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Ethically produced, hand-knit dolls that help feed children. 1 doll = 10 meals. Adorable handmade dolls with name, birthday, personality and favorite quote Create a unique personalised gift with your favourite photo and text, order now! We offer a huge range of products. Create a truly personal gift El Cid is a Spanish hero Noble Names for Tough Male Dogs Powerful, regal dog breeds include, among others, the Borzoi (aka the Russian Wolfhound), the Akita, and the Great Pyrenees. In Japan, for centuries, only Shoguns were permitted to own the majestic Akita Tough Male Dog Names 2021 Strong Male Dog Names - Tough Boy Dog Names 2021. Here are several options of Tough male dog names for you to choose from: Admiral Aragorn Axel Bamm-Bamm Bane Bear Beefy Blaze Blue Bo Bones Boomer Boss Brock Bronson Bronx Bruiser Brutus Bugsy Bullseye Buster Butch Buzz Cage Callahan Captain Champion Champ Chevy.

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Here's a list of Tough Dog Names for Boy dogs from our easy to use puppy name generator! 0 My Names. Dog Names; Dog Breeds; Blog; Store; Saved Dog Names; Tough Dog Names for Boy Dogs. A list of great tough dog names for your pup. Or view tough dog names for girls instead. Check the names you like the best to save them to your list. Admiral. Male Strong Dog Names Many of these male strong dog names reference some of the strongest men in the world, from ancient legendary rulers to modern-day strongmen and medal holders who can easily hoist weights of more than 1,000 pounds

Part of the fun of bringing home a new dog or puppy is choosing his name. Many dog owners turn to tried-and-true male dog names like Buddy, Bear, Charlie, Lucky, Max and Rex. However, for other dog lovers, such common names just won't do the trick for their pup Check out more tough male dog names - perfect for big dog names. Tough Female Big Dog Names. Not to be left out, here are tough female dog names that make a strong, bold statement. They're a bit softer than the tough male dog names listed above but still pack a sassy punch, which is exactly what you may be looking for. Amazon; Athena.

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  1. Here you find nice tough dog's names. If you're the proud guardian of a fierce Chihuahua teacup or the new caretaker of a rescued Cane Corso, find a strong name that fits the clout of your dog. Studded collars and muscles apart, in the canine world, a fierce name gives your dog an advantage. With a name to match, honor their strong existence
  2. Visit us here for over 200 more male dog names! Cool Strong Dog Names. Strong dog names have no issue with being cool. Why is it that cool and strong go hand-in-hand? Oh well. All we know is that these strong and totally cool dog names are going to rock your world. We love that these names are not only full of swag, but also dog approved
  3. Strong Male Dog Names. Dogs are often renowned for their strength, and therefore deserve a fearless powerful name which suits them. We have compiled a list of dog names that indicate the strength of male canines, taking inspiration from films, famous historical figures, and foreign languages
  4. Badass Dog Names Inspired by Mythology. The first badass dog name idea we have for you is Thor. If you have a male dog that has a strong lean muscular body, you can choose that one. You know, the kind of dogs that enjoy protein shakes! You can also name Samson your male dog known for it
  5. Along the same lines, pop culture buffs may appreciate names like Mario, Luigi, Sheldon, Leonard, Chewy, Dexter, Bowie, Elvis, or Hamilton. And for those who pride themselves on staying on top of the latest trends , Tyler, Oliver, Sawyer, Riley, Mason, Brady and Jackson are popular names for baby boys that also work as male dog names
  6. And no one has more tough dog names than the list below, which features 111 monikers — strong and durable all — drawn from pop culture, sports, food, and more. More: 104 SUPERB NAMES FOR HUSKY DOGS
  7. These strong dog names for female and male dogs are ideal for protective dogs, faithful companions and even dogs which just have a strong personality, whatever that personality may be. The power these dogs have aren't necessarily in their muscles, but in the forces of nature they are in our lives. If you haven't found the perfect name for your dog, we have other options for you to select from

