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Since 1985, the Texas Branding Iron Company has been producing high-quality, custom-made and officially registered livestock branding irons for ranchers, individuals and organizations around the world Our Single-Letter Western irons feature a unique Western script reminiscent of actual cattle brands. Make your mark in distinctive style! Products. Pictorial. Showoff at your next cookout with Texas Irons' line of pictorial branding irons. Entertain your guests by branding your creations with these great conversation pieces! Thank you for. Stainless steel branding irons, handcrafted in Texas since 1954. Standard and custom livestock branding irons, steak branders, as well as wood and leather craft branders Howdy, partners! We offer U.S. made quality branding irons for the livestock industry worldwide. Our selection includes Electric, Fire-Heated or Freeze Branding Irons. Whether you are looking for simple livestock branding irons or a custom branding iron with your own ranch brand, we're here to help. Our Livestock sele Welcome To Husky Branding Irons. We are a Veteran owned and operated company that specializes in electric branding irons. We can also build you fire and freeze branding irons. We are the only branding iron company that will ship electric branding irons within 24 hours. We are your trusted source for your branding needs

Universal Branding Irons. The L & H Semi-Universal Brander or Universal Brander have a half circle and a 2 1/2″ bar. Almost any number or letter can be made with a series of applications. These units are extensively used for custom branding and numbering by stockmen with small herds. Operates on 110 volts, AC or DC The size of a brand can be determined in one of 2 ways. For example: Brand design of Bar over 7B. Per Character - you would describe the brand as 4 character size, so the 7 B would be 4 adding the Bar that would then make the brand a size of 5 in overall height.; Overall Height - you would describe the brand as 4 overall height, that would then make the characters 7B 3 tall adding.

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Custom Cattle Branding Irons. Electric Cattle Brander. from $ 174.00. Fire Heated Cattle Brander. from $ 180.00. Freeze Brander. from $ 187.50. We offer a variety of top quality Branders, custom made to your specifications, right here in the USA. Choose from Electric Branders that are ready to use in about 90 seconds, traditional Fire Heated. Jan 23, 2017 - Explore Tori Wilkinson-Little's board Branding Irons, followed by 177 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cattle brands, branding, branding iron Texas Longhorn Brand - 4- BBQ, Crafts, Woodworking Projects - The Heritage Forge Did you scroll all this way to get facts about cattle branding irons? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 292 cattle branding irons for sale on Etsy, and they cost $68.50 on average 3, 3 ½, or 4 number sets (3 irons): $395.00; Note: The 6 of the second brand is inverted to create the number 9. Note: Single numbers of any size may be ordered. Other sizes and configurations available: 5 or 6 number sets (5 irons): $605.00; 1 thru 9 number sets (9 irons): $890.0 Custom branding irons start at $75.00, depending on the design. Prices are based on the complexity of your design. The major factor is, of course, the labor time needed to hand craft the branding iron. You should take this into consideration when submitting a design. To submit a design for a price quote you may use e-mail or fax

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L&H Three Character Custom Electric Branding Iron Size 5 up to 6. $158.00. L&H set of Number Brands Electric Branding Irons Size 2 up to 4. $860.00. L&H 5-Double Number Electric Branding Irons Number Set 0-8 (5 or 6) $562.00. L&H Vertical Numbers 0-8 Electric Brands (3-Three Number Brands) $402.00. L&H Horizontal Numbers 0-8 Electric. Cattle branding irons should have a face at least 3/8 inches wide. The letters, figures or characters should be four inches in length. Make your brand as large as necessary. Each Texas county also sends a copy of the brand registration to the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, who enters the brands into a database for. But as the cattle barons decided it was hurting their pocketbooks, cattle rustling began to be seen as a serious crime. There were two types of branding irons: the stamp iron which included the full brand, and the running iron which had a hooked tip that could be used to change or make any brand. The running iron was a favorite tool of the. CATTERSON GENEALOGY OAM. Cattle dewormer::Safe guard 10% suspension horse cattle dewormer::Cattle dewormer pellets|CATTLE DEWORME

