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The Brainly community is constantly buzzing with the excitement of endless collaboration, proving that learning is more fun — and more effective — when we put our heads together. Help the community by sharing what you know. Answering questions also helps you learn The What Went Well Today exercise asks that as you end your day, you think about three things that went well and why they went well. These three don't have to be big things; they can be as small as the sun being out, the bus arriving on time or that a stranger smiled at you. This focuses your attention toward the positive and away from. Just 3 things that went well today (e.g. I finished a proposal today). This simple, small exercise (he has proven) can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. 'We think too much about what goes wrong and not enough about what goes right in our lives. Of course, sometimes it makes sense to analyze bad events so that we can learn from them. 2. I went to a festival, and I enjoyed it. I did a lot of fun things, and that happened today.My friends had fun too. 3. Today, I went to a festival with friends. I enjoyed the experience because there were a lot of fun activities. 4. I went to a festival today. I went with my friends.The activities were fun. There was a lot to do First of all, parks help people to relax and find serenity, two things which are both in short supply in today's hectic world. Here in my hometown we live in a typical concrete jungle of high rise apartments, long commutes, traffic jams and crowded sidewalks. These sorts of problems make the people who live here very anxious

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What went well: These are the things that were good/great/amazing. Things we could continue doing. Three things you can do today. Plan your first retrospective with your team, if you are not already doing them. It's not difficult, doesn't take much time, and even if you don't do it perfectly there's a lot of value But what went well is easy and practical. It's is a very specific exercise to recognize and acknowledge three things that went well today - even if some other things went badly. The psychologist Martin Seligman is the creator of this idea - which he also calls Three Blessings - and he's done a load of research into its benefits

Give a really good example where you saved the company or invented something amazing. Show that when things go well, you perform as well as a person can. It was an inspirational time -- the team all gelled together and we doubled sales in six months. It changed the way we looked at selling and rewards. The company was a different place from. Here are 100 things that I know from experience work really well. Persistence. Holding a vision for what you want and trusting that it's coming. Following inspiration. Challenging limiting. 1. I really like watching old shows. _________ are some of the best things - 1646684 What-Went-Well exercise: Every night for the next week, set aside ten minutes before you go to sleep. Write down three things that went well today and why they went well. At the moment I work at a holiday park and I have four hours to clean the holiday houses for their big-cleaning before the season starts

Three Good Things (TGT) or What-Went-Well is a daily journaling exercise to cultivate gratitude, increase optimism, and boost happiness. Method: Before going to bed at night, sit for a while and look back on your day. Think and write 3 things that went well. Reflect on them. Repeat for at least a week In the words of my man Ice Cube, today was a good day. It is so easy to get caught up in the multitude of things in my life that may not be going according to plan. It is sometimes easier to focus on the one thing that went wrong in a day and forget about the 20 things that went right Each day for at least one week, write down three things that went well for you today, and provide an explanation for why they went well. It is important to create a physical record of your items by writing them down; this can be more helpful than simply doing this exercise in your head. The items can be small, everyday events or more important. The what went well, what didn't go well retrospective technique keeps teams focused on their activities over the prior iteration and how they can boost their efficiency and productivity to drive continuous improvement. The exercise helps focus the discussion and is a great tool for new and developing teams to improve performance and quality the.

Synonyms for went well include prospered, throve, thrived, flourished, succeeded, bloomed, flowered, advanced, progressed and arrived. Find more similar words at. What went well? 1. We worked quickly to make things testable a. Had 2 running games in 5 days! 2. We discussed issues frequently so they could be resolved 3. We had a workflow figured out, i.e how well we can work with each other. 4. Gave us hint of what motions might be monotonous 5 Three things that went well in 2018. December 27, 2018. This isn't a full 2018 retrospective, but I wanted to write about three things I'm happy about from the year, all of which involved doing stuff that scared me

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I'm looking for a song I just heard the other day at a restaurant. It's sounds like a newish, slow pop or soft rock song. All that I could make out reasonably well were the lyrics at the end of the chorus, that went either come back to me baby or, come back to you baby. The preceding lines of the chorus ended in words that rhyme with baby That doesn't mean we ever get used to it or fully embrace it, though. Here are 10 tips for coping with big changes in your life and coming out a better person for it. 1. Acknowledge that things. Numerous studies reveal the positive impact of nature on well-being. Time in the elements—air, water, fire, and earth—are highly beneficial to the brain, body, and soul. 13. Let them see you. Here are a few things you should remind yourself all the time. Things You Should Tell Yourself Daily 1. You are enough. People need to hear this all the time. There is nobody and nothing in the entire world that can complete you other than God. You have got to realize that all you ever need to overcome and to thrivelies right in you

