Pascal's collection includes thousands of pieces of Hot Wheels memorabilia. I won't say how much I purchased it for, said Pascal, but it is worth an estimated $150,000 today. Volkswagen Beach Bomb 1969 Main line #6274 designer Ira Gilford, Redline. $999. Best Offer or Buy it Now. Ended -6 days ago. Green Beach Bomb Redline Hot Wheels Blister Pack. $850. Best Offer or Buy it Now. Ended -11 days ago. 1969 Hot Wheels Redline Yellow Volkswagen Beach Bomb With Surfboards In 2016, Pascal said the Pink Beach Bomb was worth $150,000. Today it's probably closer to $175,000. PASCAL WITH HIS ULTRARARE VOLKSWAGEN BEACH BOMB HOT WHEELS PROTOTYPE . The Pink Beach Bomb was Mattel's first attempt at designing a Volkswagen Microbus The Volkswagen 'Beach Bomb,' the world's most valuable Hot Wheel. Description: Valued at $150,000, this pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype is the most valuable Hot Wheels model in the world. Photo credit: Bruce Pascal Added: 3 Dec 2020 | ID: 1252 Rare 1969 Hot Wheels Volkswagen 'Beach Bomb' Estimated To Be Worth $150,000 USD: This Pink prototype is said to be only one of two that still exists

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  1. The highest amount paid for a Hot Wheels car (so far) was $72,000 in 2000 for a pink 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb. This specific car is a one-of-a-kind prototype that was never officially released. World Record Hot Wheels Loop-the-Loo
  2. 1969 Hot Wheels Beach Bomb Prototype. Antiques Roadshow l PBS. April 9, 2017 ·. This is the holy grail of Hot Wheels. 18K18K. 3.1K Comments 35K Shares 3.1M Views. Share
  3. This Pink Rear-Loading Beach Bomb is a pre-production piece built in 1969 as the Volkswagen Beach Bomb with surfboards loaded into the vehicle through the open rear window rather than the production version we know of today where the boards slide into a side pod. This prototype car was too narrow to fit and function properly with the Hot Wheels Super Charger
  4. RLBB Reproductions 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb HK Menu - Reproductions. of the Rear Loading Beach Bomb. Mattel eventually sued them for this and Brightvision went out of business. Brightvision re-emerged years later, under different ownership, and now makes higher quality re-production parts for various Hot Wheels. They nolonger make or sell.
  5. The Volkswagen Beach Bomb is perhaps the most famous and certainly the most valuable Hot Wheels ever created. It is based on the 1968 VW T2 Micro Bus more commenly known as the Transporter, Kleinbus, or most often in the USA as the VW Bus. Often referred to as the Holy Grail of Hot Wheels for most collectors, one example of the very few.
  6. PART 2/2: This video takes a longer detailed look at the differences between an actual VW Beach Bomb Vs. the Imitation Bright Vision (BV)....My Webiste, find..

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Other extremely rare and desirable Redline-era Hot Wheels cars are the rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb with surfboards poking out the back (also considered a prototype) and the Olds 442. Mint examples of the Hot Wheels Olds 442 model in the most desirable colors can fetch five figures The 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb is the Holy Grail for Hot Wheels collectors. Especially the Rear Loading Pink version, since it was a prototype and just a small unknown number of them were ever made and given to the employees for testing. The prototype had troubles when it was used with the play sets and stunt track sets back in the days of the. Widely heralded as the most collectible Hot Wheels extant, the rear-loading Beach Bomb is a prototype that for years remained in the possession of a Mattel employee. Unique in that its surfboards. 11) Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beach Bomb 1969 Prototype, Worth $125,000.00. PAWN STARS $100,000 HOT WHEEL VW 1969 Beach Bomb PINK. This is another company that has many valuable toys in its lineup now. One such toy is the Beach Bomb prototype Hot Wheels car

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The regular Volkswagen Beach Bomb is one of the most valuable Hot Wheels car ever released, but the rear loading prototypes are worth even more, especially the ones with an uncommon color. Of all the Rear Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototypes, the pink one is the rarest Hot Wheels ever made because there is currently only one known to exist The centerpiece of his collection, the pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb Hot Wheels prototype, remains the most expensive Hot Wheels in the world. In 1969, Volkswagen teamed up with Mattel for the first.

