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  1. Candidiasis The fungus candida thrives in dark, warm, moist places like your belly button. It causes a rash of dry, itchy, swollen skin. You're more likely to get it if you're pregnant, obese, or..
  2. It is difficult to tell what the black dot is so one can only guess without seeing you in person. Usually, blackish discoloration around the belly button represents either tissue that has struggled to heal or has an overlying dried blood clot. Only your plastic surgeon will be able to tell by seeing you in the office
  3. Candida, a type of yeast that typically grows in damp, dark areas of the body, causes a yeast infection called candidiasis. It can occur between skin folds, such as in your groin area and under..
  4. Just like blackheads, they're made from dead skin cells and sebum, the oily substance your skin secretes. And just like blackheads, they turn black (at least on the surface) due to oxygen exposure. Navel stones are uncommon and usually don't cause symptoms, according to a paper published in the Journal of Radiology Case Reports
  5. al wall near your umbilicus (belly button). The hernia may contain tissue from the abdomen, part of an organ (such as the intestine), or fluid. What increases my risk for an umbilical hernia? Umbilical hernias usually happen because of a hole or weak area in your abdo
  6. Are you slim or fat? I would guess that you have at least some adipose tissue (fat) in the skin of your abdomen. If you do, this drawing should help answer your question

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Candida albicans is a yeast found naturally on the skin that prefers dark, damp environments, including the armpits and groin. A Candida yeast infection will often cause a rash in and around the.. Straight away: You may need to gently cleanse the belly button with a cotton tipped applicator. Regular soap and water should suffice. Hope this helps! 2 doctors agree. 0. 0 comment. 0. 0 thank. Send thanks to the doctor One of the most common causes of discharge from navel is fungal infections. This is worsened by the fact that the belly button can be a dark moist, warm place, the ideal breeding ground for fungi especially Candida Albicans Endometriosis that involves the belly button can cause a dark, reddish-brown discharge Why is my belly button black? Will it go back to my normal skin color? Follow up with your surgeon for an exam to confirm you are healing properly. This is unusual, and should be checked out. Best wishes! Helpful 1 person found this helpful. Robert E. Zaworski, MD (retired) MOST RECENT

The belly button or navel is a dip in the middle of the belly. It marks the place where a person's umbilical cord was attached in the womb. Belly buttons come in all shapes and sizes, and, no. A red belly button is often caused by a fungal or bacterial infection in the area, states SpeedyRemedies. The most common fungi that causes redness in the belly button region is Candida albicans that thrives in dark, moist and warm areas, explains MedGuidance. Infection in the belly button is often the result of poor hygiene habits Because the belly button is a moist and warm area, it is vulnerable to the growth of bacteria that leads to different types of infection. This causes the belly button to produce an unpleasant odor and discharge. The smelly belly button can also be accompanied by bleeding, especially when you have a belly button pierce. This could be a sign of a. Why is top of my belly button pierving hole is bigger. veshia on February 29, 2012: Ok so i had mi belly button puerced for abt a week now. N tha top hole has streched so now mi top ball is sitting n tha whole wat shud i do???? Stephanie on February 21, 2012: Okay so jve been searching up lately about navel piercingly so I can prevent infections Dark beers and lagers can also make stool look black. Certain supplements and medications, such as iron and Pepto-Bismol, are another reason for black stool. When you notice black blood in the stool, it usually is from higher in your intestine (stomach or small bowel)

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  1. I just noticed some dark stuff in my belly button. I took two pictures. Bot sure why it's there it doesn't hurt or - Answered by a verified Doctor. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website
  2. I have a skin issue all over mostly affecting my legs ,feet and belly. My legs are purple and have pimples with black specks in them the texture has changed and thickened around ankles up to mid calve area and a bluish black stained residue is left on my clothes after moisturizing also slot of long hairs with black specs seem to be imbeded in my skin and loosen afte heavily moisturizing the.
  3. It is a dark vertical line that typically runs straight down the middle of the abdomen, starting, finishing, or crossing through the belly button. In most cases it looks like a skinny strip of darker skin, almost as if someone has taken a marker or thick ink pen and traced a line down the belly

