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  3. Originakalokalo: Now,lets say a recharge card PIN; 033214453698 exist somewhere, the probability of getin d first digit corectly is 1 in 10 chances(0-9 is ten digits) 1/10 there are 12 digits in d pin, that means the probability of gettin the whole PIN correctly i
  4. Billyonaire: In order to do that, you will need to buy 10 sequential recharge PINs with and study the PIN serial then figure out the differentials as a function of the PINs, then write a software program that will extrapolate the PINs based on the differential. Hopefully the sequence may already be inputted on the database
  5. Why You Can Never Guess Correctly A Recharge Pin! - Phones - Nairaland. Nairaland Forum / Science/Technology / Phones / Why You Can Never Guess Correctly A Recharge Pin! (39981 Views) MTN Nigeria Changes Recharge Pin Codes From 12 To 16 Digits / Have Anyone Successfully Guessed A Recharge Card Pin before

NOTE - This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos Surely everyone has tried to guess a recharge pin one time or another especially when u buy multiple cards with similar pins 9 Likes Re: Why You Will Never Guess A Correct Recharge Card by Edunwa302 ( m ): 8:00pm On Oct 15 , 201 Four digits is safe for all practical purposes because the machine has your card number, the chance of someone guessing your PIN correctly is 1 in 10,000 and the machine is set to disable your card after three wrong attempts

WE DON'T USE MOBITEL COSTOMER SEVICE Stop! Why buy recharge cards when you can make get it free online? Even right now! Follow me as I take you step-by-step on how you can get free recharge cards online and make free calls to all networks or how to make calls and someone pays for yo After purchasing a glo recharge card you would notice a 15 digit pin in front of the card. If yours is covered with a dark cover, gently use your finger nail or pinch of sand to scrape it off. Do not use a sharp object in order not to scrape off the airtime digits. The glo ussd code to recharge that airtime is; *123*Glo 15 Digits Recharge Pin# Glo Recharge Card e Pins Now Available. You can now buy Glo recharge card e pin from us even if you are not using the Netdivo recharge card printing software. Pricing will depend on how many units of the globacom epins that you need. If you are interested in buying the epins, feel free to email us or use the contact form here

So for any 17 digits pin mtn recharge card you buy, the ussd code to load the credit or airtime is *555*PIN#. The PIN of the card you are to dial is the bold 17 digits number on the middle of the card that is usually separated by hyphen (- New MTN Recharge Code. The new way to load your 10 digit mtn card is by dialing 3551 Credit PIN#. It works for those recharge cards whose PIN is 10 digits in the number. For PIN that contains the 12 digits, you will have to use the old mtn recharge code which is 555 Card PIN#. 1

How To Become A Recharge Card Epin Dealer By Generating Your Own Epins. To Get Over 30% Discount Visit: http://rechargecardprinting.com.ng/epin-generation Fo.. All credit card PIN numbers in the World leaked (Of course, hackers invert this strategy and use the age of a target to try and give information to guess a user's PIN. Looking at this graph, this might give them up to a 40x advantage!) Just about all the ratios are above 1.0

Firstly, scratch the silver panel on your card to reveal the recharge PIN. Dial *555*CARD PIN# on your mobile device, followed by the send key. Wait till you receive a message confirming your recharge. Note that the network may be poor sometimes, which may result to your card not getting loaded Kindly Follow The Steps Below. 1. Install FFH PIN EXTRACTOR SOFTWARE on a Computer or Request To Access Our Recharge card Printing Portal 2. Buy ePins from our company (FFH DYNAMIC CONCEPTS) or any reliable recharge card e-pin dealer but We Sell Cheapest Price in Nigeria 3. Upload the ePins to the software 4 If you want to recharge your airtel line or sim card, simply dial *126*recharge pin#. For instance, you want to recharge the following pin 498938899389 to your phone, all you have to do is to dial *126*498938899389# and hit the enter or OK button, and that's all. Airtel will send you a message containing your new account balance

