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  3. The Rent Zestimate ® tool helps provide a rent estimate by address. To come up with the Zillow Rent Zestimate ®, we look at: The home's physical attributes and amenities (like square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms) Comparable rental properties and the market rental rates in the area. Any owner-updated home facts, plus other.
  4. 1% Rule —The gross monthly rent income should be 1% or more of the property purchase price, after repairs. It is not uncommon to hear of people who use the 2% or even 3% Rule - the higher the better. A lesser known rule is the 70% Rule
  5. Mashvisor's Rental Property Calculator All you need to do is input parameters like financing method, cash investment, and interest rate. The rental property calculator gives you ready numbers for rental income, cash flow, cap rate, one-time and recurring expenses. All of the data is based on rental comps in the area of your investment property
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  1. First, use a GRM that reflects the average for other similar rental properties in your local market area. Check with a local real estate professional or appraiser if you need help. Then, apply the following formulation when you want to calculate an estimated value for a rental property. Gross Scheduled Income x Gross Rent Multiplie
  2. Your rental property might appreciate or it might not. Think of appreciation as a possible bonus. The Rental Property Mortgage Calculator. We included a rental property mortgage calculator in the broader rental cash flow calculator above to make it easier to run the numbers if you leverage other people's money to build your rental portfolio
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  4. Gross Rent Multiplier. The GRM is a straightforward calculation that can be helpful if potentially oversimplified. The point of caution is because it doesn't account for costs like taxes, insurance, utilities, and vacancies. You just take the property's value and divide it by the amount of rent you expect to collect annually
  5. Rent vs Sell Calculator, Should I Sell My House? Input values in the calculator on the left to get a quick read on the financial viability of renting or selling your house. Note: The Years to Hold (whichever number of years you choose) is considered the year that the property would be sold
  6. To calculate its GRM, we divide the sale price by the annual rental income: $500,000 ÷ $90,000 = 5.56. You can compare this figure to the one you're looking at, as long as you know its annual..

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First, calculate your expected earnings from the rental property in order to predict your monthly, quarterly, and annual revenues. This is an important part of your rental property investment business plan, which you can learn more about with our guide.. After calculating your expected earnings, you can put together your rental property's revenue statement Multiply the monthly rent times 12 months then divide that number by 365 to get the daily rate. This method is useful when signing a year-long or another long term lease or rental agreement. Formula for prorating rent based on number of days in a year: (rent x 12 / 365) x number of days occupied. Example: $1200 rent x 12 months = $14,400 / 365. Apply the rental price per square foot to your unit to set the rental price. To calculate the rental price per square foot, divide the rental price by the total square footage of the unit. For example, suppose you have a three-bedroom, 1,500 square-foot unit available. A nearby two-bedroom, 1,000 square-foot unit is renting for $1,250 per month The rent of a property is typically between 0.8% and 1.1% of the value of the home. If your home is valued at $300,000, then, the rent could be somewhere between $2,400 and $3,300 a month. This method, of course, will be affected by the actual price range of your property

The tenant pays a minimum base monthly rent in this case, then adds a percentage of all gross receipts over a certain base amount. For example, base rent might be $1,000 per month, plus 5% of all gross receipts over $50,000 per month. Using one month's gross receipts of $72,000, the calculation would look like this: $72,000 - $50,000 = $22,00 Here are the steps to follow to accurately calculate your rent on a commercial space: Determine the square footage you'll actually be charged for Determine the base rental rate Determine any 'extra' rental rate such as NNN fees, MG fees, or your percentage of gross sale Pro tip: After running the initial numbers, plug your details into the BiggerPockets Rental Calculator for a full report. We'll help you determine the profitability of a potential rental property, estimate potential monthly and annual cash flow, calculate return on investment, and plan for unforeseen expenses The GRM can be used to calculate a property's fair market value. The gross annual rental income multiplied by GRM gives you the property price. 5.56 X $90,000 = $500,400. Roughly the figure we started with. You can also use the GRM to figure out the gross rent. $500,000 ÷ 5.56 = $89, 928 (again, roughly the number we started with) Calculating a rental property's cash flow is a relatively simple process: Determine the gross income from the property. Deduct all expenses relating to the property. Subtract any debt service relating to the property

