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Why Pay More? Save On Your Favourite Brand Labels Today With Saks Off 5th. Get Express International Delivery To Your Door. Shop At Saks OFF 5th Today Rebuild Your Teeth & Get Rid Of Tooth Decay With All Natural G-Force®. Order Now! Save Money On Dental Care & Gain Relief From Gum Disease & Tooth Decay With G-Force 14K gold is 14 parts gold mixed with 10 parts other metals. The specific metals used in this type of gold vary depending on the gold's color. When you buy a 14k engagement ring, 58.3% of the ring is made of pure gold. 10K gold is 10 parts pure gold mixed with 14 parts other metals 10-karat gold consists of 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals such as copper, silver, and nickel. 10-karat jewelry is usually stamped with the marking 10K, 10KT, or 0.417. What Is 14K Gold? 14-karat gold consists of 14 parts of gold and ten parts of other metals. Jewelry of this alloy is marked as 14K, 14KT, or 0.583 10k Gold vs 14k Gold 10k gold is most often compared to 14k gold because they are very similar price points. So the next question after price could be is 10k gold better than 14k gold

Pure gold, or 24K gold, is 100% pure. 10K gold, on the other hand, is only 41.7% pure. 14K gold, which is the most popular type of gold for jewelry, is 58.3% pure. There's no best type of gold for every application. Instead, each purity level has its own range of advantages and disadvantages. We've covered these below The top left chain is 10k gold. It's just a bit less yellow than the other (which isn't always the case. Gold can vary in hue and color depending on the manufacturing process of that chain). 14k gold has 4 parts more gold than 10k, making it more yellow in tone. But it is such a slight difference that most people would never notice (nor care) 10K Gold will be stamped as 10K, 10KT or .417 inside your Rings or Jewelry. Gold Durability. Durability is one of the most important issues when it comes to Gold.. Gold is a fairly soft metal by nature (rated 2.5-3 on the Moh's Scale of Hardness).Alloys must be mixed with it or else the Jewelry would Bend easily, Ding, Dent, Stretch and Wear down way too fast

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Although the difference in durability is not as big as 18K vs. 14K, 10k is noticeably cheaper and more durable than 14K. All in all, 10K gold is a good choice for people looking for the best price! Pros and Cons of 14K Yellow Gold 10 Karat Gold. 10 Karat Gold contains 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy. Many jewelers won't consider using 10k gold as, due to its low gold content, it is much more at risk of tarnishing compared to 18k or even 14k gold. What's more, for such a significant cut in quality, the savings you'll make by selecting 10k gold over 14k gold are marginal A 14K gold ring that you wear all the time, for instance, will scratch and wear out quicker. An extra bonus is that 10K gold is less expensive. Obviously, in the event that you are sensitive to nickel, you need to reconsider 10K gold and go with 14K gold, or a composite with a higher karat Gold teeth are manufactured in all karats of gold from 10K-24K. 10K gold is the least expensive and strongest against bending, but tarnishes easier than other higher karat options. 14K gold is the best value for a consumer on a budget. It has medium hardness, very bright shine and durable

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  1. If you want a balance between durability and purity, choose 14K or 18K gold. 14k gold is by far the most popular jewelry choice in the United States 10k gold is the most durable and solid gold jewelry available, but the value is significantly lower than higher purity karatage
  2. Depending on the amount of gold in the jewelry, we can have 10k, 14k, 18k, 20k gold pieces. Of all of these, the 10k and the 14k gold pieces seem to be the most commonly purchased. When we say 14-karats gold (often written as 14k gold), we mean that the piece of gold jewelry is made up of 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of secondary metals
  3. 585 This means that the gold is 58.5% pure, or 14K. Good, strong gold but with more gold than 10K. 750 This means that the gold is 75.0% pure, or 18K. Much more pure than 14K, still has good strength with a wonderful balance in purity. 916 This means that the gold is 91.6% pure, or 22K
  4. it may not tarnish his fast but it's still tarnish big thank you to all my subscribers if you haven't subscribed yet hit the subscribe can I get the like but..
  5. 10K vs 14K Gold Chain. Now that we understand what the karat system measures, we need to understand the difference between 10K vs 14K gold chains. The number used before the K denotes what portion of the jewelry is made from pure gold out of 24 parts. So, 24K would mean that a piece of jewelry is 100 percent gold—or 24 parts gold
  6. White gold is yellow pure gold mixed with nickel and rhodium to make it look white, similar to platinum. Whether you're buying 14K white gold or 14K yellow or rose gold, the percent of pure gold is the same (58.3%), it is just alloyed with different metals to give it different colors

