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Swanstone is great, we put a white shower base in a previous house. It cleans up easily with a few sprites of Tilex. Another option, if you have 2 more inches, is a Kohler cast iron shower pan. They make one that is 36x48 Deciding between the differences between Swanstone or cheaper acrylic shower units for your bathroom remodel. 717-620-9420. Tap To Call Schedule Estimate. Craftsman Quality Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Pennsylvania. Custom Roll In Shower with Tile flooring and Swanstone Shower walls

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Bathroom Wall Panels vs Tiles F.A.Q. Here are the answers to some of your frequent questions. Are shower wall panels cheaper than tile? It depends. Shower wall panels might be expensive to buy at first, but considering their installation, maintenance, and life, they can be regarded as cheaper than tiles. Can you fix shower panels over tiles Source: Home Depot Pros. Glass tiles are available in a number of sizes. When smaller mosaic tiles are installed on the floor of the shower, the grout in between them will create a little extra traction. This is great because it keeps people from slipping. Glass is bright and light reflecting, which will make the whole shower appear a lot larger than it really is Swanstone is a high-performance, compression-molded solid surface that looks great and lasts a lifetime. Swanstone is 10 times stronger than other solid surfaces, will not crack, is heat resistant to 450° - walls can handle steamer units - and is impervious to damage from common household culprits Swanstone is easy to maintain, has no joints to grout or seal and comes in a wide variety of choices. Usually the most expensive product is tile (unless you have the ability to install it yourself and save the labor hours- tile is the most time consuming to install vs. sheet products like acrylic & Swanstone) Solid surface showers install faster than tile showers. Solid surface shower panels and shower receptors can be installed in as little as 1 day to as long as 4 days depending on the complexities of the project. This is a major time and budget saver compared to its tile counterpart

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Swanstone STMK72-3662 Shower Subway Tile Wall Kit 36 x 62 x 72 - Solid Color. $1,465.96. Choose Options. Quick view Swanstone is a high-performance solid surface that looks great and lasts a lifetime — a unique combination in the industry. From shower walls, floors and accessories, to vanity tops and bowls, wainscoting, molding and trim, Swanstone offers a complete suite of beautiful and durable bath solution Curved shower rod: Zenna Home Rustproof Aluminum Double Curved Shower Rod A curved shower rod gives you extra elbow room in the shower, and this one from Zenna Home has two rods — one for the liner and one for the outside curtain. Bathtub wall prices. Inexpensive: Low-priced bathtub walls cost between $100 to $400. These are normally made of. Re: Is anyone familiar with Swanstone solid surface walls for bathtub/shower walls? We regularly install solid surface shower walls, the only difference is that we use formica brand 1/2 material. The best way to do them and fit all of the curves of the tub or any dips in the wall is to template all of the pieces This is trade lingo for a solid shower floor. For the walls you can add ceramic tile or a prefabricated plastic liner. The receptors are made of plastic resins or terrazzo (marble or stone chips.

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Get this shower base on Amazon. Shower Pan Vs Tile. When it comes to shower flooring, many of us are unsure which is best - installing a shower pan or tiling the floor. Both options have their advantages. With tiles, you can choose any shape and color you like. There is a large variety of tile for shower on the market today. Besides, tiling. Re: Swanstone I have used both the crap cultured marble and the Swanstone in surrounds, pans, and a custom shower or two. They both are great as you don't have to clean the crap out of the grout, and they don't leak so you aren't forever having a debate over moisture behind the tile Tile is frequently used in shower stalls, as is cultured marble. Consider the look, size and style of your shower before you make a decision on which type of material to choose. Cultured marble is easy to work with, but tile has a certain panache

