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These are some typical prices for acrylic splashbacks: A 2.4 metre length of a simple acrylic splashback might cost $70 A better quality 2.4 metre length of acrylic splashback might cost $85 to $105 A top of the line acrylic splashback might cost $180 for a 1.2 metre lengt Depending on whether or not you choose tiles or another material, you might also have to pay for installation, which can cost between $450 - $900 depending on the difficulty of the job. How can I finance a kitchen splashback? If you need a little helping hand financing your renovations, you have a variety of options A guide to measure and install an acrylic splashback . Splashbacks are perfect for protecting walls that are prone to splashing - typically kitchens, bathrooms and shower cubicles. For an easy, speedy and inexpensive transformation choose acrylic splashbacks. You can read why acrylic splashbacks make a better choice than glass or tiles here. The advantages of installing a plastic or acrylic splashback are: A stylish appearance. They cost significantly less than glass kitchen splashbacks. They are lighter but more durable than glass splashbacks. They can be customised according to your needs. They are easy to clean using a damp cloth Dallys from Moorabbin East. hired a Acrylic Splashback Supplier. Acrylic splash backs cut to size and installed in kitchen and laundry. Kitchen approx 2.84 sq/m and laundry .671sq/m.... . W. Whitney from Bentleigh East. hired a Acrylic Splashback Supplier

This service has a charge of £200 for the largest splashback, and any smaller panels are an additional £50. If combined with the Templating service, the £50 charge will be deducted from the total Fitting service cost. Our fitters are professionally trained and are covered with Liability Insurance Our splashback material offers a more cost effective and long lasting solution when upgrading your kitchen splashback or shower recess. Acrylic splashbacks are petroleum-based products, they tend to fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight, scratch quite easily and need to be kept away from chemicals that can mark the surface Pro Tip: Before Installation, make sure your acrylic splashback is suitable for use behind a hob, as not all acrylics are heat resistant. 12. Remove Plastic Cover. If you've used an adhesive, make sure to leave it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours and then you can remove the plastic cover from the acrylic splashback

The thinner the acrylic splashback, the cheaper the cost to purchase. But you get what you pay for & that's is certainly the case for acrylic splashbacks! Thin acrylic splashbacks will not look like glass, they look like a sheet of coloured plastic because they lack the depth (from being thinner)- especially when looking at kitchen. Splashback costs and prices. Choosing the right materials and taking care of some of the labour yourself will help to keep your costs under control. When you're shopping around for splashbacks, will need to be aware that there are many variables that can affect the cost. The following are factors that may impact the price you pay Acrylic splashbacks are so easy to clean and are made strong to withstand heat and daily knocks. Bars, cafes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and facilities of all sorts are benefitting from this ground breaking innovative technology. Call for a free no obligation quote on acrylic splashback costs

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  1. Bellessi 725 x 2440 x 6mm Polymer Splashback - Silver Ghost. (0) 22 colours. $455. more. Add To Cart. Compare. Special Order. Bellessi 1220 x 3050 x 6mm Polymer Splashback - Silver Ghost
  2. Tiles have long been one of the most popular options for kitchen splashbacks. They can cost as little as $15 per square meter, and there are endless design options available to create any look or style desired. They are durable, affordable, hardwearing, cheap to install, and relatively easy to keep clean
  3. COST: Large sheets of four-millimetre-thick acrylic splashback material can be bought for around $150 per square metre from hardware stores, and they will provide you with all the installation instructions. There are no specialised tools required
  4. Rivercity Splashbacks is a company that specialising in a wide range of splashbacks, glass, acrylic and mirror including showers. We provide a professional and comprehensive service from processing your order then securely and safely deliver and install your splashback, usually within 10 days, straight to your front door wherever you are in SEQ
  5. Acrylic can also be used to create an illusionary effect if you're looking to make a space appear bigger. If this is a concern, try opting for a mirrored finish in order to open up your kitchen and help reflect light around the room. Adding some backlighting to your splashback is also a great way to take it to the next level, enhancing the.
  6. Costs for acrylic splashback From $430+* per 750mm x 900mm splashback, excludes installation. For more inspiration, take a look at our kitchen renovations. This home renovation advice article featured on page 40 of Issue 015 of New Zealand Renovate Magazine

IPA Acrylic is the most cost effective, economical coloured Acrylic Splashback in any colour with a consistent high gloss finish that reflects the look of glass or satin finish. With the look & characteristics of glass IPA Acrylic Splashbacks articulate clarity illuminating a 94% light transmission Acrylic splashback products do however come in various colours, and you may find that a coloured acrylic provides a more solid look. Some advantages to using acrylic for splashbacks: Half the weight of glass for self-installation; Cost Effective . Installation requirement Innovative Splashbacks are custom Australian Made acrylic splashbacks that look identical to glass. Unlike splashbacks from big hardware stores, our polymer splashbacks are supplied Cut to Size & shape, available in Any Colour or Digital Print image & delivered Australia wide. Stronger than glass, durable & easy to install, perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and known as Australia's.