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Let's have a look at 100 things to be thankful for today. 1. Your family and friends 2. Your health and wellbeing 3. The opportunity to have an education 4. Food on the table 5. Your favorite song 6. Hot showers 7. The internet It's a great activity to do with friends and family as well. If they are on social media, be sure to tag them in. Small Things Quotes - BrainyQuote. While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary. Matt Bevin. Extraordinary Small Ripple. Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay. Sallust. Peace Great Grow. Small things sometimes mean a whole lot Finding things that go well in a retrospective. There are different techniques and exercises that you can use to find things that go well in an agile retrospective with Scrum or Kanban. Some possible approaches are: Ask what went well and discuss this to increase understanding; Use the perfection game to collect ideas on how to make things even. And just maybe, this is why you are the person you are now. 5. Deaths. Life is an amazing thing, so when we lose someone or see deaths happen around us, it shakes us up. It's crazy how long and short life can be simultaneously. Life is spontaneous, and that's the scary part Looking back at 10 of the things that went badly wrong that day it is even more astonishing that the soldiers made it off the beach at all. Do not take this article as criticism on the soldiers that survived the slaughter on the beach but let it deepen your respect for them knowing all the things they had to contend with

Here are 10 don'ts for dealing with narcissists: 1. Don't give them ammunition. Narcissists need to feel superior. Anything you share with narcissists may eventually be used to humiliate. The 1960s was a time of upheaval in virtually every part of American culture. From music to civil rights, here are just some of the noteworthy events that went down during this incredible decade The more you appreciate your well-being, the more you'll prioritize it. Here are a few things to keep in mind about your health. Sunny winter days. Many people are subject to the winter blues during the seasonal shift, making the blissfully warm and sunny days in the middle of the season a precious gift. Your close friends In the quest to make improvements, it's natural to focus on pain points: things that didn't go well. But asking ourselves what went well starts the Retrospective on a positive note and allows.

The Roaring Twenties was a period in history of dramatic social and political change. For the first time, more Americans lived in cities than on farms. The nation's total wealth more than. Good news prevails: 100 positive things that happened in 2020 (so far) We are only halfway through 2020 and it's the worst — beloved celebrities have died, we are in the grips of a worldwide. Try out one of these 30 new things today, you'll be happy you did. Advertising. Try Out These 30 New Things To Do Today. Visit a suburb in your city that you've never been to before, or somewhere you haven't explored much. Learn ten phrases in a new language-what about Japanese, Italian or Portuguese You need to pay attention and figure out how you can get more time in your life, and use it in a better way. One of the easiest ways to become better at this is to go one day at the time. 13. How.

Write down three things that went well today and why they went wellWriting about why the positive events in your life happened may seem awkward at first, but please stick with it for one week. Here are a few things Esther went through: 1. She lived in exile. Esther and a significant number of the Jewish people lived scattered throughout Persia after the Babylonian exile. Although they had been granted freedom to return to their homeland, many of the Jewish people stayed in exile rather than go back to a war-torn Jerusalem. 2 You might say, for example, The purpose of What Went Well/Opportunities for Improvement is to hear from each of you how you feel our meeting went today. I'd like to hear about both what you thought went well, or was effective, and what you thought didn't go so well, where there are opportunities for improvement 2 Answers2. Use a simple verb in past tense: It went well. Use an auxiliary verb in past tense, with the main verb in the infinitive. It did go well. Since did is already past tense, you do not change go to past tense. Use the past perfect, with the past tense of have, and the past participle of the main verb. It has gone well

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  1. 6. Cast a Clear Vision. The key to defining an overarching goal is to make it: 1) simple to understand, 2) relevant for the needs of your customers, and 3) memorable for people to repeat and.
  2. In the words of Maya Angelou: I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.. In fact, there is.
  3. Today I'd like to give you some tips on how to avoid, as well as how to recover from, four common public speaking mishaps. Mishap #1 - You run out of time. Dragging a presentation on longer than your allotted time is one of the most common mistakes made by rookies in public speaking. It's critical to try to stay within your allotted time
  4. Today's scientists point to climate change as the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. It's a threat that impacts all of us—especially children, the elderly, low-income.

