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The Bohlman Road is a very popular Santa Clara County bike climb because of its very significant grade - the climb averages 9% (9.8% when descent is removed from the gradient equation), and 29% (1.2 miles) are at 10-15% grade, 16% (0.7) miles are at 15-20%, and a punishing, albeit brief, 2.8% (0.1 mile) at ≥20% grade bohlman rd - 8.1 mi, +1960 ft. Bike ride in Saratoga, C

The section past where Bohlman finishes to Montevina. Because of the steepness and sharp curves, Bohlman is not a great descent. However, while Bohlman is a. dead end for cars, there is a dirt trail over the mountain that connects to Montevina Road so a bike has. the option to descend on Montevina instead Up Bohlman, (take On Orbit for a spectacular view) Back to Bohlman, turn left to keep climbing. At the end of Bohlman take the dirt road (on the right) for about a mile (almost all do-able on a road bike, veer right at the fork) Down Montevina to the bottom, turn right, go about 100 yards to Black Road; Climb up to Skyline and turn right

Cycling Mt. Hamilton East . Ride 4.5 miles gaining 1,962' at 8.3% average grade. SANTA CLARA COUNTY #5 BIKE CLIMB. BOHLMAN ROAD. Although a stone's throw from Silicon Valley . . .. . . this area has its share of wilderness . . . Ride 4.2 miles gaining 2,006' at 9% average grade. SANTA CLARA COUNTY #5 BIKE CLIMB. BOHLMAN-ON ORBIT-BOHLMAN #1 Mt. Umunhum North; #4 Soda Springs Road; #5 Bohlman - On Orbit (actual sighting) #3 Alba Road and #2 Mt. Umunhum South (center) The top 5 bike climbs in the south bay are, in descending order: SOUTH BAY #5 BIKE CLIMB. BOHLMAN-ON ORBIT-BOHLMAN. Although a stone's throw from Silicon Valley . . .. . . this area has its share of wilderness . .

Suggested A level ride. Some dirt trail riding. Lunch at end of ride. Start on Lorenzo St in Boulder Creek (west of parking area for Johnny's Market). - 43.3 mi, +6012 ft. Bike ride in Boulder Creek, C Montevina Road climbs from Highway 17 to a dirt road which connects to the top of Bohlman Road. It is very twisting and narrow, making for a fun climb but a slow descent. Back to contents. Haskins Hill (Pescadero Road) distance: 2.5 miles (Memorial Park—Summit, west side) 2.9 miles (Hwy 84—Summit, east side) climbing El Sereno. 66% FIRE ROAD34% ROAD. This ride is an out-and-back mountain climb that consists partially of a fire road and partially of paved public streets. El Sereno Open Space Preserve doesn't contain too many trails, and it features no bike-legal loop possibilities within the park's boundaries. The primary trail that runs through the park. Bohlman/On Orbit Road in Saratoga has the steepest grade I've been on in the Bay Area. Bring back the Podium Girls! Road Bike, Cycling Forums. A forum community dedicated to Road Bike owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about bike parts, components, deals, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance.

Pork cycling is like sausage.... . From Los Gatos, I wouild say the big climbs are Bohlman road in Saratoga, out and back. Then Highway 9, out and back, then Pierce road to Mt. Eden to Montebello. Each climb is about 2500 feet. What level of rider are you? You bringing a bike? regards, f From the top of Bohlman, if you survive, there is a 0.9-mile dirt road to the right (bear right on the dirt) to the top of Montevena Road, which can be descended to Highway 17. A short trip to the right along Hwy 17 brings one to Black Road, which can be climbed to Skyline Road. After B-O-B, the 10% grades of Black Road are cake. Altimeter altitud Every race Oliver Bohlman has ever participated in. Points in bold are being considered for the current points. Points in italics are being ignored because they were your second race that day. Green points are the best five races out of your last ten race days (within 12 months) -- the average of these are your current points

