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Adam Grossman (http://www.twitter.com/RabbiAdam), Associate Rabbi at Temple Israel in Memphis (http://www.timemphis.org), recites the blessing for affixing a.. How to Affix a Mezzuzah Video In many Jewish homes, Mezuzot are found on bedroom doors and main entrances. To put it simply, Mezuzot are a hallmark of Jewish culture, yet many of their inner workings remain confusing, and even unknown to the masses

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  1. How to hang a Mezuzah
  2. Here is my how to put up a mezuzah video! If you're looking for how to hang a mezuzah or want to know about what a mezuzah is, how to say the blessing for th..
  3. Video | 1:09:08The Mitzvah Campaign of Mezuzah. By Mendel Kaplan. The mitzvah of mezuzah is known to provide protection for us and our homes. Discover the incredible power of the mezuzah, documented in traditional Torah sources, in bestowing security and guarding the physical welfare of our people. This class offers insight and historical.
and you shall affix them to your doorposts

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6. Affix the Mezuzah. The mezuzah must be permanently attached to the doorpost. Use hammer and nails, glue, or a durable double-sided tape. Position the mezuzah above the one-third mark you've made. It should be towards the outer edge of the doorpost, on a slant with the top pointing inwards to the room Affix the mezuzah properly. Now the bottom of the mezuzah should be on the mark around your shoulder. Slant the top of the mezuzah towards the inside of the room and the bottom to the outside of the residence. Add a second nail or screw to hold it in place or secure it to the wall with tape There are cases when it is physically impossible to affix the Mezuzah on the inside of the doorpost itself—for example, a swinging door interferes with the placement of the Mezuzah. In such a case, the preferred approach would be to make a groove that is less than a handbreadth deep, and place the Mezuzah in the groove

In order for a Mezuzah to be Kosher, it has to be well affixed. Well affixed means that it is not easy to remove, and that it doesn't swing back and forth. We see this from the blessing that we recite when affixing a Mezuzah. It ends with the words, who has commanded us to affix (Likvoa) the Mezuzah. The Hebrew word 'likvoa' means to affix something very well. For example if you put your. This is a video by Rabbi Kauffman of Aish, teaching you how to put up a mezuzah the correct way. This is a video by Rabbi Kauffman of Aish, teaching you how to put up a mezuzah the correct way A Mezuzah is a small parchment scroll upon which the Hebrew words of the Sh'ma and the V'ahavtah are handwritten by a Scribe. Mezuzah scrolls are carefully rolled up, put inside decorative cases and affixed on the doorposts of Jewish homes, according to Deuteronomy 6:5-9, These words, which I am commanding you today, are to be on your heart. and write them on the doorposts of your. I often find that people are confused about the proper height for the Mezuzah to be placed on the door. Many people like to put the Mezuzah up very high on the door near the top. Some others will put the Mezuzah very low on the entrance to child's room in order that the child will be able to reach the Mezuzah to kiss it The Shulchan Aruch says that the Mezuzah should be at the.

The blessing is recited once, before putting up the mezuzahs. You will put up the first mezuzah on one of the most important doorways in your home, such as your bedroom. As you recite the blessing, keep in mind that it applies to all the mezuzahs you will presently affix in your home Question on when to mount a mezuzah When moving from a house where you have mezuzot and the new owners or tenants are Jewish, it is my understanding that one is required to leave the mezuzot for the new Jewish owners. So you will need new mezuzot for your new home. It has always been my understanding that one ought to affix the mezuzot within 30 days of moving but I have been told by people in. Video Link : How to affix a mezuzah? Every Jew has the obligation to hang a mezuzah on every doorway. of his house. A mezuzah is a rolled parchment containing Torah passages, including the Shema Yisrael and other verses referring to the Creator's unity and love for us This animated video, produced by Jewish Pathways, demonstrates how to affix a mezuzah to a doorpost. In Judaism, the mezuzah (or mezuza) is a parchment inscribed with religious texts that is attached in a case to the doorpost or doorframe of a Jewish house as a sign of faith

Sacred Texts. Torah- Genesis, B'reishit: Torah- Exodus, Sh'mot: Torah- Leviticus, Vayikr Place the mezuza outside the door but within the door frame. If not possible, you may place the mezuza inside the door frame. Note: You may recess a mezuza into the door frame. In extenuating circumstances, such as the aforementioned examples, it would be preferred to drill a hole, less than a handbreadth deep, into the doorpost and place the.

