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  3. Deer antler velvet is rich in growth factor 1 (IGF-1). This is a key factor in how deer antler velvet can help to promote muscle growth. IGF-1 works on the body by promoting the growth of healthy, lean skeletal muscles. This growth of healthy muscle mass can be influenced by IGF-1's tendency to increase muscle protein and muscle DNA content
  4. What Is Deer Antler Spray? Velvet supplements from elk or deer antlers actually have been used for various health benefits for centuries in Eastern medicine. There's evidence of their use dating back to the Han dynasty in China (between the years of 206 B.C. to 220 A.D.). Deer antler spray is a supplement
  5. Deer antler velvet is especially popular among athletes and bodybuilders but there may be a number of potential benefits for non athletes especially when it comes to boosting bone and muscle strength as we age. The following are the main potential benefits of deer antler extract. 1. To Boost Muscle Strength and Energ
  6. Deer Antler Spray can benefit people of all ages, genders, and activity levels. From those simply interested in increasing their overall wellness to those looking to amp up their workout routine, the multifaceted strengths of IGF-1 can assist in their efforts. Learn more about the versatility and power of IGF-1 below

What are the benefits of deer antler velvet extract? Deer antler has a reputation primarily for its hormone-supporting effects. Thus, it is said to have the best effects on testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1, which in turn should help with various forms of athletic performance, recovery and also sexual function Deer Antler Velvet is claimed to increase testosterone, growth hormone, strength, physical performance, muscle mass and endurance in bed. It might also beautify your skin, improve brain function and enhance immunity. If this was not too good to be true, according to some claims it might also increase your penis size Overview Deer velvet covers the growing bone and cartilage that develops into deer antlers. People use deer velvet as medicine for a wide range of health problems. People use deer velvet for.. Deer antler velvet is the epidermis covering the inner structure of the growing bone and cartilage, which develops into antlers. This tissue grows each spring on male North American elk and red deer, and should be removed by a veterinarian or certified farmer. The ethics, including use of local anesthetics, and procedures of harvesting antler.

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Deer Antler Velvet Extract Spray boasts so many health benefits you'd expect it to be on a late-night infomercial. The difference is that Deer Antler Spray has the studies to back it! This esoteric supplement is the all-in-one construction crew to help you build your dream physique Just because history and some researches tell the story about medical benefits of deer antler velvet, it does not mean it's the perfect supplement without any cons.. First off, the supplement is surrounded by many controversies.. It is an IGF-1 source and that's why velvet of deer antler is banned by sports organizations Deer velvet is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Other names for it include velvet antler and antler velvet. It is made from immature deer antlers, which are covered in velvet-like hair.At.

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Some of the many benefits reported from using deer antler velvet include a faster recovery time, increased testosterone levels, an enhanced immune system, and boosted strength and endurance. It's also said to promote muscle growth, aid in weight loss, and increase red blood cell count What are the health benefits of Deer Antler Velvet Extract? Antler velvet, when taken in liquid form from a trusted source, has many potential benefits. It is a supplement that can help support your immune system, boost energy, and support growth hormones in the body which can lead to muscle growth.*. Read more about Antler Velvet's health. While it is known that deer antler velvet has a host of benefits when taken by humans, there is research that shows that dogs, cats, horses and other animals can also experience these same benefits. The benefits of deer velvet antler include: Increase in a dog's athletic performance Promotes healthy skin and a shiny coa

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Deer antler velvet is essentially a growth hormone called insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. Growth hormones, which are naturally produced by the brain and liver, regulate how our bodies grow Deer Antler Velvet Extract Spray boasts so many health benefits you'd expect it to be on a late-night infomercial. The difference is that Deer Antler Spray has the studies to back it! This esoteric supplement is the all-in-one construction crew for building your dream physique According to the scientific research, deer antler velvet is positively linked with athletic performance levels - increase in strength and size of muscles, endurance, aerobic performance and recovery after workouts

Our Deer Antler spray is responsible for total restoration of normal body processes and strengthening of the body which leads to both mental and physical performance enhancement and boosting of the immune system. To satisfy our customer completely, we are offering a larger 2 Fl. oz bottle which contains 100 mg of pure Deer Velvet Everything You Need To Know About Deer Antler Velvet. One of the fastest-growing breakthroughs in natural medicine today is Deer Antler Velvet. This product, which is also called as Deer Velvet, Antler Velvet, LuRong (hairy young horn), Velvet Antler, or Deer Antler, is widely believed not just in Asia but also in other parts of the world to support health and wellness Now the Western world has found that deer antler velvet can promote strength and stamina, maintain good health and prevent illness. Deer antler velvet has been studied since the 1930's in Russia. More recently New Zealand is the leader in deer antler velvet research and application. Studies have shown that deer antler velvet

