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  1. This community is for anyone interested in the cultivation of Autoflowering Cannabis. Post: Questions, pictures, problems or solutions. Let us know what worked for you or what didn´t. Please include details of your grow, including Strain, medium, lighting, nutrients etc. We love photo´s and recommend you use www.imgur.com to host them
  2. Oregon Elite Seeds was alright. I had to call with credit card payment and I was not wanting to deal with actual human beings at that time. Looks like you are asking around and researching. You will likely find Mephisto is top notch and has a great and well earned reputation as some of the best genetics
  3. ant Sativa strain, Blue Dream. A very productive plant and easy to grow. Growing the Blue Dream Auto. The Blue Dream Autoflower is a cross between America's favorite weed varieties (the Haze #1, Blueberry and the Ruderalis). It is a plant that is ideally suited for beginners.
  4. Best autoflower strains and websites. Go to page. Go. 7; Next. 1 of 7 Go to page. Go. Next Last. C. Caliverner Well-Known Member. Aug 26, 2020 #1 Hey guys I've ordered from ilgm before and the genetics weren't the greatest also seems like there were a few diff Types of plants mixed in anyone have suggestions . Auto-Flowering Strains.
  5. About Community. Welcome to r/WeedStrains. A place to discuss the cannabinoids and terpenes profiles of different strains of cannabis, and the different effects they have. You can learn more about cannabioids and terpenes at r/Canna
  6. These incredibly powerful auto-flowering strains are known for giving a very strong head buzz. This strain brings you the best of Sativa and Indica strain, produces an appreciable aroma of pine and lemon. This beast is not to be messed with! Its THC level can reach up to a generous 22% level that is more than capable of giving a fantastic euphoria
  7. d. It has a sweet flavor and aroma with citrus and earthy touches because of its genetic background, Sunset Sherbert and GSC Thin Mints

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ALL of the mephisto gear is amazing literally every single strain they have, has a long line of fans here. Your best bet, and this is in ALL honesty you will get so many different answers that you are almost better off writing the strain names down and putting them in a hat and drawing however many you are going to buy out of the hat The 6 best outdoor autoflowering strains for 2020. 17/04/2020; Strain Reviews; 1 1 comment. 5 out of 5 (based on 1 customer rating) Autoflowering strains offer a number of hard-to-deny benefits to outdoor growers: they're quick, they thrive in all kinds of growing medium, and they can be cultivated in cold regions with short summers. On top.

Best Autoflower Strains 2020 to choose. These are great for anyone who is devoted to growing marijuana. These strains practically grow themselves and all you gotta do is enjoy the final product. Gelato Auto; This is an autoflower strain that has a perfect blend of indica and Sativa. The growers can gain huge yields with extreme potency and are. Genetics. Top 5 Strongest Autoflower Strains. Zkittlez Auto. Gorilla Glue Auto. Banana Kush Auto. Gold Leaf Auto. Bruce Banner Auto. FAQs About Strongest Autoflower Strains. If you're planning to grow autoflowers, the best autoflowers for indoor growing, as well as the strongest outdoor autoflower cannabis strains, are well worth considering A massive yielding cultivar that performs superbly in a SCROG. 5. Purple Punch Auto - 24% THC. One of the most popular strains up to date, Purple Punch offers huge yields and a super tall plant; This strain can grow up to 150cm, yielding up to 600gr/m2 divided into one thick main cola and multiple shot side branches Best Autoflower Cannabis Seeds 2021. Autoflower seeds grow beautifully well in different climates. Even if they produce low yields compared to regular and pure feminized, you can get a good amount of buds if you buy high-quality seeds. And to do that, you need to choose the best and most trustworthy seed banks

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Sweet Skunk Auto is one of Sweet Seeds' best-yielding and most resinous autoflower weed strains. Genetically, it's a hybrid of Early Skunk and Critical Mass, backcrossed twice to Early Skunk. The plants grow rapidly and get 24 to 35 inches tall, finished at just 7½ weeks from germination. Its buds are dense and covered in trichomes BEST AUTOFLOWER SEEDS OF 2020 - Sourced from excellent online seedbanks. To resolve all of those problems, we have bought you the TOP 30 Best Autoflower Seeds from excellent seed banks. We have recommended four different seed banks in this post. All of them are really good and provide the best quality seeds to their customers The best auto-flowering seeds produce beautiful buds that can produce incredible highs, grown right at home in your garden. Selecting the best auto-flowering seeds to grow in your cannabis garden can be difficult. But we've done the hard work for you. Here are the ten best auto-flowering seeds on the market to help you get started on your.

