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Top-Produkte für die Küche zu Spitzenpreisen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Sushi roll (or roll sushi for Japanese) is a unique Westernized version of the Japanese maki sushi (or maki zushi). Like the maki sushi, it usually involves rolling the rice and nori using a makisu Uramaki sushi is a roll that uses sushi rice on the outside wrapped around certain ingredients. So instead of the fillings on the inside, they are on the outside

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  1. Also, the guy at the sushi station said the trick to perfect sushi is a tight roll! Use the mat and press tight each turn you make with the mat, this will make the rolls tight and things wont fall out or come apart
  2. Sushi rolls, otherwise known as maki rolls, according to Tablespoon, are nori seaweed rolls that include an interior layer of rice along with chosen fillings and cut into 6-8 pieces. Hand rolls on the other hand are known as temaki, and rolled into a cone shape
  3. While sushi has become a colloquial term for bite-size nomz rolled up with seaweed and rice, it technically refers to just the sticky, vinegared rice. Sashimi refers to the raw fish. For the..
  4. Introduction to Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll Sushi is a dish of Japanese dish that combines vinegar rice. And fill with many ingredients inside of the nori sushi seaweed wrap. While it is also offer in restaurants that come in many sizes and shapes and from there arises many confusions between these two types of sushi
  5. 1. Spider Roll. View this post on Instagram. A post shared by Mikuni (@mikunisushi) Contains: tempura soft-shell crab, avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo. If the California roll had a hotter older brother, it would be the spider roll. The tempura crab and spicy kick makes this little gem the best classic sushi roll

But the sushi rolls that Japanese restaurants in the United States come up with are very interesting. Crazy Boy Rolls deep-fried California Roll served with eel sauce . Alaskan Rolls smoked salmon, asparagus and avocado. Philadelphia Roll salmon, avocado, and cream cheese Sushi is a Japanese roll made from rice, seaweed, vegetables, and raw or cooked seafood. It's rich in several vitamins, minerals, and health-promoting compounds. However, some types are high in.. Sashimi is to sushi as a fillet is to a taco. Any sashimi meat can be made into a sushi roll. And any chef can get creative and create specialty sushi rolls by combining multiple meats and vegetables. However, there are a few specialty sushi rolls that can be found at most restaurants, though the exact preparation can differ significantly Rolls such as these are called norimaki. Tekkamaki (tuna rolls) and kappamaki (cucumber rolls) are two common versions.Additionally, inari-zushi are deep-fried tofu pouches stuffed with sushi rice which are brown and oval-shaped, and chirashi-zushi are sushi served on a plate or bowl with different ingredients on top of rice

Just when you thought sushi rolls meant a cylindrical log consisting of sushi rice and fillings, cut into pieces, bam comes another surprise! Temaki sushi is the Japanese name for hand roll, and while it has everything you can expect in a traditional sushi roll, the difference lies in the way it is rolled A California roll or California maki is a makizushi sushi roll that is usually rolled inside-out, and containing cucumber, crab or imitation crab, and avocado. How does Spider taste like? The taste has been described as bland, rather like a cross between chicken and cod, with a contrast in texture from a crispy exterior to a soft centre What Is a Sushi Roll? In technical analysis, a sushi roll is a type of candlestick chart pattern. Candlestick charts visually representing the size of price moves with different colors Cut sushi rolls are some of the most well-known versions of sushi. I would say that the most popular sushi roll is either spicy tuna or California roll-seeing as these two are a staple in many Japanese restaurants. There are many names for cut rolls: makimono means variety of rolls, makizushi (or maki for short) means rolled sushi, and norimaki means nori roll

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  1. This is the traditional way to roll any type of rolled sushi, which is called maki sushi. There are actually two options for this method: rolling with the sushi rice on top of the sheet of nori, as we do here; or with the nori flipped over so the rice ends up on the outside of the finished roll (uramaki sushi). 1
  2. Maki Sushi - Sushi in the form of a roll. Sushi rice and other ingredients are rolled inside a sleeve of nori seaweed, or sometimes other wrappers like rice paper or even cucumber. Mirin - A Japanese wine that is slightly sweet. This wine is mostly used in cooking and can add depth of flavor to sauces and marinades
  3. Maki is cut rolled sushi, traditionally made with a sheet of nori, wrapped around a layer of rice, vegetables, and fish, then rolled up using a special bamboo mat, and cut into 6-8 pieces. There are a variety of maki sushi rolls you can order which range in size and style. Futomaki are larger sized rolls filled with a number of ingredients
  4. Hosomaki (skinny roll) Hosomaki is a great way to learn how to roll sushi using only 1-2 ingredients on the inside. Most of the single-vegetable rolls will be rolled in this fashion and it is a very traditional way of rolling sushi in Japan