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When dry, put the claf in. Adhere the two-sided, self-adhesive Velcro to the back of the mezuzah. Affix the mezuzah to your door frame as you say the bracha. From Art Ties It All Together: Projects with Pizzazz for the Jewish Classroom (2000) Used with permission by Marilyn Nachman and Carol Routman Video of How to affix a Mezuzah. During my time in University, after being discouraged by my friends, I decided to move my mezuzah from the outside of my door to the inside. A short while later, a package of mine was dropped off at an elderly neighbor. As I was about to leave, this eldery gentleman murmurs ''Shalom'' Therefore she is better than both a gentile and a minor regarding her level of obligation. And following the logic above, that the mitzvah of mezuzah is not the affixing, but that the doorway should have a mezuzah, there would be no issue for a woman to affix the mezuzah The simplest solution in such a situation is somewhat of a surprise! The ideal place to attach a mezuzah is on the outside doorpost to be seen when entering the home. According to most authorities, however, in situations where that would not be possible, one fulfills the mitzvah by attaching the mezuzah onto the inner side of the doorpost as well Position the mezuzah on a slight angle pointing upward and toward the inside of the home (if the mezuzah cannot be put at a slant because the entry post is too narrow, it can be put upright). Recite Likbo'a Mezuzah (see the blessing below) and affix the mezuzah about shoulder level on the selected door post

Sephardim place the mezuzah vertically. In the upper third of doorpost height (shoulder high). On the outer 3.2 inches of doorpost width. Before affixing a kosher mezuzah to a doorpost, recite the following blessing: The blessing to be said when hanging a mezuzah How to Affix the Mezuzah. Attach the Mezuzah on a diagonal using nails, glue or double-sided tape above the mark you made with the top of the case pointing inwards. Uriel Sela is one of three partners in AJudaica.com. Online Judaica store where you might like to shop for Mezuzot and other Judaica gifts online Room Usage - Mezuzahs are meant to go on rooms that you live in.So if one room is used more for living than that would be considered the room you are entering. For example, if there was a door between an office and a dining room, and all of the previous criteria were equal, you would place the Mezuzah on the right side as you enter the dining room

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Before reciting the blessing, the case with the mezuzah enclosed should be held against the doorpost - ready to turn the first screw or tap in the first nail. If using glue or foam tape, be prepared to firmly affix the case on the doorpost immediately upon completing the blessing The mezuzah is held to the spot where it will be affixed, and the following blessing is recited: Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha'olam, asher kideshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu likboa' mezuzah. Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctified us with His mitzvot, and commanded us to affix a mezuzah Where to Affix a Mezuzah. The mezuzah is placed in the following way: On the right doorpost as one enters the room. At the bottom of the upper third of the doorpost (shoulder height). in a slightly slanted position so that the top points toward the inside of the room The bracha for the mezuzah is similar to the bracha made when lighting the Chanukah candles- Barukh atah Hashem, Elokeinu, melekh ha'olam asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu likbo'a mezuzah. Blessed are you, L-rd, our G-d, sovereign of the universe Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to affix a mezuzah. 7 You were probably sure that there's some great symbolism in the fact that the Mezuzah is slanted.  If that's the case, I am afraid that I'm about to let you down. You see the tilted Mezuzah that you will find on so many Jewish homes is actually just a product of a technical debate in Jewish law. The debate took place between the great 11th-12th century Rashi and his Grandson Rabeinu Tam.