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TOP 5 HIGH-THC AUTOFLOWERS FOR YOUR 2020 GROW-OP. And now, thanks to our new line of genetics, autoflowering strains can finally stand up to their photoperiod competitors in terms of potency. The strains listed below are capable of producing up to 24% THC The Gorilla Glue Autoflowering is a low profile high performance strain. 60-100cm plants dripping with resinous buds can be cropped successfully in a variety of substrates with a little grower TLC. Expect a fast hitting euphoric cerebral high followed inevitably by a creeping couchlock effect. Pine and citrus scents LIGHT SCHEDULE FOR AUTOFLOWERING STRAINS. As the name suggests, autoflowering strains don't require a change in the light cycle to enter the flowering stage. Many growers choose to keep their autoflowers on a light schedule of 18 hours on and 6 hours off during the entire growing cycle. Other cultivators choose to keep their lights on around the clock in hopes of maximising photosynthesis.

Purple Mazar strain is the fastest autoflower strain 2020, mainly Indica autoflower strains developed by Flash Seeds grower Stitch. Purple Mazar strain contains the Mazar Sharif violet genes mixed to Ruderalis. In all conditions the crops grow well, reaching 15 to 40 inches high, and completing about 55 to 70 days of being a seed Best Overall autoflower strain - Auto Blueberry. AutoBlueberry from Dutch Passion is one of those strains that you just need to have in your medicine cabinet. This Auto BlueBerry is maybe the tastiest autoflower strain out there as this is a direct crossing from the original Blueberry strain but because of more than 5 generations of back. The Best Autoflower Sativa Strains. November 27, 2020 by Kevin Klein. The list of best autoflower sativa strains we have provided should give you a good head start in Sativa plants that are both potent and easy grows. This should set you up for a bountiful harvest with minimal effort, and in practically half the time too..

There's a lot to love about 2020's best autoflowering seeds or auto strains, and many reasons why you should consider adding them to your shopping cart if you haven't already. There are many autoflower seeds to choose from with various THC content. Meaning, you will definitely find what you are looking for Autoflower cannabis strains are a great choice, especially for beginners. When growing with one of these 5 high yielding autoflower strains, the waiting time..

0.6%. Green Poison Auto brings autoflowering cannabis ruderalis genetics to a famous and highly rated strain of weed. Green Poison Auto is a mix of ruderalis, indica and sativa genetics. The strain is the result of crossbreeding Big Devil 2 and Green Poison. Green Poison Auto offers a heavy and long lasting high This strain has a moderate turnaround of about eight weeks from sow date to flowering. Look for dense indica buds as well as a sweet taste on this autoflowering type. Auto Lemon Skunk. Like AK-47, this autoflower strain has Lowryder #2 parentage but is an inbred cross of the original Lemon Skunk Without Further Ado, Our Tastiest Strains. This list describes the flavors and aromas associated with our top eight best-tasting strains. Terpenes, as discussed above, play an important role in cannabis taste and odor, and in these eight, they shine brighter than ever! Tangie'matic Auto (FastBuds) Autoflowering. 21 - 23 %

The indica dominant and high yielding autoflowering strain, harvests quickly in just 70-75 days. Make sure you've got carbon filters, or odour-control measures in place as this plant will be pungent during flowering. Yields can reach nearly 600 g/m2 in optimal conditions and thrives best indoors Critical x AK-47 Autoflowering seeds produce a mild flavor and aroma in a strain fit for most medical conditions or a party with friends. Despite the challenging name, this hybrid is an early flowering plant (-55 days) that delivers a mellow cerebral buzz (17% THC) that steps up to an intense energy before a muscle-relaxing finish Fast forward to today, and a lot of the best marijuana strains in California for 2020 include purple bud. Runtz Strain Known For Its Sweet Candy Taste (Instagram @Yunglb_litt) The Cookies brand continues to make noise out of California, and the Runtz strain is helping them. This marijuana strain made noise all over the USA, and the proof can be.

