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Resize, rotate, and flip objects in Keynote on Mac. You can resize an object freely, to modify its proportions any way you like, or proportionally, to make it larger or smaller without changing its essential shape. You can also set it to have specific dimensions. You can rotate or flip any object except a table, chart, or image gallery As in Pages and Numbers, there is no cell text rotation in tables. You must insert a Text box, rotate it 90°, and then eyeball its alignment within the cell. It is not really in the cell, but floating over it by default, and behind it if you want. The alignment controls in the Arrange tab are useless for centering the Text box in the cell Resize, rotate, and flip objects in Keynote on iPad. You can resize an object freely, to modify its proportions any way you like, or proportionally, to make it larger or smaller without changing its essential shape. You can also set it to have specific dimensions. You can rotate or flip any object except a table, chart, or image gallery

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Resize, rotate, and flip objects in Keynote on iPad

  1. Use Arrange menu to Rotate object, text or photo. First, you need to go up to the toolbar at the top of the screen. Then you go over to the option Arrange.. Rotate object in Google slides. Once the dropdown menu appears, you go down towards the bottom of the menu where the Rotate option is. Under the rotate option, you can pick four.
  2. In the Format Shape dialog box, click 3-D Rotation on the left. In one of the Rotation boxes (X, Y, or Z, depending on how you want to rotate your text), enter 180. To do so, access the Arrange drop-down menu and choose the Rotate | Rotate Right 90°option, as shown in Figure 7
  3. Revit uses keynote text files to associate a keynote value with an element in your model. The Keynotes dialog displays the text file used for keynoting in a tree structure, and you can navigate to the location and assign the keynote. To make changes to the tree structure, you need to edit the keynote text file associated with the model
  4. Set up your presentation with Keynote Remote to present your slideshow.; Tap on the device that you're using as a remote control.; Do any of the following: Draw with a color: Tap a pen and draw on the slide. Use the laser pointer: Tap the laser pointer and move your finger around the slide; the laser pointer follows your movements. Erase the last highlight: Tap
  5. If by vertical, you mean text is rotated 90 degrees or -90 degrees, you can do it using text boxes. Just create a text box outside of the table. Enter the text you need and resize the box as needed. Then rotate it 90 or -90 degrees. Then cut and paste the text box into the cell of the table

Duplicate table on move. Shift + Drag. Constrain the movement of the table. Drag cell. Switch contents of cells. Double Click cell. Select cell. Return. In Text edit mode. Command + Return. Stop editing cell. Shift + Click border. Add border to selection. Option + Drag cells. Copy contents of cells. Shift + Click in destination cell. Extend. Add a Magic Move transition. Place objects (text boxes, shapes, and images) on a slide. Select the slide in the slide navigator, then press Command-D to duplicate the slide. On the duplicated slide, reposition and resize some or all of the objects. Add any additional text or graphics you want to the duplicated slide, and delete any objects you. On the Properties palette: In the Type Selector, select a keynote style (Number, Number - Boxed [Large or Small], or Text). Select the Leader check box to show or hide the keynote tag leader. Specify the keynote tag orientation (horizontal or vertical) The keynote value is derived from a separate text file that contains a list of keynotes. If an element already contains a value for a keynote, it displays in a tag automatically. If not, you can select the keynote value directly. Revit Architecture provides 2 sample text files for keynoting. See Keynote Workflow Apply rotation to designs with Embird. By jyarbrough. 8/20/07 2:22 PM. WonderHowTo. Embird embroidery design software tutorial by Rosanne. In this video she demonstrates Saving split PES files for the Magic box, Amazing box, or Ultimate box

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To start recording your presentation, click at the bottom of the window. The timer counts down from 3 before recording begins. Speak clearly into the microphone to record your narration. To advance to the next slide, click the slide or press the Right Arrow key. You can pause the recording at any time by clicking the Pause button Add and edit notes for a slide. Click View in the toolbar, then choose Show Presenter Notes. Type notes in the white area below the slide. To apply text formatting to the presenter notes, use the controls in the Format sidebar. (If you don't see a sidebar, click in the toolbar .) To hide presenter notes, click View in the toolbar, then choose.