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Best Low-Calorie Sushi Rolls: Mackerel. mackerel sushi roll. 232 calories, 2g fat per roll. Consider this white fish instead of your usual tuna, which might contain dangerously high levels of mercury. Mackerel is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, a mineral that may help protect against cancer. 2 of 6 Roll bamboo mat over sushi roll, pressing firmly, to make a more compact roll. When the roll is complete, tighten the roll to make more compact. Remove mat; cover roll and set aside. Repeat with remaining ingredients to make seven rolls. Cut each into six pieces. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi Good: Salmon. One of the foods highest in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a great choice on top of a bit of hand-pressed rice (nigiri sushi), in a roll (maki sushi), or many other ways Bestelle Dir jetzt frisches & leckeres Sushi ganz bequem nach Hause Hosomaki. A hosomaki roll is deceptively simple. It is about one inch around, with nori (seaweed wrapping) outside, and sushi rice and a single ingredient such as salmon or Japanese cucumber inside. It makes an excellent light snack roll, but is somewhat harder to make due to the size

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Technically, a California roll is classified as maki-zushi, meaning rolled sushi. It is typically made inside out, so that, in cross section, the roll has a layer of rice, a layer of nori, and then an inner core of fillings. The classic triad of ingredients in a California roll is crab meat, mayonnaise, and avocado Often, hand roll sushi is made to order. Nigirizushi: This type of sushi is made of two ingredients, rice, and fish. The rice is pressed into a small mound and the fish is thinly sliced to go over the top. They are then bound together with a small strip of nori. The fish on top is known as neta and it may be any type of fish including octopus. If a Sushi Roll appears in a prevailing trends, it is a sign that there may be an upcoming trend reversal. If the 10 candle pattern has occurred in the trend then it is an indication that the trend reversal is going to take place. It is used to predict the top and bottom of any stock, indices, commodity or a forex pair

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Here in the States, we often think of sushi as rolls of raw fish and a few other ingredients wrapped around white rice. Sushi, however, is actually any food with vinegared rice. Its origins date back to about 4 th century China, where salted fish was first placed in cooked rice, which caused the fish to undergo a fermentation process What you need to make this California crunch sushi roll: makes 1-2 rolls - depending on the size of nori wrap you buy ~1 cup cooked sushi rice or brown rice - cooled; 1-2 seaweed nori wraps - wraps vary slightly in size per brand, *try to go for a smaller wrap size or cut the wraps to ~3/4 the size with scissors if using a large wrap Sushi is a Japanese dish featuring specially prepared rice and usually some type of fish or seafood, often raw, but sometimes cooked. And though you might automatically associate the word sushi with raw fish, it's actually the rice that is the most important ingredient. Indeed, the word sushi refers to the sour flavor of the vinegared rice Make a Hawaiian sushi roll. Are you tired of paying the high price of take-out sushi? If you wish that you could save on eating out and want to learn how to make your own Hawaiian rolls then this is the video for you! A Hawaiian roll is like a California roll but with a twist; it's star ingredients are shrimp and mango

Tuna Roll. The tuna roll is one of the best high protein, low-calorie sushi rolls you can eat! Per 1 order (8 pieces,) it contains 24 grams of protein and a total of 185 calories! These macros are amazing when it comes to achieving your fat loss goals and still enjoying sushi The sushi rolls are quite famous across Japan, and now with the passage of time, they are traveling to different parts of the world. The roll, which is also known as Maki in the native area is the type of sushi roll in which after the garnishing and wrapping the sushi, rice and seaweed; it is cut into several pieces..

