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Auto- & Motorrad-Zubehör finden und bestellen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic The 5.7L Hemi crate engine is perfect for swapping into a 2007 to 2011 Wrangler JK. Introduced in 2003, the GEN lll Hemi was well received by the market and recognized as one of the 10 best by Ward Magazine. The original block needed to be redesigned early in the production cycle, accommodating the technological advantage of VVT Discussion Starter · #12 · Apr 17, 2013. Mine is a near new VVT 5.7 Hemi to keep comparisons similar with other shops/options. Feel free to move thread wherever it fits best, but seemed to make sense that another V8 build option would appeal to the Modified crowd, with or without a lot of fuckin' tech Hemi JK: V8 Swap Completion. Tech details on completing a Jeep Hemi engine swap with how-to integrate new cooling, fuel, electrical and exhaust systems. Season 1, Episode 15. Hemi JK: Mid-Arm Articulation. How-to lift our Hemi Jeep with mid-arm suspension and a Dana 44 front diff for more articulation and grip. Season 1, Episode 16 Jeep JK LS Engine Swaps 2007-2018. Jeep JK Wrangler LS Swap 2007-2011 : 2012-2018. We offer a few different options for installing a GM LS based engine into your Jeep JK.. DIY: Do it yourself conversion components.You purchase the parts needed and do the swap in your garage at your own pace or until you run out of beer

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As the owner of a V8 swap JKU, I would steer you towards a GM LSx powertrain. Motech sells a DIY kit with the harness to mate the GM computer to the Jeep CANBUS and it's weld-free, the motors/trannys are readily available, the aftermarket support is unmatched and the powertrains themselves are very solid in a JKU, and in most cases the stock Jeep radiator is adequate to cool the 4.8/5.3's Wrangler JK Hemi swap solutions. Although the LS swap didn't work out - at least not in California - there's a better JK V8 conversion: the 5.7L Hemi. By going 100% Mopar, the team at Jeep Speed shop has made life easier, both for ourselves and our customers. These are some of the perks of putting our Hemi kit in your JK 6.4L Hemi V8 Engine Conversion. JK Hemi Swap Starting at $29,995. 485 hp, 475 ft lbs. of torque, 392 Cubic Inches w/Iron Block. LEARN MORE. Jl/JT Hemi Swap Engine options. 5.7L Hemi V8 Engine Conversion . JL & Gladiator Swap starting at $29,995. 383 hp, 417ft. lbs. of torque, 345 Cubic Inches - Compression 10.2:1

Bruiser Conversions is the industry leader in fully integrated engine conversions for the Jeep Wrangler platform. We offer a full lineup of GM Performance LS3 and Cummins Turbo diesel engine conversion installations and do-it-yourself kits for the JL, JT, JK, and TJ platform. Bruiser also builds a full line of luxury off-road vehicles including the Super Cab, JK Crew, and Overlander Jeep Hemi Conversions. The HEMI V8 engines are king for swapping into your JK Wrangler, JL Wrangler, or your JT Gladiator truck. Vehicle connectivity is at the center point of an engine swap that yields high-horspower numbers and an UNBELIEVABLE DRIVER EXPERIENCE! Find Out More RED ROCK OFFROAD V8 Conversions for JK/JKU Wranglers. Red Rock Offroad's HEMI V8 engine conversions will give your Wrangler the additional power necessary to accomplish almost anything on or off-road without sacrificing reliability or drivability. IN-HOUSE CONVERSIONS. When considering a V8 conversion, it's important to look at more than just. Big Block V8 engines are exciting, but usually do not make for a smart swap into most Jeeps. GM Gen III+ V8's The LS based engine separated from the Chevrolet Small Block in 1997 and the new engine was a completely new, modern engine that abandoned some obsolete technologies from the past like a fuel pump and distributor