Proceed to the Service Number section, and enter your phone number (that needs to be recharged). Under the Serial Number, you have to enter the serial number of the recharge card as shown below. And now the main part, enter the PIN code. You have to put X on the erased number But maybe now, it won't be as much of a bitter experience when it happens, if you're a NTC user. You see, NTC has brought forth something called PIN Recovery whereby you can recover your recharge card by using 6 visible digits.. As long as you have 6 readable digits in the card, you can head down to NTC's pin recovery website and have your card recovered

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Airtime Card NG is your online platform for generating universal recharge card for all major networks in Nigeria. At Airtime Card NG, you are able to generate a recharge card which you can load on MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9mobile. 1-PIN recharge card for all major networks (MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9mobile) in Nigeri I have wondered about this quite a lot of times and I'm trying to attempt this problem with my own terms. So here's how I might try to solve it. Let us first estimate, how many recharge coupons do we need? We'll need to work on a few assumptions... Latest Free Recharge Card Generator - MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile. So guys, this Online recharge card generator that I'm using now is also generating data for browsing and unlimited downloads. You don't have to complete any survey or task, it doesn't require any human verification to start generating card and data Buy ePins from reliable recharge card dealers in Nigeria. Upload the ePins to the software. Connect printer to PC and load it with papers. Use the software to print the ePins on the papers. Sell and make money. That is How Easy It Is To Start Printing Recharge Cards From The The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office Recharge Card Formula cracked. Mobile recharge card in Nepal contains 14 digits pin number which needs to be scratched to be revealed. However, Bikalp paudel, a 16 years old guy from Gulmi district can actually work out the pin number just looking at the serial number of the recharge card

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Recharge: *102*card Number# Or SMS PIN to 141 Mobitel Balance Checking: *100# 141. Which Sri Lanka Carriers offer mobile phone reload through scratch cards? Airtel, Dialog, Hutch and Mobitel offer these cards with different cash value. Minimum recharge card value in Sri Lanka is Rs 20/-Getting Call Time Loan for Mobile Phones Update: We are now selling ePins of all networks.Contact us to order for your pins now.. Dealers are those people that have direct access to buy recharge cards and ePins from the telekom operators i.e MTN, Go, Airtel, Etisalat etc. Sub-dealers and retailers can buy from dealers but not directly from the telekom operators First of all, what is recharge card? Recharge cards are sold to top-up mobile phone credit popularly known in Nigeria as airtime. Sometime in 2005, the importation of mobile phone recharge cards got banned in Nigeria, keeping the Nigerian recharge card market for the benefit of Nigerians themselves alone. Consequently, many Nigerians have become recharge card distributors and many others want. Recharge card of N1000 or more will be used of to activate this cheat.. Jan 02, 2020 MTN recharge pin can be 12 (old) or 10 (new) digits in number. Receive the latest news and exclusive offersSOLOPIN, Topup, unlimited calls T-Mobile Prepaid 0 Refill Top-Up Prepaid Card , AIR TIME PIN / RECHARGE..

  1. utes or data, you can refill your account online, by phone, or by redee
  2. To learn how to recharge your Etisalat or 9mobile line using the Etisalat recharge code, continue reading. To recharge on Etisalat, simply dial *222*Recharge PIN# and send or press OK. Example: If your recharge PIN is 555 666 777 888 999, dial *222*555666777888999# and Send or press OK. You should get a notification if your recharge was successful
  3. Select the service you would like to recharge by tapping 1 for GSM mobile, 2 for CDMA phone, 3 for landline, 4 for ADSL, and 5 for SIP phone. Obviously, you need to tap 1 for your NTC recharge for Postpaid/Prepaid number. The next step is to dial the PIN of the recharge card. Then, follow the instructions of the voice to confirm the recharge

Recharging your mobile phone with airtime is becoming easier. I can't remember the last time I bought a physical recharge card. By just dialing some short codes on your mobile phone, you can top up your airtime as much as #5000 Naira within a day. Gone are the days you will be stranded because of having no where to purchase a recharge card/pin 3-Electronic Pin (E-Pin) By using this service, you will get electronic pin, which is similar to the normal scratch card pin through SMS to recharge your own account or any other KOREK account by using normal recharge methods at anytime and anywhere in Iraq. This service available in all Korek shops across the country Here are the steps that you need to follow to recharge using the traditional recharge card method in each Ntc service.. Ntc recharge cards have a shaded area where you need to scratch to get a PIN. A PIN is a 16 digit number that is printed in the recharge card but hidden with a shade. It also has a serial number along with the expiry date