Sushi Roll and hand roll are two terms used for different recipes that belong to the same family of Sushi. While Sushi roll is cooked using vinegar rice and other ingredients like raw fish, vegetables and fruits, Hand roll is cooked of rolled seaweed Maki Sushi or the Sushi Roll is one of the most popular types of sushi in America. To see evidence of this all you have to do is walk into any well-stocked modern grocery store and usually you can find a Sushi booth stuffed with all kinds of variations of Maki rolls An Alaska Roll is an inside-out sushi roll (meaning the rice is on the outside) that typically is made with smoked or raw salmon and imitation crab as the two proteins. Alaska roll ingredients also include avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo sauce to give it an extra kick

When the sushi rice is wrapped in nori seaweed and rolled, it is a Sushi Roll. In Japan, we call it Makizushi or Maki Sushi (巻き寿司). There are several types of sushi rolls: Hosomaki (細巻き) - Thin rolls (1″ in diameter), nori on the outside, containing 1 ingredient. Chumaki (中巻き) - Medium rolls (1-1.5″ in diameter. Crunchy Roll Sushi is a delicious variation of the popular California Roll. This crunchy roll features shrimp tempura filling and a crispy topping of toasted panko breadcrumbs. The flavor and texture are out of this world! This recipe is easy to make at home, rivaling the one from your favorite Japanese restaurant

The inside out sushi roll (or Uramaki, 裏巻), is more common in the west than in Japan and is very popular in western sushi bars. What makes the inside out roll unique is the fact that the sushi rice is in the outside and the nori is on the inside, wrapping the filling. Having the rice out and the nori in is what makes a sushi roll inside. California roll is popular among the cook-sushi eaters, where consuming raw fish/seafood is a no question ask. It often contains Kani (crab meat bar), cucumber, and avocado. Some restaurants might add pickled daikon, carrot, or fruits like mango, banana to differentiate the flavor Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨, pronounced or) is a traditional Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice (鮨飯, sushi-meshi), usually with some sugar and salt, accompanying a variety of ingredients (ネタ, neta), such as seafood, often raw, and vegetables.Styles of sushi and its presentation vary widely, but the one key ingredient is sushi rice, also referred to as shari (しゃり), or. Spider Roll Sushi is filled with soft-shell crab tempura, cucumber, and carrots, then rolled in sushi rice and nori seaweed sheet. The crab legs look like spider legs, which gave this tasty roll its name. The Spider Roll does not have any raw fish, making it ideal for those who simply do not like raw sushi. Serve it as an appetizer or snack with wasabi and soy sauce Makimono Roll. Sushi in the form of a roll. Makizushi consists of sushi rice and other ingredients generally wrapped in nori (thin sheets of seaweed), but is occasionally wrapped in a thin omelette, soy paper, cucumber or shiso (perilla) leaves. The roll is formed with the help of a bamboo mat, called a makisu

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  1. Hosomaki rolls are simple rolled, thin sushi, which should be consumed in a single bite. They are made with a half sheet of nori, sushi rice and usually contain only one filling ingredient like fish or a vegetable. There are many versions of Hosomaki based on the ingredient. Hosomaki that contains cucumber is called Kappamaki
  2. The roll or roster is tubular or cylindrical and is cut into about six to eight pieces using a sushi knife , or if you dont have one of those you can use a regular kitchen knife. Meanwhile, temaki is in the shape of a cone and does not have to be cut. Each piece of hand roll is about four inches long, much bigger than a piece of cut roll
  3. Boston Sushi Rolls are pretty similar to California rolls in the way that it's a type of rolled sushi made of seasoned rice, green vegetables, but instead of containing crab, the Boston sushi roll contains poached shrimp. Contents show Take a Look ↓↓↓ It's an inside-out sushi roll where the nori seaweed features on the side, but the.
  4. 7. Lion King Sushi Roll. It may not have anything to do with the Disney cartoon, but this roll is just as satisfying. It contains the ingredients usually found in a California roll but is coated with slices of salmon, spicy mayo, and unagi glazing. This is all placed in the oven until the topping is cooked and creamy
  5. Sushi is a noun in the Japanese language representing pieces of cold boiled rice moistened with rice vinegar, usually prepared in one of two ways: topped with raw seafood (nigiri-zushi) or formed into a long seaweed-wrapped roll, often around strips of vegetable or raw fish, and sliced into bite-size pieces (maki-zushi)
  6. Crab, avocado and cucumber. Spicy California Roll. Spicy crab, avocado and cucumber. Shrimp Tempura Roll. Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado and masago w/ unagi sauce. Philadelphia Roll. Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber and masago. Crunchy California Roll. 5 piece panko crusted california roll deep fried w/ orange cream
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Sushi rolls on plate with green tea. Credit: Ina Peters/Westend61/Getty Images. If there's no rice, it's not sushi. Vinegar-soaked rice is the ingredient that makes sushi, well, sushi. The name itself means sour tasting. Eugene P. Nigiri sushi assortment. A spider roll is a type of sushi with a main ingredient of soft-shell crab that has been breaded — usually in tempura batter — deep fried and then wrapped with other ingredients, such as radish, cucumber, sesame seeds and mayonnaise.In most cases, a spider roll is made like traditional sushi with specially mixed sushi rice around the inner ingredients and.