Which Shower is Best? Swanstone Showers vs Acrylic Showers. High-gloss acrylic showers are certainly an upgrade to lightweight fiberglass showers, but then most acrylic showers are not as durable or have the same luxurious feel as a Swanstone shower. Swanstone showers are made from Swanstone solid surface material Shower Pans - Tile vs Solid Surface The shower floor is arguably the most important part of any bathroom remodel. It is the main line of defense against shower leaks, so we always put lots of attention on this aspect of the remodel. You also don't want it distract from the rest of the show. This installation of a 36x36 Swanstone shower base. ss-3636Covers differences with older model, look at the drain installation, gaps between wall and base a.. This Swanstone Subway 36 x 96 shower wall panel (one panel) has the beautiful look of tile with no grout to clean. The classic style of subway tile has no grout to maintain and will look beautiful for years to come. Easier to install than real tile; an ideal solution for both remodeling and new construction. Available in a variety of solid and aggregate color choices This Swanstone Subway 62 x 96 shower wall panel (one panel) has the beautiful look of tile with no grout to clean. The classic style of subway tile has no grout to maintain and will look beautiful for years to come. Easier to install than real tile; an ideal solution for both remodeling and new construction. Available in a variety of solid and aggregate color choices

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1. KOHLER 1938-0 Ballast Shower Base - Best Shower Base. This Ballast Shower base is the best, in my opinion, because of its convenience and easy Installation. You'll love the low-threshold style that is designed for easily entering and exiting your shower. This pan comes with the following features Swanstone SS0367202.050 Solid Surface Glue-Up 2-pieces Shower Wall Panel, .25-in L X 36-in H X 72-in H, Tahiti Desert 3.7 out of 5 stars 2 $1,078.00 $ 1,078 . 0 I am considering Swanstone and Tere-Stone for a 32 x 60 shower to replace a tub. I want to avoid grout lines in the shower; both products have floor panels and large wall panels. I have done tile work very successfully before. But I'm incredibly slow at it. Will appreciate any comments re the advantages/disadvantages of either product Welcome, Eliza. :) That method Swanstone recommends there might work with solid panels of some waterproof material for the inside surface of the shower, but I don't like that kind of installation for a ceramic tile installation in a wet area Re: Is anyone familiar with Swanstone solid surface walls for bathtub/shower walls? We regularly install solid surface shower walls, the only difference is that we use formica brand 1/2 material. The best way to do them and fit all of the curves of the tub or any dips in the wall is to template all of the pieces

The answer - beadboard! I was going to tile the walls of the shower in those spendy beadboard tiles, but then I found that Swanstone made solid surfacing routed to look like beadboard. (Still spendy, but NO GROUT!) And even though I didn't match the beadboard to the swanstone, they look fine next to each other starting a new bathroom remodel and we think we want a solid surface shower pan and walls. What would be the pros and cons of swanstone or onyx. Mostly interested in the durability aspects. swanstone has been around for eons. I can only fault solid surface in a shower due to staining, scratching and color changing

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  1. The 4 best shower flooring options: Tile (top left); Molded Stone (top right); Acrylic (bottom left); Fiberglass (bottom right). 3. Acrylic Shower Pans. Acrylic shower pans can offer you a medium-priced solution that affords you some ability to customize the look and feel of your shower floor. Acrylic systems come in a variety of colors and.
  2. Bestbath Step-in Shower Solid Surface Shower Pan. 5. DreamLine SlimLine Single Threshold Acrylic Shower Base. 6. KOHLER K-9054-0 Salient Receptor Right Hand Shower Base. 7. Tile Redi USA P3048L Shower Pan For Tile. Know these facts before buying: Types of Shower Bases
  3. Above: The Kohler Purist cast iron shower base has a sleek design and is available in a 48″x36″ size. It comes in 14 colors and retails for $1,067.70. Above: The Kohler Salient cast iron shower base comes in two sizes 60″x30″ and 60″x36″ and is available in 14 colors. Prices range from $966.90-$1,11.70
  4. Although tile walls will cost you more than a prefab shower, tile has a more classic and upscale look, so it fits better in older homes and those with traditional decor schemes. On the practical side, tile is highly resistant to water and staining, and the grout between the tiles, as well as the tiles themselves, is easy to keep clean
  5. Appearance Wall Tile . There is no appreciable difference in the appearance of ceramic and porcelain wall tile vs floor tile, but stylistically, it is general practice for wall tiles to be relatively small in comparison to floor tiles
  6. I essentially want to tile the whole shower and not the ceiling. 2) I'm planning on laying down 3/4″ plywood for the subfloor followed by 1/2″ Wedi board prior to tiling. In the shower I'm planning on laying down 1/2″ plywood instead such that I can place the 3/4″ curb-less shower base to create the walk in shower transition