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  1. The exercise as described in Flourish, is as follows: At the end of each day, take a few moments to write down three things that went well that day; then write why they went well.The link to why they went well is often related to something you did to facilitate the positive experience. In the book, Seligman recommends doing this everyday for one week
  2. Nonetheless, the French went ahead and occupied Rome anyway in 1798 following the assassination of a general there. Pius VI was deposed and taken back to France a prisoner, where he died in August.
  3. The thylacine was a street-dog-size animal with a stiff, catlike tail, a pouch on its belly and stripes on its back and rear that resembled a tiger's. But it was a marsupial, one native to.
  4. 7 Things To Say Instead of 'Hi, I Hope You're Well' Somehow, too many emails start with an odd health wish. This isn't healthy
  5. 12. Travel shakes things up. It sucks to be stuck in a rut. Everyone knows what that's like. A big trip can be your perfect solution. Fly around the world, stopping over in all of the places you've always wanted to visit. Go ahead and plan your ideal route around the world (it's easier than you think!) 13. Traveling proves that dreams do.
  6. ent member of the Jewish Sanhedrin (John 3:1-21)

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Definition of went pear-shaped in the Idioms Dictionary. went pear-shaped phrase. What does went pear-shaped expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary 3. Simply being better than other churches. When people went to church, being a better church than other churches got you mileage. Most people no longer go to church. Saying we have a better church is kind of like saying we have better, organic, locally grown watercress at a burger cook-off

Best Get Well Wishes After Surgery. I know this has been a challenging time for you, and I want to send my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope you are comfortably resting following your surgery, and I pray you'll be able to head home soon. Love and blessings.. A surgery can be a painful one, physically and emotionally tiring Make your bed. I explained previously the many benefits of daily bed-making. Gretchen Rubin, New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness Project, explains that this three minute task is one of the simplest habits you can adopt to positively impact your happiness. 2. Bring every room back to ready I will stay calm, it will get better. I allow myself to forgive; it will allow me to move beyond the pain, to a place of peace. I choose to make today amazing. I choose to let the past go and move on to the future. Today, I will be courageous. I release all fear from my mind. I can reach my goals, I am unstoppable

First, we read that Jesus talked to the woman, asking her for a drink. Scholars say that Jews don't associate with Samaritans, especially men Jews to Samaritan women. Jesus broke culture by reaching out to this particular woman - because He had a purpose for it. By this we learn that God's love is not bound by human tradition, culture, or. 8. 1. Real Rancher. Becoming Amy Fleming, a girl with a penchant for working on the ranch and caring for animals, isn't too hard for actress Amber Marshall because in real life she runs her own ranch which has many horses, dogs, cats, cows, bunnies and hens. Her hobbies also include fishing, trail riding and camping Opinion: 9 things Bernie Sanders should've known about but didn't in that Daily News interview Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) held a rally after winning the.

According to his sister Joanne, on the day of Jack's funeral, Cash went to the gravesite early. He took up a shovel and began to help the workers dig Jack's grave. Cash was well-known for. War is an intense armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias.It is generally characterized by extreme violence, aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces. Warfare refers to the common activities and characteristics of types of war, or of wars in general The film went on to take home the top prize at the Academy Awards — the first time any foreign-language film ever won Best Picture. Once you overcome the 1-inch barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many amazing films, the director previously said during a Golden Globes acceptance speech through a translator The first mention of roller skates dates all the way back to 1743, but those contraptions hardly resemble the designs so popular today (in fact, they were almost impossible to use).And many of the later models didn't present much of an improvement either. The roller skates we use at present were only created in the late 1970s - to help hockey players train off the ice You don't need an overhaul to improve the quality of your life. Just a few steps can help to boost your well-being and make your days more meaningful. And the great part is that you can start today

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Ability to try new things. Always try new things. The possibilities for you to learn and try new things is endless. 26. A shower after being outside all day. And coming out smelling as fresh as a daisy of course. 27. Clean sheets. Climbing into bed with clean sheets is heaven Here are 21 collector's items that are actually worthless today. Due to the fact that most of the superhero characters from comic books in the 1980s and onwards are well-established, newer. 4. eBay. 2012: $14.0 billion. 2013: $16.0 billion. +14.3% growth. In 2011, President and CEO of eBay John Donahoe said, eBay was. Along with gaining customer trust, the company's platforms. back from the dead. back in the day. back into place. C. call a truce. call it a day. call it a night. call it quits. D From household essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer to things to keep you entertained, these are the most popular products selling out during the coronavirus pandemic

by Alan Norton in 10 Things , in CXO on July 27, 2010, 7:06 AM PST You may be a brilliant developer or a highly skilled net admin, but if you're unprofessional, your career is likely to fall short Although my semester went very well, and I have many positive experiences to share, there were a few things that I would do differently. First, I would like to start implementing some quick classroom management tools for attending skills. For the most part, I was satisfactory at getting the students attention