If there is a need to change the row heights but leave the text size in your cells as it was, try using the following steps: Create a new Calculated Field. Go to Fields tab of the Schedule Properties. Click the Add Calculated Parameter icon. Specify a name for the parameter. Set the Type = Text; Leave the Formula blank, and click OK 2) Click Table from your menu bar. 3) Select Transpose Rows and Columns. Your spreadsheet will automatically update reflecting this change. Transposing rows and columns in Numbers on iPhone and iPad. Open the Numbers app on your iPhone or iPad and access the spreadsheet you want to change. 1) Like on Mac, select the table by tapping on it Knowing how to rotate a PowerPoint slide can add a bit of uniqueness others don't often consider. Keep in mind that when you rotate your PowerPoint slides, this change automatically resizes the text, images, tables, and other aspects of your slides

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Stop editing text and select cell: Command-Return or Command-click cell (in text edit mode) Select entire row or column border: Click border of selected table or double-click border of unselected table: Add border to (or remove border from) selection: Shift-click border: Select border segment: If table is selected: Option-double-click border. Method 2: Rotate the Text Boxes manually. Here is a table in Numbers 3.2 with long text strings in Row 1 (the Header Row): Select the contents of each Header cell (one at a time) and Menu > Edit > Copy (command c). Paste (command v) each cell content, one at a time, to a blank piece of the 'canvas' to create Text Boxes In this article. You can rotate, reflect, and skew an image by specifying destination points for the upper-left, upper-right, and lower-left corners of the original image. The three destination points determine an affine transformation that maps the original rectangular image to a parallelogram

Use vertical text in Keynote on Mac - Apple Suppor

  1. Explore the sample keynote text file, and add an entry for a category that you need for your model. This video demonstrates the following: Open the keynote text file using Microsoft® Excel®. Add a new item to the file. Reload the updated keynote text file into your Revit model to see the changes. Note: This video was recorded using Revit 2017. When using a newer software release, you may.
  2. Keynote is like a box of chocolates, with a mouthwatering selection of animations that can be applied as transitions between slides; to create builds in and out on page elements; or to move, rotate, and fade objects. You might be tempted to try them all, but too many effects can obscure your message and distract your audience
  3. 4 Stage Pie Chart Infographic Template comes in your hand to help you create ready-fresh charts, diagrams, mockup, maps, and many more. Take your pick in our wide collection of free infographic for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides! More than 100 options are waiting for you! If you need to give a business, marketing, finance, science, or any other professional presentation, the tool you.
  4. Not everyone works with Keynote; in fact, most Keynote users cite the lock-in effect of PowerPoint as a reason they won't switch. Here's the good news: it's easy to convert a PowerPoint presentation to Keynote format so that you'll never miss a beat. Transform your PPTX diagrams to Keynote diagrams with just a couple of clicks
  5. als. For more options, I have checked the 'Show categories from all disciplines' (Figure 2). Name your schedule (here I'm creating Accessibility notes), as well as the Key Name.

Many of Keynote's most powerful functions reside in tabbed Inspector windows that let you modify a slide's components — including text, graphics, charts, and tables — and specify its. Column Raid Log Infographic Template comes in your hand to help you create ready-fresh charts, diagrams, mockup, maps, and many more. Take your pick in our wide collection of free infographic for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides! More than 100 options are waiting for you! If you need to give a business, marketing, finance, science, or any other professional presentation, the tool you are. Ctrl + R ⇒ Right align the text in the paragraph that the cursor is in, or right align the text in the selected text. Ctrl + J ⇒ Justify the text in the paragraph that the cursor is in, or justifies the text in the selected text. Ctrl + M ⇒ Indent the text. If no tabs are set, default indent is .5 inches