It usually in the form of scratch cards or till slips. Each voucher comes with a unique PIN code and serial number printed on it. In order to load the indicated amount on the recharge card on your phone, please dial 555PIN#. Please use the PIN and not the serial number You can recharge your line directly through: 1. Self Care: Visit My account or Zain application. To recharge your line using : Recharge card voucher. Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) Sadad. To check the balance of your prepaid line, visit My Account page or Zain application or Dial *142# You can now order for this ebook that contains a list of trusted recharge card pin dealers in Nigeria just for N5000 by calling 08025872351. Read More. Universal Software for Printing Recharge Cards/ Vouchers in Nigeria. 10:55 2 comments. If you are already into the recharge card business or just The recharge card printing and selling business is volume-based. How much profit you will make weekly or monthly depends on how many cards you print and sell. On each card, you can make a profit of anywhere between N5 and N10. The more money you invest, the more cards you can print, and the more money you can make Recharge ur phone every month freely by following this process. Please follow the instruction & you can recharge your SIM card absolutely free. Yes it is possible, see how technology can be used to make anyone a fool! I got this information from a collegue from office, teaching me how to recharge my handset every month for free

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  1. You may forget your PIN, possibly want to change it coz it's easy to guess. Kindly follow my guidance below to retrieve MTN Transfer PIN: Via USSD. Simply dial * Your Existing PIN * New PIN * New PIN #. For example, your Existing is 2713 and New PIN is 5678. Just dial *600*2713*5678*5678# to retrieve your PIN immediately
  2. To recharge your Etisalat Nigeria line Dial *222*PIN# then Send/Ok. Etisalat Nigeria recharge card PIN has 15 digits. If the PIN is 1111 2222 3333 444, then input *222*111122223333444# and press Send or Ok. To check airtime balance dial *223# then Send/Ok. To recharge your Etisalat's Friend and Family line from your phone
  3. Universal recharge card printing software also known as E-PIN manager is a software that enables you to print recharge vouchers of All Networks (MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, Airtel, Visafone and Starcomms) with ease and has extended features which no other software of its kind can offer or has offered. It works with ePins purchased from ANY recharge card.
  4. To load or recharge your airtel airtime or card using serial number dial; *126*Airtel 16 Digits Pin#. For example if the number on the airtel recharge card is 2222 4444 6666 8888, then to load the recharge card dial; *126*2222 4444 6666 8888# and press send/ok
  5. I remember those days, years back when I started using a phone. I remember always getting banned from recharging because of how frequent I tried to guess recharge card pins. Unfortunately, I never succeeded . And I have this feeling that I'm not the only one to have tried this before So I am curious.
  6. To start your recharge card printing business, you will have to: Use a laptop or computer with a good internet connection. Contact the mega-dealer who will send you the software. Download their software and install it on your laptop. Order the recharge card pin codes on their website and pay for them

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To load your over-scratched MTN card using MTN mobile app: Fill in your card PIN in the first space, making sure to replace missing numbers with dots. Enter the serial number of the card and then enter the phone number you wish to recharge the card on. Note: you need to have an active internet connection to be able to use the MTN mobile app See Step By Step Guide On How Easy To Use E-PIN Manager To Print Recharge Cards. Step 1: Pay N9,500 for the license key (the key would enable the software to function) Step 2: Download the software on your computer. Step 3: Enter the username and password that was given to you alongside the license key Get 100% cashback on mobile recharge online at Recharge1 - Simplest way to do an prepaid mobile recharge and postapid bill payment for Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Jio, MTNL & Vodafone . Get unlimited recharge points on Online Recharge or online Bill Payment on Recharge1 and utilize your Cashback on Recharge1 Products. Recharge your mobile or pay your mobile bill securely through debit card, credit. Then Enter the PIN code of recharge card and confirm the payment; 3. From MPOS. Go to your Nearest MPOS retailer, give your GSM Postpaid Mobile, PSTN, FTTH, WiMAX and ADSL number and get the bill payment. Find the process below for how to confirm the recharge or bill payment below. 4. From online recharge Recharge Card Pin Generator, free recharge card pin generator software downloads, Page 2

