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  3. Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair For St. Augustine Lawns - 3.75 lb., Ready-to-use Mulch, and Fertilizer Lawn Repair, Repairs St. Augustinegrass, Does Not Contain Grass Seeds, Covers up to 85 sq. ft. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 1,234. $16.48. $16
  4. Grass seed plays an important role in helping you maintain a beautiful, thick, green lawn. When you need seed for your lawn, it's important to consider the type of project you have and choose the correct grass seed product for your needs. For bare spots, an ideal product is Scotts® EZ Seed®. Designed by turf scientists, it combines three.
  5. Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair 3.75-lb Sun and Shade Lawn Repair Mix. Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade is a revolutionary seeding mix for seeding success (subject to care)! The unique combination of Scotts high performance seed, premium continuous release lawn food, and super-absorbent growing material, makes it possible for grass to grow anywhere (subject to proper care)
  6. Here's how to patch a lawn with turf: Using a shovel, cut a patch of the sod to fit the bald spot in your lawn. Place it over the problem area. Merge the edges of the sod with the surrounding grass by pressing it with your hands. If the sod seems higher than the surrounding lawn, remove a little soil out of the patch, smooth and try again
  7. Weed Dieback. Dead spots can also occur in the lawn when annual weeds like crabgrass, annual bluegrass, and foxtail begin to die back. This is a natural cycle that can be avoided with proper lawn maintenance and quickly patched with Scotts® EZ Seed® Patch & Repair.As always, be sure to follow the directions on the label

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Scotts EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade - 20 lb., Combination Mulch, Seed, and Fertilizer, Repairs Bare Spots, Includes Tackifier to Reduce Seed Wash-Away, Seeds up to 445 sq. ft. 4.1 out of 5 stars 4,841. $54.75$54.75. Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix Tall Fescue Mix - 10 lb., All-In-One Bare Spot Repair, Feeds for up to 6 Weeks for. Apply Scotts® EZ Patch™ Lawn Repair for St. Augustine Lawns then place new sod or plugs. 2. Water well. New seed and sod require more frequent watering. Keep your soil moist, but don't drown it. 3. Feed your lawn. After 6 to 8 weeks, give your new grass the nutrients it needs to grow lush and strong Lawn patch products combine grass seed, fertilizer and mulch blends in one bag. Seed germination blankets made from wood fiber keep seeds and soil in place for erosion control. Where available, sod is an option. Since it is alive, keep it moist until you're able to install it. Make sure the sod makes good contact with the prepared soil bed

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The Spruce / K. Dave. Causes . The Rhizoctonia fungus may be present for some time in the soil before it manifests as brown patch disease.The fungus overwinters in the lawn grass or soil beneath in the form of fungal bodies known as sclerotia, and it can survive for years until conditions are right.Rhizoctonia is most likely to cause brown patch during the periods of high temperature and high. Irregular yellow patches of grass in your yard are telltale signs of rust disease. You can also check the individual blades of grass and find small yellow flecks. As the disease takes hold, these fleck rupture and cover the grass is a light-yellow powder that rubs off on your shoes and pants as you walk through your yard A lawn can tolerate some degree of grub infestation, but if the concentration is high, dead patches will appear in your lawn. 2  A strong sign that you are dealing with grubs is if the dead patch lifts away from the ground easily when you tug on the grass. Grubs eat the roots of grass and leave nothing to hold the grass in place Covington Green Grass Paint for Lawn - Green Lawn Paint Grass Spray - Perfect Color Fix for Dog Urine Spots or Brown Patches - Green Grass Spray Paint for Lawn & Turf - Concentrate - (32 fl. oz.) 4.2 out of 5 stars 28 4. Bald or bare spots. Patches of dirt in your lawn, whether due to heavy foot traffic or disease, are unsightly and invite the invasion of weeds. To fix, take these three steps: Dig up the spots, as well as several inches of lawn surrounding them. Lightly till the areas and rak