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  1. Bestbath 30″ x 30″ Step-in Shower Pan in White. 2.7 7. American Standard 36WLD100 Fiat Cascade Double Threshold Shower Base. 3 The Verdict. Finding the best shower pan can be confusing, as there are a lot of brands to choose from— all of which claim to offer the best features
  2. Swanstone RS-2215-010 Recessed Shampoo Shelf, White Finish The Swanstone RS-2215-010 Recessed shampoo shelf is a wall-mounted solid surface soap dish and accessory shelf that easily accommodates large shampoo bottles. It comes with several features that offer convenience, as well as a multitude of benefits. Besides the functionality aspects, the product has a modern design that will surely.
  3. You know grey is not only for shower tile, I always try to give grey color to all of my home accessories. In this way, I keep my shower tile color grey. It looks glorious. Though all these shower tiles are attractive. Ruth Nero July 13, 2017 at 12:49 am . These designs are really inspiring. Thanks a lot for posting
  4. Acrylic or tile- that's the usual question when it comes to choosing your bathroom walls. But today there's a third option: LuxStone™ by Kohler®. If you're due for a bathroom renovation, this newly-engineered material could be the solution you've been looking for. Read on to find out how this new material differs from acrylic [
  5. Place tile spacers flat side down along the shower base where it meets the shower base flange. Temporarily place tiles along the wall, sitting on top of the tile spacers. Due to the premolded.
  6. The STMK72-3662-010 is a genuine product manufactured by The Swanstone Corporation and has a White color/finish. This particular product is a Subway Tile Wall Kit, specifically for use with walk-in shower applications. It features a Subway Tile pattern on the panel with each tile measuring 3 inches x 6 inches
  7. The two most common types are acrylic shower pans and enameled cast iron shower pans. When choosing between them, it is essential to know that cast iron pans are durable, sturdy, and time-tested and have a certain richness to them. Acrylic is the newer kid on the block - it's stylish, versatile, lightweight, and offers more customization.

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  1. The 10 best shower pans of 2020 what shower pans veritek swanstone and shower pans veritek swanstone and swanstone ss 3448 042 gray granite 34 shower packages taylor tere stone Shower Pans Veritek Swanstone And Performix Pression MoldedSwan 32 In X 60 Solid Surface Single Threshold Retrofit Left Drain Shower Pan White Sr 3260l 010 Read More
  2. The Swanstone 36 in. x 36 in. Solid Surface The Swanstone 36 in. x 36 in. Solid Surface Single Threshold Shower Floor in Bone features an easy-to-clean, non-porous surface that resists mold and mildew. The solid surface construction offers durability and the color runs completely through the material, so it will not wear off with use
  3. 1. Swanstone. A2 High Gloss White Fiberglass/Plastic Composite Bathtub Wall Surround (Common: 27-in x 5-in; Actual: 24-in x 5-in) Model #2774CSW-AW-P-SL. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Swanstone. A2 48-in x 74-in High Gloss White Shower Surround Panel Kit. Model #3674CBW-AW-P-SL
  4. Affordable. When it comes to ceramic vs glass tiles debate, the former get additional points for being more budget-friendly. The cost of using ceramic tiles for the shower is relatively affordable. In addition to that, these tiles are available in a variety of price ranges, which means you can easily find something that fits your budget
  5. Custom Tile Shower vs. Prefab Fiberglass Shower. Homeowners planning a bathroom remodeling project featuring a new shower are often faced with a dilemma. Is it more viable to build a custom tile shower or install a prefabricated shower? Both have their pros and cons, but the deciding factor boils down to budget, personal taste, and convenience
  6. Step 3: Install the Tile Backer Board. You don't need to use a backer board in the entire bathroom, just in the wet shower area. Choose a backer board that's the same thickness as the drywall so you have a seamless transition from one to the other. Measure the work area and cut your boards to fit. To cut a backer board, mark the board, score.
  7. The price to tile a shower averages about $20 to $30 per square foot, but depending on the selected material, the price can vary widely. The standard shower is 90 - 100 square feet, and you will need an additional 10 - 15 square feet for the floor if you don't use a shower pan. Therefore, the average total cost to tile a shower is $2,875