10k White Gold: Is It Any Good? Many consumers are surprised when they walk into a jewelry store looking for 10k gold, as many jewelry only carry 14k gold and higher. This goes for all colors- white, yellow, rose, etc. 10 karat white gold is 10 parts yellow gold and 14 parts other white metals From a technical point of view, the differences between 10k vs 14k gold lies in their ratio of gold purity. Here's a little trivia: 10k gold is 41.7% gold and this is the lowest ratio for a metal to be considered gold in the US. As a consumer, you will probably be more interested about the practical differences between these 2 metals 10k gold - 10 parts gold to 14 parts alloy metals, 41.6% gold. 14k gold - 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy metals, 58.3% gold. 18k gold - 18 parts gold to 6 parts alloy metals, 75% gold. 10k vs 14k and 14k vs 18k. The most noticeable difference between each karat option is the gold color. Because pure gold is naturally yellow in color, the.

Help! I'm hoping some WW brides have both 10k and 14k rose gold in their jewelry collection and could show me how they look next to each other- Google only gave me 14k vs 18k comparisons! My engagement ring is 14k rose gold, and my fiance's wedding band is rose gold in the center with white gold on the outside- I found a gorgeous ring guard to. i have an item that is silver in color that test postive for 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k. would this be p in Archive Fine Jewelry, Gems & Precious Metals 10-25-2018 1/4 gold in Archive Fine Jewelry, Gems & Precious Metals 09-17-201 Http://FredBennettCreations.comA short video from Fred Bennett Creations on the difference from 10k gold vs 14k gold

Gold jewelry that is rated as 14k gold gives off a softer look when comparing 10k vs 14k gold. This gold is a higher-quality blend of gold and other metals and alloys; but it is still affordable for purchasing. Similar to 10k, a 14k gold piece is durable and won't easily tarnish. According to jewelry tradition, 14k gold is the choice for. An 18K gold will be marked 750 to show 75% gold content, 14k gold marked 585 to show 58.5% gold, and 417 marked on 10K gold to indicate 41.7% gold. You can also find a two letter combination in some countries. In North America, gold jewelry can be stamped 18kt to mean 18K or 18-karat gold Continually wearing a 10k gold ring could cause some people to break out. Although it requires more effort to maintain an ideal appearance because the impurities tarnish easier than 14k or 18k, it's difficult to distinguish it from 14 karats just by looking at it 10K vs 14K Gold vs Platinum. The difference between 14K and 10K Gold and Platinum is the percentage of gold that is contained in a piece of gold jewelry, the softness of the metal, and final cost. 10K gold contains 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy, which means it contains more alloy than gold and therefore is a less expensive option

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GOLD GRILLZ 10k solid yellow gold custom grillz. Choose grillz for 4 teeth to 20 teeth. 100% handmade job - made in USA. Grillz made to fit your teeth perfect. Removable grillz - not permanent. Free mold kit with your grillz order. Real solid 10K gold - not gold plated. FREE SHIPPING in US. Order now! 1 10K Gold Is Cheaper Than 14K Gold. One of the first differences you may spot when shopping for gold is that 10K jewelry is on average cheaper than 14K items. This is understandable: 10K pieces contain less gold than the ones made of 14K gold. See: Selection of eye-clean diamonds vetted for quality

14k t Gold 14kt gold is 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy, making it a higher gold content than 10Kt. 14kt is the most popular for a lot of jewellery as it is an affordable option and purer than 10kt gold. The durability of 14kt gold is better than that of 18kt gold 10K and 14K Gold refers to the number of karats (the purity measurement of gold content) included or, simply, a proportion used that makes up 10K and 14K Gold - that is the main difference. 10K includes 10 percent of pure gold with 14 percent of other metals, for example, copper, silver, zinc, etc. Gold itself is a very soft metal and the. If you or your fiancé-to-be aren't allergic to nickel or other common alloy metals, you can safely wear 10K and 14K white gold without any concerns. 10K Yellow Gold. 10K yellow gold is an alloy of 41.7% gold, as well as silver and copper. Most 10K yellow gold is made up of 52% silver and 6.3% copper in addition to its gold content BRINGING THE BEST IN GOLD TEETH GRILLZ. View Gallery. Styles. SILVER. $25 per tooth. UNDER 10K. $25 per tooth. 10K. $55 per tooth. 14K. $95 per tooth. 18k. $250 per tooth. 22k. $300 per tooth. BUSTDOWNS. $1200 (6 top, 6 bottom) ROSE/WHITE GOLD. $10 more per tooth. View Gallery. FREE MOLDING KIT