2 - Do not find any hint in Help and the Help Wiki. 3 - Copying text from the old label document over to the new one does not carry over the vertical direction. 4 - Even if I select a text, the button to switch text directions in Writer are greyed out. In Impress (4.1.5) both buttons are visible and work fine Rotating an image or text - transform. Rotate any image, text, or technically any element using this. Change the rotate value to how many degrees you want it to rotate, adding a - (like in the snippet) for counterclockwise rotating Method #1: Ctrl + D. Type the data into the a worksheet cell and Enter. Click in the cell with the data and, keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag to select the rest of the cells in the row or column that you would like autofilled. Release the mouse button. Press Ctrl + D (the Ctrl key is held while the D key is pressed) and the cells are. Click the Text box icon; Create a text box of the desired size; Paste text, point the mouse cursor at the top of the text box to display a sign +. This means that the text box can be rotated; Click Save and close; The text box will appear in your document and you can move it to any space. It is an example of how to rotate text in Google.

Once your table looks exactly how you want it to look, staying consistent with your theme, it's time to add text to the cells—single boxes within the table. To do this, click on the center of a cell and begin typing. To customize the text within each cell, use the Text color, Font, and Font size options in your toolbar 6 Stage Editable Waterfall Model Infographic Template comes in your hand to help you create ready-fresh charts, diagrams, mockup, maps, and many more. Take your pick in our wide collection of free infographic for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides! More than 100 options are waiting for you! If you need to give a business, marketing, finance, science, or any other professional presentation.

Play back all Keynote action builds including Move, Rotate, Scale, and Opacity Add new slide transitions including Shimmer and Sparkle Preserve calculations in tables when importing from and. Rotate a picture or shape a specific amount. Select the picture or shape. Go to Shape Format or Picture Format > Rotate. or go to Drawing Tools or Picture Tools > Format > Rotate. Use any of the rotation commands in the list, or select More Rotation Options. Enter the amount that you want to rotate the object in the Rotation box Go beyond the basics of Keynote to create impactful and engaging presentations. Learn about the power of storytelling and how to best incorporate visuals that support your message In addition to Keynote on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone or iPod touch, you can use Keynote for iCloud beta on the web. Keynote for iCloud beta is a web app you can use to create and edit Keynote presentations using a supported web browser on a Mac or Windows computer. You can access it by logging in to your account on iCloud.com.. Presentations you create using Keynote for iCloud beta are.

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  1. About Editing the Keynote File Keynotes are defined in a tab-delimited text file. You can use Microsoft® Excel or a similar spreadsheet application to manage the data, then export it to a tab-delimited file format. About Keynote Legends Add a keynote legend to a view to provide details of keynotes assigned to elements or materials in the view
  2. Paste the arrow after the next text box; Continue until you have and arrow between each box; To add text, double tap inside the text box and the keyboard will pop up; Type in your text; To adjust the text, click on the round circle at the top the has an i in it; Pull down the menu and select text options; The card should look something like thi
  3. Create a shape for text in Microsoft Word by using WordArt. AutoShapes and text boxes let you add text directly into a shape of your choice. You can adjust the colour and size of your shape and rotate, flip or resize it. The text on an AutoShape drops to another line or cuts off when the text is too large to fit its current dimensions

These enhancements can benefit all users of the Revit software, regardless of the discipline they practice. Text Notes The text editor has been enhanced to add text notes directly in canvas. During editing, text displays in the correct font and style. Other text editor improvements include the following: For quick access, new contextual text editing tools are available in the ribbon. All text. Step 4. Click the green dot above the text box. Drag your mouse to the right or left to rotate the text box until the text runs diagonally. References. Microsoft: Add, Copy or Delete a Text Box. Word 2010 Bible; Herb Tyson. Resources. Beginning Microsoft Word 2010; Ty Anderson and Guy Hart-Davis. Word 2010 Simplified; Elaine Marmel Keynote is the Apple/iOS model that is as compared to PowerPoint, that's a Microsoft Windows product. In this post, we are able to look at these two applications and compare them to see which one might be first-rate for your tasks. Keynote. Apple's Keynote software is created for the Apple/iOS platform simplest