It is estimated that 40% of deer antler velvet users worldwide are female. While is often thought of as a male supplement, women account for an estimated 40% of deer antler velvet sales worldwide. It's a surprising figure, but it should not be. Women can derive the exact same benefits as men. In terms of athletic perf Deer Velvet Antler Benefits. Deer velvet antler can act as a natural adaptogen, and it restores homeostasis in an unbalanced body. Homeostasis refers to the body's tendency to seek and maintain equilibrium within its internal environment. Deer velvet antler has beneficial effects on various systems of the organism due to its complex chemical. What are the Benefits of Antler Farms® Deer Antler Velvet Extract? The benefits of deer antler velvet extract comes from its powerful, bioavailable full growth factor matrix. Growth factors are natural proteins that stimulate cell growth in the body Best Deer Antler Velvet and Deer Antler Spray - https://www.antlerfarms.com - Antler Farms is the leading manufacturer of the word's best deer antler velvet... The best place is buy deer antler velvet and deer antler spray is through New Zealand company Antler Farms. Antler Farms is the leading manufacturer of high quality deer antler velvet products. Available on their website are 100% pure deer antler velvet powder in capsule form and a potent 75:1 deer antler velvet extract in liquid and tablet form

Deer Antler Spray: Potential Benefits and Nutrition Facts

  1. o Acids, Velvet Pet Extreme, IGF-1 Deer Antler Spray. We make every effort to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of information on this site
  2. Full IGF-1 Deer Antler Velvet Extract Lipo Spray information, benefits, side effects & dosage on this page below: Used for: Strength, Endurance, Recovery, Incredible Aphrodisiac, Anti-aging, Improve memory, Boost immunity. BioSynergy IGF-1 Deer Antler Velvet Extract lipo spray is made from the highest quality raw materials with guaranteed potency
  3. The IGF-1 found in deer antler spray is derived from deer antler velvet, the tissue found inside the deer's antlers before they fully harden. Since deer antlers grow incredibly fast, it is not.

The surprising health benefits of deer antler velvet. Deer antler, or more specifically 'velvet antlerwhich refers to the soft, newly grown antler before it hardens, not just the velvet skin'has been used in Chinese medicine for 2000 years. Often prescribed as a tonic, it is reputed to boost the immune system, improve stamina and reduce. The deer antler velvet is very rich in nutrients including potassium and selenium, which can really help if you are facing problems like lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can be easily concluded that deer antler spray provides ample of benefits to you in the long run

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Deer antler velvet also contains glucosamine, collagen, and chondroitin all of which function in suppressing the pain and inflammation of the joints as can be seen from individuals suffering from arthritis or even osteoarthritis. Perhaps one of the most controversial ingredients of deer antler velvet is the Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 or IGF-1 In recent years, the use of Deer Antler Velvet IGF-1 has received much publicized attention due to the positive results it continues to produce for many well known athletes in the professional sports world and celebrities who openly endorse the positive health benefits of Deer Antler Velvet IGF-1 Spray [6] Erskine, Chris. Take two spritzes of deer antler spray and call me in the morning. [7] Deer Antler Velvet 411. Learn About Deer Antler Spray Side Effects. [8] Laron, Z. Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1): a growth hormone. Mol Pathol. 2001 October; 54(5): 311-316. [9] WADA Statement on the prohibited substance IGF-1. The antler velvet is a tissue covering the cartilage and bone that becomes deer antler. It is obtained from the antlers of male deer when covered in things looking like mass of soft hair. The velvet can be harvested from moose, elk and caribou antlers as well The Healthy Protocol Royal Velvet Deer Antler is a proprietary and powerful, nutrient-dense, all natural superfood that contains nearly two thousand different nutrients and constituents that offers hundreds of health benefits - including reversing the aging process, dramatically improving athletic performance, boosting brain function, boosting energy and improving overall health, weight, sleep.