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  1. Laying sod is the quickest way to patch a dead or damaged turf area. You can lay it any time during the season. Prepare the soil the same way you would for patching with seed. Keep the area an inch or so below grade so the new grass will be level with the lawn. Then cut a piece from the strip of sod to fit the repair site
  2. Cut Out the Old Turf. Place the patch over the bare spot. Use a sharp shovel to trace around the sod patch into the healthy lawn around the bare spot. 2  Remove the sod patch, then remove the dead grass and the ring of healthy grass around the bare patch, using a hand cultivator
  3. 'Yellow Patch' is a disease that causes spots of light green grass that measure about 2-3 inches across. When the disease progresses, the light green color turns yellow by degrees. Another disease named 'Sclerotinia dollar spot' that causes light patches of grass that generally fade from green to pale yellow day by day

Excessive moisture can lead to Brown patch, so be sure to water your lawn either early in the morning before 10 a.m., or between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to ensure that the grass dries out fully before nightfall. If you allow your grass to remain wet all night, it will become more susceptible to disease and pests Eventually your grass will start growing roots in the thatch layer, which causes it to dry out and causes brown spots on your lawn. Thatch tends to be densely compacted, so you can usually tell if thatch is the reason behind the brown spots on your lawn by trying to insert a screwdriver or your finger into the soil through your grass Your lush green grass has been overtaken by dead brown patches and you need to know how to fix dead grass.These unsightly patches of dead spots in your lawn threaten to ruin the beautiful outdoor aesthetic of all your hot summer barbecues and events and spread disease to your grass.. Brown patches are caused by factors including, but not limited to foot traffic, lack of fertilization, fungus. Brown patch is a common lawn disease found in all cool-season grasses in the U.S. caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia solani. It appears as brownish-yellow, irregular circular patches that range from 6 inches to several feet in diameter. Brown patch begins to grow when temperatures reach 65 degrees F, but it grows fastest when temperatures reach 80 to 85 degrees F and there is high humidity Your Lawn Isn't Just a Patch of Grass. It's a Window Into Your Soul. The state of one's yard—whether it's the perfect yard carpet or crunchy brown mess—can reveal a lot about what's.

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  1. How to Repair a Thin Lawn by Overseeding. Rake the area well, picking up any leaves and debris in the turf. Cast the seeds over the turf, and then spread about a half an inch of compost or topsoil on the lawn. To get good seed-to-soil contact, gently rake the seeds and soil into the grass. Water the seeds in the early morning and evening until.
  2. Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair For St. Augustine Lawns - 3.75 lb., Ready-to-use Mulch, and Fertilizer Lawn Repair, Repairs St. Augustinegrass, Does Not Contain Grass Seeds, Covers up to 85 sq. ft. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 1,157. $11.98. $11
  3. If grass fails to re-grow completely, you can either sow new grass seeds or lay sod over dead turf spots. In the future, avoid over-feeding the lawn by applying fertilizer only in the manufacturer.
  4. Other out-of-place lawn grasses, such as Poa trivialis, annual bluegrass and creeping bentgrass, are common invaders that can grow into thick patches of grass that gradually increase in size over.
  5. As the grass dies, chinch bugs will move to the perimeter of the dead grass, causing dead patches of grass to spread outward. Solutions: Rake the area to remove thatch and overgrowth. Apply an insecticide designated for Chinch Bugs to your entire lawn, not just the infected area. Once dry you can seed or resod the bare spots
  6. When your lawn has this disease, it tends to have mottled patches of yellow to brown and dead grass. The edges of the patches may have red/pink coloration of red spores. On touch, the affected grass has a slimy feel. For you to fix the problem, you need to kill the spores of the fungus using spectracide. Brown patch. Symptoms of the fungal.
  7. e whether or not grubs are causing damage to your lawn is to cut a square foot of lawn about 2 to 4 inches deep and lift it up. If you see less than five grubs, you don't need to treat your lawn for pests