think-cell puts an end to these tedious best practices. You create and update calendar-based Gantt charts directly in PowerPoint. Features such as 5- or 7-day work weeks, remark and responsibility labels or time span brackets make sure that your work time on Gantts reduces to a few minutes instead of hours. Try for free Learn more With Keynote, Numbers, and now Pages, it's always the same story. Select all of the example text, hit delete, and start typing. Type in precise degrees or just rotate the control and every. To change the rotation degree of text in a cell: Copy the text you wish to rotate. Go to the Insert menu and choose Drawing. Select the text box icon and draw your text box. Paste the text you want to rotate into the text box. Hover your mouse over the top of the text box and wait until you see a plus sign +.

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• Support for vertical text in shapes and text boxes in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. Keynote: • Draw a path with your finger or Apple Pencil to animate an object across the slide With Keynote, you have all the tools you need to make an amazing presentation quickly and easily. • With real-time collaboration, your whole team can work together on a presentation at the same time. • Collaboration is built in to Keynote on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. • Share your document publicly or with specific people 4 Gear Process Phase Diagram Infographic Template comes in your hand to help you create ready-fresh charts, diagrams, mockup, maps, and many more. Take your pick in our wide collection of free infographic for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides! More than 100 options are waiting for you! If you need to give a business, marketing, finance, science, or any other professional presentation, the. Using the Office Clipboard in PowerPoint 2013. By using Office Clipboard you can collect, copy and paste multiple items. It can help you to boost your productivity will preparing documents in Microsoft Office or presentations. To open the Clipboard in PowerPoint go to Home menu in the PowerPoint Ribbon and look for the Clipboard section There have been third-party iOS apps for live conversation translations, and Google Assistant pushed out its own feature for iPhone last year. Still, iOS 14 now has a default translator for real-time multi-language talks in person. So you can finally chat with people who use a different language without missing anything or having to install any complicated apps on your device

Apple has issued some small updates to its iWork suite in the Mac and iOS App Stores. Pages, Keynote and Numbers have been updated to version 9.3 on the Mac, and a 1.7 update is rolling out to the. When I rotate autshapes that I have created in PowerPoint, the text within them also rotates. So for example, when I rotate a shape 180 degrees, the text appears upside down. I would like to be able to rotate an autoshape 180 degress, but have the text within it remain in its original, horizontal position You can get rid of the box lines so: click on the text box so it has focus, the Text Box Tools Format conditional tab will display. click on the Format conditional tab to activate it. click on Text Box Styles / Shape Outline drop down / No Outline option. If you look in Print Preview you will no longer see a box around the text Tip: Any shape inserted with Quickoffice can contain text - touch a shape twice quickly to activate a cursor. Resize & rotate shapes, images or text areas on a slide. Touch an object to select it, then touch and drag the solid round handles at the corner of the object to resize it. To rotate an object touch an object to select it, then

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Keynote. OfficeSuite Premium Text Box - Adds a new text box to the slide, which can be modified using the resize and scale anchors, and rotated using the protruding rotate anchor. Table - Inserts a table with a pre-set formatting style, all you need to do is select its dimensions. Link.. Here's what you need to do to wrap text in Google Slides -. 1. First, open the document that needs to be edited and simply click on Text Box . The text box option can also be found under Insert Menu. 2. Next, add the relevant text and identify the part of the slide where an image or a graphic needs to be added. 3 Take text that is in a text box and convert it into columns by following these three steps. This feature works the same in all modern versions of Microsoft PowerPoint: 2010, 2013, and 2016. Select the text box. Select the Home tab and from the Paragraph group, select Add or Remove Columns Educational Qualification PowerPoint Template. The educational qualification PowerPoint template is a timeline template for business and academic presentations. The pencil slide is a creative and colorful set of 2 slide layouts. A pencil template is a self-explanatory slide when you using for academic presentation 6 Step Timeline PowerPoint Template. 6 step timeline PowerPoint template is an infographic slide for representing linear sequence of events. It is step by step progression diagram showing yearly development in chronology. The horizontal PowerPoint presentation is perfect for displaying business growth and the major milestones has been achieved