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  1. Product Description. This is Base DIY conversion kit for 2007-2011 Jeep Wrangler JK when installing a GM LS GEN IV series engine 2007-2013 5.3, 6.0, 6.2 along with a 6L80E 6 Speed automatic transmission. We know it can seem daunting to try and wrap your head around so many options, we try and make it a no brainer to get your Jeep up and running
  2. If you've dreamed of having a V8-powered JK and are something of a do-it-yourself type, AEV makes it simple. Designed for shade-tree mechanics and professionals alike, AEV's V8 HEMI Builder Kit includes everything you need to complete the swap with factory-like results. When considering a V8 conversion, it's important to look at more than jus
  3. Why even entertain a V8-swap for a Wrangler? The very fact that the Wrangler doesn't have a factory V8 option may be reason enough for some builders to steer clear of the idea. And indeed, there is a lot of speculation as to why this has yet to occur. Some argue that it will drive up taxes due to engine sizes
  4. This one might be a little out of the norm, but the sheer availability and aftermarket support makes the high output 5.0L Ford V8 a great option. Most commonly found in Ford Mustangs spanning '86 to '92, the 302ci engine can be a sound swap, packing 225hp and 300 lb-ft of torque right out of the gate
  5. 6.4L 392 SRT; 485 HP, 475 FT/LB. AMW 4x4 Install Kit, All New Parts. Base Vehicle Price Not Included. Price Includes All Parts & Labor. Over 350 SRT HEMI Swaps & Counting. 3-year/36,000 Mile on Parts, 1 Year Labor. Contact Jesse@RubiTrux.com for Details and Bookings
  6. We have partnered with America's Most Wanted 4x4 and are excited to offer turnkey Jeep Wrangler JK, JL and JT 5.7 & 6.4 HEMI, Hellcat, Demon and Hellephant Conversion Packages! Featuring genuine MOPAR performance parts as well as our own custom designs, our HEMI conversion kits have a premium factory fit and finish and we offer in-house installations. Features: - Mopar® Crate Engine - Engine.

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Ep. 3 : The boys get down to business cleaning up the rest of the old junk on this JKU and get the LS3 V8 GM Engine and Transmissions in, with a little shop. If youve dreamed of having a V8-powered JK and are something of a do-it-yourself type, AEV makes it simple. Designed for shade-tree mechanics and professionals alike, AEVs V8 HEMI Builder Kit includes everything you need to complete the swap with factory-like results. When considering a V8 conversion, its important to look at more than just the power potential The LS motors, [4.8, 5.3,5.7, 6.0 and new 6.2,] and the 4L60e transmissions are readily available and provide a fantastic platform for a V8 swap into your Jeep. If you don't have to follow strict emissions regulations or are building the ultimate trail rig, the GM LS V8 is a great option ©2013 Turn Key Jeep • 3915 Oceanic Drive, Suite 601 Oceanside CA 92056 • 760-966-2663. Site Design by AdvantageAdvantag The Prodigy turbo system is a whole lot less in regards to what you can expect to pay when considering a Jeep Hemi Conversion. Prodigy Performance offers our complete Turbo Kit for about $7,000. Figure $1,200 - $1,500 if you hire a professional to install your kit. Installing a Hemi or LS engine will set you back anywhere from $24,000.

2007-2011 L96 395HP -Complete Kit- GM PERFORMANCE Displacement. 6.0 What engine swap is best for your Jeep? In this full review, I go over all the pros and cons, pricing and of course an engine rev sound comparison for the He..

The first thing you would want to do is to establish an engine for which you would want to swap with. Generally, some of the popular swap engine options for Jeep models are: Chevy V8. Bothe the Chevy 35 and 304 are suitable engine swaps for nearly all Jeep models. What I like about these swaps is that there fairly inexpensive. Ford V8 The generous YJ engine bay allows for a comfortable, clean fit for GM Small Block V6, V8 and even Big Block V8 engines. These Jeeps are a most excellent powertrain swap platform, with their inherent durability being greatly upgraded and complemented by versatile GM power

Get high quality Jeep V8 swap in Los Angeles, California, at DCD Customs. Our Jeep shop in Los Angeles, California, is located in the heart of Chatsworth, CA. At DCD Customs, our crew specializes in customizing some of the best performing Jeeps worldwide. If a Jeep V8 swap is something your interested in, our shop might be the best choice for you AEV HEMI Conversion Kit Features. Plug and play wire harness simplifies the entire process. Includes complete Bill of Materials indicating all Chrysler parts needed to complete the conversion. Wire harness built by OE supplier to Chrysler, 100% computer tested. Engine functions as stock, can be serviced and diagnosed by any Chrysler/Jeep dealer