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  1. Bohlman Road/On Orbit Drive, California. Lake Sabrina, California. Whiteface Mountain, Adirondack Park, New York A Driver Hit Cyclists During Bike the Bluff in AZ. Benefits of a Plant-Based.
  2. For the record, it's the dirt road just past the End sign, and looks like a driveway from Bohlman. Montevina Road The short dirt section, well within the abilities of any road bike, leads one to the top of Montevina Road, which twists down toward Lexington Reservoir
  3. Bohlman is a dead end at the top, however, there is a fire road that continues on and connects up with Montevina Road after about a mile. Taking this will eventually get you close to the intersection of Black Rd and Hwy 17
  4. From Waterman Gap to the top of Skyline is a 6 mile climb, with no significant steep parts. After Bohlman, Black Road and China Grade, it's easy! Approaching the intersection of Highway 9 and Skyline. It's literally all downhill from here. And back in Saratoga to end the ride. 55 miles, and about 7100 feet of climbing
  5. Connect to route me from the south end of Bohlman Rd onto the western portion of CA-9 (Congress Springs Rd) then it always tries to take me through McGill Rd. This happens regardless of whether the routing option is set to Popularity Routing or Follow Roads
  6. SBS Nabs Pennsylvania Road Rep Brian Bohlman from Riteway by gOrk KENT, WA: Seattle Bike Supply is proud to announce the hiring of BRIAN BOHLMAN as an outside sales rep for SBS. Starting August 1st, Bohlman will be handed the territories for Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware
  7. 05/21 - 2nd - USA Cycling Beginning Race Program - Tom Bois 05/09 - 2nd - Team Time Trial State Championships (4-man) Mannino, Bohlman, Gilligan, McNulty 05/07 - 3rd - USA Cycling Beginning Race Program - Tom Bois 04/30 - 1st OVERALL - Great Park Series #1 (40+) - Craig Mannin
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Go to Summary Stats | Go to Detailed Stats Detailed Stats for Lou Galbiati for 2018 Date Title Pace Miles Bear Goats (co)Led List of Bear or Goats 01/01/18 Redwood Gulch Loop 6LM 68 10 Y MEN,STC,RWG,9NU,HBU,JMC,CGL,9SU,SNB,SOO 01/05/18 Bohlman Road 6LM 35 6 Y BOH,BOH,ONO,ONO,ONO,ONO 01/06/18 M&M Rollers SaraTino Hills 6LM 62 9 PKR,RGN,MNB,STC,RWG,ONO,ONO,BOH,BOH 01/07/18 East Side Hills 6M 53. Iowa Hill Road is a super steep test that climbs at double digit grade right from the beginning out of a river gorge. The road has several very tight switchbacks along the way and is narrow. Sparse traffic allows you to concentrate on the ascent but is a good thing as there is severe exposure in places and the grade only eases below 10% as you. Montebello Road distance: 5.3 miles climbing: 2020 feet Start/Finish: Stop sign at Stevens Canyon to dead-end gate Description: Montebello Road is a dead-end to cars through open space preserves and is thus an excellent cycling route, especially for climbing. Montebello starts out very steep at about 9% then flattens out in the middle 2019 USA Cycling Masters Road Nationals - RR (Aug 9 2019) Ruth: Clemence: Women Master 60-64: 3 / 13: 2019 USA Cycling Masters Road Nationals -TT (Aug 8 2019) Ruth: Clemence: Women Master 60-64: 2 / 10: CBR Dominguez Hills Criterium SERIES FINALE 7 of 7 (Jul 7 2019)? Dnp: Women Cat 3/4/5: 17 / 18: La Grange Grand Prix (Jun 2 2019)? Dnp: Women. Preview: Racer Widget! Cannondale Sports Lingo Jingo. Feb 22 2020: Baili Guidi places 17th at the Men Cat Pro/1/2 Race at the UCLA Road Race. Mar 10 2018: Phithak Baingam DNF'ed at the Men Cat 1/2/3 Race at the 7th Annual Shamrock Criterium. Sep 17 2016: Douglas Chrystall places 2nd at the MEN CAT 2/3 Race at the Mayors Cup Boston in a field.