The Hebrew word mezuzah means doorpost.. According to tradition, the mezuzah is to be affixed to the doorpost at the entrance to a Jewish home as well as at the entrance to each of the interior rooms except for bathrooms. The mezuzah itself consists of a small scroll of parchment (k'laf ) on which are written two biblical passages How to affix a Mezuzah: Animated video demonstrating how to affix a Mezuzah on your doorpost according to Jewish law. Judaica Store, Denver Colorado Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica 600 South Holly Street Suite 103 Denver, Colorado 80246 303-322-7345 800-830-866 Where and how do I affix the mezuzah and at what height? The parchment of the mezuzah will stand upright or at a slant with the top pointing into the room. It is customary to place the mezuzah 2/3 way up the height of the doorpost, the approximate height of an average man There is even a Mezuzah for Christians and it quotes John 15:16 (Hebrew And English), and I am going to affix a Mezuzah to my doorpost as soon as it arrives. I grew up in a Housing Project after WWII and a huge percentage of the inhabitants were Concentration Camp Refuges. So I was used to seeing mezuzahs hanging on most doors in my building 3. Create the base for your mezuzah: place the dowel flat on the parchment paper, and form clay (the equivalent of between half and a full brick) around it so the bottom/back remains open. Make sure you have enough clay on the ends to create nail holes, or to attach clay loops for nail holes later. 4

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Before affixing the mezuzah, the following benediction is recited: Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, asher kid'shanu b'mitzvotav v'tzivanu lik-bo-a m'zu-zah. Blessed are You, Adonai, our God, Sovereign of the universe, who hallows us with mitzvot and commands us to affix the mezuzah How to affix a Mezuzah. The mezuzah is affixed on every door of your home or office with the exception of bathrooms. It should be attached on the lower part of the upper third of the doorpost that is on the right-hand side when entering the room. Ashkenazim have the custom for the mezuzah case to slope inwards and Sefardim keep their mezuzah. Mezuzah. into the room with the top. The Mezuzah isn't hung just anywhere on the doorpost, either. It is hung two-thirds of the way up, at shoulder level. When it is a taller than average doorway, the Mezuzah is still hung at shoulder level. In doorways between rooms, the mezuzah is affixed on the right side when entering the doorway in the.

A second view maintains that the renter's mitzvah (even outside of Israel) to affix a mezuzah derives from the Torah, since the requirement that you place it on your house does not require you to buy it, but to live there, in the same manner as a homeowner lives in his house. A mezuzah is required only for a permanent dwelling place; when one. The placing of a mezuzah on the doors of a home or office protects the inhabitants — whether they are inside or outside. Mosad would love for you to participate in this important Mitzvah. Click on the links below to purchase a Mezuzah, and learn how to affix it to the doorways of your home, if you need assistance in affixing it, contact us. [quote]In the [family's] home, they had a mezuzah in their doorway. And I love the very idea of a reminder every time you walk into the space, walk through the doorway, you touch it and are reminded that this isn't just my home, it belongs to God A mezuzah is a small box that is placed on the right doorpost of Jewish homes. Inside the box is a parchment scroll with verses from the Torah inscribed on it, including the Shema prayer (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21). The concept of a mezuzah comes from the Torah, where we read, And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts (mezuzot) of your house and on your gates (Deuteronomy 6:9, 11:20) The Torah commands us to affix a Mezuzah on the doors of our home (Deuteronamy 6:9, 11:20). The Mezuzah consists of a piece of parchment the two paragraphs of the Shema written on it by hand. The parchment is then rolled up, placed in a case and put on the door. One of the reasons given for the Mitzvah of Mezuzah is that it protects our home

Before reciting the blessing, the case with the mezuzah enclosed should be held against the doorpost ― ready to turn the first screw or tap in the first nail. If using glue or foam tape, be prepared to firmly affix the case on the doorpost immediately upon completing the blessing b'h. Dear Rabbi. I am an observant B'nai Noah in the USA. I have a question about the Mitzvah of affixing a Mezuzah to the doorpost. I have read in some sources that B'nai Noah shouldn't affix Mezuzah as it is a sign of Hashem's covenant with B'nai Yisrael Add to Favorites. More colors. MEZUZAH CASE 6 Grapes on a Vine, Exquisite Cover for your Scroll, Home Gift. Hand-Enameled & Set with Crystals. 4 Weatherproof Glass Tube. CreativeJudaica. 5 out of 5 stars. (160) $39.90 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites