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Deer velvet is used to boost strength and endurance, improve the way the immune system works, counter the effects of stress, and promote rapid recovery from illness. It is also used at the onset of winter to ward off infections. Other uses include treatment of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, migraines, muscle aches and pains, asthma. Deer Antler Velvet Spray Extract . Miracle Bodybuilding Solution Or Another Pure Hype? One week before the Super Bowl in 2013, a story was leaked that linked Ray Lewis to a new bodybuilding product called deer antler velvet.According to the story, Ray Lewis had used deer antler velvet to recover from his torn triceps much quicker than originally intended

Deer Antler Velvet Spray: dilutions of deer antler velvet and specific growth factor peptides with little nutritional value and often mixed with other vitamins and herbs in an attempt to falsely mimic performance enhancing drugs (PED) ^. Quick clarification: deer antler velvet is not a PED Velvet Antler Extract: Many studies show that velvet from elk and deer antlers have many medical benefits. Deer antler velvet is an essential growth hormone called IGF-1. Growth hormone is naturally produced by the brain and liver, and determines how much our body's grow. IGF-1 is a key factor in how the body repairs itself Take Advantage of the Natural Benefits of NutriNZ Deer Velvet! NutriNZ Premium Grade New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet VegeCapsules are extremely rich in Growth Factor Matrix such as IGF-1 and IGF-2, which explains the antlers' rapid growth.It also contains around 40 key compounds and more than 396 bioactive natural components such as various minerals and trace elements Deer antler velvet is a name that's used to describe the antler velvet harvested from the antlers of growing deer, moose, caribou and elk. The antlers are removed from the animal before they solidify into solid bone, and the velvet is harvested with no harm coming to the animal

Deer Antler Velvet Extract: Benefits of Spray, Tincture

Deer Antler Velvet Benefits - Hype Does Not Work In

DEER VELVET: Overview, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions

  1. The Healthy Protocol Royal Velvet Pure Deer Antler Liposomal Spray (1 fl oz) Royal Velvet PURE is a proprietary and powerful, nutrient-dense, all natural superfood that has hundreds of benefits - including reversing the aging process, dramatically improving athletic performance, boosting brain function, repairing your DNA and damaged organs, as well as improving overall health, weight, sleep.
  2. NutriNZ Deer Antler Spray is carefully collected from premium antler in the South of New Zealand. It is a 100% pure and undiluted natural supplement, power-packed with over 40 key compounds and 396 bioactive ingredients. Our unique proprietary cold-extraction process (with a 75:1 extract ratio) preserves the heat sensitive micro nutrients found naturally in Deer Antler Velvet and utilizes the.
  3. BioAntler - Deer Antler Velvet Spray. BioAntler takes advantage of natural deer antler velvet, L-Arginine and other natural ingredients to create a supplement that will build muscle, burn fat and make your body recover from workouts and injuries in record speeds
  4. Deer Antler Velvet benefits had a meteoric rise in popularity when Ray Lewis allegedly relied on Deer Antler Velvet to support the repair of his torn right triceps. At the time, in 2012-2013, the supplement was banned by the NFL due to the fact that it contains insulin-like growth factors (IGF)
  5. Velvet antler is the whole cartilaginous antler in a precalcified growth stage of the Cervidae family including the species of deer such as elk, moose, and caribou. Velvet antler is covered in a hairy, velvet-like skin known as velvet and its tines are rounded, because the antler has not calcified or finished developing. Velvet antler preparations are sold in China as part of traditional.

To determine the effects of deer antler velvet on maximal aerobic performance and the trainability of muscular strength and endurance, 38 active males were randomly assigned in a double-blind fashion to either deer antler velvet extract (n = 12), powder (n = 13), or placebo groups (n = 13). Subjects Velvet Antler, commonly from deer but also obtained from elk, is the crushed antler base of the mammal's antlers; these antlers regenerate rapidly and commonly fall off, which then appear to have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for general preventative health purposes.. Repeated studies have been conducted on the interactions of Velvet Antler and hormones, and all studies have found. Prolexin IGF-1 deer antler velvet spray recently created quite a stir and got aired on the CNN News. The reason for this excitement is because scientists have found out that the IGF-1 in deer antler velvet can give you are a couple of benefits. You can now build more muscles, get rid of body fat and recover much faster. Thanks to Prolexin IGF-1 Benefits of Deer Antler Spray Deer antler spray, such as BioAntler , is taken by professional athletes in several sports. It is popular among professional baseball and football players to help them increase their endurance, get a boost of energy and help them recover faster from injuries

Wild Miracle deer velvet spray. Wild Miracle is a high quality enhancing supplement that you spray under your tongue and it provides the highest levels of deer antler velvet that is available to the retail market place. Deer antler velvet has many benefits from improved immune system, to giving strong natural erections and sexual enhancement Deer antler velvet spray has a lot of benefits related to the physical wellbeing of a person. It helps in enhancing internal strength and functioning of the immune system. There are other ways it can be helpful to you. It is majorly used by people who are involved in bodybuilding. In addition to strength, it helps them recover from a heavy.