Here's some simple examples of running the proposed formula, which is: rating = net climbing × (1 + [ 10 × net climbing / distance ]²) Here's the profile for a climb which was used in the Low-Key Hillclimbs in 2009, Bohlman-Norton-Kittridge-Quickert-On Orbit-Bohlman (for brevity, I'll refer to this as Bohlman-Norton from here on): The obvious question on this route is: is it one climb or two Bohlman-Norton-Kittridge-Quickert-On Orbit-Bohlman Men rank year(wk) name time %median 1 2009(6) Scott Frake 26:54 129.244 2 2009(6) Carl Nielson 28:05 123.798 3 2009(6) Tim Clark 28:36 121.562 4 2009(6) Tom Gardin 28:42 121.138 5 2009(6) Laurent Pfertzel 29:15 118.8 Saratoga: Start at Bohlman Rd, left onto Apollo Heights Ct, finish at end of road. Map: 01/2012: Don Axtell: Overlook: OVL: 4: 680: 1.6/1.0: Los Gatos: Start at Wissahickon Ave, finish at end of road -- or -- Start at Wissahickon Ave, left onto Sheldon Rd, finish at end of road. Map Alt-1: 09/2008: Mark Pryor: Page Mill Lower: PML: 4: 701: 2.

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  1. utes ago. Has anyone done the Copperopolis Road Race? Questions about what to expect. The race flyer calls it California's Paris Roubaix and advises bringing strong wheels, thick tires, and tightening all of the bolts on your bike ahead of time. Google street view of the road surface seems to corroborate that the roads look absolutely.
  2. Hi All - I have a question to local Los Gatos and Saratoga XC/Fire Road Riders. Thanks for any help. What's the most dirt filled and legal route to get..
  3. When you're new to road cycling, it's all too easy to get caught up in the excitement and rush out the door on your brand new road bike to tackle a monster r..
  4. Living in Folsom makes a person feel blessed—it's like a gateway to some of the best road and mountain trails in the area, says Erin Gorrell of Folsom Bike, on Folsom-Auburn Road
  5. 14795 Bohlman Rd is a 3,706 square foot house on a 1.66 acre lot with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Redfin has 51 photos of 14795 Bohlman Rd. Explore this home's photos. Based on Redfin's Saratoga data, we estimate the home's value is $3,239,061. Learn more about this home's Redfin estimate

Pacific Premier Bank Cycling T 10:18.6 5: Greg Kogut Moment Bicycles 10:20.6 Bohlman R5 - Rock Racing 10:36.1 10: Dakota Gracey Pacific Premier Bank Cycling T road-results.com is a division of athleteReg.com, the best event registration website in the world. Bohlman rd in Saratoga, CA is a 4.2 mile long road that climbs over 2,000 feet (almost 600m in 6km) with many sections around 16-18% and a few over 20%. I barely made it without stopping. Turn the sound on only if you want to hear me huffing and puffing, it won't sound pretty, and use Discovery (Découverte) mode

The Aquinas Trail from the top of Overlook/Sheldon in Los Gatos is a fire-road wide trail that climbs to below the El Sereno summit before continuing on to the fork towards Montevina or Bohlman. The trail has varying characteristics - smooth, bumpy, rutted, rocky, steep, very steep, and maybe muddy Overview. My first gradiometer, sitting on a stack of 7 pennies. The base is 67mm long, and the stack is 10mm high, giving a grade of 15%, which matches fairly closely to the reading on the gradiometer. Inspired by the Low-Key Hillclimbs and Western Wheelers' list of southern peninsula climbs , I wanted to see if I could make a cheap.