Common 10K gold stamps are 10K, 10KT, or .417 (41.7% pure gold). Durability: Because 10K gold contains more metal alloy than pure gold, it is an extremely durable metal. The benefit of a high percentage of metal alloys is that 10K gold will retain its shape long term, and be resistant to bending or scratching 10-karat gold contains 10 parts pure gold and 14 parts additional metals such as zinc, palladium, copper, tin, etc. 14-karat gold, in contrast, has 10 parts other metals for every 14 parts gold. As you can see, a 14K gold necklace has higher purity, at 58.3% gold content, compared with a 10K chain, which contains 41.7% pure gold

We Specialize in Custom Watches, Grillz (Gold Teeth), Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings or any Jewelry pieces. 14K Yellow Gold 0.50 CT Diamond Square Earrings. 20 10K Gold necklace, this has a key pendant featuring with cut-out heart on the top that expresses eternal love with an open heart 10K earrings are made with an alloy that contains 41.7% pure gold (10 parts gold for every 14 parts other metals). 14K earrings contain 58.3% pure gold, so they have higher purity than 10K ones. This difference in purity can have an effect on you if you are allergic to nickel - one of the metals some gold alloys are made with 10K vs. 14K. @brd2be, on December 8, 2017 at 10:12 AM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 10 . Saved Save . Reply Price difference too I was going to buy my daughter's 7 and 9 10k gold necklaces for Christmas because of the price and my mom said no way and she paid for the difference to get them 14 k . For our gold products, customers can choose the number of karats that they would like from the available options. Our yellow gold products come in 10k, 14k, and 18k. Our white gold products only range from 10k and 14k. We can also create rose gold products under a custom order as well. Our silver products are all 925 sterling silver

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3503 E Hillsborough Ave Suite B Tampa Florida 33610. 813-997-9247 strawme@hotmail.co Gold weight values - but the 20 year watches are usually at least 1/10 10K gold by weight. 1/20 14K G.F. Sterling Silver — This means that instead of a base metal, the gold layer is wrapped around solid sterling silver. Common on pieces from the 1940's and 1950's and also in new studio jewelry

Our yellow gold designed products come in 10k, 14k, and 18k, while our white gold designed products come in only 10k, and 14k. Our silver designed products are 925 sterling silver. While some designs consist of multiple metals, if there is any change customers would like to have on their design, please contact our customer service team before. The value should goes up with the number, so a 10K gold item is much less valuable than an 18K gold item of the same design. Different gold grade 10k, 12k, 14k, 18k explained. 18k is 75% (=18/24) pure gold 14k is 58.3% (=14/24) pure gold* —> 18k & 14k gold is ideal for fine jewelry. 12k is 50% (=12/24) pure gold 10k is 41.7% (=10/24) pure gold 10K vs 14K vs 18K vs 24K Gold Side by Side. 10K Gold. You already know that 10kt is the least amount of karats in a piece you might find at a jewelry store. These pieces should be either market 10kt, 10K or .417. It means that out of the 24 parts of gold in a piece, 10 parts of them are pure. The other remaining 14 are a combination of alloy.