The average JK with 35 inch tires and a handful of aftermarket accessories ways in excess of 5000 pounds 202HP just doesn't cut it. These GM engines are superior to the other aftermarket V8 swaps due to size, cooling ability, weight and performance aftermarket power upgrades are infinite coupled with the 6L80 6 speed automatic transmission you. Customers who wish to install an AEV Snorkel Kit on their 2007-15 JK Wrangler with a 5.7L or 6.4L AEV HEMI V8 Engine Conversion should also purchase an AEV HEMI Air Box Kit. The HEMI Air Box Kit is a direct replacement for the open element air filter system that is supplied with the HEMI Builder Kit and allows for a seemless installation of the. Read about how to easily swap a Chevy Caprice V8 Engine into a 1993 Jeep Wrangler YJ, watch as we complete this V-8 swap in our parking garage. Full story and pictures at Jp Magazin

The V8 Hemi hits peak HP at 5400 RPM and peak TQ at 4500 RPM. The main difference is the Hemi has a flatter torque curve from idle to peak power, never dropping more than 20ft-lbs. The supercharger has a 60ft-lb difference across the curve. Useable power and certainly torque goes to the V8 swap American Expedition Vehicles Jeep Wrangler JK V-8 HEMI-Swap Special Edition To mark the end of the JK's run and AEV's 20th year, this trail-ready special-edition Jeep Wrangler was create

5.7L V8 Hemi Conversion Kit. for 07-10 Jeep Wrangler JK. If you've dreamed of having a V8-powered JK and are something of a do-it-yourself type, AEV makes it simple. Designed for shade-tree mechanics and professionals alike, AEV's V8 HEMI Builder Kit includes everything you need to complete the swap with factory-like results Chevy V8 & 4.3L V6 engine mount kit $ 133.49. 713002. Ford Small Block V8 Universal Weld-In Engine Mount Kit $ 152.37. 713002-S. Ford small block V8 engine mount kit $ 152.37. 713003. Buick 231 & 3.8L V6 Weld-In Engine Mount Kit $ 129.84. 713005. Chevy LT1 engine mount kit $ 133.49. 713006. Ford small block V8 engine mount kit $ 173.14. 713007. 2010 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED X with a Motech Premium LS6---- JK ENGINE 6.0L swap kit. SUPER CLEAN, LIKE NEW ---- ONLY 32000 mile, driven daily as 3rd vehicle THIS CONVERSION AND TUN, WITH MODS COST MORE THAN MY--- NO RESERVE AUCTION STARTING PRIC, WITHOUT FACTORING IN COST OF THE JEEP.. JL Wrangler Gets 450-horsepower LS3 V8 Swap. Home > News Bruiser Conversions is known for this sort of engine swap, offering LS-based conversions for the JK and JKU from the 2007 to 2017 model.

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  1. The JK Rubicon Dana 44 front assembly sports 8.5-inch ring gear versus the Dana 30's 7.125-inch ring gear that is standard in JKs. The axle shaft diameter also increases and the spline count steps up to 32. Larger shafts and high spline counts equate to more strength. The Dana 44 front end from a JK Wrangler Rubicon is stronger than previous.
  2. Jeep Wrangler JK TR-4050 Manual Transmission Swap Kit (2012-17) $ 4,995.00. Ultimate Tremec TR4050 Jeep manual transmission swap. This is the permanent NGS370 replacement. SKU: 3.6TR4050. Description
  3. The biggest upgrade will be the engine swap, as a V8 under the hood of the new Jeep pickup is very unlikely. We can hope and dream for a Hemi under the hood from the factory — but don't hold.
  4. Jeep JK Hemi V8. Mark Clancy subscribes to the theory that there's no substitute for cubic inches. His Hemi V8 powered Jeep puts the theory to the ultimate test. Mark Clancy caught the Jeep bug more than 20 years ago and he hasn't been able to shake it. As a young bloke he was into some pretty serious hardcore off-roading, and he admits to.