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Swan 36-In D X 36-In W X 72-In H Swanstone Shower Wall Surround Tile Pattern. From $1,365.41 $1,950.59. Choose options Quick view. Save $153.27. SWAN 10-In D X 36-In W X 36-In H Solid Surface Window Trim Kit In Multiple Color Options. From $357.62 $510.89. Choose options Quick view. Save $172.34 Feb 12, 2013 - Explore Swan's board Swanstone Baths, followed by 323 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bathrooms remodel, shower wall, shower wall kits Tub Wall Surround. Most tubs will use a panel for each wall. Each wall panel is a separate piece. The side panels have two finished edges, (top & front,) and the back panel will have a finished top edge. Any cutting, notching, drilling, or sanding can be done using regular wood cutting tools A shower door or enclosure would be a great way to add sparkle, and character to the overall look of the bathroom. Dress up your shower with a complete shower system or add smaller touches with shower accessories. We offer all of the items that you will ever need to create your own custom showering experience. Whether it be a few simple changes. Swan 36-In x 62-In x 96-In Swanstone 3x6 Subway Tile Shower Wall Kit. From $2,094.67 $2,992.39. Save $897.72. Swan 36-In x 62-In x 96-In Swanstone Solid Surface Shower Wall. From $2,094.67 $2,992.39. Save $571.75. Swan 32 x 60 x 60 Swanstone Bathtub Wall Kit With Molded Trim. From $1,334.10 $1,905.85. Save $709.84

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Swanstone 36d X 62w X 96h Subway Tile Shower Wall Kit - White at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products DreamLine SlimLine 32 x 60 Shower Base with Single Threshold and 3-1/4 Left-hand Drain. Model: DLT-1132601. Starting at $319.99. (13) FREE Shipping. SlimLine Collection. Drain Placement: Left. Length: 60 in. Number of Tile Flanges: 3 Browse the widest variety of Swan Showers Swanstone White Clay and select a new look to your home. Enjoy our superb selection and work with the helpful experts at Decorative Plumbing Distributor Browse the widest variety of Swan Shower Enclosures Shower Wall Systems Swanstone Solid Colors Limestone and select a new look to your home. Enjoy our superb selection and work with the helpful experts at Wholesale Plumbing Suppl Swan MSMK963262.015 at Western Supply Company Showroom Serving the Hutchinson, KS area with a variety of Kitchen and Bathroom products including Shower Wall Systems Shower Enclosures in a Black finis

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Tiles in general will age better than shower wall panels if you pick the right ones. Of course, you can still date your bathroom if you pick a tile style that's trendy, but usually, they'll look great for years if you take good care of them. Shower wall panels aren't quite as timeless, though The Advantages of Tile Shower Walls . Now, let's have a look at the advantages of tile shower walls: There are a huge range of design options available in tile walls. Tile shower walls are eco-friendly. There are numerous eco-friendly tiles which are made with 60% or 40% recycled content, but gives the same sharp look as the normal tiles These wall panels are 3/8 thick, not difficult to cut and come in smooth, subway tile and stone tile looks for the appearance of real tile - without grout joint maintenance. Option 3 - Fiberglass wall panels - If your budget is small - and you have a standard sized tub or shower - fiberglass panels are a sound choice I Plan to install a 34x54 Swantone Shower pan as part of my remodeling job. Unfortunately, Swanstone's instructions are, quite simply, awful. (For example, they recommend plain drywall under the tile wall!) So here is my plan, and I am looking for confirmation that I am on the right track. 1. Rough in drain. (Not a problem, easy garage access). 2