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1969 Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb. The most expensive Hot Wheels of all time is the 1969 Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb in pink. There is only one that has been confirmed to exist, and it is owned by the biggest Hot Wheels collector in the world, Bruce Pascal. The car was a rejected prototype and never made it to mass production. Volkswagen Beach Bomb. The Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beach Bomb is based upon the Volkswagen Type 2 that is more commonly known as the VW Bus. The iconic minibus features a rear engine, rear wheel drive, and a flat vertical front. The die-cast vehicle was a 1969 release that was designed by Ira Gilford. Production was in Hong Kong The holy grille for Hot Wheels collectors is the rear-loading 1969 Volkswagen Microbus Beach Bomb, which was an unreleased prototype. It is so rare there isn't even a photograph of it, but. The most expensive Hot Wheels model, a 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb. Owned by Bruce Pascal, which he reportedly purchased for a staggering $72 000, was built as a prototype in 1969. It features surfboards loaded into the back via a rear window 1. 1969 Pink, Rear-Loading VW Beach Bomb — $100,000. Here it is. The Holy Grail of Hot Wheels collectibles. The 1969 Pink Beach Bomb hit the market with side-loading surfboards. There was an earlier prototype, though, that had the surfboards loaded through the back window. The design proved to be unbalanced and was not produced

19 1969 VW Beach Bomb. The most expensive and valuable car to make the list is the 1969 Beach Bomber in pink. There is only one known Pink Beach Bomber with a rear loading surfboard, as it was a prototype and changes were made to the one that was released, mainly the surfboard now being on the side Here it is. The most expensive Hot Wheels car known to man! Dubbed the Holy Grail of Hot Wheel cars, the 1969 Pink Beach Bomb, is thought to be one of only two models in circulation. It was only a prototype and was never released due to being too narrow and top-heavy His collection of Hot Wheels models grew by the thousands, but Pascal was still not satisfied. There was one last model he had his eye on. And it just happened to be the most valuable Volkswagen ever produced — a pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype.. The model Volkswagen and Hot Wheels first collaborated on was of a '70s Kombi that had a narrow body and surfboards hanging out of the back. At a Hot Wheels convention in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, a collector paid $70,000 for a rare pink Beach Bomb model, a 1969 VW bus with a surfboard sticking out the back, which never went into.

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4. 1969 VW Beach Bomb Hot Wheels fans will always remember the orange, snap-together racetracks used to create their own racecourse through the kitchen. Pascal took his pink prototype on the. 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb. There are only two pieces of this model in existence, because Mattel scrapped the design after making the prototype. The Beach Bombs are valued at around $80,000 to $125,000 Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb (1969) This Hot Wheels is one of the rarest yet most valuable vintage toy cars you can find. The toy car has surfboard on the back of the vehicle and its pink painting makes it stands out. This car is the prototype only, it means that there is only one Volkswagen Beach Bomb toy today 10. 1968 Custom Volkswagen without Sunroof. The prototype was produced in 1969. Surfboards were loaded in the back rear window. With the second model, the surfboards went through side pod instead. Some collectors believe that the Beach Bomb is the most expensive Hot Wheels, be we feel obligated to include this model as well

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  1. Rare 1969 Hot Wheels Volkswagen 'Beach Bomb' Estimated To Be Worth $150,000 USD. This Pink prototype is said to be only one of two that still exists. By Joyce Li / Jan 4, 2021. Jan 4, 2021. 24.2K
  2. g soon! no kidding about this one! all 4 wheels roll on fomrmica surfaces! not many beauties like this out there
  3. Wingate Hughes Architects' Hot Wheels office design for Vornado's SVP of Leasing Bruce Pascal is a home office like no other. For starters, the office houses the rarest Hot Wheels collection in the world, including the Holy Grail of Hot Wheels — a pink Volkswagen 1969 Rear Load Beach Bomb prototype. Only two of these exist in the world
  4. t condition recently made its way on to the show 'Pawn Stars'. There are only two known prototypes that were made in pink, and they were not sold to the publicthe one featured belowis one of them
  5. 1969 Hot Wheels Redline Volkswagen Beach Bomb Vw Bus Tuf Olive But Read. Source:ebay; Vintage 1969 Hot Wheels Redline Volkswagen Beach Bomb Light Green Hk Base