ACRYLIC SPLASHBACKS. MDF DECOR SPLASHBACKS. COMPOSITE SPLASHBACKS. COST SAVING. Our panels are ideal for those who want the look and feel of beautiful natural stone, glass or other modern materials, but with none of the hassle of a complicated installation. but with none of the hassle of a complicated installation. Products. Jan 30. Acrylic glass also allows 92% of visible light to pass through it. Unlike thick glass which has a green tint, acrylic is clear. If you're installing an acrylic splashback, the most basic way to achieve a certain colour is to paint the wall behind a clear acrylic in the colour of your choice Mirrored glass splashbacks are a safety glass treated in the same way as toughened glass splashbacks, so they are an excellent choice for kitchens and safe for use behind your cooktop. COST: A mirrored glass splashback will cost you around $450 per square metre, including installation. Again, add $40 per cut-out required for power points Glass splashbacks are more expensive, will shatter, are susceptible to chipping and cracks and you are limited to colour selections in glass. Glass is much heavier than acrylic and more difficult to install. Acrylic is a cost effective, impact resistant, lightweight, easy to clean and maintain and easy to install product

Professional Installation. Fully fitted glass splashbacks, like the below photo vary regionally in terms of price. Due to the higher cost of living and transportation in London you may find the labour charge to measure and fit a glass splashback alone could be in excess of £500 (we do have installers in London at the minute though who can. The Cost Of Acrylic Splashbacks Acrylic Splashbacks From $430 per square metre. Acrylic resembles glass. However, acrylic splashbacks are a cheaper alternative and are easy to install. However, unlike glass options, you cannot install acrylic splashbacks behind or near hot areas such as cooktops

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  1. imum order for Acrylic Splashbacks is 1.5 m2 or $420.00 GST inclusive. Please note: Acrylic Splashbacks cannot go behind a cooktop apart from induction cooktops. FREIGHT: Please note freight will depend on the weight and size as well as the postcode we're shipping to. Typical costs are $50-$15
  2. If you are seeking for the affordable alternative to glass splashback then polymer & acrylic splashback is the right option for you. We at AMV Investments Pty Ltd. is renowned as the leading company that provides the best installation services for Polymer and Acrylic Splashbacks in Wollert, Australia.We can install them with ease and efficiency
  3. Acrylic is a cost effective, impact resistant, lightweight, easy to clean and maintain and easy to install product. Acrylic splash backs are a fantastic alternative to glass splash backs. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best experience possible from start to finish, but don't take our word for it, check out our reviews

Natural Stone Splashback Cost: Prices start from $520 per square metre for standard range of engineered stone. Can go as high as $2,200 per square metre for marble. 5. Acrylic Splashbacks. Acrylic splashbacks are a cost-effective alternative to glass splashbacks while providing the illusion of glass Most acrylic splashbacks are not suitable for use with a direct heat source such as the rear of gas or electric hobs Costs for glass Splashbacks. From $230 - $430+* per 750mm x 900mm splashback, excludes installation If you are talking about a plastic laminate backsplash then here are the answers: 1. To install ceramic, porcelain, stone, or glass tiles over plastic laminate you should first nail or screw or construction glue a thin cement backer board over the..