ROI on a real estate rental property is calculated using the following formula: ROI = (Gain on investment - Cost of investment) / Cost of investment You can invest in real estate using all cash, or by financing the property. Let's look at the ROI for a cash purchase and a financed purchase, using our $100,000 in capital The final step of calculating cap rate is simply dividing NOI by the market value of the property. For example, if you know that the market value of your rental property is $150,000, then its cap rate is $13,200/$150,000 x 100 = 8.8%. It is not always the case that the market value of the property is known If you are renting a property for a year or more, the landlord likely will want an annual rent increase. This is to combat inflation, where every dollar paid is worth less as time goes on. One of the fairest ways to increase rent is to base it on the Consumer Price Index. CPI-linked increases are relatively common in commercial leases, so if you're leasing business premises, there's a fair. How to calculate depreciation There are several options to calculate depreciation. The most straightforward one typically used for home improvements is the straight-line method. To do it, you.. Learn how to analyze a rental property with the unique four square method and make sure your next rental property investment is a cash cow! In this video f..

For instance, if the property tax assessor has allocated 20% of the property's value to land, you would allocate $40,000 to land (20% x $200,000), which is not depreciated. Then, you can allocate $160,000 ($200,000 - $40,000) to the building, which would be depreciated over 27.5 years (which is the typical length for residential real estate) Rental income is taxed as ordinary income. This means that if the marginal tax bracket you're in is 22% and your rental income is $5,000, you'll end up paying $1,100. Here's the math we used to calculate that tax payment: $5,000 x .22 = $1,100. Uncover the hidden tax benefits related to rental property ownership If the property is already rented, you will have a good idea of the annual rent you can expect. Otherwise, you can use market rents to estimate this figure. Once you have an estimate of what your annual income would be, you can deduct the property's annual expenses to calculate the estimated ROI To find the rent per square foot for competing properties, divide the monthly rent by the property's square footage. For example, a property renting for $1,000 that is 1,200 square feet is $0.83 per square foot, while a $1,200 rental with 1,500 square feet is $0.80 per square foot. Step 5: Talk to a property manage Gross Rent Multiplier. The Gross Rent Multiplier method is a quick and dirty way used by many investors to determine if a rental property is a good investment. In it's simplest form, it multiplies your gross monthly rent times 100 to determine the maximum purchase price

In order to calculate rental property cash flow, tracking the following facets of income and expenses is required: net operating income, cash flow from operations, cash flow after financing, cash flow after taxes. Net operating income is the income that is left over after paying every-day rental expenses, including fixed and variable expenses The Rental Estimate is just a starting point — your property's unique condition, upgrades, and amenities are some of the factors that may contribute to its fair market rental value. The Rental Estimate is not a formal appraisal or substitute for the in-person expertise of a property manager or professional appraiser These are the basic operational items that go into cash flow calculation. Rent income less vacancy loss less payments less expenses equals your cash flow: $43,200 (gross rental income) less $2,592 (vacancy factor) less $23,316 (mortgage, taxes, and insurance) less $2,100 (repairs and costs) equals $15,192. This works out to $1,266 per month in. The amount of rent that is payable by a low income housing tax credit (Section 42 LIHTC) tenant is referred to as net rent. The maximum net rent that is allowed under the tax credit program is derived from a gross rent amount; therefore, it is necessary to first calculate the gross rent prior to determining the net rent Calculating Net Present Value For Rental Property. Net present value of future cash flows in real estate is one of the many calculations that one can make in order to differentiate between competing real estate investments.NPV of future cash flow

Understanding how to calculate the adjusted cost basis of a rental property is essential to accurately determine its value and potential profits from a sale. Also, the adjusted basis isn't the same as the basis #1 Calculate Your Original Cost Basis. Start with the full purchase price shown in the contract. For example, let's say you recently bought a rental property for $250,000. It doesn't matter if you paid all cash or financed it with a new mortgage, hard money loan, etc. You paid $250,000 so that's your starting number If you want to calculate the fair market value of a property, plug in the gross rental income and the GRM into the equation: Gross Rent Multiplier = Property Price / Gross Annual Rental Income. Maybe you know the GRM for the properties in the area is six, and you used a gross rent estimate (if the property is vacant) of $40,000. $40,000 x 6.