Top 7 Strongest Cannabis Strains in 2020 Published on May 27, 2020 Share. Like most other industries over the last 50 years, the cannabis trade has changed and evolved dramatically to adapt to technological advances, consumer tastes and market forces. Sometimes the strongest pot in the world is not the best pot, but these strains are. Locate the best marijuana growers, varieties, and products of 2020, thanks to Leafly's year-end round-up of all-stars from 10 cannabis contests If you love cannabis it's a safe bet you're always on the hunt to find the best weed strain. We reviewed thousands of weed strains available on the market as of November 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the most potent and strongest weed strain for your personal enjoyment and therapeutic pursuits. We evaluated each marijuana strain across a variety of factors including potency.

Starting with our pioneer strain Sweet Grapes Auto. A.F.S. Was founded in 2012, but don't let that fool you years of growing countless testing went into this was back and mind breaking work. We choose only the best of the best when we select our breeding stock, painstakingly hand selecting our genetics providing a 95% germination rate. Auto Night Queen is a great variety for anyone seeking an all-conquering indica autoflowering strain with a seriously strong effect. She grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days and is a very consistent autoflowering strain. This is one of the best autoflower strains for people that want to grow a short but productive auto Many other marijuana strains will render a sense of euphoria than the above list, but these are some of our best picks to get 'euphoric' high. Comment below and vote up the best cannabis strains for euphoria, and include any missing strains that have helped you experience ecstasy by Nebula Haze. Auto-flowering strains are kind of like the houseplant version of weed. I'm a big fan of autoflowering cannabis strains for first-time growers, but also for anyone who wants to achieve a lot of potent buds in a short amount of time with a lot of flexibility.Auto-flowering strain options today are enormous, and there is an autoflowering strain that will satisfy almost.

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Best Indica Autoflower Strains. 1. White Widow XXL Auto. White Widow XXL Auto is Indica-dominant cannabis that was developed by back-crossing a White Auto with Dinafem's elite clone of its photoperiod White Widow. It may take 11 weeks after germination to harvest. 2 Autoflower Seeds. I Love Growing Marijuana sells some of my favorite auto-flowering seeds on the market. These are perfect for beginners and those looking for an easy marijuana-growing experience. With almost 20 different auto-flowering strains, you can plant these babies and forget them. (Okay, not exactly, but they need as much time and. So with some difficulty, here are the top-5 Dutch Passion high yield autoflower seeds: Auto Ultimate, a hybrid auto strain with perhaps the highest auto yields of them all. Auto Lemon Kix, USA special auto strain with exceptionally high THC levels. Think Different, a classic auto sativa strain and one of our best selling autos ever Auto-flowering White Widow is an all-time favorite marijuana strain amongst smokers and growers alike. It delivers a relaxing, chilled high, and it's also straightforward to grow. 3. Blue Dream. This strain is the child of Blueberry Indica and Super Silver Haze and is known for its exceptional yields

Best Auto Flowering Seeds Conclusion: We have concluded the review of the top 10 autoflowering seeds that we recommend you use if you are looking for fast, low-maintenance seeds that can provide decent yields. Although the yields and height don't match regular seeds, you will be able to get faster growth and the ability to grow multiple. The best new cannabis strains to grow in 2020 David Downs February 18, 2020 It's never been easier to bring some Cakes, Cookies, Zkittlez, or Runtz to your garden SORRY FOR POOR QUALITY re upload video in best quality soon===Fresh Video Better Quality===https://youtu.be/m7Xd07o7QPM Mephisto Genetics Top Notch Autoflowe.. Autoflower seeds are relatively easy to grow compared to their light-sensitive sister strains. Their life cycle is guided by a certain amount of time instead of hours of light cycle changes. Auto's are hardy, robust small plants that don't require the same diligent care as feminized photoperiod strains

This has led to a wide and varied choice of new and exciting strains being created, and offered for sale. With the planting season soon upon us, we look at some of the best cannabis seeds 2020 has to offer. Most Popular Cannabis Seeds 2020. With so many strains to choose from, selecting 3 of the best cannabis seeds 2020 has to offer is difficult Like all our premium auto-flowering strains, Bubble Gum auto-flowering cannabis seeds are bred from only the finest standard seeds (in this case, Bubble Gum) and Ruderalis, a species or sub-species of cannabis that developed particularly hardy qualities to withstand a tough life in the chilly climes of Russia Buy Autoflower from Crop King Seeds #2.Purple Haze. The Purple Haze strain is probably one of the most popular strains available, with musicians like Jimmy Hendrix even dedicating a song to it. It's a hybrid strain that combines the Haze and Purple Thai strains, providing you with a unique cannabis strain that's 70% Sativa and 30% indica