An ounce of prevention. 1. Soak your pet's favorite areas in your lawn to remove salts from the root zone before they kill the grass. 2. Fertilize your lawn in the spring to boost the overall color and mask the darker green dog spots. 3. Train your pet to urinate in a designated area. Replace or repair the grass in this area annually or cover. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Patch Patches gibt es bei eBay

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How to Identify Brown Patch. If your lawn has begun to yellow rapidly, take a closer look at the size and shape of the affected areas. With brown patch, they are likely to be roughly circular, though a bit irregular. Patch sizes can range from a few inches to several feet in diameter. If brown patch has been active for a while, the spots might. Brown spots and bare patches can occur for many reasons, ruining the appearance of your lush, green lawn. Soil compaction occurs with a lot of foot traffic and the grass resists root growth

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It only takes a few weeks of regular use for bare patches and brown spots to start showing up, leaving your beautiful lawn look stained in a yellow polka-dot pattern. The good news is that these spots on your lawn can be restored to their lush, green appearance -- and probably sooner than you think If critters like raccoons and skunks have begun digging in your yard, or the dead patches of grass lift up like loose carpet, chances are you have grubs. Check out section 4 below to find out what to do. Spots caused by dog urine tend to have brown centers with green outer rings

Lawn fungus can manifest itself in many ways: brown patches, mushrooms, streaks, slimy areas, discoloration, and more. Find the fix for your fungus here One dry, hot sunny day is all it takes to wipe out a new lawn. Pro tip: A $25 timer for your hose, available at any garden or home center, might be helpful if you can't be home to water as needed. After the grass is three inches high, you can start mowing and begin a normal watering regime. Step 10 Try Fresh Patch if you: *Live in a condo or apartment without a backyard *Work long or unpredictable hours *Wish to avoid carpet, floor and furniture mistakes *Have limited mobility *Are potty training new dogs or puppies *Have an older or injured dog *Wish to avoid taking your pet out late at night, in the rain, or in the snow *Are fed up with cleaning artificial grass and pee pad

Plus, bare spots are more susceptible to weeds! 5 STEPS TO PATCHING YOUR LAWN LIKE A PRO. 1. Rake the patchy area well and pick up any leaves and debris to expose soil in the affected areas. Be sure to break up any clumpy soil. 2. Scatter new grass seeds over the exposed soil. You can gently rake over the seeds to encourage good seed-to-soil. Brown patch is a common lawn disease found in all cool-season grasses in the U.S. caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia solani. It appears as brownish-yellow, irregular circular patches that range from 6 inches to several feet in diameter. Brown patch begins to grow when temperatures reach 65 degrees F, but it grows fastest when temperatures reach 80 to 85 degrees F and there is high humidity If you have a closer look at patches, you might notice that the affected grass there longer and fuller as compared to the rest of the lawn. Consequently, your yard has an uneven and not-so-alluring look. In most cases, dark green spots in a garden occur as a result of unequal nitrogen distribution Decomposing Organic Matter in the Soil. If the dark, thick patches appear in a circular pattern, you may have a fairy ring. This is a color response caused by decomposing plant material under the soil surface. Mushrooms often pop up in and around these rings of darker grass. To remove, simply bust up the mushrooms with a leaf rake If a dog is relieving itself on your lawn, that can create so-called dog spots, or dead patches of grass that turn into bare spots. And turf diseases such as patch diseases kill grass in circular.