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About the Rent Calculator. Our team of data scientists have created the most advanced way to find how much rent to charge for any house or flat in the UK. Using a huge range of data points, you can now find average rent by postcode in just a few seconds!. Landlords can set the right rental price first time, and tenants can check what they're likely to have to pay for a particular property with. A vacant property means it isn't rented by any tenants and generates no rent income. A rental property with high tenant turnover rates will have a larger vacancy loss. Vacancy Loss = (Number of days rental property was vacant / 365) x Annual Rent Income. Example - Calculating Rental Cash Flo To calculate the rental property's ROI, we need to divide the annual return ($10,000) by the total investment on the property, $211,500. Cap Rate = ($10,000/$211,500) x 100% = 4.73%. Your total rate of return on the property is 4.73%. Cash on Cash Return Calculation Calculating the gain or loss on a sale of rental property is a very simple calculation, and understanding it will result in you saving thousands of dollars in taxes. Be sure to account for selling costs and improvements to reduce your gain On March 18, 2020, you signed a 10-year lease to rent your property. During 2020, you received $9,600 for the first year's rent and $9,600 as rent for the last year of the lease. You must include $19,200 in your rental income in 2020. Canceling a lease

Rate of Return on a Rental Property Calculation: Every real estate investor should know the essential rate of return formula in order to determine the ROI on their rental property. That rate of return formula is: ROI = (Net Return On Investment/Cost of Investment) X 100%. Let's say you invest $40,000 into a rental unit To calculate the annual amount of depreciation on a property, you divide the cost basis by the property's useful life. In our example, let's use our existing cost basis of $206,000 and divide by the GDS life span of 27.5 years. It works out to being able to deduct $7,490.91 per year or 3.6% of the loan amount To calculate the cap rate of a property, you simply divide the NOI by the value of the property. This calculation will give you a percentage that indicates the annual return on your investment. Although the basic structure of the calculation is straightforward, there are a lot of factors that may affect the cap rate of a property

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The cap rate calculator, alternatively called the capitalization rate calculator, is a tool for all who are interested in real estate.As the name suggests, it calculates the cap rate based on the value of the real estate property and the income from renting it.You can use it to decide whether a property's price is justified or to determine the selling price of a property you own That's where calculating the ROI comes in. ROI measures the profitability of an investment, or in other terms, it measures the possible return relative to the cost of the rental property

If you've chosen to rent out your house instead of selling it, you can't charge rent solely based on the size of your mortgage payments. Picking a rental rate based on the total cost of turning your home into an investment property and on area rents can ensure you make a decent return and easily find tenants Step 6. Calculate gain on sale of rental property. If you sold the property for $600,000, your gain will be $163,000 ($600,000 amount realized minus $437,000 adjusted basis). Note than a higher adjusted basis gives a lower gain on sale, which may be beneficial for the taxpayer. Advertisement When calculating your profit, you must add up all the expenses, including property tax, insurance, property management, and possible vacancies. Assume that these expenses will cost roughly 40% of your rental income Calculating depreciation on a rental property isn't hard, but there are lots of quirks to it. There are official IRS guidelines for the lifespans of various items. Appliances, for example, fall. Residential rental property or nonresidential real property. Any property if, in the first tax year it is placed in service, the deduction under the Accelerated Cost Recovery System (ACRS) is more than the deduction under MACRS using the half-year convention. For information on how to figure depreciation under ACRS, see Pub. 534

How to Calculate a Late Rent Fee. As a landlord, you should always try to make things fair, especially when it comes to how much you charge for rent and fees. A standard late fee for rent is around five percent or less of the cost of rent. If you charge $1,000 per month for rent, then you should charge $50 or less for a late fee Rental income tax calculator. You earned £18,000 from rent. You can claim £3,600 as other rental expenses. Your taxable rental income will be: £14,400. £12,270 will be taxed at 20%: £2,454 in rental income tax. £2,130 will be taxed at 40%: £852 in rental income tax If you rent out more than one property, the profits and losses from those properties are added together to arrive at one figure of profit or loss for your property business The gross rental multiplier is a valuation metric that looks at a property relative to its rental income. To calculate a GRM, divide the property's price by its yearly rent — for example, a.