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Bathroom Tile and Grout vs. Waterproof Wall-Panel System. Zone 3, one -story slab-on-grade foundation all-brick home. In the bathrooms, we're trying to see if there are better products to use besides the traditional tile and grout because grout has its cons. Chanced upon a laminate bath and kitchen wall product called FIBO wall which is. A horizontal tile layout can make your bathroom space look wider than it actually is. This is an option for those with a high ceiling and limited floor space. This layout is best done with smaller tiles to create more depth. You can also use mosaics to exaggerate the look. Using contrasting tile colors to create lines will also emphasize depth Ceramic tile shower ideas that will inspire your bathroom and shower remodel in Queens, Manhattan, or Brooklyn, are right here, on our blog. Whether you're preparing for an occasional upgrade to make your shower fresher and more appealing, or you are planning a thorough and a much-needed remodel, we bring you the best ceramic tile shower ideas, modern bathroom tile designs, and a plethora of. The grout between the marble tiles is very fine and the same color as the main one in the marble has never got any mildew on it and we rarely wipe it down between showers and only give it a monthly clean. We also have the same tile on the floor of another bathroom and mosaic marble on the shower floor in that room How the Market's Popular Shower Surface Materials Fare. It's undeniable that most of the materials you can find on the market can satisfy your needs for your bathroom. However, some of them do carry their own set of disadvantages. For example, while the average tile is highly customizable and has a wide range of pattern and color options.

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The cons of tile is that not only is it more expensive than prefab fiberglass bathroom unit, a tile shower is also labor-intensive and messy job. Plus achieving a perfectly flat surface takes some mastering and if they have not been correctly installed they tend to leak not to mention, the grout requires regular upkeep.. Swanstone surfaces are generally easy to clean but abrasive scouring pads should always be avoided. Abrasive cleaners such as Ajax or Comet are safe to use on most Swanstone surfaces with the exception of Swanstone showers. The shower surface is designed with high sheen surfaces to prevent soap scum build up Big vs. Small - Let the Battle Begin. As mentioned before, Big and small tiles in your shower can have various functions and styles of choice. Below you will find the differences and how they add up: Big Tiles. Bigger tiles offer the easiest and most inexpensive option in tiling, due to its size. It can, in some experts' opinion, be a.

Shower wall panels vs ceramic: What about the price? Often sold in wall kit form, shower wall panels are really cost-effective . They're often cheaper than tiles and a great choice if you're on a tight budget for your bathroom remodel or have a property that you're looking to flip in a low-rent neighborhood A properly installed tile shower should always have a 6 inch lip liner going up around base of the shower walls. Water should not be able to leak into the walls or down below the shower even if there is not grout or caulk installed at all around the base of a tile shower floor. Therefore grouting around the base of a tile shower floor seems to. The Swanstone tub surround shown here costs almost $900. Premium composite bathtub and surround combinations offer caulkless seams and more realistic tile and texture patterns. Solid-surface panels offer the largest selection of styles, including faux granite, quartz and marble. You can order matching solid-surface trim kits that eliminate the. Enter the Shower Tile Backer Board. In order to solve these problems, the cement tile backer board was created. A cement based board dramatically reduced the deterioration of the backer by reducing moisture absorption and most importantly, reducing the expansion, contraction, and mold growth that occurred in the old drywall boards

It will take you through the entire process from bare wall studs around your shower up to a completely waterproofed shower surround ready for tile. If you already have a tub or pre-formed shower base like acrylic, Swanstone, cast iron, etc. and are only tiling the walls around it - this is the one you need After the new Shower Valve install, there will be no tile gaps or openings. This photo shows the tile cuts and the various cross cuts to control the breaking of the tile and concrete wall float behind. Of course there's no 100% guarantee you will not lose a small tile piece during this process, but when doing control cuts, it's very rare.