I have patches of light green grass in my lawn that I feel is invasive. There are two different types of grass patches. One patch has a straw-like tubular stem which grows twice as fast as my normal lawn. The other is a finer light green grass with a head of seeds on it. I know what crab grass is and these patches are not crab grass Brown patch doesn't usually cause permanent damage. Dollar spot : Caused by the fungus, Sclerotinia homeocarpa: Affects bent grass, Bermuda grass, ryegrass, bluegrass and fescue. Occurs in late spring, summer and fall. Small (silver dollar-sized) spots of tan/brown grass appear over the lawn. The spots may merge into large affected areas Water the lawn a day before so that it is moist and easy to pierce. Follow the aeration with adding grass seeds, fertilizer and finish-off with a layer of loam. In case the lawn is too damaged and you need a quick-fix, sods are a great option too. To prevent further unsightly spots, use tiles to create a walkway or put in stepping stones in the. Learning how to fix bare spots in lawn spaces is an essential part of lawn maintenance. The best method for grass spot repair is to overseed with new grass seed in the affected area. Overseeding, or planting new grass seed, allows for a healthy new start and can result in a virtually undetectable repair Overseeded my lawn last fall and everything came in great. Now spring comes and my lawn is looking fantastic again except for these large patches of bright green grass. These spots were some of the troublesome spots last year when I overseeded and had to take extra special care in order to grow grass there

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What the Lawn Is Trying to Tell You: Few lawn problems are as unsightly as seeing your lush, green lawn punctuated with large brown spots. There are several reasons for brown, or even dead, spots. Dry patches in your lawn don't look nice. But remember, dry patches can be caused by several different things so before you rush ahead and start treating for Dry Patch, make sure it's not something else first. Once you have diagnosed Dry Patch, treat it quickly. If it's being caused by fungal mycelium it can spread quickly so the quicker. Bare patches can be a nuisance and usually let the garden down. But there are certain tricks that can be useful in these circumstances. From shade to compaction, there is a solution for most bare patches. This article provides some suggestions for repairing a bare patch of lawn White grub infestations create large patches of brown grass after they destroy the roots of grass. The resulting patches become detached from sod and literally can be rolled up like a carpet. You can check for any of these grubs by digging up a one-foot square patch of unhealthy-looking lawn and counting the grubs you find Lawn Care to Fix the Brown Grass Patches. The unsightly brown patches in your lawn can generally be fixed. Lawrence Landscape has been doing lawn maintenance long enough to come away with some tips for anyone with some ugly grass patches. Sharpen your mower blades - Dull blades will stress and lead to a shorter life span for the grass

Grass seed labels describe specific care requirements for that particular species of grass, such as light tolerance, hardiness and resistance to drought. Turfgrasses are either cool-season grasses or warm-season grasses. In general, where you live determines your lawn type. On the map, cool-season grasses are suited for areas shaded in blue Remedy: Practice proper mowing techniques by raising your mower blades, and smooth out high spots by digging up the sod, removing some of the soil underneath, and replacing the sod. Chemicals: Gasoline, fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides can cause dead spots if spilled. If fertilizer is applied unevenly or incorrectly, it can burn the grass. Even insect repellents can burn your lawn when. Fixing bare spots and damage to your lawn due to construction is easy and economical with Zenith Zoysia and TifBlair Centipede from Patten Seed.Zenith Zoysia.. Last year my Zoysia lawn was hit with brown patch disease and I was left with some various sized dead patches of grass...which eventually turned into bare spots. I have since learned to pre-empt it this year by applying about 10#/1k of corn meal to the entire lawn about once a month. Because Zoysia.

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Diagnosing Lawn Dry Spots with Easy Solutions. Dry spots can occur anywhere in your lawn at any time of the year. Most occur during summer stress periods with high heat and low rainfall. If not treated the grass can thin out or even dieback. While many grasses can safely go dormant in summer, improper watering can actually do more harm than good Artificial or fake grass requires weekly washing and emptying of the catch pan. Believe it or not, your pup can tell the difference between fake grass and real dog grass patches. And potty pads create a huge environmental burden as they require a lot of energy to produce and they don't break down in landfills