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  1. Many sushi places call their non-rice rolls skinny rolls, so take a look and see if there is a skinny roll on the menu or if the server if they know what that is. You can get rolls wrapped in cucumber or soy paper. I actually prefer the cucumber because it provides a bit of 'crunch', as the fillings tends to be pretty soft
  2. Buy H-E-B Sushiya Tropical Sushi Rolls or Tropical Poke Bowl, assorted varieties get FREE! H-E-B Meal Simple Oven Ready Jumbo Coconut Shrimp, 6 oz. FREE. Clip. H‑E‑B Sushiya Tropical Coconut Shrimp Roll, 11.25 oz. $10.29 each ($0.92/oz) 0 added
  3. Preparing to Eat Sushi. The wet towel is for cleaning your hands before you eat, mostly because the traditional way to eat maki and nigiri sushi (probably what you're used to seeing) is with the fingers. Use the towel to clean your fingers, then put it aside; don't use it on your face to freshen up

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  1. H-E-B Sushiya Sushi House stands for Quality, Fresh, and Variety. We source and buy sashimi-grade seafood that's sustainably caught or responsibly raised. Each roll is made fresh every single day in-store and time-stamped to guarantee freshness. There are over 50 varieties of Sushiya items - from appetizers to rolls, spring rolls and poke bowls.
  2. Hosomaki rolls underneath an uramaki roll, including some vegetarian rolls. Vegetarian sushi is sushi that is made without any meat, poultry, or fish. When many people think of sushi, they immediately think of raw fish. While many kinds of sushi are made with raw fish and even shellfish, there are also a number of varieties that are made.
  3. To roll sushi, you'll need a sushi mat. What you fill the sushi with is up to you — here's a small selection of good ingredients. Top 5: Cucumber: Ideal for sushi beginners, cucumbers are easy to slice into thin sticks and roll. Carrot: Carrots are also great for beginners, as you can easily cut them into sticks
  4. Making sushi is easier than you think — just check out Kikkoman's easy-to-follow sushi technique and get rolling! Follow these steps for making a traditional..
  5. The Firecracker roll is a delightfully spicy sushi recipe. While full in flavor, the level of heat should not be taken lightly. **Disclaimer- Due to tuna being on the sustainable sushi advisory list, it is highly recommended that tuna be avoided (canned tuna as well)
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This is a demonstration on how to roll a California roll using a bamboo rolling mat with the aid of plastic wrap for mess free and nice clean cut presentatio.. In addition, Jasmine is a long grained rice, meaning that it does not have adequate starch content that is useful in holding sushi rolls together. The Japanese cereal is different from long grained cereal including Jasmine. It's sticky and liquid nature is what helps to provide a good end product Get Sushi Rolls Recipe from Food Network. Deselect All. 5 sheets nori. 2 cups sushi rice, recipe follows. 2 ounces sushi-grade tuna, cut into1/4 by 1/2 by 3-inch strip Spicy Tuna Volcano Roll. Approximate Calories: 340. Weight Watchers Points: 11. Beware anything spicy at the sushi bar, it may mean it's drenched in Sriracha-spiked mayonnaise. Spider Roll. Approximate Calories: 400. Weight Watchers Points: 10. High levels of carbs and fat means this fried roll is a diet no-no Transform your sushi into an unforgettable meal with these 12 Japanese-inspired side dishes. From tempura and miso soup to gyoza dumplings and matcha ice cream, these sides are sure to delight. Whether it's with sake, ahi, ebi, kani, or unagi, these sides are so good, they will surely take you to sushi heaven