Even if it's a name your puppy needs to grow into, there are plenty of badass names for your girl dog or boy dog that could be just right for your new puppy. Maybe you want an identity that makes it very clear that he or she is strong and flinty, such as Rambo or Xena Magnum: Only a really large canine can carry this big male dog name. This male is as brave as a boar and tough as nails. He is the ultimate peace-maker and a great buddy to hang with. *Other great choices: Bullet, Pistol, Colt Muscles: As this large male dog name suggests, this boy is all muscles and mighty strong. He sure knows how to lay down the law Military Dog Names From Ancient Warriors. Atilla - Atilla the Hun ruled the Nomadic Hunnish people from 434-451 AD; they were descendants of migrants from the Central Asian Steppe. The Huns were a fierce people who waged war constantly and were rarely subdued by defeat. Attila and his brother Bleda each ruled a portion of the Hun Empire until the death of Bleda unified the Huns under Attila

96. Tracker (English origin) this cute but strong name is one of the most popular male dog names. 97. Vulcan (Roman origin) the name of Vulcan the God of fire. 98. Ward (English origin) means gatekeeper or guard, which is a great male dog name for your little monster. 99. Zeus (Greek origin) Zeus is the most famous Greek God. 100 Here are some boy dog names that mean brave. 1). Aberlardo: is a Spanish name, which means strong, noble.. This would be the perfect name for a large dog such as a St. Bernard. 2). Abir: is a Hebrew name, which means strong, mighty, courageous.. 3). Amaury: is a German/French name that means work power. Here is a collection of Italian names for boy dogs. Rocco Luciano Cesare Nano Luca Elio Giorgio Mario Alessio Ugo Valentino Giovanni Adolfo Vincenzo Stefano Giacomo Christian Benito Fido Fausto Apollo Renato Giuseppe Sergio Tito Alessandro Salvatore Giancarlo Marco Rocky Raphael Donatello Francesco Hannibal Antonio Dante Tommaso Eduardo Enzo Massimo Leonardo Drago Arturo Angelo Cicero

Strong names are not just for males, there are lots of strong female dog names too. You can get the ideas on our strong female dog names . Well, if you are looking for more dog names that have perfect meaning, we still have tons of ideas you can get on our dog name meanings Find the best male pet name by browsing our list of Spanish dog names. Leo Gustavo Alonso Alejandro Javier Ruben Victor Pau Julen Manuel Guillermo Pol José Thiago Hector Andres Che Santiago Angel Diego Antonio Carlos Miguel Nil Saul Jorge Aimar Bruno Franscisco Aitor Pedro Enzo Marc Jan Aleix Enrique Viddy (Short for David) Jesus Mor A hard-working dog deserves a great name and you've come to the right place as we provide the best ones. The majority of these working dog names have a catchy, authoritative tone that is perfect for working dogs. Take a look at the list below and see if you can find the perfect name for your working dog! 151+ Strong Working Dog Names. Spike.

Derived from the Old English word for elf counsel, Alfred is a multifaceted name. Your pup can be Alfred (think: warm and friendly manager of the dog park) or a bit more rough-around-the-edges with nicknames like Al, Alfie, or Fred.. Arthur. Another versatile name, Arthur is a handful of old dog names in one—the royal. A strong and fierce Lab might be called Bruno while Charlie would be a fitting name for an independent explorer. Photo by Josh Frenette. Hunting Dog Names for Labs. Meaning. Bailey (f) berry clearing. Bruno (m) armor, protection. Cassie (f Badass dog names look tough, and many dog owners prefer to give such a name for strong and powerful dogs. For example, if you are an owner of dog breeds like Pitbull, Bulldog, Rottweiler, Chihuahua, German Shepherd, and so on, you have a great chance of selecting a matching tough dog name for your puppy

And even if your dog isn't from Scotland, but you do (or are just a huge Scottish fan of everything), we will help you find a name with just the right ring to it. These are the top Scottish names for dogs, for Scottish boy dog names, girl dog names, or names influenced by Gaelic words or clans and surnames Looking for the perfect name for your pooch? Check out this list of the top male dog names of 2006! This should provide plenty of brainstorming to find the perfect namesake for your pup. Share your very favorite male dog names in the comments section - let us know which ones you love Funny Police Themed Pooch Names. Fuzz (Slang term for an officer) Po-po (Slang term for an officer) Donut / Cruller (Playing on the theme that police officers hang out in donut shops) Deputy Dawg (Based on a cartoon) Robocop (Based on the 1987 movie) Wiggum (After the police officer in The Simpsons) Strong Male Dog Names Inspired By The Police.