8. Blame the Dog. If you're seeing brown patches of grass in the area that you know to be your best friend's personal pee-ground, you probably already know the culprit. Dogs' urine contains high amounts of nitrogen and salts. Because of this your lawn will get what's called lawn burn Nearly all Bermuda grass varieties are affected by spring dead spot, especially in the cooler parts of the transition zone. Other grass types are affected, but this lawn disease is primarily a problem with Bermuda varieties. As the name suggests, spring dead spot usually appears in the spring as circular patches of bleached dead grass When drought is the culprit, brown patches appear randomly and in rough patterns. Lawn near a sprinkler head may be green, while lawn further away is brown. Grassy areas in shade remain greener when parts in full sun turn brown due to drought. Lawn in low spots will remain green while higher areas turn brown. Learn early signs of drought stress

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My yard is about 6 years old (new house). When we put the yard in, the seed was equal parts Fescue, Rye, and Kentucky Bluegrass. We live in NE Ohio. About 2-3 years ago, we started getting these bright green (almost neon in color) patches all over the yard Black spots on lawn grass occur due to fungal diseases such as leaf spot, pythium blight, leaf smut and slime mold. Leaf spot affects many flowering and foliage plants, trees, shrubs and vegetables. Leaf smut is more common on bluegrass, fine fescue and perennial ryegrass, while slime mold occurs on warm-season grasses and rarely affects cool.

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Nitrogen is an essential component of healthy soil, but high concentrations of it can cause patches of grass to die and turn yellow or brown. Urine is naturally rich in nitrogen, and high concentrations of nitrogen can cause grass burns. Lawn fertilizer also contains nitrogen The urine spots burned holes in the grass to create a very bad patch of grass throughout the yard and it has been frustrating for me since the rest of the yard is beautiful. I was skeptical to try this product due to historical failures. A applied to my yard and started noticing improvements. I had direct interaction via e-mail with the.

Come spring, they may have bare patches or have developed areas of moss or weeds. But, if you still have a thin covering of grass, all is not lost - you can restore your lawn to its former glory. Grass grows whenever temperatures rise above 7°C While dog urine sometimes causes yellow and brown spots on lawn, it it will nourish your grass and give you the lush green lawn you want if handled correctly. Try the grass repair solution above to take back your gorgeous lawn. Order the urine grass repair solution now by clicking the blue link. If you liked this, you may also like Patch and repair mixtures include grass seed. Perennial ryegrass ( Lolium perenne) is often the dominant grass type in the products, due to its fast germination and ability to create quick green cover. A lawn made up of predominantly perennial ryegrass is not a good choice because this grass is not winter hardy Brown patches like these in the summer lawn are often caused by one of several heat- and moisture-loving diseases. George Weigel. Adequate fertilizer also is important, but keep in mind that more isn't better. Although lack of nitrogen is a key factor behind outbreaks of dollar spot, excess nitrogen can encourage summer patch, brown patch.

Patchy dead spots can come from all sorts of directions, including fungal diseases such as brown patch and rust, animal digging, grub damage, dog urine and plain, old heat and drought. These conditions leave your yard looking the worse for wear. Sick of brown spots in your yard? Follow our process for a green, seamless lawn Summer Patch. If you notice your lawn has a bunch of irregular, straw-colored patches of wilted grass, summer patch could be the culprit. Summer patch tends to make an appearance in the mid to late summer months when temperatures climb above 90 degrees