David@RedlineCollector.com wants to buy your 1968 to 1977 Hot Wheels with Red Stripe Tires, ALSO BUYING Lesney Matchbox, Topper Johnny Lightning, Aurora Cigar Box and Speedline toy cars, Model Kits, Promo Models 1969 VW Beach Bomb : 1968 Collection: 1969 Collection: 1970 Collection: 1971 Collection : Redline Collector Main Menu Volkswagen Beach Bomb: 1969 Hot Wheels: SPFL Purple w/RL's: $400.00: $1200.00: 6274 : Volkswagen Beach Bomb: 1969 Hot Wheels: SPFL Red w/RL's: $225.00: $900.00: 6274 : Volkswagen Beach Bomb: 1969 Hot Wheels: SPFL Yellow w/RL's: $400.00: $1200.00: South Texas Diecast Collectors. Specifications subject to change without notice. Batteries Not. Loose. Minor shelf wear. Great condition. Very little to no play wear 6274b Blue Volkswagen Beach Bomb. Return to 1969. Regenerated: Wed Mar 5 18:33:54 CST 200

รถ Hot Wheels Volkswagen 'Beach Bomb' สีชมพู ปี 1969 มีมูลค่ากว่า 150,000 ดอลล่าสหรัฐ เขาได้ครอบครองรถต้นแบบที่หายากอย่าง Volkswagen 'Beach Bomb' สีชมพู ปี 1969 ที่มี. 1969 Hot Wheels The Fast Cars Book. June 8, 2021; Rare Hot Wheels Pink Beach Bomb Keeps the VW Bus Story Alive. Posted on December 9, 2020 by Anita Smith. Hot Wheels is putting out 42 VW models this year, but none of them is ever going to be worth $150,000. This one is

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Among the most valuable is the 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype, designed with surf boards hanging out the back window and wheels that made it too large for Mattel's race tracks. Though it. A pink 1969 rear-loading VW Microbus Beach Bomb would fetch $100,000 to $150,000 from collectors, according to Neal Giordano, founder of the North Carolina Hot Wheels Association, and author of. Some of the most sought-after Hot Wheels die-cast models out there are valued at eye-watering sums, and this Volkswagen 'Beach Bomb' prototype is one of them.. A true tiny unicorn on four wheels, the 1:64 scale model represents the first collaboration between VW and Hot Wheels.The mock-ups were built with narrow bodies and surfboards hanging out the rear window, so they couldn't stay. Hope you saved those old Hot Wheels. Better yet, hope you never opened them in the first place. One of the most valuable is the 1969 prototype VW Beach Bomb worth more than $70,000. There. La pieza central de su computo es un prototipo rosa Volkswagen Bus Beach Bomb de Hot Wheels, y aunque parezca difícil de creer, cuesta tanto como una original restaurada y es el Hot Wheels más caro del mundo. En 1969, el fabricante de Wolfsburgo se asoció con Mattel para crear el primer Volkswagen de Hot Wheels

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Volkswagen Beach Bomb Volkswagen is one of the biggest car manufacturers over the globe and its prototype Volkswagen Beach Bomb makes it in our top 5. Because it is a prototype and made in 1969, this car model is really special. It costs around $125,000. 4. 40th-anniversary Hot Wheels. Volkswagen Beach Bomb rear-loading prototype, 1969, reportedly sold for $72,000. According to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, where it's displayed, collector Bruce Pascal paid more than $70,000 for this rare pink prototype that never sold in stores 7. 1969 volkswagen beach bomb - $72,000. This specific Hot Wheels car was discontinued because it wouldn't work on the Mattel-made race tracks. The odd design of the toys, having a surfboard hanging from the back, makes it especially desirable for collectors The highest price paid for a Hot Wheels car was close to $70,000 in 2000 for a pre-production version of a Volkswagen Rear Loader Beach Bomb (the asking price was $72,000). The Beach Bomb is a VW microbus with a pair of surfboards poking out the rear window 5. Volkswagen Beach Bomb This Hotwheels Volkswagen Beach Bomb is a prototype. Of course, the fact that this model is a prototype makes it special but another factor is the surfboards that are hanging out of the back window of the car. The prototype is dated back to 1969. These cars are made in rose colour with a black interior

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Redlines. e-mail david@toycarcollector.com. 1968 to 1977 Hot Wheels. Click the links below to choose 1968 to 1977 Redline Hot Wheels by years. Most years are divided into multiple sections to allow easier page loading. Cars in the original packages are in Blister Packs by years. If you are new to early Redline Wheel Hot Wheels cars start with the Vintage Hot Wheels Redline VW Beach Bomb Poster Print 11 x 17 TheBoloCo 5 out of 5 stars (41) $ 14.99. Add to Favorites 1968 Gold Python Redline - Hot Wheels - Diecast Lesney Superfast Vintage 1969 Hot Wheels Redline Yellow Volkswagen Beach Bomb With Surfboards 1ktuitionmission 5 out of 5 stars (28) $ 449. Hot Wheels. 1967 to 1977. Menu. Scroll down the page to see 1969 Redline Hot Wheels. Click the text to the left to return to the Redlines. Choose from the menu below to go directly to the. rest of the 1969's. 1969 - Part 1