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AK x Critical Mass AUTO FEMINIZED Seeds (Canuk Seeds) Starting at: US$16.43. Alien Vs. Triangle AUTO Feminized Seeds (Mephisto Genetics) Starting at: US$40.06 Autoflower seeds are a great choice for first time seed collector looking to buy weed seeds.This special cannabis seed type has been bred to begin flowering after a certain amount of time and without the need to change lighting schedules. This is a far simpler process then the advanced techniques of encouraging a marijuana plant to flower by slowly and manually reducing the time your crop is. Gelato Feminized Seeds. Gelato is often hailed as one of the best cannabis seed strains to buy and grow in 2021, and part of that comes from its lineage as part of the well known Girl Scout Cookies family. Derived from Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, Gelato is the best of both worlds Cinderella Jack Auto ↗ - One of the most potent autoflowering strains I've ever grown. Mazar Auto ↗ - Huge yields, especially for an autoflowering strain. Night Queen ↗ - The 1980s classic! Dutch Passion was founded in 1987 by Henk van Dalen and has been developing strains and selling seeds ever since

MJ Seed Canada ( Mjseedscanada.com) Has over 170 autoflower seed strains, including new and unique strains. Most of these auto-flowering strains have a medium yield range of up to 21.1 oz / sqm.This example is Killer Lemonade Auto Femme. 10. Rocket Seed-The Most Growing Information. Definitive score - 82% Automatic / Autoflowering Cannabis Strains. The flower of the so-called automatic flowering cannabis varieties (or Automatics) depends on the age of the plant rather than the photoperiod. Automatic varieties get this properties usually from a certain amount of Ruderalis in the pedigree. In SeedFinders database of all automatic flowering. In fact, the folks over at Paradise Seeds claim this is the best auto variety on the planet. Type 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis. Height 9-1.2 meters. Finish time 90 days from germination. Awards won Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2012 (2 nd Autoflowering) Yield 400 g/m 2. Feminized Yes. Autoflowering Yes

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  1. If you're an outdoor grower and are looking for the best autoflower cannabis seeds in UK, here is our top 10 seeds selection for 2021. 1. Climate In The United Kingdom. The climate in the UK is usually very humid and cold. You have to choose the strains carefully to avoid problems
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  3. ant strain but not all of them are good for an energy boost. This guide will show you how an energizing strain works and some of the best Sativa strains for energy and creativity
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  5. 1. Autoflowering seeds have limited size. As you've read in the first part of this article, auto-flowering marijuana strains are small in size. This is one characteristic of autos that are advantageous to some while disadvantageous for others. Generally, because of its ruderalis genetics, auto flowering seeds are relatively small
  6. Auto seeds are from autoflowering strains of cannabis which are compact in stature and has a short life cycle. They produce lesser yields as compared with the photoperiods but they can be harvested fast. Thanks to its ruderalis genes, they won't grow tall. Auto seeds are perfect for new growers as they are very easy cultivate

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MSNL (Marijuana-Seeds.NL), established in 1999 and based in the United Kingdom, is without a doubt one of the best seed banks for autoflowering seeds. They offer stealth worldwide shipping as well as guaranteed delivery, free seeds with every order, and many other perks too.Regular sales and promotions are a staple, and savvy shoppers can get up to 50% off some strains Top 10 Autoflowering seeds Auto White Widow. Auto White Widow, generated by Pyramid Seeds, is the autoflowering version of the old school legend, White Widow, the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup winner. It is a cross between White Widow and Ruderalis genetics. This strain brings the original classic sweet, earthy, and pungent flavor well known. The cost of autoflower seeds has come down considerably in the last decade and i49.net features some of the best prices on auto flowering seeds available on the web. The smaller plants and shorter flowering periods that you get with the best autoflowering strains mean that growers will get a modest, but reliable harvest