A big dog deserves a big dog name to match. Whether you have a striking German Shepherd or a large and cuddly Bernedoodle.We are here to help with our list of over 750 Big Dog Names! Are you trying to find something bold and strong, or perhaps you have a little dog and you want to spice up their name to suit their jumbo attitude?. Whatever the case our A to Z list of Big Dog Names will. If searching for Strong Male Dog Names, you must first look at how strong your male dog is or how big your dog will be when they grow up. The Boy pet names which normally show strength are mainly given to large dog breeds. Below are Strong Male Dog Names for your dog. Arnold. Brute

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  3. Police Dog Names Based on Movie, TV Characters, and Other Famous Figures Serpico - Frank Serpico was the starring character in a movie with the same name, played by Al Pacino Callahan - this name comes from Harry Callahan, the star of the Dirty Harry movies, played by Clint Eastwoo
  4. I like These male dog names such as Boo, Boko, Bruno, Ace, Ceder, Coco, Coffey Thor, Theo, Bailey, Tucker, Baxter etc. Aim for 2 syllable names that don't sound like common commands. Really very catchy and good names lists are shared that will surely help to choose perfect names for dow owners
  5. A guide dog on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Drax. Guardians of the Galaxy. Dylan. A search and rescue dog who saved the lives of four students lost in the mountains. Echo. A Shepherd and Collie mix who saved his human by keeping him warm. Elysius. A strong and near immortal artificial being
  6. Find good, badass dog names perfect for your male or female hunting dog at this handpicked list here. You decided to add a new puppy or dog to your family. Your new pup maybe be from a hunting breed or perhaps you know that you wanted to take your four-legged family member out for some hunting and angling
  7. Male Tough Dog Names. If you want to give your dog a badass, tough, masculine moniker that will highlight how heroic, valiant and chivalrous they are, this is the list for you! Most of these tough dog names are inspired by interesting characters on film and television (as well as being from literature and various myths or legends)
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  1. White Male Dog Names. Did you purchase a powerful and athletic Dalmatian or maybe a fluffy herding Samoyed? Either way, you decided to buy a boy dog. Here are over 50 of our favorite white male dog names for you to mull over: Adonis - A Greek name meaning Lord.
  2. Here's your resource for 100 German dog names, along with their meanings. Surely, one of these fits your dog perfectly. 50 German Male Dog Names Alger—noble, bright [
  3. Male Dog Names & Puppy Names. Choosing names for male dogs isn't always easy. Personal likes are often important factors when choosing a boy puppy name or male dog name. Many people choose a male dog name or male puppy name in memory of a previous pet they may have owned
  4. The American Bully is a strong and powerful dog. A puppy of this breed needs a name that will emphasize all the power of character! Find a suitable name on our list. Good luck! Male American Bully Names americandreambully/ Instagram Bailey - Meaning: Bailiff, the name Bailey means Bailiff, Steward. Zeus - The name Zeus means God and is of Greek origin Or meaning sky or shine.
  5. May 15, 2020 - Are you looking for Best Male Dog Names? You're in the right place. We've got ideas that are unique, beautiful and full of character.Check out our collection of Best Male Dog Names and Find your new dog the perfect name by browsing our list of Cute Male Dog Names and also for Male Strong Dog Name at my site bestdogsnames.com
  6. Female Dog Names Meaning Strong 110+ Male & Female Dog Names In Hebrew. in Dogs. Best 130+ Yiddish Dog Names - Yiddish Names With Meanings For Dogs. in Dogs. 100+ Sushi Inspired Dog Names - Cute Name Ideas For Your Pooch. in Dogs. 150+ Sun Dog Names - Popular Sun Based Names For A Dog