A Wrangler JK supercharger can give V8 performance without terribly poor mileage. Superchargers also have advantages over turbo systems like the elimination of lag or time to reach full boost and you do not have to change your exhaust, but going with an aftermarket exhaust is recommended to put out even better results. Superchargers are a great. A 1999 TJ Wrangler with a 5.7L LS1 Chevrolet V8 as sourced from a Corvette. At 400HP, and as much torque across a broad RPM range, it had the impressive ability to plant the driver deeply into the seat. This was our first LS1 to TJ swap a few years ago and what was so challenging then has become second nature and we documented

GM Generation III & IV V8 Engine Mounts for JK Wrangler Jeeps. Novak's weld-in engine mounts for the Jeep JK Wrangler provide immense strength and a precise GM Vortec & LS V8 engine installation We will be completing a 2008 Wrangler JK 6.1l HEMI swap. Due to the overwhelming requests from our customers, we will be swapping this 6.1L Hemi SRT-8 V8 engine into a theft recovery Wrangler Rubicon. Since the theft recovery had no damage, it has already been inspected by the state and carries a Rebuilt Ohio Title This is a JL engine swap so good we're surprised more people aren't excited about it. Every aspect of it makes sense. It's about as large a V8 as you're going to be able to comfortably fit into a JL, with a massive displacement. The 5.7L Hemis are actually relatively affordable, making it a good budget engine swap 2015 Jeep Wrangler 70000 for sale in Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington, KY 40511, USA. Lexington, KY. $70,000.00. This build begins with a Wrangler Unlimited and swaps the stock 3.6-liter V6 engine for a ground pounding 6.4-liter Hemi V8, complete with Borla Headers and a Cat-back exhaust AEV 5.7L VVT V8 Hemi Conversion Kit For 2011 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door & Unlimited 4 Door With 2011 5.7L VVT Hemi Engine 40307042AA SKU: AEV-40307042AA CA$8,639.9

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In the Jeep world it is common to swap out factory engines for an option with more power. The most popular options considered are LS, Hemi or diesel, but not a Ford Coyote 5.0l V8. We have yet to see the modern Ford Coyote 5.0l V8 swapped into a Jeep until now. Here at Happy Trails 4x4 we did just that with a customer's 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ. Fitting the wide Ford Coyote 5.0l V8 in the engine. Happiness is a Hemi V8, and this engine conversion will put a smile on the dial of any Jeep Wrangler driver. JEEPS and V8 engines go together like rum and coke. This was first published in 4x4 Australia's January 2012 issue. It's a marriage made in heaven, yet the company only ever offered a factory-fitted V8 in the CJ5, CJ6 and CJ7 models We currently have a Jeep Wrangler JK conversion as well featuring a 6.4L HEMI with an Edelbrock Supercharger which you can see here! With a number of our own team members here at MMX heavily involved in the Jeep Wrangler life, we decided that it makes perfect sense for us to take our many years of HEMI experience into this market These motors are one of a kind and provide you with the thrilling drive you've been craving. Both the Gladiator Hellcat Swap and the Wrangler Hellcat Swap are about extreme performance from the track to the streets to off-the-beaten-path. You'll experience thrilling 0-60 times, aggressive acceleration and even more roaring from point A to point B

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Rear chromoly axle shaft upgrade on JK Wrangler's stock Dana 44. Photo Credit: Wayalife Jeep Forum. Additionally, Guyer points out that it's worth keeping the old stock axles as spares, on the off-chance you break one on the trail. Granted, no one wants to imagine the scenario where a brand-new upgrade fails DCD Customs is a Jeep shop in Los Angeles, California, located in the heart of Chatsworth, CA.Our custom Jeep builders in Los Angeles, California, are some of the most experienced Wrangler specialists in the world. At DCD, we build and modify detailed Custom Jeeps anywhere in the world! Our custom jeep builders and technical professionals strive to push the industry limits

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  1. g and highest quality forced induction kits for your Jeep.
  2. Hemi Swap. HD 5.7L Hemi Motor Mount Kit. TeraFlex TJ/LJ Heavy-Duty 5.7L Hemi V8 Motor Mounts are laser cut from 1/4 steel to withstand the Hemi V-8's horsepower and torque, while the Clevite rubber bushings provide superior vibrations control as well as strength and dependability to prevent shearing from the frame under load. . TJ & LJ.
  3. Buick 350 V8: The Dauntless 350 V8 engine was used in early Wagoneers and full size pickups. Buick 225 V6: The Dauntless 225 V6 engine was used in CJ-5s, CJ-6s, and Jeepster/Commandos. AMC 327 V8: The Vigilante AMC 327 V8 engine was used in J-series pickups and Wagoneers from 1965 until 1968
  4. 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door w/LS Engine Swap. 3 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust. Kooks Headers and Exhaust has been the leader in the High Performance Exhaust Industry for over 50 Years! Since 1962, Kooks takes pride in offering the best Headers and complete exhaust systems for your street, race and off-road applications
  5. 09 wrangler jku. 13 Chevy 6.0 LS swap. RPM extreme kit. 6L90E trans. 4 lift, adjustable track bars and trailing arms front and back. Chassis detailed while body was off. Zero rust anywhere. Custom dual exhaust. Hard top and soft tops. 35 toyos on 20 fuel wheels. 9500# winch. Runs and sounds amazing. Call or txt. No emails or code
  6. RIPP Supercharged 2012 - 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Tune-Up Kit. Regular price. $248.99. Sale price. $174.95. Sale. View. 2007 - 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Automatic Transmission Cooler. $119.95