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Deer Antler Velvet Spray Review Deer antler velvet spray is manufactured by Nutronics Labs. This is also known as IGF-1 and is a growth hormone responsible for the rate at which muscles grow. Deer Antler Velvet Spray is supposed to increase the muscle growth and is basically meant for people with growth hormone deficiency and joint health issues Elk Antler Velvet Benefits: Pills vs. Spray. by Erich Stauffer March 25, 2014. Elk antler velvet is the soft tissue that covers the cartilage of deer antlers before they calcify into bones. It has been harvested for centuries and used in Chinese traditional medicine to revitalize, repair, rejuvenate and regenerate muscles and tissues The NFL-banned substance present in deer antler velvet is insulin-like growth factor, IGF-1, which mediates the level of human growth hormone in the body. IGF-1 has also been banned by Major League Baseball and the World Anti-Doping Agency. Deer antler velvet is the tissue that covers the bone and cartilage that develop into deer (and elk) antlers Avail The Advantages Of Deer Antler Velvet Spray Deer antler spray is a nutritional supplement that has taken the modern fitness to greater heights. The professional athletes use this natural product for the positive impact it gives to the human body, which also improves athletic performance Xtreme Antler is a muscle-building non-steroid spray supplement. It is made up of deer antler velvet which is known for its fat burning and muscle generating properties. This component has also been known for its stamina boosting properties and for spiking sex drive. It has been a common solution to treat a variety of health problems among the.

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Andrew Gilbey, Jose D Perezgonzalez, Health benefits of deer and elk velvet antler supplements: a systematic review of randomised controlled studies, Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 14-December-2012, Vol 125 No 1367 The potential benefits of deer and elk antlers have been known for thousands of years. They're loaded with natural vitamins and minerals, including joint-boosting chondroitin, and the antler velvet (the cartilage growth phase of the antler) has been touted for everything from a sexual tonic to an immune booster Benefits . A powerful HGH releasing supplement, GenF20 Plus is comprised of an oral supplement and a spray. In this article, we are talking about the supplements that contain deer antler velvet extract, an essential component Antler velvet spray products and related supplementation are geared towards regeneration of cells and tissues. Ultimate Antler Velvet Spray Luckily, the best antler velvet spray is now on the market. AntlerX is the ultimate velvet antler spray product, containing the highest-grade of premium antler extract only from New Zealand deer Velvet antler is derived from several species of deer, but mostly from two major deer species, European red deer and Asian deer. Russia has used antler velvet for the recovery and repair of muscle tissue, damaged tendons and broken bones in Olympic athletes

Deer Antler Velvet: A Big Hoax? Most deer antler spray bottles contain about 3,000 to 5,000 nanograms of IGF-1 from antler velvet. That's not my guess—it comes straight from the manufacturer. You know, those same people that are selling you on the miraculous benefits Maxlife Antler Velvet Max formulas are produced with the highest grades of 100% pure New Zealand deer antler velvet extract. Antler Velvet Max deer antler velvet IGF-1 formulas contain over 40 key compounds and 400 active ingredients. IGF-1 has its own receptor on many types of cell tissue, including muscle, nerve, and connective tissue

Deer antler velvet has already been tagged as a possible steroid alternative by pro sports because it contains IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1 regulates human growth hormones in the body and is considered detection free unless a blood test is taken. These so-called negative reports have only helped sales of deer antler velvet But a sublingual spray is a different story. Sprayed under the tongue and held for 30 seconds or longer, nutrients and substances like IGF-1 are quickly assimilated into the bloodstream. Thus the concern of doping by athletes looking to get a performance boost from deer antler velvet. Should YOU Use Deer Antler Velvet Spray Certainly, deer antler products offer a wide range of health benefits to nearly all people. deer velvet spray and similar substances can surely enhance the overall athletic performance of athletes and bodybuilders, reducing muscle stress at the same time. These compounds are likewise believed to reduce fatigue, treat arthritis, osteoarthritis. The antler velvet is harvested from the elk deer species found mostly in Western countries (e.g., New Zealand, United States). Manufacturers ensure that they harvest the antlers prior to full calcification in order to acquire the full deer antler velvet supplement benefits. The elk deer species produce the largest amount of velvet