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Therefore, with a little tax planning, business owners can see substantial sales tax savings in a rental agreement. For example, Company A and Company B are owed by John Smith. Company A rents from Company B, the property owner of the property being rented. The rent is based on the fair market value of $4,000 a month If you own a rental property for an entire calendar year, calculating depreciation is straightforward. For residential properties, take your cost basis (or adjusted cost basis, if applicable) and divide it by 27.5. Put another way, for each full year you own a rental property, you can depreciate 3.636% of your cost basis each year There are 4 standard methods to calculate rental income. I will explain with an example for easy calculation. A = Actual Rent Received: For let out property, actual rent received is as per agreement between owner and the tenant. Any payment by tenant on behalf of owner is also clubbed under Actual Rent Received. Example: Tenant is paying a rent. How to calculate rental property cash flow. Here are the cash flow calculation steps broken down: Determine the total income from the property. Deduct all expenses relating to the property. Subtract any debt service relating to the property. The difference is the property's cash flow When you sell rental property, you'll have to pay tax on any gain (profit) you earn (realize, in tax lingo). If you lose money, you'll be able to deduct the loss, subject to important limitations. Your gain or loss for tax purposes is determined by subtracting your property's adjusted basis on the date of sale from the sales price you receive.

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Calculating Property Value Based On Rental Income. From a real estate perspective, a rental property's value can be compared with similar properties that have recently sold in the neighborhood. However, this valuation does not take into account the income component. To estimate property values based on rental income, investors can use the. Slide the bar to account for an average 30-50 percent fee. If you use Evolve as your property manager (P.S. we list your home on all the top short-term rental marketplaces at no additional cost): Select the I plan to hire a manger option in our vacation rental income calculator. Slide the bar to our industry-low 10 percent fee

The debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), also called the debt coverage ratio (DCR), is often used by real estate lenders when underwriting loans for rental properties, especially when working with commercial real estate.. The DSCR is an indicator of whether a property's net operating income (NOI) is sufficient to cover its loan payments in any given year To calculate the ROI of a rental property, you would first need to calculate your rental property's net income and operating expenses. This can also include mortgage payments if you financed your rental property. The ROI of a rental property that was paid in cash is your annual net income divided by your total investment To calculate the cap rate, you divide the net operating income (NOI) by the price or current market value of the property. The cap rate is a convenient way to quickly gain insights and compare rental investment opportunities. If you pay cash for a property, the cap rate would be your ROI

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To calculate GRM, divide the value of the property (or the selling price) by the property's annual gross rents. So, if the value of a two-family house is $600,000 and the gross rent from the two apartments is $4,000 per month, or $48,000 a year. Your GRM would look like this: Your GRM is 15 Property. Purchase Price - The closing price or contract price of the rental property. In tax terms, the closing price is the basis. Value of Land - Estimate the value of the land. The estimated value gets deducted from the Adjusted Basis. Per IRS Publication 527 Residential Rental Property 2016, p.6, Certain property cannot be depreciated.This includes land and certain excepted property To workout the profit of a rental property investment, it is often more helpful to think in terms of the net operating income, mainly because it is relatively easy to calculate, and it's also easy to workout if you eventually sell the property.. The basic formula for net operating income is: Annual Rental Income - Annual Property Expenses. So if you have a property that generates $20,000. With this information in your rental property spreadsheet, you can calculate how much rent you need to charge for each property to break even, and decide if you can reasonably make money from the property based on local rent rates and your break-even point

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Calculate NET Rental Yield for More Accurate Results. For your personal rental property analysis, we highly recommend you to use net rental yield instead. They tend to be more accurate because they account for the operating expenses of the rental property as well. Net Rental Yield = [(Annual Rent - Annual Expenses) / Total Property Cost] x 100 Rental rate. Rental yields of a residential property vary between 2.5 percent and 3.5 percent of the market value of the property. For instance, if the market value of your property is Rs 30 lakh, its rental value will range between Rs 7,5000 and Rs 10,5000 and monthly values will differ from Rs 6250 to Rs 8750 How to Calculate Gross Rent Multiplier. Gross Rent Multiplier is a mathematical formula used to express a property's potential income based on the ratio of the property's price to gross rental income. Insert the fair market value (or the asking price) and divide by the estimated annual gross rental income In this article, I'll cover ROI as it applies to rental properties. To review: ROI measures the efficiency of an investment and indicates how lucrative it will be. It's always expressed as a percentage or a ratio, so to calculate it, you divide the dollar amount of the return by the total dollar amount you paid out of pocket for the investment A sale leaseback allows a buyer to rent the property back to the sellers, letting them stay in the home for a predetermined amount of time after the closing. This situation is fairly common if the.