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Remove clippings if the lawn is heavily infested with diseases such as leaf spot, rust or dollar spot to help reduce disease severity. If the lawn is wet or the grass has become too tall when you mow, clippings can mat together and smother the grass. If your mower is unsafe to operate without a bagging attachment, the bag must be left in place Zamzows Custom Lawn Mix 5 LB. 68 in stock. Zamzows Custom Lawn Mix 5 LB quantity. Add to cart. 3. Prepare the bald spots. Grab a bag of compost (or a yard of bulk compost depending on the size of your bald spots) and spread the compost evenly over the spots. This creates a good bed for the seeds to sprout and take root Get the highest quality lawn care in the Salt Lake City area! From our grub prevention program to our multi-step lawn care applications, the professionals at Ferta-Lawn have the expertise to rid your lawn of brown spots. Don't put up with that eyesore of a lawn any longer. Give us a call today at 801-295-3057 or contact us online here The reasoning behind spring lawn spots. The toughest part of dealing with a bare spots in lawns is discovering what causes bare spots lawn issues. Learn ten common reasons for spring grass patches and what you can do to fix them and revive dead grass spots Raking steps: Rake the dead areas to loosen any brown grass. It is important not to remove all of the grass, but just break up the top layer of thatch. Remove the loose dead thatch either with a lawn mower, by hand or with an outdoor vacuum. Do not leave any clumps on the lawn. Re-seed the barren patch of lawn and water if applicable

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Mowing Damage. Source - Sometimes in our efforts to control the level of growth in our yards, we inadvertently damage the grass, and create brown patches and bald spots.Infrequent mowing, dull blades, and mowing decks set too low can all produce damage in a lawn. Solution - Make sure at the beginning of the mowing season that mower blades are thoroughly sharpened and kept that way throughout. This time of the season we usually get a call or two asking us to come look at the tan patches of grass in their lawn. Without looking at their lawn, we could let them know it is nimblewill. Nimblewill - In Cincinnati and Dayton Lawns is an unwanted grass and is considered a lawn problem. It technically is a southern grass, which means it has. In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and host Kevin O'Connor patch a lawn with grass seed. Steps: 1. Mow the lawn relatively short. 2. Use a grub hoe to remove the damaged grass and weeds, but leave the topsoil. 3. Rake up and remove the excavated lawn debris How to Manage Large Patch Lawn Disease By Allyn Hane - The Lawn Care Nut March 28, 2020. As much of the country's weather is starting to unfold winter and head into spring, those of us down south have been out and caring for our lawns for several weeks now Lay the patch back down. That is a handy technique for levelling localized depressions without having exposed soil's unsightliness on the grass. Spring is the best time to level your lawn as the conditions are mild. It gives the lawn a chance to recuperate before summer's heat arrives. How To Fill Low Spots In Law

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Introduction. The beauty of a lawn can be quickly destroyed by brown patch or large patch, which are serious fungal diseases (each caused by different strains of Rhizoctonia solani) that can affect all South Carolina lawn grasses.Disease can develop rapidly when daytime temperatures are warm (75 to 90 °F) and humid, nighttime temperatures are above 60 ºF, and there is an extended period of. Our yard is made up of st augustine and some bermuda. We have several spots of lime green colored grass all over our yard. Although it is sort of pretty with the vergated colors, I am afraid that there is something wrong Planting the right amount of seeds is important because your lawn could turn out thin and scraggly if you don't use enough. To make the seed application uniform, spread half the seed in a north/south direction, then turn around and apply the other half in an east/west direction (you'll be less likely to end up with bare spots) Brown Patch is a lawn summer disease caused by a fungus and is rife during warmer months when the humidity is high. Once started, Brown Patch can quickly spread on your lawn with damage first appearing as a circular area ( between 20cm to a metre) of brown and dead grass enclosed by a darker colour Repairing Dog Pee Spots on Your Lawn Helping your grass recover from pet-created brown spots doesn't have to be difficult—in fact, it can be rather easy! If you are willing to put in a little time and effort into the brown spots on your yard, they can turn back to green in no time