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4. Re: Cost of Mezuzah case and scroll advice please.. As noted - in terms of a mezuzah case, anything goes and the prices run from about $5 for the simplest case and up - the sky's the limit. Kosher scrolls start at about $70 - the price can go up much higher depending on the size of the scroll and other factors How To: Affix a mezuzah to a doorpost of a Jewish home . By Robin Mansur; Judaism; This animated video, produced by Jewish Pathways, demonstrates how to affix a mezuzah to a doorpost. In Judaism, the mezuzah (or mezuza) is a parchment inscribed with religious texts that is attached in a case to the doorpost or doorframe of a Jewish house as a sign of faith Mezuzah Additional Blessing. O Lord our God, we lift up our hearts in thankfulness unto thee for the love of our family circle, which makes us one in harmony and in peace. By thy grace we now enter our new home and we affix the mezuzah as a sign of of our dependence on thy providence. Continue to bless our home that it may ever be hallowed by. Chabad welcomes you to Greece, and will do its best to assist you with your upcoming visit. We have created a full website dedicated to information that would interest Jewish Travelers to Greece: www.koshergreece.com.If further help is needed, don't hesitate to contact us for more information

The Orthodox Union's Project Community 2020 (PC20), an initiative focused on giving teens and young adults an enjoyable and enriching summer while helping their communities during the Coronavirus pandemic, has partnered with the Mayberg Foundation's MyZuzah to launch two programs for teens, hoping to increase the number of Jewish homes in their towns with mezuzos on their door posts A Mezuzah is affixed to the doorpost of faithful homes to fulfill the mitzvah (Biblical commandment) to write the words of God on the gates and doorposts of your house (Deuteronomy 6:9). This package includes Hebrew Mezuzah scroll and instructions about how to affix your Mezuzah Judaica (84) We speak English, Hebrew, Italian and Russian. Call us +972559385845 (WhatsApp) and speak your language. 100% money back guarantee. You are satisfied or money back. No questions. You support our Torah Education projects with every purchase on our website. We deliver worldwide from Jerusalem. Contact us to save on delivery Mezuzah written by Rabbi Greenstein 12cm Beis Yosef T. The Talmud explains in a number of places that a mezuzah affords protection.1 However, as you mention, the mitzvah of mezuzah is indeed to affix it to your doorway. Size mezuzah: 10cm / 4 15cm/6″ Aluminum Waterproof Silver Sandblasted Case $ 15.00

Parsha Halacha Parshat Va'etchanan / Shabbat Nachamu Taking Down Mezuzot Plus, the Zohar on Mezuzah Sponsored by Israel and Gab Studying Torah is not enough. In addition to study, we must also affix a mezuzah - in our heart and mind. We must remember at every moment that G-d is our G-d; G-d is One. We must keep and obey all His commandments. Just as a mezuzah is visible to passersby, so must it be evident on a Jew that he remembers that G-d is upon him #4 LEARN: How to Affix the Mezuzah to a Door The mezuzah is placed on the right side of the door or doorpost, in the upper third of the doorpost - approximately shoulder height. Care should be taken to not tear or damage the parchment or the wording on it, as this will invalidate the mezuzah, which is considered Torah

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> 11-14 > Religious Studies > Judaism > Practises > Mezuzah. How to Affix a Mezuzah . From: www.youtube.com. Animated video demonstrating how Jewish people should affix a Mezuzah to a doorpost according to Jewish law. Lots of useful instructions and facts and particularly useful if students want to try and make their own mezuzahs As is common in Jewish law, there are a number of different opinions about certain details regarding which doorways are obligated, so if you only have one mezuzah available, I would recommend choosing a doorway with the additional features of having a left doorpost, having a door attached and opening to a room of 64 square feet that is no less.