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  1. 14K Gold Grill Special. $318.00. 6 Piece, 8 Piece, or 10 Piece 14K Gold Grillz. Perm cuts/Deep cuts can be added for free. Mold kits are not included in the price of the grill. This product page is for plain solid 14K gold grillz
  2. 10k vs 14k Gold. What, then, is the difference between 10k and 14k gold? The greatest difference between the two is that 14K gold contains more gold (it contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy) than 10K gold (which contains 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy). This means that 14K gold has a higher purity than 10K gold. Because its alloy content.
  3. Rose Gold — The pinkish color of rose gold is the result of yellow gold being alloyed with different levels of copper and silver. The following chart explains how much gold is present in the different karats: 24K = 99.9 percent gold; 22K = 91.6 percent gold; 18K = 75 percent gold; 14K = 58.5 percent gold; 10K = 41.7 percent gold
  4. Polished Gold Grillz. #125. The OG solid gold grill has that smooth surface that shines hard. The higher karats offer more tarnish resistance and a deeper shine. If you want the permanent gold teeth appearance, choose deep cuts. The backer bar is only necessary if you want caps that don't connect. Shown here in 10K yellow gold. Only $ 299.20
  5. Like 18k white gold or yellow gold, 18k rose gold contains 75% pure gold. The result is a softer, more malleable jewelry metal that contains a higher quantity of gold and therefore costs more. However, despite the increase in price due to the larger amounts of gold, most people prefer the color of 14k rose gold

Solid gold is the most expensive and the highest in quality and purity. Then is ranked gold filled as it allows for a cheaper but still valuable alternative to solid gold. Gold plated, however significantly cheaper than solid gold, allows for quality gold appearing jewelry to me more affordable and accessible to the greater public Custom Grillz 6pc with Diamond Cuts (Silver/10K/14K) Janet Nov 24, 2020. 5 out of 5 stars. I literally just received the grillz in the mail and I had to rush here to give a review. These fit soooo nice! I've gotten grillz done locally and I'm never fully satisfied with the fitment these were perfect on the first try. Highly recommend Generally, the metals used in white gold are nickel, silver or palladium and the properties of white gold varies on which alloy is used. Just like yellow gold, the purity of white gold is measured in karats. So, if a white gold ring is 18 karats, this means that the ring is made up of 75% gold (18 karats divided by 24) and 25% other metals Custom Designed Grillz, Black Pearl Grillz. Diamond Clarity: VS Stone Color: White Diamonds + Black Diamonds Metal Purity: 14K Gold Gold Color: White Gold Grillz Style: Two Teeth Grillz Placement: Top Grillz Authentication: 100% Authentic Purity Guarantee - We offer a 100% Authenticity Certificate approved by a 3rd party jewelry appraiser for all our products Also available VS diamond grillz set in 10k solid gold, or plain, without diamonds, or a combo upon request, solid 14k are $125 per tooth, VS diamonds set in 14k are $650 per tooth. Example, VS diamond K-9's with 4 full middles, open face, or bar, are $1800

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10K gold price in Canada (Kitchener, Winnipeg, Hamilton, etc.), and today's gold price is $30.419 Canadian Dollar per Gram. We are also providing different charts of 10K gold in Canadian Dollar(CAD), where you can track the price information over different periods of time(e.g., Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Historical). This page is specifically about the 10 Karat gold, which is 41.67% pure and. Diamond Tennis Chain 3.31cttw Diamond 10K Yellow Gold. 1. SKU: M37589. $24990.00 $4999.00. Drip Diamond Bubble Initial Letter Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold. 3. SKU: 10KYGDRIPBUB-A. $3290.00 $699.00. Diamond Bubble Initial Letter Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold Bottom 8 Diamond Grillz w Ruby Letters (VS+, 14K, White Gold) $6,475.00. or 4 interest-free payments on orders up to $1500 with. QuadPay - Pay in 4 installments, no interest. YouTube I personally wear 14k because it has good durability just like 10k but it is more than 50% pure gold (58.5%) compared to 10k only being 41.7% pure gold. It is true that alot of 14k gold does look slightly more yellow than 10k but that is usually older 10k gold. Nowadays they have alloys that can make 10k look pretty much the same as 14k 10 karat gold is an alloy of gold that contains at least 41.7% of gold and the rest being other alloys such as silver, nickel or zinc. The amount of alloyed metals is higher than that of pure gold, i.e. 58.3%, which makes it less precious and more vulnerable to tarnish. It has 10 parts of gold out of 24