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The sushi rolls were beyond fresh, innovative and delicious!! I would list the rolls we got but honestly, we got so many and weren't disappointed in anything. The one that stands out in my memory is the Baltimore roll! Yum!! The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars was because we were missing one roll. But aside from that, it was amazing and. Sushi can vary restaurant, so asking how a roll or dish is prepared at a specific location is normal. California Roll. This is a staple dish for the beginner sushi eater. Traditionally, the roll is filled with krab and avocado and sometimes features cucumber

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Maki roll is the most common type of sushi roll found in the United States. There are many different types of maki rolls with a variety of sizes as well as fillings. Starting with Hosomaki Sushi, which is a small sized sushi about one inch around What's usually in sushi rolls. Sushi comes in the form of a roll and is typically cut into eight bites. Most beginner sushi rolls contain rice (most important ingredient), avocado, cream cheese, and/or raw fish. If the thought of raw fish scares you, you can order it without meat or choose a vegetable roll instead. The best rolls for. The caterpillar roll, which is often referred to as a dragon roll, is an enticing popular sushi roll.It is characterized by intricate layers of thinly sliced avocado pieces placed on top of the roll, making it resemble the back of a caterpillar Sushi vs Sashimi Sushi is known as a roll filled with cooked fermented rice, raw or cooked fish, shrimp, avocado, seaweed and vegetables. It is commonly served with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger or teriyaki sauce. Latin chefs have created sushi rolls full of fusion, flavor, and unique styles between traditional, oriental, and Latin food Sushi has become increasingly popular over the years. One common gateway dish into the deep sea of sushi, especially for Americans, is the California roll. The term California roll (which was added to Merriam-Webster's dictionary just this year) refers to a makizushi sushi roll, usually made with rice on the outside, containing cucumber, avocado, and crab meat

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Nigiri sushi isn't rolled like maki. Instead, a thin slice of raw or cooked fish is layered atop a mound of vinegary rice. Typically, a small amount of wasabi is placed between the fish and the rice, though in some case, a small strip of toasted seaweed, or nori, may be used instead Get the Kimchi Sushi Rolls recipe. Korean Tuna Sushi Rolls. Tuna is marinated in a spicy-sweet combination of pineapple and gochujang (Korean chile paste) in this nutritious and flavorful sushi roll that is a welcome end of summer recipe for family night or a gathering of friends. Get the Korean Tuna Sushi Rolls recipe 1) Sashimi. It may not be a roll, but it's one of the best fish orders on the sushi menu. Sashimi is the raw fish without the rice. It's probably the cleanest thing on the menu because you. Nigiri sushi (above) to me, is the next natural step in the evolution of a new sushi convert and it is your # 4 best sushi for beginners recommendation. You may have tried some maki rolls that contain some raw fish by now and have gotten a smaller taste. Short of going straight to sashimi, this is the next best thing

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Start with the cut rolls instead of sushi or sashimi. One of the many ways of serving sushi, the cut roll or hand roll is a good way to start off if the thought of eating raw fish might be off-putting. With the rolls, the items are inside and not staring you in the face, which may be a bit more appealing to some To make a sushi roll, start by preparing 1 cup (190 g) of sushi rice and cutting 2 ounces (57 g) of filling ingredients, such as veggies and fresh fish, into thin slivers. Next, place a sheet of nori on a rolling mat with the shiny side facing down and spread the sushi rice onto the sheet in a thin layer The sushi roll is a technical pattern that can be used as an early warning system to identify potential changes in the market direction of a stock Sushi rolls are topped with different types of fish, veggies and whatever else can fit inside the sushi roll. Rainbow roll, for example, contains tuna, salmon, yellowtail, snapper and avocado all wrapped around a California roll. As mentioned, sushi translates to vinegar rice. Sushi rice is a smaller white grained rice seasoned with sugar, salt. roll name calories per roll fat grams per roll carbs grams per roll fiber grams per roll protein grams per roll weight watchers points plus; Basic Sushi Rolls (estimated per entire roll, not each piece) 1 Avocado Roll: 140: 5.7: 28: 5.8: 2.1: 4.