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Note: If your belly button smells, see a doctor ASAP. As you can see, some of the causes of belly button discharge are not of great concern, but others can lead to serious medical problems. If you have a discharge, or your belly button is giving off a smell you must be examined by a doctor Pain around the belly button can have numerous causes surrounding structures of the digestive system, and can differ based on if the pain is on the left or right side. Belly button pain is often associated with the cecum, the appendix, ascending colon, right ovary and fallopian tube, or the right ureter. Read below to learn what may be causing your belly button pain Re: Black & Blue around my belly button. KRB8 member. May 2010. I've had a numbing senesation around my belly button but it never lasted longer than a day. I believe the numbing is somewhat common and from what I've read not a problem. I haven't had a bruise though from it. Please keep your LOs RF as long as possible

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  1. This explains why titillating her belly button and its surrounding area can often be felt in her vaginal canal and vice versa. I guess you can say they are like a third nipple. The navel is an odd.
  2. Bruising or discoloration, Distended stomach (Abdomen), Distended stomach (Abdomen (lower)) and Pain or discomfort. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms bruising or discoloration, distended stomach (abdomen), distended stomach (abdomen (lower)) and pain or discomfort including Bruise or contusion, Hematoma, and Trauma or injury
  3. al pain that begins near the belly button. Henoch-schonlein purpura. Henoch-Sch nlein purpura is a condition that causes a purple bruise-like rash on the legs and buttocks. Aortic dissection (abdomen

Your belly button should be cleaned just like all the other parts of the body; otherwise, the area can develop gnarly smells and infections, often paired with red, itchy, and scabby skin. Linea nigra is a dark line stretching from the top of the pubic hair to the belly button, although it sometimes extends to the breast. It's totally normal while expecting, and it lingers after you.

It was the weekend when my belly button decided to go south , He couldn't be reached and after 3 hours of pure hell the surgeon allowed me to sign a release to do the surgery . Needless to say my Hepatologist called while I was recovering in surgery a hour later . He wasn't real happy but understood the circumstances The dark line on your pregnant belly is the linea nigra, sometimes called the pregnancy line. About 80% of pregnant women will see the linea nigra form during pregnancy, usually after the first trimester. 1  It is not unique to pregnancy. It can form when you are not pregnant, even in men

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  1. Belly Button Itches . Itchy skin, particularly around the belly button, is fairly common during pregnancy. As the skin stretches, it can become irritated and itchy. This is usually temporary and normal. Keep your skin clean with soap and water and well hydrated with your favorite lotion for some relief
  2. If you keep your belly button piercing during pregnancy, it might start to get irritated as your baby bump grows or possibly catch on your clothing. Watch for redness, which signals that the piercing might be too tight. Dry, tight skin. Pregnancy hormones and stretching of the skin with your growing baby bump can make your belly feel itchy.
  3. A deficiency in folic acid in the body is sometimes an indication of skin discolorations. Eat healthy during pregnancy ensuring that your diet contains plenty of folic acid from leafy vegetables, oranges, and whole-wheat breads and cereals. During pregnancy, the dark line on your belly is not the only skin change that occurs
  4. well, as im not a philosopher of any sort, all i can say is that its a weird fact of life that 9 times out of 10 belly button fluff will be blue. bizarre eh. sarah, huddersfield england