Deer Antler Velvet Has These Key Benefits: Maintain stable long-lasting energy levels *. Promote joint flexibility and muscular strength *. Relief of minor aches and discomfort in joints and muscles *. Support tissue repair and regeneration of skin, muscle, and bone *. Promote physical recovery and injury repair * Recently Yahoo! Sports published an article titled Deer antlers? (yes, deer antlers) by Dan Wetzel, This article discussed the supplement deer antler velvet and its use in the NFL. In related news, recently appointed head football coach for the Oakland Raiders, Hue Jackson, was forced to cut ties with a supplement company promoting an oral spray containing deer antler velvet This site has been developed to provide up-to-date information on the health benefits of deer velvet antler as a natural dietary supplement . Deer velvet antler is now proving to be one of the most beneficial products in natural medicine. Oriental physicians have regarded it as an essential health, energy and sexual tonic for the past 2000. Deer antler velvet components come in various formulas, such as capsules and spray, and if taken properly, offer some promising results and benefits with deer antler spray.. For those who are competitive athletes or bodybuilders, it is a common risk to be plagued by a series of injuries, ranging from broken tendons to decreased cartilage between the joints The deer antler velvet in Antler Force only uses the highest quality deer antler velvet available- which comes from deer in New Zealand. Once harvested, the velvet in Antler Force has been refined to microparticle size and suspended in its most effective state, which allows for nearly instantaneous absorption into the bloodstream once you spray.

Learn and Discover More About the Deer Antler Velvet Supplement Benefits July 25, 2017; What Deer Antler Velvet Spray Can Do for Your Health and Wellness July 25, 2017; Text Widget. This is a text widget. The Text Widget allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a. Nowadays, deer antler velvet and deer antler spray are all the rage in bodybuilding. Deer antler velvet is a dietary supplement made from growing deer antlers. When made into an extract, it is known as deer antler spray. In the growth stage, deer antlers are full of nutrients including amino acids and growth factors

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At last, professional athletes have discovered the ultimate performance enhancing supplement: deer antler spray. Contrary to the outrageous claims by ignorant sportscasters in the media, velvet antler is not a fad. The health benefits of velvet antler have been employed in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The fact, that the media just discovered it Spray directly onto tartar twice daily for 2-3 weeks. Tartar can be removed by toothbrush or a swab after 7 days. We have combined Deer Antler Velvet, NZ Manuka Hydrosol, Manuka concentrate, Manuka Honey 10+ and Propolis to make an amazing oral dental spray for your pet Antler Farms Deer Antler Spray, Deer Antler Velvet and IGF-1 Do not buy product from this company. I own a Health Food Store in San Diego. I bought several bottles from this company of the 25,000NG's for my store, only to find out the product does not work! I have made several attempts to get my money back. They do not even have a contact number

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  1. Cooney, A. . A Review of Scientific Literature on the Health Benefits of Velvet Antler. 2001. Dalefield RR, Oehme FW. Deer velvet antler: some unanswered questions on toxicology. Vet Hum Toxicol. 1999. Ditchkoff SS, Spicer LJ, Masters RE, Lochmiller RL
  2. By Matt Samansky. Supplement Review Editor. Deer antler spray received its fair share of media attention. Ever since retired football star Ray Lewis tested positive for the stuff in 2013, the once popular supplement has lost some of its luster. That is, until I came across Bucked Up, a pre-workout powder by DAS Labs.. SO what exactly is deer antler velvet?.
  3. Deer Velvet Antler Dietary Supplement. It is prized for its health-giving properties as a restorative tonic.The West is now benefiting from deer velvet antler and its range of natural properties. Deer velvet antler is a unique product. Consistent with holistic Oriental Medicine philosophies of promoting 'wellness' rather than curing.
Deer Antler Spray: Potential Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Deer Antler Velvet Benefits, Uses, and Side Effect