Chain Reaction Bicycles 1680 El Camino Real (at Roosevelt), Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 366-7130 Store Location & Hour It was a great road bike with Campy components and Columbus 531 doublebutted tubes. Steve Bohlman on June 23, 2021. Made in America Cannondale frames. Great geometry and craftsmanship. Restored and built up a vintage SR-900. 3.0 Black Lightning from my early days of road racing recently. Still a better ride than anything Carbon coming out of China This ascent of Bohlman Road is just brutal with the best views of the valley if you are still alive! Kittridge Rd will warm up your will of survival before putting you onto On Orbit: a small stretch of road averaging 20% which will put to test your will, before coming back on Bohlman for a nice finish to the top ROAD % GRADIENTS IN THE COAST RANGE AND SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS Measured by Ray Hosler ----- Sand Hill Road (at SLAC) 4 Sand Hill Road (west of 280) 5 Sand Hill Road (at CCTA Horse Park) 3.5 Sand Hill Road (west of Manzanita Way) 7.5 Lower Kings Mountain Road 8.5 to 10 Kings Mountain Road (at Huddart Park) 7 Kings Mountain Road (at Archery Range. Bike Trip had fine representation for this week's climb with Matt, Nils, Stefano, and myself present. Montebello is a very nice climb, totaling 2,000 ft of climbing over 5.2 miles. The first 2 miles are roughly 9%, the next mile is 3%, and the final two are 8% before giving way to some rollers leading up to the finish

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Full results from Boulevard Road Race on Jan 31, 201 There's no set answer to that. There are several different hub standards that aren't compatible. There's also the question of overall wheel diameter. And brakes. Rim brake bikes, you pretty much have to have the same diameter rim for the brake pad.. The most popular road cycling routes include Old La Honda Road, King's Mountain Road, Cañada Road, Southgate Drive, Skyline Boulevard and Highway 84. The Tour of California bicycle race includes several roads along and adjacent to CA-84 and Skyline Boulevard South Lake Tahoe to Angels Camp, October 21, 2020 - My second night in a motel room gave me a better sleep than the first. Gone was most of the antiseptic fumigant odor, and by now I was accustomed to the bed and the odd noises one hears in a shared lodging arrangement: appliances cycling on and off, nearby doors closing or slamming, muffled voices, shuffling chairs, footfalls, etc

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If you go straight through the junction, you'll climb for a little while, then come to another trail head, which is the exit to Bohlman Road. Bohlman is a fun downhill run into Saratoga, with a few steep sections and some scary blind corners. In winter, they sand the top section, so watch out. I got sand blasted there one day in very high winds Looking for a great trail near Saratoga, California? AllTrails has 50 great hiking trails, trail running trails, mountain biking trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Castle Rock State Park or The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. Hills R Us rolls weekly on Wednesdays. Ride leader announces the start location and route (see blog posts below) on the Monday prior. Download the route, and/or print the cue she Long Running Routes from Saratoga, United States. Find ideas for new routes for walking, running, cycling and more on plotaroute.com for sale: 20545 Beggs Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033 . Los Gatos . CA . 95033 . Beggs . 5 Bedroom . 4.5 Bathroom . 7561 Sqft . Spectacular 7,561 sf estate is situated on 2.

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See details for 16600 Bohlman Road, Saratoga, CA 95070, 5 Bedrooms, 3 Full/2 Half Bathrooms, 3301 Sq Ft., Single Family, MLS#: ML81780450, Status: Closed, Courtesy. Oakland is ripping out the new bike lanes on Telegraph to appease business interests at the expense of pedestrian and bicyclist lives. Quick therapy sesh at Bohlman road. 21. 8 comments. share. Posted by 1 day ago. Sunday ride through Woodside. Weather was great except some wind at the end of the ride on Canada Road. Definitely more. El Sereno, July 30, 1994 - Geoff Chase and I rode up Bohlman Road over the top of El Sereno (where the one photo was taken), down Montevina, and up Black Road and then south to Old Santa Cruz Hwy after which we flew down CA17 into Los Gatos. We then rode back into Saratoga, up CA9 to Sanborn Park, then up CA9 to Redwood Gulch and down Redwood Gulch and Stevens Canyon Road