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The linea nigra is a dark, vertical line on your belly that appears during pregnancy. Latin for black line, the linea nigra usually extends from your belly button down to your pubic area. In some women it also extends upwards from the belly button. Most pregnant women will develop one, but it's a little less common or noticeable in women with. Hi, I am pregnant and recently discovered a big mole inside my belly button and was worried. The mole is thick with a dark brown layer on top and broken. Looks almost like a crust but it's not.. I had a dark line and belly button. It all faded after just a few months postpartum. May 23, 2013. Style I. I got the line too. That doesn't bother me as much. Like belly- thighs - hips gone sooo dark. Upside is after 3months o giving birth I'm 9stones. 1/2 stone more to lose. No excersize! One of the most affected areas after childbirth is the belly, which may be damp, with flaccid skin and darker. It is completely normal for the belly to be darker than its skin tone after delivery. Due the fact, that there is a high concentration o.. Remember that as your belly button becomes an outie it can become extra sensitive and develop what looks like a dark ring or bruise if it is irritated such as when rubbing against clothing. 4. Linea Nigra. This is a dark line that extends from your navel to your pubic bone. Not all women will get it during pregnancy

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i was released from the hospital yesterday minimal tenderness even now , ive been walking around fine. today i noticed under my navel in the morning a small dark gray.maroon ish bruise , and tonight it seems to have spread out a bit further but its lighter as its further out, is this normal , should i worry? there isnt extra soreness , since i have noticed it ,. thanks Treatment and remedies. Warm salty water. Washcloth. Medication. Belly button crust is a normal occurrence. Your skin cells regularly regenerate, meaning that the old skin can get trapped inside it instead of being washed off in the bath. These skin cells dry up to become crusty. However, while some crustiness is common, any other discharge or. The Effects of A Tummy Tuck on The Belly Button. During a tummy tuck in Omaha, your surgeon makes a small incision around the belly button to release it from the surrounding skin. This allows the surgeon to pull and tighten the skin more easily, ensuring the stomach is completely flat and taught. Once that is done, the belly button is moved and. The easiest way to treat an irritated belly button piercing is to keep the area clean. To clean your piercing, soak a q-tip or cotton ball with a saline solution and gently wash your piercing holes and belly button twice a day. After cleaning the area, rotate your piercing about 4 times

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  1. al location like the appendix. Signs/symptoms of concern include: local redness & drainage, umbilical bulging that can't be reduced with gentle pressure, fever, vomiting, change in bowels, generalized abdo
  2. or bleeding
  3. Belly button bleeding may occur following surgical procedures. The incidence of belly button bleeding often follows earlier symptoms that indicate the development of an infection. Typically, the first sign of an infection may be some swelling and discoloration of the skin around the belly button. From there, discharge of some type may occur
  4. Click to read in-depth answer.Similarly, you may ask, why is my belly button crusty? If your belly button is leaking clear or colored discharge or blood, you may have a bacterial, fungal, or yeast infection.Crusty skin, strong odor, itching, and redness are also signs of infection. If discharge and crust stick around after you wash your belly button, you should see your doctor
  5. Itchy belly button piercing Itching is one sign of either a fungal infection or an allergic reaction. While itching can be caused by foreign irritants such as belly button lint, contact dermatitis and bruising, if the piercing is still not healed yet it starts to itch, an infection is likely to have occurred
  6. Linea nigra during pregnancy. During pregnancy, because of increased levels of estrogen, your body produces extra melanin. Melanin is a pigment responsible for darkening the skin and, in pregnancy, causes the linea nigra to appear. Increased melanin also causes the area around your nipples (areolas), your labia and clitoris to darken in color

Replied on 04/19/2011. This dark skin discoloration in the belly and groin area is a classic pattern of skin change seen in dogs that have chronic skin irritation. Likely your dog has skin allergies or another condition leading to the discoloration. Sometimes this same change can be seen with hormonal imbalances as well The most common reason that your belly button producing pus from it is a type of fungus called Candida. This type of fungus loves the nature of the belly button that is damp, dark, and cavity. If this type of fungus infected your belly button you will notice symptoms like redness around your belly button, discolored or itchy Why You May Want a New Belly Button. However, a tummy tuck accomplishes more than just a flat tummy. As the midsection expands, whether as a result of pregnancy and childbirth or another form of weight gain, that person's belly button also changes its appearance. Instead of round and tight, the belly button can become undefined, shift its. Pregnancy hormones are behind the appearance of the linea nigra (Latin for black line). The condition is the darkening of your linea alba, the white or colorless line of skin you'd probably never noticed that runs between your belly button and your pelvis. In fact, the skin all over your body becomes hyperpigmented, or darkened.