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  1. Cattle were introduced to the Americas by Spanish explorers, and the tradition of cattle branding came as well. According to a piece by the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) , the three Latin crosses of the brand of Hernán Cortés, a conquistador in southern Mexico in the 1500s, may well be the first brand to be used in the Western.
  2. Cattle Boards. Breeding / Calving Issues . Branding Irons. Thread . Branding Irons. Thread starter ERodrig; Start date Jun 21, 2007; Help Support CattleToday: E. ERodrig Well-known member. Joined Oct 24, 2005 Messages 121 Reaction score 0 Location Texas. Jun 21, 2007 Joined Oct 24, 2005 Messages 121 Reaction score 0 Location Texas. Jun.
  3. The cattle industry in Louisiana does not date back quite as far as the cowpunchers in this old song called The Cowboy, but has its roots in Louisiana's colonial period. Before the entry of Texas to the Union in the mid-1800s, probably the largest cattle raisers in the United States were in Southwest Louisiana
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Vintage Western Cowboy Branding Iron Texas Cattle Ranch 8 Bar Lazy A/ 46 Vintage Western Hand Forged Cattle Ranch Branding Iron. 46 inches in length. 8 Bar Lazy A brand. Came out of an estate in Texas. Low starting price. Make sure to check out my other branding iron I have listed. Please pay via PayPal within 48 hours of auction close An ancient Egyptian painting from the tomb of Nebamun depicting cattle branding. However, for many, the most familiar concept of branding finds its roots in the open range of the American West in the 19 th century. During the Reconstruction Era, after the American Civil War, a surplus of feral cattle in Texas and the West provided resources for a brief but lucrative beef industry This is a research paper written by Russell F. White for an American History Class at Marfa High School on May 4, 1964. It covers the history of cattle branding and has many illustrations of brands in Texas that were used by ranches in Texas, including those of Indians and Mexicans Custom electric branding irons are made to your specifications. For the purposes of ordering, size is determined by the height of the main character. Characters between 3 and 6 tall are made with 3/8 heating element for a 3/8 face width. Please email your brand design to brands@valleyvet.com or fax to (800)446-5597 Cattle Branding Iron Sets - Branding Irons At Low Price . CATTLE BRANDS. Cattle brands still play an important role in identifying an animal's owner in Texas cattle ranching. The practice of branding is ancient. Some Egyptian tomb paintings at least 4,000 years old depict scenes of roundups and cattle branding, and biblical evidence suggests.

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Old Branding Irons Photo. Teresa Wilson. $27. $22. More from This Artist Similar Designs. Branding On A Ranch, Next Photo. Cowboys Branding Cattle On The Prairies Photo. Everett. $22. $18. Texas Star Brand Photo. Kori Creswell. $33. $27 . 1 - 72 of 158 branding iron photographs for sale. Alcohol almost has to be bought through a vet supply and runs about $25/gallon. You'll almost certainly need at least that much. That $75 cost per branding session is made worse by the fact that it doesn't go as far as liquid nitrogen. Our total cost per head ended up being about $4/head with alcohol vs about twenty cents with nitrogen

Husky Branding Irons. June 26, 2020 ·. Good morning from Husky Branding Irons. Just wanted to clarify we will be closed June 29 through July 3 for inventory which means we will not ship brands out that week, but there will be someone in the office taking orders. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Fourth of July holiday! Husky Branding Irons The practice of branding cattle is ancient. It is, in fact, older that Jesus Christ himself. What we know of the earliest livestock brands comes from paintings in Egyptian tombs, which depict a cattle roundup and branding from as early as 2700 BC. There are also references to the practice of branding cattle in Roma

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Branding time is always a source of controversy on the ranch and today we address that by answering why we brand our calves and cattle. From bringing in the.. Saddle Iron: These branding irons are short stamp type irons that can be carried easily on a saddle and are constructed so you can find a stick and place it in the end when you need to use the iron. Bull: male un-castrated bovine (cow) Well-bred males are raised to father cattle in a cow herd Despite the invention of GPS tagging, DNA testing (yes, for cattle), and other preventative measures, branding is still the top preventative measure to combat cattle theft Livestock branding is a technique for marking livestock so as to identify the owner. Originally, livestock branding only referred to hot branding large stock with a branding iron, though the term now includes alternative techniques.Other forms of livestock identification include freeze branding, inner lip or ear tattoos, earmarking, ear tagging, and radio-frequency identification (RFID), which. About Us. In the early 1960's Bill Sloan was a welder living on a ranch near Saginaw, Texas, just north of Fort Worth. He built steel gates and steel buildings all around North Texas. He didn't like having to travel, and was looking for something that he could make at his shop at home. He occasionally made full sized cattle branding irons, and.