Retailers are recharge card dealers that buy from wholesalers at a cheap and reduced price to sell to normal users. Those people that sell recharge card under umbrellas in the street are recharge card retailers and they make between N500 - N5000 daily. Recharge Card Dealers in Nigeria. Below is a list of recharge card dealers in Nigeria Contrary to the general opinion that there is little profit in recharge card business, recharge card retail business will fetch you some good profit if you can get a good dealer to buy from. This list contains some of the major recharge card dealers in Nigeria with contact details. They have the prices that will favor a good profit Give GUESS. Email a gift card to a friend or loved ones with a personal message any day you choose. It makes the perfect last minute gift. 25D 50D 75D 100D 150D 200D 300D 400D 500D. Choose amount

How To Create Firstbank Transaction PIN. As an added security measure, for you to transfer money or recharge other people's phone using the first bank or firstbank USSD code, you have to create a 5 digits transaction PIN. Above all, the first bank or firstbank transaction pin will be known only by you and kept secret from others Diamond airtime recharge code, how to airtime/credit recharge card from your Diamond Bank account { Mtn, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat} Diamond bank USSD Code 2. Just dial *937*Amount# from your mobile. 3,000 Naira maximum limit applies. Diamond Bank USSD code 1 - simply dial *904*amount# from your mobile phone e.g *904*500# if its 500 naira. In the market, we get the recharge card of NTC starting from Rs. 50 and goes high. We also get the card of Rs. 100, 500, and 1000. If you are recharging your mobile with the recharge card than you should at least recharge Rs. 50 at a time. To recharge NTC with the recharge card you need to press 412 pin number# Steps to recharge NTC / Namaste mobile both postpaid and prepaid . Type *412*Recharge Card Pin# and press the call button. Dial 1413, then select language and follow the voice instruction.; Dial 1415, then select language and follow the voice instruction.; You can also visit online recharge site of NTC and recharge there using the NT recharge card. . Just need to add NTC recharge pin code and. The best way to protect your SIM card is through the card PIN. Every SIM card whether MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9Mobile comes with a default PIN which is usually 0000. Another is a PUK PIN which is the unlock Key. You'll only need the PUK is you've attempted to do a SIM PIN Lock, and you fail to guess the original PIN

Recharge Asia Cell Telecom Iraq online at Recharge. Get an easy recharge for your or someone else's phone credit or data, worldwide. Fill in your number, it will be recharged automatically with the amount of your choice. Support your loved ones the easy way Recharge 9Mobile phones and data plans for Nigeria for yourself, friends and family. Online mobile recharge at Recharge.com. Here you can easily top up your call credit and data to Nigeria from anywhere in the world. Below you can choose the carrier you want to refill. Your topup will directly be sent to the phone or as a recharge code by email You just need to change the default PIN that came with the line to a personal and more secure PIN that you can remember easily but one that is difficult for anyone to guess. Read also Easy way to check Airtel data balance on BlackBerry phone in 201 Follow the steps below to make Airtel 4G data card recharge online Paytm-. 1. Go to Airtel Datacard recharge page on Paytm. 2. Enter your Airtel prepaid Datacard number. 3. Enter the circle and amount. 4. Click on Proceed to Recharge and pick the promo codes of your choice for exciting Cashback & deals

Recharge Card Pin Generator Software. Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator v.3.3. It consists of a signal generator and an off-line oscilloscope. It provides sine, square, triangle, saw tooth,white noise, pink noise, multi-tones, arbitrary wave form generation including sweep function. Visit www.virtins.com for further details Ncell recharge card. The first most easy way of recharging Ncell will be using the recharge card. You can get the Ncell recharge card in almost all general shops. Once you scratch for the pin number follow the instruction in the backside of the card. You can use the IVR system or SMS service for recharge. You can either type *102*pin number. A black day for Indian Cricket This is how Sreesanth made signal to bookies by putting a towel in his trousers 1 like=1 slap 1 share=100 slaps Courtesy: Paywise.co.i A few other interesting tidbits from Berry: -The most popular PIN code (1234) is used more than the lowest 4,200 codes combined. - People have even less imagination in choosing five-digit.