The dark mark is the top hole and there's a (tiny) space between of regular skin not scarred skin, and then I have another dark mark right under the space, and thats where my actual belly button is, and the 2nd hole where the belly piercing hangs at. Your belly button is a dark, damp place with many tiny crevices which are difficult to clean. So, sweat, soap, bacteria, and other germs can accumulate there and infect the skin inside and around your navel. Very often, other factors can increase the risk of belly button infections 3. Hairy Bellies are Lint Magnets. Belly button lint, like earwax and toe jam, is one of the great unspoken mysteries of the human body.Back in 2002, an Australian scientist and radio personality named Karl Kruszelnicki, aka Dr. Karl, decided to find out exactly where belly button lint comes from and why some people are afflicted (blessed?) with it and others aren't Just about anyone can have belly button lint. But research has shown that the ladies are a lot more likely to be lint-free than the gents. According to a 2009 article in The Telegraph, an Australian study that looked at lint samples from 5,000 people resulted in a not-too-flattering profile for lint-challenged individuals: a slightly overweight middle-aged male with a hairy abdomen This explains why titillating her belly button and its surrounding area can often be felt in her vaginal canal and vice versa. MUST READ: The 4 G-Spots in a Womans Body You Did Not Know Exist. 4 Ways To Pleasure The Belly Button. There are different options to pleasure the magical Belly Button. Let me share them with you: Option #1: Drop On.


Belly button leaking happens in males or females and is caused by accumulation of dirt, fungus, bacteria and other germs. In these cases, you may have bloody, yellow, white or brown discharge from the belly button. Common treatments for wet smelly fluid or pus from belly button include treating a Urachal Cyst o If you suffer from poor vision, rubbing a diluted solution of mustard oil on the belly button can improve your eye health. It is also a good way to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark.

The belly button or umbilicus is a scar and when operated on, such as for a laparoscopic port placement, it will heal very firm initially. Over time this will calm down, however, close follow-up with your surgeon is needed to determine if there is another cause of swelling, such as a hernia Constipation is just one reason why your digestion doesn't work correctly.You can try prunes or figs as a natural laxative for constipation relief. Other natural remedies for constipation include castor oil, eating more fiber, and drinking plenty of water.. Appendicitis can cause pain behind the belly button. Appendicitis is a serious cause of stabbing stomach pain that starts off behind the.

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If your belly button has a cleft you need to clean behind the cleft area. You can use Q-tips to clean hard to reach areas of the belly button. Putting lotion inside the belly button is not recommended unless the skin is noted to be extra dry. This is because usually, the belly button is humid. After showering be sure to dry the inside of the. Belly Button Piercing Rejection Signs. Rejection occurs when the body does not accept any foreign objects placed in the skin, i.e. jewelry. The body will, however, consider the object as a threat and will launch fighting mechanisms. Among them include pushing the object out of the skin slowly by healing the skin behind it and finally the.

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Solitary hairs that are thick, dark, and coarse are actually very common. Most women have at least one somewhere on their body. They can appear on the chin, cheek, arm, or anywhere else So, why do you now have a belly that continues to grow as you age? Well, there are a few reasons why fat starts accumulating in our stomach as we age, but for women, it is a reality of menopause. There are a variety of other reasons for belly fat, including heredity, genetic predisposition, poor diet and lack of exercise to name a few Sharp Belly Button Pain (Inside, Below, Above Or Sides) Belly button pain may occur to you for various reasons. The pain can be sharp or mild which lasts long or for a temporary period. The location of pain in the belly button can also vary. The feeling of pain may be right inside the navel, left or right side, below or above, or near the belly.