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Step 2 - Test Place Your Acrylic Splashback. Turn off the electrical supply to the wall you are fixing your splashback to. Then, remove anything that is in the way, eg) socket faceplates. Take your acrylic splashback (it should be very light and easy to handle) and check it fits into position nicely. Step 3 - Fix Your Splashback To The Wall This material is cheap and cost about £30 per 119.6×55 cm, we only used three panels for our medium kitchen. Funny story when we started installing the panels, we realised there wasn't enough sealant to complete the job. I convinced Tosin to use the wood glue, it works perfectly on woods Cost effective installation, little on-going maintenance, possible to update in-line with kitchen trend changes...the benefits are endless! 9mm MDF splashback 14 designs available 4mm Acrylic splashback 6 designs availabl Description Acrylic Splashback. High Gloss acrylic splashbacks are available in a wide range of colours to suit your kitchen and colour scheme. Save time by ordering made to measure to your exact specifications. Quick and easy to fit, these are the most economical route to transforming your kitchen. Trustpilot Custom Widget Nevertheless, acrylic is an extremely cost-effective material for splashbacks. Stone. Engineered stone is very strong, and it is non-porous so won't stain. It is also easy to clean and comes in a variety of natural colours and finishes. Installation is not for the amateur, and paying for a professional can quickly increase costs. Mirrored glas

Acrylic Splashbacks - Cost Effective & Easy Installation Acrylic Splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms have become the latest trend. Made from Acrylic sheet to your specific required size, our kitchen splashbacks can be cleaned with just a cloth and warm soapy water - no scrubbing required Grey. Our Acrylic shower panels are the ultimate modern panel and the perfect cost effective alternative to glass. Our Acrylic panels are an environmentally friendly, highly engineered polymer, enhanced with colour. Finish: Gloss or Matt. Profile: Colour co-ordinated. Shower Panel Sheet sizes: 2420 x 1200mm, 2420 x 900mm or 2420 x 600mm NCE's range of Perspex acrylic splashbacks are an excellent choice for affordable kitchen fitout and upgrades, delivering a stylish, convenient and cost-effective solution for a modern and elegant look. Not only is acrylic easy to clean and hard wearing, but its also lightweight, easy to install and weather resistant Ideal for residential and commercial applications and suitable for wet areas and virtually any vertical surface, Innovative Splashbacks' printed acrylic splashbacks offer a stronger, cost-effective and versatile alternative to printed glass splashbacks

Acrylic splashbacks from Innovative Splashbacks can bring a touch of class and style to kitchen spaces. Using high quality, durable acrylic these splashbacks look exactly like glass, install faster than both glass and tiles and have many advantages over alternative splashback products Installation. Glass is heavier than acrylic, so it will need stronger adhesives to bond it to the wall. It may even need supports, depending on how smooth your wall is, and how heavy the glass is. Acrylic splashbacks are extremely light, so installing them isn't going to need too much in the way of additional equipment 3mm Baby Blue Acrylic Splashback. 80. 4/5. £0.82 Inc. VAT. A solid high-quality clear Perspex® sheet printed with your choice of colour, for use in the kitchen or bathroom to protect your walls from marks and splashes. While they are very practical, they can also be used cleverly as part of your interior design adding character to your room

Please note: Custom Colour Splashbacks have a lead time of 5 - 7 working days from approval. Finish options: No Coating - Standard acrylic sheet has a deep, high gloss finish and will resist moisture and grease. Hardcoat - Hardcoat has the same brilliant gloss finish as standard acrylic, but with a tough and durable scratch-resistant coating 1. Mark out the cut. Measure the width and height of your kitchen splashback installation space. The standard sizes for acrylic, stainless steel or glass splashbacks are 600mm by 750mm, and 900mm by 750mm. At this point, it's a good idea to make sure that the wall is clean and free from dust. If it's not, wipe the area down with a damp cloth Zenolite® is the ultimate Acrylic high gloss panel, perfect for any kitchen splashbacks, providing a glass like appearance and modern finish. This surface has a simple, easy, and cost effective way to give any area a new designer look. Zenolite® can be used to transform any flat vertical surface into a high visibility surface that is impact resistant with stunning look and lines

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We have just installed acrylic panels in our kitchen and love them. They look amazing and are so easy to install - precut by the supplier. We also replaced our stainless steel hob splashback with a glass panel with wallpaper behind which also looks fab. Total cost about £400 and we installed ourselves Width: 1189mm-Height: 841mm. Thickness. Choose an option 3.0 mm 5.0 mm. £ 56.47 inc. VAT £ 47.06 ex. VAT. Quantity: QTY: Red Acrylic Kitchen Splashback (Gloss Finish) quantity. Add to cart. Request sample. Request Sample. We understand it's important to see the quality of our products before you commit to a big order, which is why you can. Acrylic kitchen splashbacks made using this range can offer surfaces a high gloss glass appearance without the installation restrictions of glass. Compared to glass and aluminum splashbacks, it is cost-effective and can be used to give a modern and contemporary finish to your kitchen Posted 4 days ago. We need a splashback cut to size and installed. It is acrylic polymer. It will need 2 holes cut in it as well for power points