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Guy shot into residence with kids within whilst celebrating July Fourth, Flagler deputies say Dream deck designed right after contractor's claims fell as a result of the flooring Your Lawn Isn't Just a Patch of Grass. It is a Window Into Your Soul. Lake Mary restaurant reopening right after auto crashed through front doorway A $675K West Village One-Bedroom and a Boerum Hill Duple Brown Patch Lawn Disease. Brown patch lawn disease is one of the most destructive of all turf grass diseases. It sneaks up on you and destroys large areas of turf virtually overnight Grass roots start to grow along the soil surface rather than down into the soil. These roots become intertwined and form a dense mat. A lawn with a severe thatch problem has little drought tolerance and becomes susceptible to a host of pest and disease problems. Dead patches of lawn can signal thatch problems The excessive heat and high humidity can contribute to major disease outbreaks like brown patch and dollar spot. Lawn disease especially targets grass planted within the last 1-2 years. A good Fungicide Program can help to reduce disease activity in the lawn during peak summer months. Check out Lawn Cure's Fungicide Program to help combat.

Make sure that your lawn mower is working properly and that the mower blades are sharpened and set to cut the grass at the proper height for the type. 2. Water. An excess or inadequate amount of water can cause the yellow patches you're seeing on your lawn. Make sure your sprinklers aren't getting stuck and watering certain areas of your. Safe for the dog and kids it is instant green solution for a very unsightly lawn. anon41448 August 15, 2009 . There is an awesome product called Natural Green Grass Patch and it turns brown spots on your lawn green instantly. I use it where my dog urinates and it covers it perfectly and blends naturally with the rest of my lawn

St. Augustine Grass is susceptible to a type of fungus aptly called brown patch fungus. Brown patch fungus unsurprisingly causes large brown patched in the lawn. Brown patch fungus proliferates in cool wet conditions. Maintaining your yard properly can prevent this type of fungus from destroyin 6. $14.38. $14.38. Shop Now. Improved Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix Sun and Shade Mix has everything you need to repair bare spots in your lawn. It includes seed, 100% recycled mulch to keep the seeds moist during establishment, and fertilizer to help feed seedlings for up to 6 weeks for fast growth and thick results

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Lawn diseases include brown patch, winter fusarium, dollar spot and anthracnose. Lawn diseases can be hard to diagnose as signs can be similar to that of other lawn problems such as damage from insect pests like curl grubs and armyworm. Common lawn disease symptoms include areas of small discoloured, brown, dead or dying patches in the lawn Step 2: Plant the Grass at an Optimal Time. It is imperative that you patch the bare spots of your lawn at the right time. If you have cool-season grass, plant it in cooler temperatures. And if you have warm-season grass (like Bermuda) it will require warmer temperatures. The best temperature for growing grass seed is 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The only time to bag clippings is when your lawn is having a disease breakout, often signaled by irregular brown patches or rings in the lawn. Try low-maintenance grass The brown patch fungus readily attacks the lush growth of grass which nitrogen promotes. Your Fairway Lawns technician will apply the proper amounts of fertilizer. Irrigate grass only when needed and to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. The best time to water is early in the morning. This disease can spread fast when free moisture is present Grass patch repair works hard to provide your lawn with the nourishment it needs to flourish once again, repairing damaged areas with a quick patch fix that lasts all summer long. Plus, you'll find a lawn repair kit from all your favourite brands, including Miracle Gro lawn feed, Westland lawn feed and Evergreen lawn feed

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Treating Pink Patch Disease on a Natural Lawn is a Difficult Task. While it's possible to treat pink patch disease, it's not easy. Most homeowners find it a tedious process and, in many cases, even treatment fails to eradicate the disease completely. Here's a quick look at what it takes to fight off pink patches: Feed the grass. Implement. Common lawn problems that you may encounter include yellow or brown patches of grass, limp strands, light green grass, damage associated with dog urine or feces, fungus, insect infestation (like aphids), and an overpopulation of weeds The only way to be sure that you have grubs is to scout for them in your lawn. Using a shovel or a lawn edger, you can make a cut in a one-foot section of your lawn where you suspect grub activity. Peel up a one square-foot section of grass and soil from that cut. If there is significant grub damage, the grass should peel up quite easily

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