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Belly button wax is also a discharge associated with people who don't clean their navel or those who don't do it more frequently. 8. Injury - clear discharge . Injury especially if it damages the skin layer can cause the belly button oozing clear liquid especially after you have been injured. However, this should stop once a scab has been. Put 3 drops of olive oil in the belly button for all liver problems before going to sleep. putting 3 drops of castor oil in the belly button is good for stomach problems; Dark spots, acne and wound scars on the face are the very irritating condition.Put 3 drops of lemon oil in the belly button before going to sleep The belly button is the source of energy connected to other parts of the body; to the mouth, the skin and even to health concerns like menstrual cramps. Since the centuries Why Arabic mans and women put oil in their belly button, How this works is once inserted into the belly button, oil is easily absorbed and effortlessly distributed. Why do I have bloating with discomfurt above my belly button A fat full. stomach. My gall bladder was removed three years ago. I was also diagnosed with acute diverticullosis. Why is the area above above my stomach so extended. Lucy Grant on September 27, 2015

The skin folds of the belly button and navel form a moist environment; the perfect conditions for the fungi to live in. The navel is to fungi what water is to a fish. In this moist environment they can thrive. The moist environment in the navel gives the otherwise harmless fungi a huge boost, so the fungi multiply and create an imbalance of the. Usually, the belly button discharge will be a pale white, off-yellow, or light green color, and will kind of look like snot does when you have a cold. It may also give off an unpleasant, sour. Dark lines may also appear around your belly button, areolas and vagina, too, but they should all disappear between nine and 12 months postpartum. Note to breastfeeding moms: You'll probably be on the later end of that spectrum. (No one really knows why this is, but it tends to be blamed on hormones. Re: Scabbing in Belly Button. I clean by belly button with baby oil and a Q-tip. Or you can use a some sea salt in luke warm water. Swish them up in a cup and place the cup over your belly button. Shake the cup to make the water go in and out to clean it. 07-04-2007, 10:32 PM. # 3. Lost-in-Time This problem of pain in the stomach is something else especially in winter i gave birth in January 2021 until now im still experiencing pain around my belly button and its 4 months now. Im not sure if it will eventually stops or i should consult with a doctor

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Belly button - gender reveal. The belly button 'frown' or 'smile' is a new concept to us and pregnant mum Jess McLeod (above). After going for her regular check up today she says: I had a new midwife today and she asked if we knew what we were having. I told her we are having a surprise It could be there because you are skinny and need to fill out more, but again, I don't know. Since you are set to Under 18, assume it's a part of your changing body and that when your growth stops (probably won't stop completely until you are 19-21 or so) it might fade with time. Sorry I couldn't be anymore help Brown Spots On Stomach: Causes, Treatment For Dark Spots On Abdomen Brown spots on stomach and abdomen can be frequently noted in individuals, they escape our observation for two reasons, one, in many instances brown spots do not cause any trouble to an individual and second, they remain covered under the clothes Ask your doctor to drain a belly button cyst if you have one. Sometimes a cyst can form in your belly button, potentially leading to swelling, pain, and bad-smelling discharge. If you have an infected cyst in your belly button, your doctor will probably drain the cyst in their office

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Hard lump inside but underneath the skin of my belly button navel/belly button lumps at the rim of my navel/belly button lump below belly button Small Lump Right Below My Belly-button lump on belly button piercing repiercing belly button after pregnancy Yellow/Clear leaking from Belly Button - After Gallbladder o Lump near belly button piercing Belly button rashes are quite common and can be caused by a variety of factors. They can be very uncomfortable, but the preventive measures are quite simple if you remember to follow them: have a good hygienic profile, eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and consult a physician if you suspect anything wrong