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3. Pink VW Bus. Finally, the rarest, most wanted, and probably the cutest hot wheels car are of course the 1969 pink Beach Bomb VW Bus. This mini car has the surfboard attached in the rear windows. It is quite unique and different from the other models usually get the surfboards installed on a side pod 1. 1969 Pink Rear O Loading Vokswagen Beach Bomb - $72,000+ loose. This is the Volkswagen Kombi, a Hot Wheels vehicle that never made it into production. The little vehicle even has tiny surfboard in the back for the full effect

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The new release included a difference in base plate adjectives—and a loss of tens of thousands of dollars in the collector market. Mad may be preferred, but this gold Mighty edition is still climbing in value. 1. Pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb. Facebook / Hot Wheels. Value: $150,000 Prototaip Hot Wheels VW Type-2 Beach Bomb keluaran 1969 dinilai dengan harga RM444k - RM665k. In Bahasa Malaysia, Berita Antarabangsa / By Mohd Farid Awaludin / 11 April 2017 10:46 am / 0. Most Valuable Hot Wheels Car: $15,000 1968 Hot Pink Beatnik Bandit Aside from the 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb, of which only one exists and which was sold for $70,000, the most rare mini car it's possible to find is the 1968 Beatnik Bandit in hot pink Vintage Hot Wheels Alive 55 Chevy Nomad Collector's Series - 1969 -1960s Hot Wheels JohnnyAndJeanne 5 out of 5 stars (269) $ 55.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 1969 Hot Wheels Daredevil Loop Accessory Pak by Mattel *UNOPENED* DrJEmporium 5 out of 5 stars (7.

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Neff Conner/CC-BY-2.. To find the value of Hot Wheels cars, use an online price guide such as the one written by the North Carolina Hot Wheels Association. This guide uses a star system. Based on the star value of each car, collectors can see a value range for their vehicles. Working with a range is better than specific estimates, because it. He became the principal designer of the Hot Wheels line, and was the only one for many years. 24 new models were introduced in 1969, including the Grand Prix line. This was also the year the infamous Volkswagen Beach Bomb was introduced, and it remains one of the most sought-after (and expensive!) castings today

Feb 10, 2014 - The first release back in 1968... See more ideas about hot wheels, redline, hot Une Hot Wheels pour chère qu'une voiture? Oui c'est bien possible surtout avec ce modèle qui date de 1969 et qui existe qu'en quelques rares exemplaires au monde ! Il s'agit d'un prototype du Volkswagen Beach Bomb dont le chargement des planches de surf se fait par le coffre et non sur les côté comme la version finale qui a été commercialisée en mainline pour le grand public Rear Loading Beach Bomb in Pink; Hot Wheels toy cars always represented the car culture, and from the beginning, various Volkswagen models were in the HW lineup. One of the most valuable and rarest is the rear loading Beach Bomb in pink. This was a prototype car they made in six to eight copies to give to employees

Here Are The Rarest Hot Wheels Cars On The Planet (And HowGZ Auctions | Past AuctionsHot Wheels Redline 1969 Brown VW Beach Bomb | eBayHOT WHEELS SAIN GRAAL: 1969 BEACH BOMB! - YouTubeList of 1969 Hot Wheels | Hot Wheels Wiki | Fandom powered

hot wheels red line club exclusive series 3 real riders blue/aqua custom vw volkswagen beach bomb too $74.44 Hot Wheels 2018 50th Anniversary Originals Redlines Series Complete Set of 5 1/64 Diecast Cars, w/Butto The actual most expensive Hot Wheels car ever was valued at twice the price of the Rear-Loader Beach Bomb. In honor of Hot Wheels' 40th anniversary in 2008, the company commissioned a diamond-encrusted car carrying 2,700 tiny pavé diamonds for a total weight of more than 22 carats 1969 In 1969, Mattel ramped production with the introduction of thirty two new castings. The Gran Prix and Classics lines were introduced. Several European models were released and the Customs line was expanded