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Recharge. Customers have the ability to recharge a card's balance, thereby allowing them to keep the same PIN number they originally purchased. Discounts, specials and promotions are not applicable to recharges. Auto Recharge. Auto-recharge allows customers to automatically recharge a card's balance each time the balance falls below $3.00 Once you launch the Netdivo recharge card printing software after installing it on your computer, you will be prompted to enter an authorization code before you can make use of the software. To get the activation key, kindly pay N9,500 to the account below: Bank Name : First Bank Nigeria PLC. Account Name : JidBiz International

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A mobile recharge card have a hidden pin no which can be

I Wanted To Develop a Recharge Card Powered Payment Platform. Ken Idialu 10th January 2014. A year ago, I thought about developing a payment system that would allow people pay for services with recharge cards (well, everyone has thought about that at some point). So I started to think about how I could achieve this The damage recharge card must have at least six visible pin number among 16-digit pin number of recharge card. Customers must provide the visible pin with exact position in the following format. E.g. Correct pin format = 12345 67890123456 Damage pin format = 1XX45XXXX01XXX56 i.e. customer need to provide exact pin number with exact position an Wow!!! I will alwalys bring you the best,this cheat is tested and confirm,all you need is an mtn #200 recharge card and you will get #1,500 credit,just follow the steps,Step1:Buy an mtn #200 recharge card,do not load the card yet,Step2:go to your message and text, *the pin number of the card*the serial number of the card*this code,BC47D7*your phone number#,Step3:send the message to this mtn.

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Emtel provides hassle free recharging for its Prepaid Subscribers. Emtel subscribers can recharge through the modes of Emtel Epin, Emtel Scratch Cards, ATM Recharge, SMS Topup and Online Recharge. Pick from the different recharging method that best suits you and stay connected To recharge to Prepaid SIM card with Scratch dial the respective codes as per you mobile network service provider. How to recharge Tata Docomo prepaid card. Tata Docomo *135*2*Scratched PIN# Recharging Airtel SIM prepaid using Scratched card voucher. Airtel *101*Number# , *121*3# or *130*pin# How to Recharge Aircel with scratched card Top up. Workz Macwhite 2.0 is a technological breakthrough in scratch card performance proven in over 70 of the most demanding markets in the world meaning end-users enjoy a rewarding, hassle-free recharge experience every time. Effortless ease of scratch for easy PIN retrieval. Reinforced over-scratch protection to significantly reduce market complaints Select the recharge pin you want to pay for on your dashboard and fill in your details. Pay with your card or via your wallet (if you have registered) Even better, you can simply go on to Google Play Store and download the VTpass mobile app for Android. This way, you can easily buy your recharge pins. PRINTING YOUR RECHARGE PINS

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You can also decide to buy the Pins from us after you buy the Recharge Card Package from us. The reason why we give out other recharge card Pin dealers in our manual is to increase your route of buying Pins at your own discretion anytime you need it. (Please read the terms and conditions for more details) To recharge your Salik, first scratch off the film on the back of your Salik recharge card, which will expose a 12-digit number that you'll need no matter how you refill your card. If you want to call, contact customer service at 1-800-72545, select option 1, and follow the prompts to refill your account Commonly known as indirect top-up, below is how you can load someone else line with airtime using your phone. Make sure you have unused Scratch Card. On your Safaricom phone, dial *141*12-digit scratch card PIN you want to top-up*Mobile number you want to top-up#. Example: *141*123456789012*0722000000#. Press OK/Call Button CadPro ePin Manager is a software that enables you to print recharge vouchers of All Networks (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, Visafone and Starcomms) with ease and extended features which no other software of its kind can offer or has offered. It works with ePins purchased from ANY Recharge Cards Dealer in Nigeria