Amazon.com: deer antler velvet. Severe Joint Pain can take 2.5 months of use to feel full benefits. Manufactured in USA. 3.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) 3.9 out of 5 stars 570. $57.00 $ 57. 00 ($16.29/Fl Oz) Save more with Subscribe & Save. Get it as soon as Mon, Aug 2. FREE Shipping by Amazon. bucked up deer antler spray Velvet Deer Antler Benefits Velvet Antler has so many powerful benefits as shown from the above chart. It increases stem cell activity, boosts the immune system, adds growth factors (athletes are currently using these as safe and natural steroid alternatives, so they can get faster recovery from sports injuries and develop new muscle and bone. Stock up, save money, and make those sweet, sweet gainz. Deer Antler Velvet Extract Spray boasts so many health benefits you'd expect it to be on a late-night infomercial. The difference is that Deer Antler Spray has the studies to back it! This esoteric supplement is the all-in-one construction crew for building your dream physique

Now you can get the dosage used by countless elite athletes when you use DAS Labs Deer Antler Spray IGF-1. Featuring 500,000ng pure deer antler velvet powder per serving, DAS Labs Deer Antler Spray IGF-1 packs a punch when it comes to improving recovery and building lean muscle.. This unique supplement contains active components for promoting rapid recovery, boosting strength, and enhancing. That substance is deer antler velvet. Just what are the benefits of deer antler velvet? First of all, you should know where dear antler velvet comes from. This is the velvety coating on the antlers of a young male deer. Deer farmers harvest the velvet by gently scraping it from the antler Supplement Review: Deer Antler Velvet Spray - by Deer Antler Spray Direct * (I will be using this following the Royal Sport review and preceding the Shredz review, probably a couple of weeks more) stay tuned! Deer Antler Spray - 30 Day Supply $49.90 $34.9 Main Benefits of Deer Antler Velvet. Recovery - Deer Antler Velvet has shown to be beneficial in recovery from workouts and injuries. Anti-Aging - Due to the presence of high levels of IGF-1 and IGF-2, Deer Antler Velvet may aid in the reduction of stress, enhancement of memory, recovery from injuries, and increased energy Deer Antler Velvet Extract Hers. Our first Deer Antler Velvet Spray strong enough for him but specifically formulated for a woman 'HER™ needs. Allows for a faster post-workout recovery and speeds healing of injuries. Helps support a healthy immune system. 100% natural

Deer Antler Velvet Extract & Deer Spray Health Benefits

Dalefield RR, Oehme FW. Deer velvet antler: some unanswered questions on toxicology. Vet Hum Toxicol. 1999;41:39-41. Allen M, Oberle K, Grace M, et al. A randomized clinical trial of elk velvet antler in rheumatoid arthritis. Biol Res Nurs. 2008;9:254-261 Deer-antler velvet was utilized in conventional Oriental medicine for tens of thousands of years. Its deer velvet is harvested by nutronics from farms in New Zealand, among the biggest exporters of the material. The aerosols can be bought on Nutronics Lab's site, changing in cost from $19.99 to $189.99, conditioned upon the focus of IGF-1 Deer Antler Velvet Extract IGF-1 Spray from OxyLife supports sexual desire for both men and women, supports healthy weight loss management when paired with diet and exercise, and helps replenish youthful vitality. This natural stress reliever also supports mental well-being Deer Velvet Antler has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years and NZVel has decided it is time for our most loved companions to reap the amazing benefits of this ancient marvel. Deer Velvet antler has been proven in scientific studies to relieve the symptoms of joint disease in older animals, prevent the onset in younger pets and. Alova Deer Antler Velvet Extract Spray (1- or 3-Pack of 1 Fl. Oz. Bottles) Benefits. Intended to boost strength and endurance; May bolster immune system and illness recovery; Designed to counter effects of stress; May improve joint health; How to Use It and How It Works. Recommended dosage: 5 sprays under the tongue twice dail

Does Deer Antler Velvet Spray Work? #deer_antler_spray #

Deer Antler Velvet for Dogs - What are the Benefits of the

OxyLife's Deer Antler Dietary Supplement 100% Pure New Zealand Red Deer Antler Velvet with BioActive Formula Enhance Performance & Recovery for Your Active Lifestyle Weekend warriors, weightlifters and even professional athletes have used natural deer velvet supplements to help them get the most out of life Buy IGF-1+ Liposomal Spray Deer Antler Velvet Extract 1 fl oz Spray & other Anti-Aging Support Products. Deer Antler Velvet Extract IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) is a polypeptide compound produced from HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

#1 Rated Deer Antler Velvet Spray EXTREME IGF-1 | 400mg AtDeer Velvet Antler Extract In our fiercely
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