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A sushi roll is a food of Asian origin that features rice and seafood wrapped in seaweed (nori). Until the end of the twentieth century, sushi rolls were only available in restaurants. Today, a number of companies prepare them for retail sale in grocery stores. Although a few of these companies use mechanical sushi makers—called robots—to. The Crazy Horse is my favorite sushi roll, with shrimp tempura, crab salad, and topped with avocado and crab meat. I also really like the Dynamite, a deep fried California roll, topped with broiled spicy crab salad and scallops. They offer some healthier sushi rolls like the summer roll and Hawaiian roll, wrapped in cucumber instead of rice Sushi is a term used for seaweed wrapped around cooked rice, raw or cooked fish, vegetables, and other ingredients. Sushi started as a way of preserving fish in seventh-century Japan, but has. Although kimbap and sushi have similar shapes, they aren't the same thing. Kimbap is a comfort food that I ate often growing up. The word kim means seaweed, and bap means rice, but that's deceptively simple, considering there are many other elements involved, mostly vegetables and protein. Kimbap travels particularly well, so if. Sushi Rolls. Best Picks At just 5 SmartPoints per roll (Green, Blue, Purple), this likable California roll (left) is one of the safest choices, delivering the benefits of lean protein from surimi, omega-3s from avocado, and a tasty topping of flavorful sesame seeds or fish roe. The cucumber roll (right), has among the lowest SmartPoints values.

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What sushi roll has the most calories? Shrimp Tempura Roll. What is the lowest calorie sushi roll? The lowest calorie maki rolls are those with veggies or fish without additional sauces or mayo such as tuna or cucumber rolls which contain fewer than 200 calories for 6 pieces Futomaki (太巻き) is the most classic sushi roll in Japan. Therefore, when you say Maki Sushi* (巻き寿司) or sushi roll, it implies Futomaki. Here are some of the unique characteristics of Futomaki: The diameter is about 2 to 2.5 inches (5-6 cm) thick. It incorporates a mix of fresh and dried ingredients common in the Japanese pantry The popularity of sushi in the West owes much to the California Roll. Made inside out and utilising ingredients like cucumber, crab and avocado, the California Roll was created by Japanese sushi chef Ichiro Mashita, in 1960s Los Angeles California Roll is an inside-out sushi that's not wrapped with seaweed on the outside. Instead, the outside is a coat of sushi rice that is mixed with sesame and Japanese fish eggs. Meanwhile a Kani Roll is made more like the ancient style with a simple ingredient, and wrapped with seaweed on the outside Shrimp tempura maki is sushi, but specifically sushi with the nori roll on the outside. The shrimp tempura is the highlight of the shrimp tempura sushi roll - delicately fried, and crispy shrimp dipped in a light cover of batter. Rice is a must in most sushi rolls. Otherwise, you can choose what is in a shrimp tempura maki in terms of vegetables

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The fact of the matter is that sushi sauces are a modern addition and are now common on most rolls. However, it is widely known that sushi chefs have been using a specially-made glaze for their nigiri even before the Meiji Era. In modern times it is a common practice for sushi chefs to drizzle a sushi roll with 1 or more specially-made sushi. What is Kampyo Roll? Firstly this sushi roll is a very popular sushi roll that is often eaten for lunch. Where it wrapped similar to a tuna roll except there's a shaved strip of dried gourd in the middle that has been soaked with soy sauce and sugar. Besides, the kampyo roll is totally gluten free since the gourd is a vegetable

This Keto Sushi Rolls recipe makes 4 serves. 1 serving is 1 full roll or 8 pieces and has 4g net carbs - the nutritional information below is for the Salmon Avocado Roll. Store leftover Keto Sushi Rolls in the fridge for up to 2 days - for cooked fillings only, raw filling should be eaten within 24 hours Difficulty in Preparation. When we talk about cut roll vs. hand roll sushi, we must understand the level of preparation difficulty between the two. Temaki roll or cut roll is much easier to prepare than the hand roll. In fact, preparing cut roll is the easiest among all the sushi types. Taste Variation Sushi summer roll make a delectable appetizer. This can also be enjoyed as a light lunch or dinner. This healthy recipe is a crossover between the Japanese sushi and the Vietnamese summer roll. Imagine combining two of the best fresh recipes around - truly magnificent Dragon roll is one of the most popular type of sushi rolls. It is quite difficult to guess the ingredients of any sushi roll by just looking at it. If you wish to make dragon roll at home, you need to know the exact ingredients used in it. This article will provide you the ingredients used in different kinds of dragon rolls Sushi refers to the vinegar-seasoned rice used when making rolls. However, the sushi we know today is much different than its original form. The concept originated in Southeast Asia around 2,000 years ago due to the need to keep seafood fresh without refrigeration

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