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  1. Personality Based Unique Male Dog Names. Choosing a dog name based on his personality trait seems by far a best practice and it is going to e the same in all the years to come. However, if you want to go with the personality-based unusual boy names, once you bring a pet to your home, patiently wait for a week and observe his behavior
  2. Search best dog names for your male German Shepherd. Discover list of cute and funny German Shepherd dog names for boy
  3. Featured Famous Warrior Dog. Cloud II. Cloud II was a police dog hero in Canada. The brave German Shepherd is credited with finding missing children and apprehending 123 fugitives. Cloud II served as Constable Ray Carson's fearless partner. His four-year career was cut short when he was killed in the line of duty
  4. Male Dog Names With Meanings. Human names are one of the biggest category of Male Dog names with Meanings because people think of Dogs as family members , therefore, choosing a human name would fit in to that idea. Some of the most popular ones are Charlie, Lucy, Molly, Toby, Sophie and Jake. If you want to go for a human name make sure to ask.
  5. If you want to see a bunch more cute dog names for your male wolf-dog, check out this article. Funny Male Wolf Names. If you have a good sense of humor, you could choose a funny male wolf name. Funny names can be taken from many sources of inspiration
  6. 1001 Best Dog Names for Smart Pets. The best dog names have been compiled in this list for you and your new furry friend. If you are about to get a new dog or just adopted a puppy, this list will help you find the perfect name to raise a smart pet

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Beau: The French word for handsome, Beau is a popular male choice which signifies that your pup is good-looking. He is sure to be the talk on the street among the girls. *More great choices: Handsome, Dog Juan, Brad Bowser: This is a classic male Boxer dog name that is suitable for a strong male dog. *Other ideas: Fido, Rover Cenwalh: Meaning Name of a king Cenwalh is a great and unique. Again, some of the most common dog names out there are actually Irish extraction. Riley is a unisex name that is quite popular, while Finn (and variants like Finley and Finnegan) have become popular in recent years as far as male irish dog names go. Cody is another classic Irish dog name, as are Miles, Griffin, and Logan The need for good German male dog names: Interestingly enough, the Doberman got its name from Herr Doberman who was a door-to-door tax collector who needed a watchful guard dog to accompany him on his rounds. [google_ad:DogNamesWoof_CMS_468x60_2 Therefore, you can choose a name a meaningful Australian name for your dog. You can also choose a name based on anything that relates to Australian culture, such as food, celebrities, cities and the like. Male Australian Cattle Dog Names. Votes Name Vote; 3: Dingo. A type of Australian feral dog. 2 Good luck finding the perfect name for your new male puppy. The male name choices to choose from are endless - let your imagination help you. However, following these simple tips and using some imagination, you will soon find the perfect male puppy name for your new German Shepherd!. Remember, too, once you find that perfect male puppy name to get it on a name tag (attached to the German.

If you want a traditional, old-fashioned name for your dog, Latin dog names are the way to go. This list includes 100 female and 100 male Latin dog names for you to choose from. Some of these can be used for either gender, so don't feel limited to just the names on either list. 100 Latin Dog Names for Males. 1 Caden: This manly dog name means fighter and is of American origin; a perfect choice for a masculine strong willed pup with very macho features. Dalton: This male name means town near a valley but is associated more often with the outlaws of the Dalton gang. Edwin: Meaning prosperous friend is great for a masculine pooch that truly is man's best friend Looking for a powerful and strong male dog name? Whether you own a Great Dane or a German Shepherd, you want a powerful dog name for your pet. The given name should evoke a sense of protection, strength, and courage. Dogs are man's loyal friend. They risk everything to save their owner from any potential danger The name Hercules is synonymous with strength and heroics. Hercules (the Roman version of the Greek Herakles) was the strongest of all mortal men and the most beloved hero in mythology. Hercules would make a great name for a strong, athletic, brave boy dog - especially a rescue who has endured many hardships in his life and only grown stronger

Rocky. Rocky is a very strong dog name with a lot of incredible roots. Of course, the most famous Rocky is Rocky Balboa. But you don't want want to discredit Rocky from The Adventures of Rocky and. This article courtesy of Pet Insurance 101. When you adopt a new male dog names are a lot of fun to think about. Boy dog names range from gruff and traditional to clever and modern. You could name.