Calculate gross rental income: Estimate the annual rent you'll receive. If the property is already rented, multiply the current total monthly rent for the entire building by 12. If the property isn't rented, or if you believe the current rent is below market, determine the going rent rate for similar buildings When considering a rental property, you'll first analyze the features of the property to determine the expenses of owning it.Knowing your expenses will aid in setting a rent cost and indicate ahead of time if the property will turn a profit. To calculate your expenses, consider your maintenance costs, home owners' association (HOA) fees, property tax, property management fees, and.

TDS on rent (April 2020 and May 2020): Rs. 8,000 (10% of the rent for the first two months) TDS on rent (June to March 2020): Rs. 30,000 (7.5% of the remaining 10 month's rent) Total TDS for financial year 20-21 will be: Rs. 38,000 (A + B) (You will need to deduct Rs. 38,000 from the rent of March 2020) With this new revision, you too will be. Depreciation of rental property will, in effect, decrease a real estate investor's income tax from a rental property. This decrease occurs because if a rental property has any income before deducting depreciation, depreciation gets expensed against that to calculate a lower effective taxable income from the rental property

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In the case of rental property, you'll be losing money regardless of which extreme you choose. And it points unambiguously to one thing: setting a fair rental price is key. With this in mind, we've rounded up a list of factors you should take into account when calculating the price. Read the article thoroughly, and you'll learn to do it. Below is a simple guide to calculating commercial real estate rents for the majority of listings that are out there. Step One, add the per square foot base rent and additional rent together. The base rent can often be referred to as net or triple net rent, additional rent can also be commonly known as CAM or TMI

The gross rent multiplier is calculated by dividing the property's purchase price (or its market value) by its potential (or actual) yearly gross rent: Investors would typically use the purchase price in the above formula when evaluating new investment properties, and the market value when calculating the GRM of properties they already own Commercial Lease Calculator - Properties Quoting Yearly Rates. Calculate your space rental costs for properties quoting Yearly Rates (e.g. Office or Warehouse). For example it could be a gross rate of $24 SF or a Triple Net (NNN) rate of $12 Base + $8 NNN. If estimated operating expenses are included in the base rate (gross rate) then leave as $0 Gross Rent Multiplier Formula. The following formula is used to calculate a gross rent multiplier. GRM = P / AR. Where GRM is the gross rent multiplier. P is the purchase price of the property ($) AR is the annual rental income earned from the property ($

Rent Calculator / Moving in Costs. Rent Calculator. / Moving in Costs. Weekly Rent Amount:* Paying Pet Bond: Yes No 2 Weeks Rent Advance: Bond: Total move in cost $ 0 Calculating a rental property's cash flow is a relatively simple process: Determine the gross income from the property. Deduct all expenses relating to the property. Subtract any debt service relating to the property. The difference is the property's cash flow. Let's take a look at what goes into total income and total expenses below Calculate depreciation and create a depreciation schedule for residential rental or nonresidential real property related to IRS form 4562. Uses mid month convention and straight-line depreciation for recovery periods of 22, 27.5, 31.5, 39 or 40 years. Property depreciation for real estate related to MACRS Rental Property Depreciation Calculator . Knowing a property's depreciation value helps make investment decisions. If you know you can depreciate a property say $5,000 a year, it makes it a lucrative investment. You know you can knock $5,000 off the top of your income, and when combined with other deductions, may leave you with little to no. Calculate a GRM. To calculate a GRM, take the listed selling price and the annual gross rental income and divide one into the other, the equation looks like this: GRM = Sales Price / Annual Gross Rents. 8 = $640,000 / $80,000. In this example, the GRM for a property with a listing price of $640,000 and $80,000 in gross rental income, is 8

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Payback Period = Equity Investment Cost / Annual After-Tax Cash Flow. This simplistic formula has several limitations because the annual cash flows of a property are seldom constant, especially in the case of large rental properties with multiple tenants. In order to apply this formula, one needs to calculate the After-Tax Cash Flow (ATCF) Our rental calculator uses industry data to look at the typical rent you might expect from a property at a particular postcode. They are based on last known rental prices and inflation figures. However, they should not be seen as a substitute for a professional valuation, or used as a basis on which to sell, buy or let a property For example, let's say you have a gross monthly income of $5,000. Meanwhile, your mortgage payment is $1,000, you have a monthly student loan payment of $300, a car payment of $300 and a minimum credit card payment of $200. The math would look like this: ($1,000 + $300 + $300 + $200)/ $5,000 = 0.36. In this case, your debt-to-income ratio.