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10K, 14K and 18K gold jewelry are most commonly used to manufacture gold jewelry and yet literally have less actual gold content. 10K gold may have the number 417 stamped on it. This indicates that the items are 41.7% gold with the remainder being other metals or alloys such as silver or nickel in 10K gold This chart intended to provide a good indication with in reasonable tolerance. Use this conversion chart to convert the weight of one metal to another. Models in non ferrous metals to 14K gold The stamp may appear small and in a hidden area, but you should be able to see the letters 14K 583 or 587. A 14K stamp denotes karatage, and the 583 or 587 indicate the percentage of pure gold in the jewelry, i.e. 58.3%. Though the stamps are different, they indicate the same factor: the jewelry is certified 14K gold Gold naturally tarnishes, scratches, and bends over time. However, compared to 18K gold, 14K tarnishes more slowly and is more resistant to scratching, bending, and scuffing. That's because it has a higher percentage of the other metals mixed in to make it harder and more durable. For the same reason, 14K gold is also more affordable than 18K

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Tarnish occurs on gold jewelry when the gold is exposed to air and oxidizes. Tarnish is a natural occurrence on all gold that is not pure. Some folks like the look of aged, tarnished 10K and 14K gold (called a patina). Others want to remove the tarnish from their 10K and 14k gold jewelry and keep the jewelry looking new and shiny So, for example, a 14K gold from Italy is marked as 585; 18K gold is .7500, 10K is .4167, and so on. Two most commonly forged marks on base metals are 14K Italy and 585. These forged marks often appear on pieces with no gold content. That is why one should be extremely careful with Italian gold Example: Find the specific gravity of 14K yellow gold having 583 parts gold, 104 parts silver, and 313 parts copper. First Figure the Reciprocals of the Specific Gravities. Fine gold: 1 divided by 19.32 = 0.051759; Fine silver: 1 divided by 10.49 = 0.094966; Fine copper: 1 divided by 8.96 = 0.111617; The Multiply. Fine gold: 583 parts by 0. Gold Teeth Dental specializes in diamond settings and customizing gold grills and permanent dental gold crowns for dentist & individual customers. Our online website is a complete online store for customers to purchase the best quality dental gold crowns for those interested in visiting a permanent gold teeth dentist. We also provide high. Pure gold is 24 karats or 24K, but that level of purity produces a soft, pliable metal that isn't suitable for working into most kinds of jewelry. Herff Jones rings come in 10K, 14K, and 18K gold. An 18K ring should contain 75% gold. The other 25% will be made up of other metals

I've been quoted anywhere from $400-$650 from various authorized jewelers for the 14k rose gold & Argentium sterling silver at 6mm wide in size 8. 10k rose gold was a bit cheaper but that was for a quote from the most expensive jeweler so even then they still weren't the cheapest. Novell Design Studios Lifetime Warranty How much does the same jewelry weigh in 10k gold vs. 14k vs. 18k, etc.? Here are some simple calculations to help you convert any metal to metal weights from gold to silver to platinum. 14K Solid Gold Curb Chain Necklaces. Gold Conversions. Convert 10K to 14K Gold. 10K Gram Weight / 0.885 10K Gold Vs. 14K Gold. Two of the most commonly used gold alloys are 10 karat (10K) gold and 14K gold. Both are combined with other materials to make the metal harder and make the most use out of the least amount of gold

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10k & 14k Solid Gold Chains 100% Real Gold. All of our Solid Gold Jewelry includes a lifetime warranty and free worldwide shipping. Choose from our selection of 10k & 14k Solid Gold Rope, Miami Cuban Link, Franco, Rope & Figaro chains GF stands for gold filled. It can be marked as 10K GF 1/20 10K GF Sometimes the piece is not marked with GF after the stamp but only 1/10 14K this also means gold filled. Gold filled items are similar to RGP items in that the gold is in a thin layer bonded to the surface of a base metal Gold vermeil is superior to gold-plated jewelry. What does 14k vermeil mean? If you see 14k, 18k or another karatage before the word vermeil, this simply refers to how much gold content there is: 24k is 99.9% gold content, 18k is 75% gold content, 14k is 58.3% and 10k is 41.7%