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Here are some of our most popular indoor feminized strain seeds: Auto Lemon Haze Feminized - This strain was created by crossing Lemon SkunkLemon Skunk, Super Silver Haze and original Lowryder, and has given us one of the most exciting auto-flowering strains in ages.. Auto Berry Feminized - Providing a wonderful berry fruit smell and taste, this strain stays super-low and auto-flowers. Afghan Auto-Flowering is an indica breed who counts its ancestors among the original Kush plants from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. These cannabis seeds come from a plant cross-bred with a cannabis species called ruderalis Super autoflower seed prices are a bit higher than regular seeds but as production and consumption increases they will drop as low as regular automatic seeds. Here are some of the best feminized SUPER auto seeds: Sweet Seeds Jack 47 Auto. Dinafem Critical Jack Autoflowering. Sweet Seeds Black Jack. Big Bang autoflower from Green House Seeds

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  1. Buy Highest Quality Marijuana Seeds For Sale! Rocket Seeds is a trustworthy seed bank, with faith and trust, you purchase marijuana seeds. In Rocket Seeds, together with safe and quick distinct delivery strategies, we offer the best quality cannabis seeds for sale at fair costs
  2. 5. Cosmic Bomb (Autoflowering) Produced by Bomb Seeds, this autoflowering strain is a result of crossing a high THCV LSD cutting with an African landrace sativa strain, which produces pungent, fruity buds that have a psychedelic effect and comes with 16 to 20 percent THC. 6. Auto Kong 4 (Autoflowering
  3. 20 May, 2019 Top 10 Autoflowering Outdoor Strains Autoflowering cannabis has a lot to offer, and with the growing season rapidly approaching, we have put together a list of our top 10. 3
  4. ant plants resist mold, pests, and frosts
  5. keep informed have a few seeds- what about Super Hash (Pyrmaid Seeds)(Best seller) also have GSC and GCfrom Fastbuds - what size pots - have done 3 gallon but going to use 5 gallon, many say not bigger than 3 gallon but I feel that the plant will get bigger in a larger pot even if it is a auto - thought's
  6. Top 10 Best Autoflowering Seeds for 2020 Growers! By Alan Wood; Updated November 21, 2020; There's a lot to love about 2020's best autoflowering seeds or auto strains, and many reasons why you should consider addin
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Check out their instagram, and see some top shelf quality cannabis. They have established an impressive 82,000 followers. They also recently took home a win at the Autoflower cup in Oregon. Their Gelato autoflower strain averages 26% and above. Find some of the most famous California cannabis strains available in autoflower seeds from this breeder Sour Diesel auto - seed to harvest in 63-80 days. Sour Diesel auto is a blend of automatic Haze with New York City Diesel.. This Sativa -dominant autoflowering strain has a high THC content (17%+) and imparts an smooth yet happy and energentic high when smoked

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> The Best Smelling Marijuana Strains 2020 Staff March 31 2020 March 31 2020 Suggested Cannabis Strains 1 Most connoisseurs will tell you that cannabis should be purchased with your nose, letting the natural harmony of terpenes guide your decision Purple Urkle. Known as a natural tranquilizer, Purple Urkle is a popular medicinal marijuana strain globally. Having nearly 21% THC concentration, it is one of the best feminized hybrid strains on the market.. You can grow Purple Urkle strain indoors and outdoors. However, planting it outside would require feasible weather with a warm climate and proper sunlight One of the first and best real hybrids of the modern cannabis-breeding era, Skunk #1 is a mix of three true-breeding landrace strains: Afghani (#6), Mexican (#25) and Colombian Autoflowering strains flower automatically from the 30th day after seed germination, regardless of the photoperiod that they're exposed to.Their full life cycle lasts between 2 and 3 months.These strains are easier to grow than their feminised sisters due to their speed and the fact that they're not photo-dependent Online, seed sales are less regulated—for full details, read how to buy seeds legally. Here are the best new cultivars and clones to grow in 2020—selected based on interviews with the world's most influential breeders, what's available legally in stores and online, and data trends in popular strains. Let's grow a pound