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  1. At 10:10, we'll ride together to the cemetary at the intersection of 6th and Bohlman . Then after regrouping, and indulging ourselves with a considerable dose of denial at the pain which follows, we'll head up the hill. We'll have a marshal at potentially dangerous turns, and arrows marked on the road in red chalk at all turns
  2. Bohlman Road ESOP gate to the Montevina Connector Trail: This gate has no public access whatsoever. MPOS owns the penultimate property that is sandwiched between the last private property next to the gate and the 12 odd-shaped acres (shaped sort of like a huge C with county property and MPOS property in the inside of the C). The operate or.
  3. Cycling Climbs in Saratoga. There are 116 cycling climbs in Saratoga. Clicking on the climb category column will toggle between category and difficulty score. 1. Hwy 9 Climb - Pierce to Truck Trail (Skyline summit) (1340274) 1. Hwy 9 Climb - Pierce to Truck Trail (Skyline summit) (1340274) 2. Highway 9 (Low-Key Hillclimbs
  4. Find the right bike route for you through Saratoga, where we've got 137 cycle routes to explore. The routes you most commonly find here are of the hilly type. Most people get on their bikes to ride here in the months of January and February
  5. Bohlman, On Orbit, Montavina, Black Rd and Highway 9. The ride over Bohlman Road and On Orbit Lane is a candidate for the steepest climb in the Bay Area for good reason. It rockets up 2500 ft in just over 4 miles and offers the discerning climber sustained grades between 15 and 20%, and a number of shorter sections that approach 25%
  6. g the bike goes over a bump which hits each tire simultaneously, raising and lowering the bike as a unit. The result was an oscillation frequency around 10 Hz.

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A division I soccer player that headed straight to the financial world after college, Courtney found a bike to explore outside and clear her mind after long work hours. At 35, she will join the TWENTY20 Cycling development program, in balance with her full time job at Google as a Global Real Estate Data Integrity Manager Then, if you're feeling frisky, descend Bohlman (careful!) to 6th Street, left to Highway 9, left there for the long climb to Skyline, left over Castle Rock and down to Black Road which will take you back to the Highway 17 frontage road. A left there and it's a short ride back to the base of Montevina San Ardo Road Race, 45+. By Dennis Pedersen. San Ardo is not a wealthy town. It's only 575 people, many living in beat-up mobile homes with dusty dirt yards, eeking out a living in south Salinas Valley's fields. Last year I double-flatted just a couple of miles into this 63-mile road race

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6.2k members in the BAbike community. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut 02-07-2021 06:30:00 02-07-2021 08:30:00 6 ACTC: M&M Rollers West Hills 15-40 mi, 6 LM : *** IMPROMPTU RIDE FOR STATS CREDIT *** Meet and be ride ready at 6:30 AM (to avoid the heat) at Prospect High School West parking lot, on Prospect Rd at English Drive in Saratoga. This is a training ride of 15-40 miles. Drop off your contact card and ride. Feel free to do fewer or more goats on your way

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Stephen Biggs, PE, SE. As President of Biggs Cardosa, Steve brings more than 40 years of experience in leadership for the management, design, and construction of large and complex projects involving both building and transportation structures. His experience and expertise provides significant value to our clients in developing structure. Dave Boelman and Jason Shaw, both Certified Public Accountants with over 20 years of experience, are the owners at Boelman Shaw. Jason is experienced in retirement income planning for current and future retirees. Dave's work centers on tax planning and preparation for individuals and businesses. Boelman Shaw specializes in tax and financial. BikeReg - online cycling event registration. These results are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the protest period for this event has expired and no changes can or will be made to these results The road is open to off-road vehicles, so I figure a hybrid recumbent would be allowed, if unanticipated. I figure I am probably the first (and perhaps the last) to make the journey on such a bike. The first part of the road was fairly firm but had large whoop-de-doos (if ridden at high speed). Then the road started to climb steeply