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Dog parents seem to take a cue from their human parent counterparts, and pick some of the most popular boy names as dog names, according to the American Kennel Club. That's why you'll see chart. Most Popular Boy Dog Names You might have several pups coming your way when you call Max or Charlie at the local park. These male names topped the charts in 2019, according to Rover.com Tips for choosing the best name for your dog. As you choose a human name that makes an adorable dog name too, here are four tips: 1. Your dog may prefer a two-syllable name! Dog experts recommend two-syllable names because they allow for more inflection and emotion. (With a few exceptions, all the human names listed below have two syllables.) 2 A GIANT list of male / boy dog names that start with the letter M 500 Cutest Dachshund Names for a Girl or Boy Puppy Dog; Top 500 Golden Retriever Names for a Female or Male Puppy; 301 Great Pyrenees Dog Names for a Female or Male Puppy; 500 Cutest Yorkie Names for a Girl or Boy Puppy Dog; Golden Pyrenees Guide: 26 Facts About the Great Pyrenees Golden Retriever Mi

Naming a Service Dog can be highly personal. Many people choose names that carry meaning for them. Others choose names from a TV show or book that they particularly enjoy. Still others research names extensively and choose names from another language or culture that convey something they want to always keep in mind. Here's a list of 100 unique name ideas for Service Dogs Your dog is obviously a part of the family, and you wouldn't want to name it something, which you would later regret, once it gets used to that name. Take suggestions from your family and friends. We hope you find a suitable name for your hunting dog, yet if you wish to suggest any good names, kindly mention them in the comments section below The list of names that one can find is endless but this curated list of 100 strong yet different boy names, will help you christen your baby boy. Pick a name to help you boy start life as a macho, tough guy to inspire him forever. Video: 50 Best Strong & Powerful Baby Boy Names with their Meanings Boy dog names perfect for Mini Schnauzers. Explore list of male puppy names and German names to assist you in choosing one that's fitting for your dog. Boy Dog Names for Schnauzers. Looking for boy dog names for your new male Miniature Schnauzer puppy? If so, we have some great male names for Schnauzers as well as helpful tips in choosing a dog.

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Strong Big Dog Names. Some big dog owners want to call their pet something intimidating. This is typically the case for bigger intimidating breeds like the Cane Corso, or the American Mastiff.If this is the type of dog you've adopted, we have you covered The Meaning Behind the Top 30 Male Dog Names. 1. CHARLIE - Charlie is a great dog name and is used on just about every breed, shape and size. Most Charlie's are warm-hearted loyal dogs with friendly personalities. They generally like to play and enjoy either fetching or chewing. Origin: German. The meaning is: Man; strong and. Uncommon Dog Names. There are common names for dogs, like Maggie, Max, and Ginger, but it's always cool to do something original and choose from the almost-limitless list of uncommon dog names. Unfortunately, the rarer the name, the harder it is to document. So, we decided to create a database of some of the best uncommon dog names, suggested.

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Naturally, brainstorming dog names led me to stand in front of my bookshelf, jotting down memorable characters as I recalled familiar narratives. From the tragically lost Sebastian Flyte, to the handsome Mr. Darcy, from the unbelievably brave Caddie Compson to the lovable Francie Nolan, the options for literary-inspired names are endless More girly dog names: Sugar, Lulu, Jasmine, Pebbles, Mimi, Allie, Gracie, Dakota, Sophie, Lucy. Cute Boy Dog Names. You don't have to choose only tough dog names in fear of hurting your pooch's masculinity. Some of the great male dog names your puppy would be proud to have include gems like Buddy, Sammy, Oreo or Peanut A strong, wolf-like male dog deserves a strong, masculine name. We love masculine sounding names for any male dog, but we especially love these male dog names for dogs who look like incredible, powerful, muscular wolves. Of course, keep in mind that there are no rules when it comes to naming your dog, so if you have a female dog, a male dog, or.