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The Main Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Plants. Autoflowering seeds have their perks and their downsides. When comparing to pure Indica or Sativa strains, pure Ruderalis plants are not the highest yielding ones, nor can they compete for the title of most potent/highest THC strains.. However, the auto-flowering seeds sold by various seed banks aren't pure 9 Best Outdoor Strains For Pacific Northwest! The Pacific Northwest has a climate that's unlike many places in the world. With much higher moisture levels than most other regions as well as cooler temperatures, it means you have to get the right strain that can survive and thrive in this climate Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds. 100% Indica, Purple Kush are one of the easiest autoflowering marijuana strains to grow. THC levels up to 22% it generates a body buzz feeling, deeply relaxing and almost sedative. Known to stimulate and improve the appetite Choosing between autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds is a bit like choosing between apples and oranges. They're both appealing and have their own unique benefits, but are also very different in many ways. Relaxation of cannabis cultivation laws across America has fuelled a spike in the number of people growing their own weed from scratch. The satisfaction of growing quality cannabis. How to Germinate Autoflower Seeds in Soil. Contrary to popular belief, it is not advisable to germinate your autoflower seeds in soil. Many common garden plants can germinate in soil with no issues; however, cannabis is not your typical garden plant, not even autoflowers. As such, cannabis seeds require more care and attention than other seeds

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Consuming this weed would give you an energetic and happy high - followed by a sense of relaxation! All said and done, this is indeed one of the best sativa strains of 2021 - available on ILGM in packages of 5, 10, or 20 seeds! Check Price & Reviews on Amazon. 3. Super Lemon Haze Seeds Whether you're new to growing cannabis or you've been growing pot for years, autoflowering strains are possibly the best way to go. You could be growing autoflowers indoors in soil, or setting up a hydroponic autoflower grow, it doesn't matter.Autoflowering seeds are ready for harvest in just eight weeks, while still producing potent effects

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1 Best Sativa Strains to Grow Indoors: 1.1 Amnesia Haze: 1.2 AK-47 Autoflower: 1.3 Sour Diesel Feminized: 1.4 Bubble Gum Auto: 1.5 White Widow Autoflower: 1.6 OG Kush: 1.7 Blueberry Autoflower: 1.8 Super Skunk Autoflower That's why ILGM is one of the best places to buy feminized and autoflower seeds. Our selection of high-quality yet cheap marijuana seeds are reason enough to choose ILGM, but our shipping policy also makes us one of the best places to buy cannabis seeds online. As an international seed bank, we are experienced at getting your order delivered AUTO FLOWERING StrainS. Today's auto flowering plants offer the same qualities as the finest photoperiod and present obvious advantages over them. This is one of the reasons why more and more growers switch to automatic seeds. Best Sativa Strains in 2020 - TOP 5 19 July 2021 9 Noteworthy Cannabis Cup Champions 21 September 2020 Top 8 Fastest-Growing Weed Strains For Growers In A Hurry 8 July 2021 Meet Gabriel, a Customer Satisfaction Manager at Herbies Seeds 21 July 2021 People Answer: Crazy Weed Stories Edition 14 July 2021 Lemon Pie Auto Grow: My Biggest Autoflower so Far 13 July 2021 Best Cannabis. AUTOFLOWERING SEEDS. Sort by: Best Sellers Price Low-High Price High-Low Name Ascending Name Decending. FILTER RESULTS. SEED COLLECTIONS. CALI COLLECTION (31) HIGH THC CANNABIS STRAINS (37) HIGH YIELD CANNABIS STRAINS (32) AMSTERDAM CLASSICS (11) CANNABIS CUP WINNERS (12

Follow germination instructions to harvest an impressive yield, and remember that autoflowering versions of seeds, although they will probably outperform other strains will still produce less than photoperiod versions of the same strains. So here they are, the best high yielding strains for 2021: Big Bud Strain; Blue Dream; Cheese Quake; Chocolop #13 Lemon Skunk Seeds. The best cannabis seeds for beginners in 2021 wouldn't be complete without Lemon Skunk Feminized Seeds. From mouth-watering lemon-infused diesel fuel to a complex and unforgettable high, the Lemon Skunk Feminized seed strain is as easy as it gets to grow Buy Autoflower Seeds Online from Weed Seeds USA. In 2021, your access to automatic seeds has never been better. Check out our high yielding autoflower seeds below and get one step closer to harvesting cannabis crops from your home. Autoflowering seeds offer both an easier way to grow for new gardeners and a fast turn around for experienced. 5 Best and Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2021. Realistically speaking, the following strains are not necessarily new strains for 2021. Rather, several of them are OG classics that have simply evolved with the times to contain more and more THC over the decades List of the Best Sativa Autoflowering Seeds. Autoflowering Sativa dominant seeds are an excellent choice for novice producers or those who desire their plants to bud and be set to accumulate as quickly as possible. 21st-century auto-flowering cannabis species are crossed mixtures of Indica, Ruderalis and Sativa heredity