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Billy Goats are a group of major hills. Credit is given for each Billy Goat climbed during a club ride, and special recognition is given to those riders who are able to complete a certain number of different Billy Goats. Click the links for the Map to see the location. Bay Area Billy Goats - Generally within 50 miles of the church where the. Full results from Rosena Ranch on Feb 21, 201

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steep climbs. Some of the best in the world: Bohlman + On Orbit: key for me is that the climbing on these very steep roads near Saratoga is interesting, with variations in steepness, and curves -- also some views.For a slightly longer steep steep section, can finish with left turn from On Orbit to Apollo (dead end) A climb converter for the LKHC series of climbs. 1995 Low Key Hill Climb Converter Top ( Note: Conversion factors source page can be found here). From the drop-down box, Select A 1995 Climb Enter your time for that climb (mins:secs)Optionally enter the total weight (you + bike) and / or power info (pounds / watts)If both pounds and watts are entered, mins and secs are re-calculate Peltier Road Bridge (HBP) The County of San Joaquin selected Biggs Cardosa to design and manage the rehabilitation or replacement of the Peltier Road Bridge over Mokelumne River. Having a Sufficiency Rating of 62.9, but nearing the end of its design life, Biggs Cardosa was requested to develop a preliminary technical study evaluating the.

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  1. The ride over Bohlman Road and On Orbit Lane is a candidate for the steepest climb in the Bay Area for good reason. It rockets up 2500 ft in just over 4 miles and offers the discerning climber sustained grades between 15 and 20%, and a number of shorter sections that approach 25%
  2. Bohlman Road from Southerly City Limit to Sixth Street 7. Braemar Drive from Howen Drive to Scotland Drive 8. Bucknall Road from Saratoga Avenue to Quito Road 9. Canyon View Drive from Reid Lane to Toll Gate Road 10. Chateau Drive from Regan Lane to southern Argonaut Driv
  3. ated concrete, speckled rust and flaking on steel members and inadequate bicycle and pedestrian access and being within the 100-year floodplain
  4. Las Cumbres, February, 22, 1997 - Richard Mlynarik, Stella Hackell and I rode up to Skyline Blvd. and up over Castle Rock summit, then took a path through the Las Cumbres development that led eventually (via a few dirt roads) to the lower reach of Bear Creek Road. The photos in this album were taken on one of these dirt roads, perhaps the dirt road that we inadvertently took that dead-ended in.
  5. If you are the kind of person that has read every post in this thread (errrr perhaps multiple times), you need to buy John Summerson's The Complete Guide to Climbing (By Bike) in California. It has index entries for Old La Honda, the Low-Key Hill Climb Series, and much more!! The climb/route..

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Main article: Shooting at the 1968 Summer Olympics. Twelve shooters represented the United States in 1968. Gary Anderson won gold in 300 m rifle, three positions, John Writer won silver in the 50 m rifle, three positions and Thomas Garrigus won silver in the trap 2010 USA Masters National Championships Road Race. MASTERS NATIONALS ROAD RACE. 8/4/10 Louisville, Kentucky. By Mark Edwards with commentary by Jim Langley. Let me start with a huge THANK YOU to everyone at the Bicycle Trip, Symantec and all our teammates for making this trip (and last year's) to the USA Masters National Championships possible Saratoga is not particularly bike-friendly because bike riders are faced with a considerable amount of hills, and the bicycling network is not very comprehensive. A majority of the houses for sale in this municipality are located in areas that are also not very well-suited for walking since many daily needs are difficult to meet on foot Bohlman Rd / Norton Rd is a suburban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Saratoga, California. Bohlman Rd / Norton Rd real estate is primarily made up of medium sized (three or four bedroom) to large (four, five or more bedroom) single-family homes and small apartment buildings Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council (#055), the result of a council merger between the Santa Clara County Council and the Monterey Bay Area Council, is a Boy Scouts of America council headquartered in San Jose, California.In 2004, the previous two councils served over 11,000 youth in over 400 Boy Scout troops, Cub Scout packs, Venturing crews, and Explorer posts