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Nowadays a samaritan mezuzah is usually made of either marble a wooden plate or a sheet of parchment or high quality paper on which they inscribe select verses from the samaritan torah. Shaul wolf july 9 2014. How to affix a mezuzah. The ideal place to attach a mezuzah is on the outside doorpost to be seen when entering the home The primary goal of this program is to introduce families and involve children in the making and mitzvah of hanging a mezuzah. During the program families will: Discuss the significance and purpose of a mezuzah; Look at mezuzot (plural of mezuzah), both the case and the klaf (the scroll inside) Create a mezuzah cas the elements and affix the parchment to the doorpost.] According to halakha, the mezuzah should be placed on the right side of the door or doorpost, in the upper third of the doorpost (i.e., approximately shoulder height), within approximately 3 inches (8 cm) of the doorway opening. 3 Well, yes, you certainly can use a magnet to put up your mezuzah, but we should probably add the question: Is it kosher to use a magnet to put up your mezuzah?. The traditional answer, according to halacha (traditional Jewish law) is no, it is not kosher to do so. The commandment is to affix (likboa, in Hebrew) the mezuzah, which requires.

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As you can see, the Mezuzah scroll is a powerful Mitzvah that brings divine protection to the house and its occupants. As we all seek divine protection and blessings during these difficult times, I encourage everyone to affix a Mezuzah scroll to all doorposts of one's home (besides for bathrooms). I am happy to assist you with this great Miztvah The Mezuzah is your security and promise for a safer Today. We Can Help! Don't Know how to affix a Mezuzah, let us help! We can come to your office, home or warehouse and help you affix Kosher mezuzahs throughout. Putting them in the right places and making the correct blessing. To buy, borrow, donate, or how-to put on tefilli At some point, however, under the advice of Mrs. Gurewich, Perla agreed to affix a mezuzah at the entrance to her studio apartment. After a few weeks, Perla took down the mezuzah. Some girlfriends had warned her it was risky for a Jewish student living alone in a French town to put a mezuzah on her door, publicizing the fact that she is Jewish The Mezuzah is the protection of our Jewish home. In the Shema Yisrael, that we pray daily, we learn to put a Mezuzah on all our doors of our house. And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your home, and on your gates. I got this beautiful Mezuzah from @lesimha in order to show you how to hang a Mezuzah on your door.

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It is even forbidden to remove a Mezuzah from a place that, when it was first placed, did not definitely require a Mezuzah in the first place (Chovas HaDar page 18). Even if the house is to remain. If someone's Mezuzah is found to be invalid and he is unable to obtain another one for some time, some rule that he may affix the invalid one to avoid embarrassment until he obtains a kosher one Mezuzah cases are made from a wide range of materials, such as silver, metals, wood, ceramics, stone, polymer clay, and even pewter. Rule of Mezuzah to Renter. When a person rents a house to another, it is the responsibility of the renter to bring the mezuzah scroll and affix it even if he has to pay it to be affixed Say thank you mezuzah thank you mezuzah for being there for me thank you mezuzah thank you mezuzah for being there for me Tall and skinny with a shin Standing for Shadai Filled with little holy scrolls We give kavod as we walk by The Ve'ahavta and the shema Reminds us what our lives can be Chorus Bridge: When we enter when we leave When we. Hanukkat HaBayit. Hanukat HaBayit (dedication of the house) is a Jewish house-warming party. The Hanukat HaBayit is when the Mezuzah is affixed to the front door of your new home. It is a tradition to infuse the start of a new home with blessings, warmth and holiness. This is the time when we can appreciate the importance of a Jewish home

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The Talmud (Bava Metziah 102b) states as follows: One who rents a house to his friend, it is upon the tenant to affix the Mezuzah. And when he leaves he may not take the Mezuzah in hand and depart. Blessed are You, the L-rd, our G-d, Master of the Universe, Who sanctified us with His mitzvot, and commanded us to affix a mezuzah. Mezuzah Case A kosher mezuzah (a mezuzah which meets all the specifications of Jewish law) must contain a mezuzah parchment that has been handwritten in ancient Hebrew calligraphy by a sofer, a. Amazon.com: Olive Wood Mezuzah with Scroll, Shaddai & Dove with Olive Branch, Made in Israel, Religious Home Décor for Door & Wall, Includes Parchment Prayer Scroll, Jewish & Messianic House Wall Art: Home & Kitche

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