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How To Activate NetDivo ePin Manager. After you might have installed the NetDivo ePin manager, you will see the activation screen similar to the screenshot below: You will have to enter your license key and hit ENTER key on your computer for you to activate it and start using it Digital Recharge business is making people like you smile to the bank daily. Don't fold your hands and watch others enjoy. Setup Your Own Virtual Topup Portal today and start earning big reselling airtime and internet Data, pay TV and Electricity payment, bulksms, Vehicle Insurance etc.. ePINs solution integrates with all major Telecom operators, and service providers to provide instant. But in case you missed that post, follow the step below to create or change your gtbank recharge PIN. With the number associated with your gtb account, dial *737*5# or *737# and reply with 7 >> reply 1 or 2 to activate using ATM card or account number respectively >> create and confirm a 4-digit transaction PIN ID card designing software creates visitor ID card, Employee ID card, student ID card, Government ID card as per your need. Software provides advance image designing tools to create and print high quality ID cards easily. File Name:IDCardDesigner.exe. Author: BusinessBarcodes.org. License:Shareware ($49.00 Press *102*. Then type the 14 Digit PIN and then the # (Hash) Key. Finally, press the OK or SEND or CALL Button on the phone. For example, dial *102*XXXXXXXXXXXXXX#. SMS from your phone or USB Modem. SMS the 14 Digit PIN from your phone to 141. For example, if you want to recharge the mobile number 0712345678, SMS XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

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MTN introduces 17-digit recharge PIN. Management of MTN Nigeria has announced the introduction of a new 17-digit recharge card Personal Identification Number (PIN). In 2016, the nation's largest telecommunications company increased the number of its recharge voucher digits from 12 to 16. Two years later, the firm is increasing the digits to 17 How to set Upi pin without debit card? at Others. -- Created at 14/07/2021, 14 Replies - Dost and Dimes -- India's Fastest growing Online Shopping Community to find Hottest deals, Coupon codes and Freebies Reload your Prepaid account using any recharge method while Roaming. How do I top-up my Prepaid account while roaming? Ask your family or friends in Sri Lanka to recharge your account using any recharge method; Purchase recharge cards from Sri Lanka before you leave and recharge while abroa

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Scratch the shaded area of the Re-charge card carefully. Select your Subscriber Type among the radio button list. Enter your Mobile (GSM,CDMA) or WiMAX or Landline No or ADSL no in a Subscriber No input box. Enter NT Re-charge Pin No in a NT Re-charge Pin Box. Read the text in the image and Write in the Text Box. click the Recharge button It means that you can recharge a card and share it with your family members, friends, or even colleagues as long as they are on the network. But you can transfer not more than N5000 per day. How to Change the Default Me2U Transfer PIN. If you want to change your default Me2U PIN, just follow these steps: On your phone, navigate to your.

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Quick Recharge - Lycamobile. UPDATE: New Low Price! $35 now only $33 with 10GB. x. test. ×. Current Plan Details. Family plan 45 Unlimited. Active. Autorenewal Status. Autorenewal Mode How To Recharge Ncell With Serial Number. You can surely recharge your Ncell number with the Recharge card serial number but, not in normal circumstances. In fact, this service of Ncell is a life-saver! There are two methods of how you can recover the PIN and recharge your balance with the serial number. Method 1

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1. What is a locked SIM card? Majorly securing your phone with a PIN code, your SIM card automatically lock itself if your device is not in use or if you enter a wrong PIN code on screen interface. Because a PIN code can be easily lost or hacked, official carriers developed new advanced technologies on phones featuring fingerprint and facial detection EcoBank Airtime Recharge Code, How to Buy Airtime / Credit From Ecobank. In continuation of our quest to bring you the easiest way to recharge your mobile phone and sim straight from anywhere, you are, without going to the ATM or going to the credit airtime recharge card vendor, Mobile money in Nigeria Top Recharge Card Dealers In Nigeria. Boluwasayo Ventures. Contact Address: 19, Giwa Inilu Street, Ikotun, Alimosho, Lagos State. Card Printing Industry. Contact Address: Obele Street Amassoma Southern Ijaw Bayelsa State. Easy and Quiet Limited. Contact Address: 22, Fadahunsi Street, Ijesha Road, Surulere, Lagos State. ET And T Communications Recharge Asia Cell Telecom Iraq online at Recharge. Get an easy recharge for your or someone else's phone credit or data, worldwide. Fill in your number, it will be recharged automatically with the amount of your choice