Whether it's a badass name for a tough southern pup, or a funny moniker for a goofy, lovable dog, there's sure to be the right pet name for your canine. If you've got a new black dog or black puppy, consider one of these black dog names below. Best Black Dog Names That Are Just Plain Brilliant. Best Black Dog Names These strong, feminine cowboy dog names are perfect for that sassy female pooch in your life who reminds you every day what it was like to be a female doggo in the wild west. Male Cowboy Dog Names. This is the perfect list of names for that male cowboy dog in your life. We love the spirit of the West in each and every one of these names 50. Scout. Scout came in at number 50 on the list of most popular boy dog names. These dog owners might have been influenced by the character in To Kill a Mockingbird. suefeldberg/Getty Images. 49. Therefore, we will show you some characteristics of boxer dogs : It is a dog of powerful musculature it was used for the hunting of and the rescue of German soldiers. It is a strong dog. Its size is medium-large, its weight ranges between 25 and 35 kilograms. It is a dog that needs to exercise actively, especially in its youth, for that reason. Estelle, Oona, Zinedine, Andre, Victoria, Juan, Ashward, Hannah, Amber, Greta, Grey, Lucas. 2. Intelligence Inspired Belgian Malinois Names. Intelligence is one of the hallmark features of the Belgian Malinois dog breed. This dog's brainpower is higher than average and ranks it in the world's top 10 most intelligent dogs

Samson - Samson is strong and powerful; a wonderful name for a blue merle male dog, we think! Montana - People love naming dogs after countries and states. Montana makes a great name for those looking for cool and unique dog names with great meanings. Boone - Boone is another great Geography themed name and it also means blessing A good place to start looking for the perfect dog name is a list of names that match your dog's shiny white coat. So we've handpicked a list of the 100 best white dog names - for males and. Male Dog Names » African Dog Names. Do you want some unique African dog names? You'll find 71 male and female names including Abebi, Cairo, Ghana, Kobo, Ibis, Mali, Sphinx, Togo, Voodoo, Zoser, and many more. Abebi - African - A blessing. This puppy is truly a gift from God. Addax - An African antelope Bible Names for Male Dogs and Cats. Abihu - Could be shortened to Abi; This is a good name for a fatherly pet. (Hebrew) - Exodus 6:23 - he is my father. Apollos - Great name for a tough breed such as a Pit Bull or Doberman. (Greek) - Acts 18:24 - one who destroys; destroyer Get here such types of male and female dog names that your puppy will understand very well. It is the list of most popular boy and girl dog names. Strong Native American Dog Names [Boy and Girl

If you've got a silly streak, you'll want to think beyond the basic dog names like Spot, Buddy, or Bella. We sampled some of the best comedic, political, sports, and pop culture inspirations to create this list of punny, funny dog names for both girl and boy dogs. Survey the list and see if you can find a match for your dog's personality. 500 Male Dog Names; Resources. If you're looking for more French name dog ideas be sure to check out the following: French Baby Names; 1661 French Baby Names; Female & Male French Names; Please share with your friends . Australian Male Shepherd Dog Names. The excellent Australian Shepherd male dog names are undoubtedly those related to the use of an Australia itself! Although this dog breed genuinely originated within the US, it's far fun to locate monikers that healthy the Australian aspects of these amazing pets. Gympie. Kylie Dogs know easy-to-understand words. Sit, stand commands are the first commands a dog learns, so they need to be synchronized with their names. If you give your dog a funny, long, or complicated pet name, it will confuse it with everyday language and it will not be easy to learn. For other types of pets, there are no restrictions Great Male Dog Names. You never know where you'll find great inspiration for boy dog names, but perhaps the following examples will turn up a name for your pet that you can gladly live with. Just make sure you pick something that rolls easily off the tongue. You're going to call this name for years, so make it easy on yourself. Related Article