This is s completely new Griffin's radiator with dual electric fans and an aluminum shroud. We take out all the guess work and provide you everything you need to swap over to a super efficient aluminum radiator with an electric fan. FEATURES: Crossflow style. Designed to cool a 600 HP LS V8. Light weight Aluminum Construction From that point on, I began gathering all the things that I needed to properly swap my car to be a Muncie M21 4-speed shifted, fuel injected 6.0L V8. LS Swap Cost: Budget Build Chart I sold one of my other project vehicles to fund these Impala updates, and I tracked everything I bought throughout the entire build

Trans-Dapt Performance Products 4560 - Trans-Dapt Performance Engine Swap Motor Mounts Motor Mounts, Engine Swap, Complete Mount, Weld-In, Rubber, Black, Jeep, Chevy, Small Block V8, V6, 4WD, Kit Part Number: TRD-456 JcrOffroad's Falcon Shock Inner Fender kit is designed specifically to fit Falcon Shocks while providing the most protection possible. It clears the shock reservoir and allows for full access to the shock selector knob. • CNC cut and formed from rigid Aluminum. • Fits 2007-present Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU Jeep TJ Wrangler 1997-2004 Chevy V8 Conversion Packages *These packages are only designed for the Gen 1 & Gen 2 GM Engines with the 153 tooth 12.75 Diameter Flywheel. The installation of the bellhousings in these kits will require the transmission to be moved forward 2 to 2.5 so drive shaft modifications, 1 body lift, and 4 suspension lift.

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5.9L 12v Cummins Swapped Jeep Wrangler JKU. TURBO KING. December 8, 2020 · 'Jealous Again' 5.9L 12v Cummins Swapped Jeep Wrangler JKU. Cole Motors fb: Cole Motors ig: @colemotors93 yt: @Cole Motors Blacked Out BLOWN V8 Ford Capri. TURBO KING. 269K views · January 10. 0:27. 1100+HP Ford F250 6.0 Compound Turbo. TURBO KING. 288K views. Replacement RIPP Auto Tensioner for 3.6 Jeep Wranglers. $125. View. V3 Supercharger Remote Vent Mount for Vented Hoods. $44.99. View. Air Temperature Sensor Grommet. $10.95. View Insane Audio JK2001 Head Unit for Jeep Wrangler JK JKU Rubicon Sport Sahara. $615.00. Free shipping. LED Interior Roll Bar Light Fit's YJ TJ JK CJ RT28007 769801 Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth 1959-1978 Big Block Hemi 5.2/5.7L V8 Shorty Swap Headers. $140.00. Free shipping. Seller 99.2% positive. 1966-1967 DODGE CORONET BLACKHEART 2.5 304. If you prefer to call you can reach us at 605-858-0092. Name *. First Name. Last Name. Email Address *. Subject *. Message *. Select Your Jeep *. Tell us a little about your Jeep

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JKU V8 swap DIY LS vs ??? Total cost and issues. So I'm at my brothers shop and 07 JKU comes with the main bearings going out, my brother gives him the cost to replace and the guy practically fainted. I offered the guy what I think is fair price as is, it's clean for a 150k on the clock and perfect v8 candidate Table of Contents Jeep JK Model Years and Engines 2007-2011 3.8L - NGC Computers2012-2018 3.6L Pentastar - Gpec2 and New Computers Engines 5.7- 2003+ Ram Pickup- 2004-2009, 2011-Present Dodge Durango- 2005-2008 Dodge Magnum R/T- 2005+ Chrysler 300C, 300S V8 (2010, 2012-Present)- 2005+ Jeep Grand Cherokee- 2006+ Dodge Charger R/T- 2006-201