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Reflections offers stunning kitchen splashback panels, that are superior to Acrylic Splashbacks Reflections Splashback and Wall Panels are the ideal product for affordable kitchen renovations and upgrades, delivering a stylish, convenient and cost-effective solution for a sleek, modern look About Alternate Splashbacks. Alternate Splashbacks specialises in contemporary, durable and inexpensive alternatives to glass and tile splashbacks. We offer domestic installations across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and the Central Coast, and can install splashbacks across Sydney, Canberra and the NSW mid-north coast

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Splashbacks are ideal for use in the kitchen, with the endless flow of food, the daily steam from kettles and continuous grease and dirt that builds up over time. Grout between tiles is one of the main culprits for attracting dirt. Our splashbacks are made out of acrylic or glass and therefore extremely easy to clean. Cost effectiv With an acrylic splashback, you're just a quick wipe away from good as new. Scratch-resistant, cost-effective and stylish, perspex splashback boards come in a huge array of colours and styles to suit your kitchen. Whether you're looking for a single panel behind your hob or want to deck out the whole wall above your worktop, you won't. Glass is much heavier than acrylic splashbacks, which means that they can be difficult to install. It doesn't matter if you are installing them yourself or paying for someone else to install them for you. Acrylic splashbacks are more cost-effective; they are impact-resistant, lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to install Made to measure glass splashbacks, manufactured in the UK. All of our bespoke glass splashbacks are made using toughened glass and cut to size, our coloured glass splashbacks are colour coated to order. Printed glass splashbacks can be customised or personalised using your own design and the measuring and fitting process can be a simple DIY task so quite cheap compared to tiling costs Acrylic splashbacks available in piano black gloss and brilliant white gloss. Splashbacks can be ordered cut to size to your exact requirements. Create a clean, contemporary look in your kitchen with Perspex® splashbacks. Learn more ». Cut to size options. Samples. From £0.96 inc VAT In stock

Feb 17, 2021 - Backsplashes and splashbacks made from high quality and cost-effective acrylic material. Add some colour to your kitchen and/or bathroom with this lightweight and easy to install home decor piece! Available in a range of colours, thicknesses and finishes directly from The Plastic People!. See more ideas about kitchens bathrooms, acrylic splashbacks, kitchen To ensure that you are the best suit and perfect acrylic splashback for your kitchen, you need to buy it from a reputable and reliable supplier. Search online to find out the best suppliers in your location Back lighting for your glass splashback can also be installed to highlight certain areas, create moods or draw attention to an image. Stained or fused glass designs can be made and installed by hand to produce a stunning effect - albeit quite pricey. Tiles - Most tile types are cost-effective and easy to install. Choose from ceramic and.

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  1. The cost of fitting can be high. Can be difficult to replace if needed. Acrylic Splashbacks. Acrylic splashbacks are versatile and inexpensive. If you want to create a feature from your splashback, try using different and unusual shapes of acrylic to really add the 'wow' factor to your kitchen. Pros and cons of acrylic splashbacks
  2. Acrylic Splashbacks and Wall Panels are a highly engineered polymer that has been enhanced with colour to offer a new source of design inspiration. These durable panels were originally developed as a cost effective alternative to the painted glass - but the versatility, flexibility and work-ability allow the Acrylic Splashback to stand alone.
  3. Acrylic kitchen splashbacks are generally half the cost of glass kitchen splashbacks. Acrylic kitchen splashbacks are lighter than glass splashbacks. Acrylic kitchen splashbacks can be smooth or textured according to your needs. The acrylic splashbacks can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth. Installing an acrylic splashback is great way to.

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Tiles really are your cheapest option but still look effective. Much cheaper than glass - for our kitchen glass would be $1600 (minimum) and acrylic is going to be $800. Most places seem to say that it's not ideal for near the cooktop, which seems like a deal breaker AluSplash is an aluminum kitchen splashback which is fire resistant, grout free and easy to clean and maintain. It is the ideal interior wall panel, as it gives a modern finish to any interior space, making it the ultimate wall panel solution for your home. Explore our Collections to find the ideal colour and finish for your home Our Splashback laminate provides a hygienic and cost effective solution to add colour to any outdoor alfresco, kitchen or wet area in a commercial or residential application. Characteristics. Tested to AS5601.1 and AS4551. DIY application. High durability. Ease of installation. Replacement for glass and tiles