December 8, 2011, 07:11 PM. Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup: If you installed Revit to the standard install paths, it'll be somewhere along the lines of (here's an example of a 2008 install) C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\RAC 2008\Metric Library\. I can't remember off hand what changes were made to the paths in. Keynote is one of the software used for creating presentations for Mac users. But sometimes you may receive the Keynote. Top 11 PDF Editor Chrome Extension to Edit PDF Online. A PDF editor Chrome extension can make your daily editing, sharing, and management of PDF files easier. Here is an exten This method is definitely an improvement. Above, we split the text into an array, and then wrap each letter in a span. While we could use something like a for statement, or $.map to filter through the array, a far better and quicker solution is to manually join and wrap the text at the same time. Though better, this solution isn't recommended 4 Step process gear PowerPoint diagram & keynote template is a creative gear diagram in a modulated design. Normally, gear shapes represent so many gear teeth, but here the diagram is crafted by an innovative template design. Therefore, the users can take full advantage of a professional infographic template

Keynote sets the stage for an impressive presentation. A simple, intuitive interface puts important tools front and center, so everyone on your team can easily add beautiful charts, edit photos, and incorporate cinematic effects. And Rehearse Mode lets you practice on the go, with the current or next slide, notes, and clock — all in one view //''Dynamic Tables''// is a set of macros that allow you to create tables where the rows are created from tiddlers and the columns from the tiddler fields, or where the columns are created from tiddlers and the rows from their fields. Individual cells can be edited on the fly 1. Open the Keynote app on your computer and select the Basic White presentation > select create. 2. On the top-right of the screen, select Document > on slide size, click the drop-down menu, and select custom-size slide. In the pop-up box, you are going to type 1235 x 795 and click Ok. 3 Step 18. For the last step, let's add a title to the spine. Create a text layer using Montserrat Bold font with 24 pt size and Black color, and then press Control-T and rotate it 90° while holding Shift. And finally, Align the text to the spine rectangle. 2. How to Create a Book Page Template in Photoshop

You're going to have a problem in that no matter how you do it, the conventional display you're using to output (landscape orientation) will show black bars on the sides of that slide. A cheap method is to create that manually, by adding black box.. Rotate the New Object 10° Now we will begin rotating our layers to create the flipbook-like effect here in PowerPoint. To do that, right-click the new, duplicated object, select Format Shape from the right-click menu to open up the Format shape dialog box. For this tutorial, we are going to rotate our object 180 degrees on both the X and Y. In the Customize group of the Design tab, select Slide Size.. Click Custom Slide Size (Page Setup on Mac) in the drop-down menu. The Slide Size dialog box appears. In the Slides group of the Orientation section, select the radio button next to Portrait or Landscape, and then click OK.. A new. You can play back all Keynote action builds (like Move, Rotate, Scale, and Opacity), and add new slide transitions. preserve rich text in tables when importing and exporting spreadsheets, add. Steps to Copy Table from PDF to Word without Losing Formatting. #2 Launch the program, drag and drop a PDF or multiple PDF into the program. It supports batch conversion. #3 Choose page range and select output as Docx. #4 Optional. If you want to copy text from scanned PDF or image, turn OCR button ON

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Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, it makes creating a world-class presentation — complete with animated graphs and cinematic transitions — as simple as touching and tapping. Start with an Apple-designed theme and add text, images, graphs. Any text or numbers in the selected cells take on the new font. If you're working on a presentation in Keynote, tap the paintbrush icon to open the formatting pane. You can then tap the option.