Today, many people know about this drug because of its adverse effects on pregnancy. Over 10,000 children born during the 1960s suffered serious impairments, such as missing limbs and cleft palates, as a result of this drug. Unlike the other trials on the list, the eerie part of the thalidomide clinical trial was that everything went horribly. Being Grateful: 100 Things to Be Thankful For Today There are no shortage of studies on the positive effects of having an attitude of being grateful. People who practice gratitude and being thankful for what they have have been known to have higher levels of positive emotions, a stronger immune system, feel less lonely, and have more happiness 9. Then you trust him. There's going to be a moment where you tell this guy everything that's happened. A moment you trust him to let him that close. And when you tell him about the past and the people who have hurt you what you'll find isn't that's he's going to take off. It's just given him a reason to stay This started around 3 but got a little worse as time went on and then about 6 mo ago our life got crazy (my dad got sick and we were traveling and all that) and the last 6 mo have been hell!! Now it's time to try to start to get things under control with school starting (my dad just passing) just time to try to get a handle on things Today the company is about 180 folks and we ship tens of thousands of products each day. I want to talk to you about one of the most fundamental advantages you have as a start up, and that's that.

When we began listing good things that happened in the year to match the year's number — 16 good things in 2016, 17 good things in 2017, and so on — we knew the exercise would grow more. Krauss explained on Psychology Today that, Egocentrism can cause us to make incorrect assumptions about what other people are thinking or feeling and annoyed or even enraged when others fail to see things their way. 8) They publically envy others and shame them for what they have achieved The #1 mentioned missing element - Happiness -- has become so hard to achieve, and even harder to maintain. In my work with professional women, I've seen that happiness continually escapes them because, first, they don't really understand exactly what will make them happy. They just don't know themselves well at all 35. An educated person is capable of doing new things; they have the ability to generate ideas and turn them into reality. An educated person is innovative. 36. An educated person is one whose natural curiosity has been awakened with the purpose of satisfying that curiosity. 37 Like many Americans, numerous celebrities were born and raised in Christian households. Tons of A-list celebrities got their start in church choir, went to Catholic schools, or had religious parents

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Let's say that everything went well, the date went well, they texted you back with enthusiasm, and now it's time to plan a second date. If you're really interested in this person, it might. The study found daughters of working mothers went to school longer, were more likely to have a job in a supervisory role, and earned more money — 23% more compared to their peers who were raised. In this article, I'll share 10 things which I believe every programmer should know. This includes a programming language like C++ or Java, essential computer science concepts like data. The goal of writing three things each day does not have to be a burden. You can start with just a simple list if you don't have much time. Perhaps some days you'll feel like writing more. What's important is to focus on what went well, and why. You'll find that the time spent thinking about your three things will feel good too

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17 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss Published on September 23, 2013 September 23, 2013 • 4,424 Likes • 1,940 Comment Stop doing these things right now. If you want an interview to go well, don't: 1. Freeze up - A few years ago, I interviewed a woman for an administrative position with our company. Her resume.

They understand that life happens and that the kids they teach do not control their home lives. Great teachers believe in second chances, but use mistakes to teach life lessons. They offer advice, counseling, and mentoring when necessary. Great teachers understand that school is sometimes the safest place a kid can be Their update of the things they've been working on, and what they need from you to help them succeed. Your update for them of all the information they need to know to do their job well Something I did well today Title: Gratitude Journal: Three Good Things Author: Therapist Aid LLC Created Date: 9/4/2018 5:14:47 PM.

Here Are 15 Things to Do With Kids and Teens During the Quarantine. 1. Play Board Games, Trivia Games, or Break Out a Puzzle. Playing classic board games or trivia games has been a great pastime. About three million adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with A-fib, a heart-rhythm abnormality that's on the rise. Here's how to recognize the signs and treat it 5. Grateful people sleep better. Writing in a gratitude journal improves sleep, according to a 2011 study published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being. Spend just 15 minutes jotting down. Some people are talking about wanting a garden, moving to a cottage in a forest, or something like that during some initial phases of awakening. Well, indulge that impulse. Go for hikes. Spend time on a beach by the ocean or a lake. It can be a wonderful way to rejuvenate yourself. via 10 Fun Spiritual Things to Do . 3. Non-judgemen

This means that you need to know some things about society ─ things learned in sociology. The community has a life of its own which goes beyond the sum of all the lives of all its residents. As a social organization, a community is cultural. See Culture. That means it is a system of systems, and that it is composed of things that are learned. Galileo's son, Vincenzo, born in 1606, studied medicine at the University of Pisa, married well and resided in Florence as an adult. Recommended for you 6 Times the Olympics Were Boycotte Posturography measures how well you can maintain steady balance during different platform conditions, such as standing on an unfixed, movable surface. Other tests, such as rotational chair testing, brisk head-shaking testing, or even tests that measure eye or neck muscle responses to brief clicks of sound, may also be performed There are several things you can do to stop hypertension and keep your blood pressure lower. Blood pressure increases with age, and more than nine in 10 Canadians will develop hypertension unless they follow a healthy lifestyle. Be physically active for 30 to 60 minutes on most days of the week