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NB: The Deep Pink Cast Acrylic Kitchen Splashback may require a longer lead time than other products and any bespoke cutting (e.g socket cut outs or diagramed work) will incur an extra cost. For any advice or to discuss customisation options, please call or email our sales team with any cutting list applicable Our acrylic splashbacks are extremely popular thanks to the quality and durable nature of the acrylic plastic. Versatile in application as well as colour and sizing, acrylic splashbacks are ideal for the modern, stylish kitchen. Used in bathroom projects and for shower panels because of it's easy fitting and suitability for waterproof. Vistelle splashback fail. Found Vistelle acrylic splashback in Bunnings, decided to use for kitchen renovation - kitchen wall splashbacks. Cheaper price than glass splashbacks (but not cheap per se). Installed by 2 tradesmen and myself, all instructions followed carefully but come Sydney summer increase in humidity the Vistelle product starting.

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Tile Effect Wall Panels. Reco Surfaces are the leading supplier of unique Acrylic / PVC bathroom tile panels and kitchen splashbacks.. The patented Reco Tile panels are moulded to look and feel like tiles but without the grout.The flat sheet Reco Space panels give a modern easy clean finish.. Here you can read more about Tiles vs Panels, get inspiration from our Gallery, understand the simple. Acrylic printed splashbacks are ideal for those on a budget, looking for a stress free experience. Due to the material, an acrylic splashback is cheaper and stronger than glass. These splashbacks are also lightweight, making installation a lot easier. Acrylic will not crack like glass can, however they are less suitable for kitchen hobs and.

The smart alternative to glass splashbacks. Wondering about the best splashback material for your home renovation, new property development or commercial premises? One cost-effective, long-lasting option to consider is Laminex Metaline. This advanced, flame retardant aluminium splashback system is approved to be installed behind cooktops and ovens EASY INSTALLATION Unlike glass our Acrylic panels can be cut down on site - this makes installation a breeze and not only means any DIYer can fit it also comes in at a much lower price than glass. Shower Panels & Splashbacks: SHEET SIZES: 2440 x 1200 x 4mm 2440 x 900 x 4mm 2440 x 600 x 4mm. THICKNESS: 4mm: EASE OF INSTALLATION: By any.

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acrylic splash back 900 x 900 mm. One-piece shower splashback with this you don't need to tile the back of the shower Dimension 900 x 900 x 1950 mm Splashback is 2 mm thick made from acrylic Very easy to clean Other sizes available 1200 x 900 x 1950 mm 1000 x 1000 x 1950 mm. $149. Clayton South, VIC Imagine a tile splashback that is easy to clean, a glass splashback that is easy to install or a marble splashback that doesn't cost a fortune. A one of a kind aluminium splashback system, DecoSplash offers total creative freedom in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Choose from 100+ designs and images from the DecoSplash range or use your own Clear Splashbacks The Plastic People's clear acrylic splashbacks are perfect for DIYer's, designers, builders, renovators and architects where a stunning image upgrade is needed quickly and cost effectively in homes or businesses

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  1. Disadvantages of an acrylic splashback: Must not be used behind a gas stove; Less resistant to scratches than HPL or Alupanel; A typical cost of a transparent cast acrylic kitchen splashback: A kitchen splashback with dimensions 200 cm x 60 cm cost £51.14, including shipping and VAT
  2. imise offcuts. Mazan - has a 10-year warranty as standard
  3. Zenolite Sago Acrylic Kitchen Splashback. Lightweight, easy to install and maintain; Moisture resistant; High gloss, mirror like reflection; 25x the impact strength of glass . Enjoy the look of a glass splashback in your kitchen at a fraction of the cost, courtesy of our Zenolite Sago acrylic kitchen splashback.. Offering both style and simplicity, this light brown sheet can be easily cut and.
  4. Vista 4mm 3050 x 600 hazy forest acrylic splashback. Create that serene and soothing ambience in your kitchen with this hazy forest acrylic splashback from Vista. Manufactured from high quality acrylic with a 4mm thickness, this stylish and unique splashback offers ultimate protection for your walls while adding a striking feature to your kitchen