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The F indicates the color (in the colorless range), and the VS indicates the clarity (meaning the diamonds range from VS1 to VS2). The Etsy seller may be grouping different diamond qualities with different metals (e.g. 10k gold with H color and I clarity diamonds or 14k gold with F color and VS clarity diamonds) Gold is one of the most highly valued precious metals, but not all gold is created equal. The karat scale, the traditional measure of gold purity, indicates the percentage of gold to alloy. Twenty-four-karat gold is pure; other common purities are 8, 14 and 18 karat. Although most gold is stamped with a small karat. Keep in mind that your biggest decision will likely be between white gold and yellow gold, as most times your options will be 14K white gold vs. 14K yellow gold or 18K white gold vs. 18K yellow gold. At James Allen, the range runs from about $250 to over $1,000 for a classic men's gold wedding band 14k vs 18k White Gold. The differences between 14k and 18k white gold go beyond purity, extending to durability: Because 18-karat white gold is quite soft and malleable, 14-karat white gold is often considered a better option. Although the quality of the gold may be lessened by alloys, it's much stronger, more durable and more scratch-resistant

Whether you have the 4, 6, 8, or 10 piece fronts, our solid gold set will keep you right at the top of the grillz game with its incredible luster. You can get yours in 10k, 14k or 18k gold—with yellow, white, and rose gold colors to choose from! Each set comes with a free mold kit so you can take your mold impressions for that truly. But wait, keep reading Mainly, there are three agreed mass ratios of which a sheet of gold would be considered as Gold Filled. Minimal karat should be of 10K. 1/5 - 10K , 12K , 14K 1/10 - 10K , 12K , 14K 1/20 - 10K , 12K , 14K Though 9K pieces are not officially recognized as Gold Filled, it is very common to find that kind of jewelry circulating around and stamped as GF scrap Need help deciding which karat to order? Here are a few helpful facts on gold: 10k gold has 41.6% gold and is the least expensive option. It has less luster but is the strongest against bending. 14k gold has 58.3% gold. It is the best value for a customer on a budget, with medium hardness and durability, and a bright luster 10K Gold Grill Special. $234.00. 6 Piece, 8 Piece, or 10 Piece 10K Gold Grillz. Perm cuts/Deep cuts can be added for free. Mold kits are not included in the price of the grill. This product page is for plain solid 10K gold grillz. If you would like special styles such as Diamond Dust Diamond Cut, click here

Ordering gold sheet, gold strip (gold bezel), gold wire or gold tubing is simple to do online and our cut-to-order service will help you buy the exact amount you need. If you're casting, check out our selection of 14K, 18K, 22K, gold casting grain available in yellow gold, white gold and pink gold. We also have basic and master alloys for 10K. This 14K White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Eye Pendant features 0.23 cttw of Si-1 G/H diamonds in an all seeing eye shaped design forcing your eye to focus on the 0.36cttw Sapphire in the middle. A fantastic gift for any special lady in your life Sell 10K gold, 14K gold & 24K gold online and get the highest payout with Express Gold Cash. View recent payouts or learn how & why we pay the most. Gold Bar. $1,627.02 | 20 dwt, 24k. We paid out Two-Tone Stampato Link 17 Chain Necklace in 10k Gold & Rhodium-Plate $3,200.00 Sale $1,249.5 The 10K gold calculator will only show what the gold is worth (intrinsic value), and not any collectible value of your 10K gold items. The 10 karat gold melt value calculator will figure the price of gold items with a gold purity measured as 10 parts of gold and 14 parts of another metal used to make the 10K gold alloy

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What is 14K gold-filled? Gold-filled is a USA industry standard that legally requires 1/20th, or 5% pure gold by weight. It's a strictly regulated process that involves pressure bonding multiple layers of solid 14k gold with extreme heat over a core of high quality jeweler's brass resulting in a durable, quality real gold product Platinum is denser and therefore its specific gravity is higher. Pure platinum has a SG (specific gravity) of 21.4 where pure 24k gold has a SG of 19.36, and most gold we use in jewelry is 14k which has a SG of 13.4. Which is why a platinum ring feels much heavier than the same ring in 14k white gold This is due to their properties that make gold and silver quite soft in their natural and pure states. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver with only 7.5% of other metals like zinc, copper, or nickel added to make it stronger and a little harder. 14k gold is made of 58.3% of pure gold with the remaining 41.7% being a mix of other metals such as zinc. HuiYouHui 2 Pieces 14K Plated Gold Grillz Mouth Teeth, Hip Hop Teeth Plain , Top Tooth Single Grill Cap for Teeth Mouth, Party Accessories Teeth Grills (Color : Gold) 2.7 out of 5 stars 647 $7.98 $ 7 . 9