For example, if you rent your whole ski cabin out for 6 month of the year, and occupy the property yourself for the other 6 months, then you can claim 50% of the above expenses for the year as a deduction! You should count any days you spent in the property primarily for non-business purposes as personal occupancy To figure out the depreciation on your rental property: Determine your cost or other tax basis for the property. Allocate that cost to the different types of property included in your rental (such as land, buildings, so on). Calculate depreciation for each property type based on the methods, rates and useful lives specified by the IRS. 1 Gross rental yield is commonly used when looking at returns, as it is simple to calculate and lets you easily compare properties with different values and rental returns. How to Calculate Gross Rental Yield. You take the 'Annual rental income' and divide by the 'Property value'. Then multiply this number by 100 to get a percentage value

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How do you calculate rental yield? Calculating gross yield. To calculate the gross rental yield of a property, divide your annual rental income by the property value and multiply that figure by 100. The property value can be the amount you bought it for, or its current market value. For example: You purchased a property for $950,000 How long you own a rental property and your taxable income will determine your capital gains tax rate. Short-term investments held for one year or less are taxed at your ordinary income tax rate. Tax rates for short-term gains in 2020 are: 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37%. Investments held long-term, more than one year, will be taxed at a. Calculating Commercial Rent Per Square Foot. Most commercial property owners have one rate for usable square feet and a separate and lower rate for common areas. The rentable square feet is rarely used to calculate the monthly rent. Instead, the formula for monthly commercial rent is

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Calculating rent on a commercial property can be very time consuming depending on how complex the lease is and what type of tenant is occupying the property. Commercial and retail leases typically include a base rent with two additional rents possible. The additional rents are percentage rent and triple net rent Property must generate at least a 15% ROI, cash on cash. That means the rent minus the debt (if mortgaged) and expenses must equal 15% or more. For example, a $20K down payment would have to yield at LEAST a yearly cash flow of $3,000 Rental yield refers to the income you receive annually from the tenants in your investment property. It is measured as a percentage of the value of the overall rental property. There are two different types of yield: the gross and net yield. The gross yield is the annual rent as a percentage of the purchase price or value of a property Only your rental expenses may be deducted on Schedule E (Form 1040). Note that the non-rental portion of mortgage interest and real estate taxes may be deducted in Schedule A (Form 1040) if you itemize deductions. Detailed information about rental income and expenses can be found in IRS Pub. 527 Residential Rental Property

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FAQs on Calculate Income from House Property 1. Is the income from rent of a property taxable? Yes, Income from House Property is taxable based on its annual value for rent received by the owner. 2. Which is the charging section of income from house property? Section 22 of the income tax act is the charging section of income from house property Maintaining rental properties is a great way to earn passive income. Furthermore, many rental property owners choose to sell their properties, usually making a profit in the process. While selling a rental property can earn serious gains, sellers must understand how capital gains taxes will affect their sale Learning curve: Before you can successfully start investing in rental properties, you have to learn about landlord laws, the local housing market, property management, and calculating cash flow. Landlord duties: Unless you use a property management company, you're on the hook for dealing with difficult tenants, collecting rent, and keeping.

For example, if your property's rental income is $2,000 each month and it costs you $500 in expenses along with a $1,200 monthly mortgage payment, then your DSCR would equal 1.25 ($2,000. Divide your annual rent by the value of the property. Multiply that figure by 100 to get the percentage of your gross rental yield. Here's an example of calculating gross rental yield. Let's say, you receive $30,000 each year in rent, and the property is worth $500,000. Your gross rental yield is equal to $30,000 ÷ $500,000 X 100 = 6% This method of calculation entails assigning a value of $1 to every square foot of your property and setting that much aside for maintenance. So, if your property is 2,200 square feet then you'd expect to spend $2,200 on maintenance. 5x Rule. This rule dictates that maintenance will cost 1.5 times the monthly rent There are numerous rent splitting calculators out there, but the best one is the rent split calculator from the New York Times as it uses Sperner's lemma. While this method might not be the best when one room is occupied by a couple, it tends to work very well when each room, regardless of size or amenities, is occupied by a single roommate

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