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Splashbacks to Match Cubicles. We can provide splash backs in the material and colour to suit your vanity units and cubicles. This will complete a uniformed look for your washroom. They are made to measure, so you can get exactly the right size for the vanity unit. Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) panels are recommended for splashbacks as they are. The latest in modern splashbacks would have to be patterned laminates. This product comes in various graphics and plain colours, you can even create a custom splashback with graphics you provide. Acrylic sheeting. It looks like glass but at a fraction of the cost, and safe enough to install yourself. It is sleek, modern and easy to clean The quality of the acrylic is the first factor to examine if you want to be 100 per cent satisfied with the splashback. The quality of the best acrylic kitchen splashbacks depends on the type of acrylic and the resins used. Low-grade versions can even have spots and imperfections that will be easy to notice right from the start

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Innovative Splashbacks, Moolap, Victoria, Australia. 7,454 likes · 16 talking about this. Supplying exquisite painted & printed ACRYLIC splashbacks nationwide. Cut to your sizes, custom colour &.. ISPS Splashbacks are sealed and waterproofed to ensure that each splashback is properly fastened to eliminate many inconsistencies with other inferior splashbacks in the market place. ISPS use our specially formulated GRIPTEK as the backing on our polymer sheets to lock in colour, making the product 100% waterproofed to create a background. Splashbacks can either be put behind a kitchen hob or sink or you can have them all around your kitchen to leave a real stylish effect that will also be really easy to clean after prepping food. Splashbacks are available in a multitude of materials ranging from stainless steel, glass, granite & acrylic. Splashbacks are about 20mm in thickness. Easy DIYAll you need to install our splash back is a snap-off knife and 200 ml of 'no nails' glue. Contemporary designsChoose from a great variety of photographic designs. Safety firstUnlike some cheap equivalents, our splashbacks can tolerate the heat over 200 o C, hence, can be installed behind your hob Acrylic can be used to enhance your environment and create visually beautiful results. Below is a wide range of Plexiglas®, Perspex® and Sumiplex® acrylic ranges. Available in various thicknesses and sheet sizes, acrylic can be cut to size, fabricated to your requirements, laser or router cut, thermo-formed, engraved or digitally printed to

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Laminate splashback panels are quick and easy to install & removes the cost and maintenance of unattractive and unsanitary grout lines. Take a look at our acrylic splashbacks, stainless steel kitchen splashbacks, plastic splashbacks & quartz kitchen splashbacks for all your splashback needs Innovative Splashbacks manufacture and supply luxury acrylic splashbacks to the building industry. As Operations Manager (Australia) my extensive background in risk management; Quality,OH&S & Environmental management has assisted developing Innovative Splashbacks as the high quality and unrivaled acrylic splashbacks that they are renown for today

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Mirostone Arctic 20mm - Solid Surface Acrylic Worktops. Mirostone Arctic 20mm Solid Surface is part of a range of versatile work surfaces. Which have all the beauty and feel of natural stone. Combined with exceptional practicality. Worksurfaces - The surface that works the hardest! Seamlessly incorporating sinks, drainer grooves, taps and hobs Allplastics stocks and cuts a diverse range of splashback materials.. Metaline® splashbacks and panels offer an unique source of inspiration.This advanced aluminium based system is the smart alternative to glass, and is available in a range of contemporary colours in a spectacular high gloss finish Mirostone Twilight Sparkle 20mm Solid Surface is part of a range of versatile work surfaces. Which have all the beauty and feel of natural stone. Combined with exceptional practicality. Worksurfaces - The surface that works the hardest! Seamlessly incorporating sinks, drainer grooves, taps and hobs. On the surface and when cooking AluSplash Splashback Petrol Blue - Gloss. Product code: 9000251476. From £145. £145.00 per EACH. Currently in Stock. Delivery Within 14 days. Please select a Dimensions from range below. Please select: Dimensions 800 mm x 600 mm 900 mm x 800 mm 3050 mm x 610 mm. Product added for Click & Collect

Jul 13, 2016 - Explore ZH Kitchen's board Acrylic kitchen cabinets, followed by 133 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about acrylic kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets, acrylic December 26, 202 AluSplash Splashback Bluebird - Gloss. Product code: 9000251478. From £145. £145.00 per EACH. Currently in Stock. Delivery Within 14 days. Please select a Dimensions from range below An Acrylic splashback is both shatterproof and watertight, resulting in a much safer, cleaner bathroom. Acrylic is easier to cut and install than glass, often resulting in a lower cost. All of our acrylic panels are available for printing, giving you a choice of over 1 million graphics, or your own custom design Acrylic, Perspex, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, HDPE, Uni-board Cut to any Size or Shape. 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm in clear.