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Dog names beginning with L - O ; Dog names beginning with P - Z; We hope there is a dog name on one of the lists below that is perfect for your puppy. For even more names, please check out our other naming lists: Best Dog Names for All Types of Doodles; 101 Sweet & Old-Fashioned Names for Girl Puppy Cuteness; 101 Old-Fashioned Names for Boy. Dog names for every type of dog and category. Find male dog names, female dog names, dog names by color, dog names by language, dog names by size

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Boy Military Dog Names A-G. Ace: In the military, there are sniper, tank, and pilot aces. If you take down many enemies, you earn this name. Admiral: The leader of a Navy is an Admiral. Bazooka: I would probably just use Zook. A hand-held rocket launcher is a Bazooka. Black Hawk: I would probably just use Hawk. The Black Hawk is a helicopter that has been used by the Army since 1979 Griffin is the name of a mythological creature with the half body of a lion and half of eagle. The meaning of Griffin is 'strong lord'. 6. Ethan: Ethan is one of our most favorite baby boy names. It means 'firm and strong', but sounds cheerful. With ties to Wales and England, it has a royal ring to it as well Names for Male Gundogs Bailey - Hunting directory that is published annually. Cap - A donation made by followers of a hunt who are not subscribers on the day of the hunt. Clay - Clay pigeons are used by gunmen for target practice. Deke - Slang for a duck decoy. Drake - Male duck. Epic - The first moment a hunter is born. Gunner - A person who hunts with guns; several military ranks depending. 25 Boy Dog Names for British and Irish Dog Breeds If you have a male canine, browse through these options. For determined dogs, we recommend Conor (strong-willed), Bran (strong), or Brady (spirited)

Names for Strong Male English Bulldogs. With their muscular bodies and adorable squinched faces, male English bulldogs need names that are strong and cute at the same time. Consider these great male names options inspired by the breed's strength: Angus - a Gaelic name for strong one Denzell - a Cornish name meaning from the stronghol Do you have a new male chihuahua but don't know what to name him? Well this post should help. Be sure to check out all our chihuahua names posts.. And also check out our page on chihuahua puppies to see all our articles on chihuahua puppies. And also check out what you need for your chihuahua puppy.. If you have a male chihuahua name that isn't on the list, please leave it in a comments. Domino - A good name for a predominantly black dog with a little white. Dot - A good name for a black dog with a white spot. Ebony - Dark wood. Eclipse - The sun or moon goes black during an eclipse. Eightball - A black pool ball. Elvira - Queen of the Night. Ember - charred wood. Espresso - Very strong dark coffee

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Looking for the most popular Jack Russell Terrier Dog Names? Click here check out our up to date list of 100 Jack Russell Terrier Dog Names. Dog Food. Puppies; If you have a big strong dog to call your own, consider the name Tank! 20. A male Norse name that means Snow drift. 4. Luna. A beautiful Latin word for the moon. 4 Scottish Male Dog Names. Did you know? One of the most common Scottish boy's names is: Abernathy - meaning the beginning point of a river. and one of the most common Scottish girl's names is: Aberfa - meaning the mouth of the river. Scottish Male Dog Names. Did you know Find here good Irish dog names for male and female. Check out the list of creative dog names in Irish for boy and girl. Get here such types of male and female dog names that your puppy will understand very well. It is the list of most popular boy and girl dog names. Megan (Strong) Glenda (fair) Lia (weary) Kira (throne) Irish Fun Names Based on a Little German. Bärchen - Meaning little bear, this name is quite adorable. Deutsche - The word for German in that language. Frankfurter - German word for the English Hot Dog. Frau or Fraulein - Mrs. and Miss in German. Hase - bunny. Herr - German for mister. Hund - German for dog. Knuddel - German for cuddles Male Dachshund names can also come from popular human names. Though the dachshund is a small dog, their name can reflect their brave and bold nature. They aren't afraid to puff out their chest a bit when necessary. They are proud of who they are, which deserves a proper strong name

Big Dog Names: Perfect For A Large Breed Female Or MaleFemale Rottweiler Names Your Gal Pal Will LoveRussian Dog Names: Male & Female Ideas From This CountryPin by Kayla Lynn Meares on тσяиα∂σ,нυяяι¢αиєѕ & Floods