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Table of Contents Last Update 2/7/2021Ultimate V8 Hemi Swap Resource Introduction We all know that the 2009 ( 07 -11 ) Jeep Wrangler JK have a severe lack of power. The stock power plant is a 3.8l Minivan motor with around 200HP. I added 4.88 Yukon Gears with a rea 500 HP - 470ft/lb. Available for: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU. 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU. 2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT. Shop Hemi. 6.2L Hellcat V8. Available upgrades for Redeye, Demon, and Hellephant engine available. 1000hp Hellcat upgrade also available Chris Durham Motorsports offers hood and grille conversions for a few generations of Jeeps. This particular Gladiator conversion is designed for the 2007 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Though the model we were shooting had been upgraded with a supercharged Hemi V8, the kit can work with any stock, supercharged, or V8-swapped powertrain

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Reasons to swap in a Small Block Chevy (SBC) into your CJ5, CJ7, or YJ. POWER. Mild modified inline 6 = 175hp, mold modified V8 = 400hp. Nuff said. WEIGHT. The Jeep 258 engine weighs approximately. I'm looking to do a V8 swap this summer and looking for recommendations. Current details 2017 2 door 2.7 ratio transfer case ProRock 60's with eaton lockers 5.38 gears Evo long arm and coilovers Warn winch Evo bumpers, sliders, tire carier 40 inch Nittos on KMC beadlocks various lights.. I know I can get a donor low mileage Hemi and auto tranny for around $3,500-$4K. My TJ is already fully built and Metal Cloaked out. Just looking for some solid V8 power and I'm tired of having the manual honestly. I'd love to hear both pros & cons and of the overall process in general. Thanks in advance First Name Russ Joined Mar 8, 2017 Messages 446 Reaction score 828 Location Bloomingdale, IL Vehicle(s) 2019 MOAB Mojito Sky One-Touch, 2015 Lexus RX350F-sport, 2005 Camry S

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5.0L V8 (Fuel Injected 302): On '86 and newer 2.9L V6 equipped trucks, swapping in the 215 hp 5.0L is similar to the 4.0L swap, in that you'll need to take the engine control computer and engine wiring loom from the donor vehicle. The modifications necessary for installation are mostly the same as the carbureted 302 For over 30 years Rusty's Off-Road Products has specialized in suspension systems, lift kits, and accessories for all Jeep vehicles. Our product line includes suspension parts, bumpers, skid plates, steering components, drivetrain parts, exterior products, and performance parts for a wide range of vehicles. Our Jeep product line includes accessories that fit the JK Wrangler and Rubicon two. Jeep V8 Swap Tips. The Exploding Clutch. Radiator Protection using 6 bucks worth of material. Cracked Under Pressure - Fixing a smashed fingernail. A Cheap, effective alternative to undercoating. Home-built Saginaw Gearbox Brace for the cost of lunch! Ammo Box Storage - Mounting Them for Quick Disconnec

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4XResource » Build Bio » Jeep » Jeep JK with AEV Hemi 6.4L Swap. Jeep JK with AEV Hemi 6.4L Swap. June 2, 2017 Aaron Argondizzo No Comments Reading Time: 2 minutes If you've dreamed of having a V8-powered JK and are something of a do-it-yourself type, AEV makes it simple. Designed for shade-tree mechanics and professionals alike, AEV's. This special edition AEV custom 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK comes with a Hemi V-8 swap and 37-inch tires 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Description 2006 Wrangler Rubicon 244k showing, but lots of recent mods and upgrades. No Rust anywher, solid Jeep ! First off this is a real Rubicon, 1 wider flare, factory rock guards, stock 4:10 gear ratio, Dana 44 Heavy Duty front and rear axles with lockers in them. 4.1 crawl ration HD transfer case with stock slip yoke eliminator and factory rear disc brakes Now:$999.99. Now you can have LS Power in your Jeep! This allows you to swap in your LS into CJ/TJ/YJ today! These sturdy weld-in engine mounts allow you to fine-tune the engine placement according to transmission placement or other needs. A double rubber cushion on each side provides vibration isolation at the ends of the two mounts