Cattle branding on a rural station farm in Queensland Australia Fire-heated branding iron being used on a calf. Fire-heated branding iron being used to brand a calf on its flank with resulting smoke as his skin and hair bur The branding iron provided a way for ranchers to stake their claim on cattle and other livestock while deterring theft from rustlers. The earliest records of livestock branding date back to the ancient Egyptians, but the practice came to America by way of European travelers. After they became more widely used by ranches, custom branding irons. Cattle branding in Texas, circa 1980. Branding cattle, circa 1891. A classic three circle roundup, Custer National Forest, Montana, circa 1939. Branding a young calf, Paradise Valley, Nevada, circa 1980. Branding a heifer, Cerri (Wallace) Ranch, circa 1978. Branding irons heating up in a smouldering fire, Cerri (Wallace) Ranch, circa 1979

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White cattle can be freeze branded to achieve a bald or bare brand by holding the branding irons in place against the hide for a total of approximately 60 seconds. The extra time needed for freeze branding may reduce the number of head that can be branded over a given period of time, but the end results can be very worthwhile Answer the following questions about branding cattle. 1. Unmarked cattle are often called 2. Identify four products we get from cattle: 3. Why do cowboys brand cattle? 4. Why were cattle driven from Texas to Kansas in the late 1800s? 5. Someone who steals cattle or other livestock is a 6. Write the names of the following brands? 7 Browse 196 cattle branding iron stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. two cowboys, one holding an electric branding iron and using it on the bull while the other is holding the animal. - cattle branding iron stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images The procedure for freeze-branding is straightforward. As with fire-branding, the cattle to be branded must be restrained. Although the cattle do not react nearly as strongly to freeze-branding as they do to fire-branding, the irons must be held in place longer with freeze branding, so immobilization in a squeeze chute is important Branding is used across Canada and especially in the western provinces. Nearly fifty percent of cattle are branded each year on ranches in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Many of these ranches only brand because it is a tradition, and it is time to stop this obsolete and unnecessary practice and start a cruelty-free tradition instead

Texas; Online Sales. Chris Jenschke Enterprises 7-20-2021; Steer Sale Seasonal Reports. Branding Procedures (2) Livestock Equipment. Cattle Corral Designs (1) Nutrition. Alternative Feeds (2) Ingredients (1) Show Cattle. Hair Care (1) Show Ring Ethics (2) Technology and Cattle. Communication (1) Online Resources (2) 2020 Cattle.com. All. *WARNING*: Branding Cattle is required by state law, but should be watched at viewers discretion.Reed Flake gathers cattle on his quad and takes them to the. Cattle Branding Irons Made in Texas - Search | iDaily - Pop Cattle Branding Irons Made in Texas Idaily is a place to get your questions answered. Ask questions and Buy Livestock Branding Irons Today! Vet Supplies.

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Cattle/Livestock branding is a technique for marking cattle/livestock so as to identify the owner. In English lexicon, the word brand originally meant anything hot or burning, such as a firebrand, a burning stick. The origin of cattle branding dates from 2700 B.C. Paintings in Egyptian tombs document branding oxen with hieroglyphics It is important to know that branding horses is different than hot branding other livestock. Horses have thinner skin than other farm animals like cattle, so the actual branding time is shorter for horses. The brand should not be placed on horses for more than a couple seconds, less for darker colored horses and with stainless steel branding irons The Vocabulary of Cattle Branding Irons & The Rustlers Who Alter Them To Steal Cattle. A recent article on Modern Farmer shares the history of the symbols, visual puns and jaunty combinations of letters, numbers and styles found on cattle. Saved by Laughing Squid. 186. More ideas for yo Livestock Branding is done with several methods. Most of us think of the traditional Hot Iron Branding that we know from the old west. There are also other forms of branding including: freeze branding, chemical branding, tattooing, ear notching and the use of electronic tags. Each of these methods has their own positives and negatives Find a wide selection of branding irons, dehorners, hot knives, brand heaters and more at FARMRANCHSTORE

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  1. Custom Branding Irons, handmade-forged DragYXmetalRojo 5 out of 5 stars (38) $ 50.00. Add to Favorites Antique Branding Iron Hand Forged Iron Cattle Branding Iron Rustic Ranch Western Southwestern Decor Texas New Mexico Mexican Decor Cross TheloniousPBear 5 out of 5 stars (749).
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