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Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS were all updated to version 1.7 with improved compatibility with Microsoft Office and iWork. Each iOS app also got bug fixes and minor updates, as seen below Support for vertical text in shapes and text boxes in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. Keynote: Draw a path with your finger or Apple Pencil to animate an object across the slide When a spreadsheet contains multiple worksheets, will export all of the text from all of the worksheets. If you wish to export the text from only one worksheet, try using the Split XLSX API to split the spreadsheet into multiple worksheet files, and then run XLSX to Text on the individual worksheet file that you need to extract the text from Integrating Apps and Content with AR Quick Look. With iOS 12, ARKit includes a built-in viewer for displaying and sharing high-quality 3D content using Pixar's usdz file format. Get introduced to the capabilities of AR Quick Look and see how to easily integrate AR into your app. Learn best practices for preparing 3D models for AR, and see how.

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Add a Data Table. Click anywhere on the chart you want to modify. Click Chart Tools Layout> Labels> Data Table. Options include a choice not to show a data table, show a data table but not show a chart legend, or to show a data table and include the chart legend. Make a Data Table selection. Select the Show Data Table option. Click OK How To Add Animations to PowerPoint In 2 Simple Steps. To add entrance animations to any object in PowerPoint, here's what you need to do: Click on the object you want to animate. In this example, we will use a blue smiley face. (Caption: The blue smiley face we will be animating for this tutorial) 2 When you open the file, Keynote will inform you that there were changes made during the import process. Usually, these changes include formatting, fonts, and images. The more complicated the presentation is, the more changes there will be. Step 4. Once you locate all of the changes and you fix them, you can view the PPT file in Keynote Save a copy of a Pages document in another format · Open the document, then tap · Tap Export, then tap a format: · Tap one of the options for sending, saving, or. When you try to export to GoodNotes, the app doesn't appear in the export options.. Text and Table. Tables; Search for: employee's performance, etc. Business sectors generally rotate among the factors which are research, analysis, and implementation for effective research on any issue. We need a detailed study of its contributory elements. The Bazaar for premium and free PowerPoint templates and Keynote slides

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The pH Scale PowerPoint Template is a single slide layout for measuring acid and alkaline solutions. The template illustrates curve meter with 15 colorful levels. Each level here represents high or low pH levels. The pH scale is a chemistry concept to identify which water-based solution is acidic or basic Think of a Keynote slide as being assembled in layers. At the bottom, you've got the slide master. The slides sit on top of the master. You add objects like text, shapes, and other content to the slide itself. But, if you want to add something to multiple slides, you can add it to the master instead To make a precise rotation adjustments, open the Arrange tab and use the Rotate knob. To add a text box click the Text button in the toolbar or choose Insert > Text Box, and then place the cursor inside it. Type the title of the recipe and change the way they look

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3 Editable Maps America Europe Asia Infographic Template Template comes in your hand to help you create ready-fresh charts, diagrams, mockup, maps, and many more. Take your pick in our wide collection of free infographic for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides! More than 100 options are waiting for you! If you need to give a business, marketing, finance, science, or any other professional. python-pptx is a Python library for creating and updating PowerPoint (.pptx) files. A typical use would be generating a customized PowerPoint presentation from database content, downloadable by clicking a link in a web application. Several developers have used it to automate production of presentation-ready engineering status reports based on. The basic desktop publishing application from Apple is Pages. This combination word processor and desktop layout program is used on a Mac in much the same way Microsoft Publisher is used on the PC for casual desktop publishing uses. Pages is part of the iWork's productivity suite of programs, which includes Keynote and Numbers How to Create Background and Text Layers Step 1. Create a new 1000 x 850px document, and add a Solid Color fill layer using the Color #b2b2b2. Step 2. Create the first letter of your text using the font The Next Font, and change the Size to 300 pt. 6. How to Create 3D Text Step 1. With the text layer selected, go to 3D > New 3D Extrusion from. Add new layer on top of the shape. Paint white on its top side. Hit Command/Ctrl + Alt + G to convert the layer to Clipping Mask. Make new layer underneath the shape and then paint black for its shadow. Here's the result in 100% view Open Photoshop and hit Control-N to create a new document. Enter all the data shown in the following image and click OK . Enable the Grid ( View > Show > Grid) and the Snap to Grid ( View > Snap To > Grid ). You will need a grid every 1px, so simply go to Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grid & Slices and focus on the Grid section

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