An incidence of bleeding of belly button is often a sign that comes after an earlier symptoms of development of infection. A person might earlier have had a sign such as swelling and discoloration of skin, which is followed by the bleeding of belly button. A discharge such as the yellowish pus might also occur Will my baby's belly button always stick out? Maybe not. About 20 percent of all newborns have an outie, also called an umbilical hernia. This is a bulge caused by the umbilical cord as it enters the baby's abdomen. After birth, as the umbilical cord heals and falls off, the opening to the abdomen usually closes spontaneously Yes, a hairy belly is common in pregnancy - you may even sprout dark hair when you have fair hair yourself. Fuzziness and hairiness on your bump can often make an appearance in your second trimester, along with a neat dark line that stems from your belly button, called the linea nigra Also called the navel, the belly button is actually the anatomy's very first scar. It arises from the detachment of the umbilical cord post birth. In clinical terms, the ensuing scar tissue that occurs after the placenta separates from the fetus is called the umbilicus. Colloquially speaking though, the belly button The Pregnancy Line, officially called Linea Nigra, is the dark line that develops across your belly during pregnancy. It is possible that the line may have previously been there, however, because it was so light in color in went unnoticed. Prior to line prior to pregnancy is light or pale line is called the linea alba (white line)

Virtually every belly button will have some yellow or green drainage, both before and after it falls off. It may look like pus, but it is really just mucus. You may notice some on baby's T-shirt or diaper with every diaper change. This may go on for one or two weeks, so don't worry. The drainage will eventually stop Like many of you, my pregnancy belly has never went away. I lost all the baby weight and then gained some back, but no matter what my weight, the belly never goes away. It is very firm above my belly button, but that is the area that is the largest and I still look 4-5 months pregnant Below my belly button is flat, but then where my incision is, my belly goes from flat to concave. 2 months ago, my PS did liposuction on the upper part of my belly. It looked great for about 2 weeks, now it's back to the upper abdominal bulding. I can feel a hard lump right above my belly button, this started after the lipo procedure A higher belly button makes you a better runner, says Bejan. Locomotion is essentially a continual process of falling forward, and mass that falls from a higher altitude, falls faster

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Belly Button. To dream of a belly button represents awareness of yourself not having to notice anything wrong with yourself, someone else, or a situation you are experiencing. No noticeable problems. Feeling good being perfect or carefree in some manner. Negatively, a belly button may reflect sensitivity that something is perfect at all times.. To dream of a outie belly button represents. The belly button or navel is a region where germs can easily be trapped allowing them to multiply. When there are too many germs in the belly button, one is likely to become infected, and this may cause the body to start discharging its contents via the skin

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Are you experiencing belly button pain during pregnancy? Or perhaps your belly button is mildly sore or itchy? In this video I experience what a painful bell.. Few women want hair in certain spots: on the upper lip, between the eye brows, on the chin, on the back or on the stomach. A little tummy trail on a man might be cute, but hair around the belly button is not usually considered attractive on women

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The pain below the belly button is often described as a cramping pain or a burning sensation. These can be related to a urinary tract infection, giving birth, menopause, or recent abdominal surgery. Inguinal hernia - occurs when tissue pushes through a weak spot in the muscle of the groin, causing a bulge in the groin or scrotum (in males) Bacterial Infection: Sweat, lint, or residues of cosmetic products can lead to bacterial growth and infection in the belly button.If you notice a brown or yellow discharge from your belly button, it is an indication of a bacterial infection. Sebaceous Cysts: The formation of a sebaceous cyst in your belly button may also lead to an infection. These cysts are easily infected upon scratching Belly buttons come in different shapes and sizes. We usually classify them into two main groups: innies and outies, depending on whether they go inward or stick out. Although getting an innie or an outie is a matter of chance, most people have innies. Some people believe that the shape of the navel depends on the way in which or distance at.

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Since the centuries Why Arabic mans and women's put oil in their belly button, my new channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoC1bfIpbeamivZcpe8y27Amusic:Ca.. Learn what's involved with getting a belly button piercing, how to care for your new belly piercing, how to spot a developing infection, and where to get gorgeous belly button rings in our The Belly Button Piercing & Healing Process article. We cover the basics of navel piercing, talk about how to care for your healing belly button piercing, point you to belly button piercing pictures, show.