Place the tip of the bit into the hole you're already drilled. Start the drill and apply pressure to the hole saw bit to push the bit through the countertop, using the center hole as a guide to prevent the hole saw from sliding off the countertop. Continue to apply pressure to the drill until you've completed the hole Tiled Shower Floors. A tiled shower floor is a good option for homeowners who want a seamless look throughout their new bathroom. For example, you can continue the tile design from the bathroom wall into the shower floor. Or you can coordinate the colors and designs of your wall tiles and floor tiles to create a specific aesthetic

Tiles come in various shapes, sizes and materials. All of these factors can affect price. The most popular materials for tile shower surrounds are marble, ceramic, porcelain, glass and acrylic. Benefits: Cost-effective. However, marble and glass tiles can be more expensive to purchase and install; In general, tile is easy to maintain, it doesn. Shower walls that are solid surface and have no grout. This product eliminates mold caused from grout. There is no sealing with our product. Shower walls are available in standard or custom sizes. Our products are much more durable than fiberglass or acrylic. So much easier to maintain compared to tile Shower Insert vs. Tiled Shower: Which is Best for Your Shower Remodel? A bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to bring the bathroom of your dreams to life, especially with a shower replacement. If you're thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you're likely aware of the sheer volume of remodeling products available today Installing cement backerboard is one of the more popular choices for a shower wall substrate. Cement backerboards include Hardiebacker, Durock, Fiberboard, wonderboard, and similar products. These materials bridge the gap between expense and effectiveness. When installed properly they will give you many, many years of durable shower construction In the end, tile and plastic are solid choices of materials for a shower enclosure. If you're worried about the most difficult part of installing a custom tile shower — the shower pan — it's possible to pair a prefabricated shower pan with custom tiled shower walls. This also somewhat reduces the weight on the floor

Due to the fabrication process, Custom Vanity Tops are sanded which will result in a slight color variation between vanity top and other Swanstone products. Once you are ready to purchase your custom Swan Countertop, you may email or print this information to take to your local Swan dealer to complete your purchase Brick-look shower tile wall with a blue mosaic ceramic tile window border. The blues, yellows, and greens in this mosaic window border add an under-the-sea sensation to this shower's earthy, variegated subway tile walls and iridescent navy tiled ceiling. 10. Aqua Agua Swanstone SB03060LM.010 SBF-3060L-010 60-Inch by 30-Inch by 4-3/16-Inch Barrier Free Shower Floor With Left Hand Drain, White Finish Out of Stock Retail : $1,077.00 $807.7 Swanstone Your Strongest Choice: Swanstone products add a touch of elegance to any home. Wall panels, shower floors, vanity tops, and kitchen sinks are made of high-quality Swanstone — a non-porous, solid surface material that is up to 5 times stronger than other solid surface materials. It resists stains and scratches and easily works with any design and budget

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Shower Bases. At American Standard, we understand that style and function are important when considering a shower base. With curved, angled and rectangular models, you have plenty of shower base options. From multi-generational shower bases to corner shower bases, we have the right solution for your shower The first step in selecting a new shower is choosing the base. This is the pan that acts as the shower floor. It is often textured to prevent slipping and arrives set up with a hole for the drain. The shower base can be used in conjunction with ready-made shower walls or integrate into a design with a tile enclosure Shower Installation Cost. National average. $8,000. (walk-in ceramic tile shower with a valve, showerhead, and door) Low: $3,000. (acrylic square shower with a valve, showerhead, and no door) High: $20,000. (luxury stone slab shower with a bench and performance shower system) Get Local Cost

Shower Tile. Shower 680 Products found SORT BY Filter Sort by: Add To My Projects Quick View Canvas Meringue II Polished Ceramic Tile $0.55 / piece Size: 3 x 12 Add To My Projects. Add Sample Add To My Projects Quick View Villa Artisan Frost Ceramic Tile. Acrylic tub with tile surround Acrylic bathtubs - This is a good option when weight is a concern. An empty cast iron tub weights around 400 pounds vs 80 pounds for acrylic. Adding water and a 175-pound person adds another almost 600 pounds

Find the perfect wall for your shower. Utile back wall 48 in. 48″ x 1 1/8″ x 80″. Made in North America. Direct-to-Stud Installation. Award Winner. Starting at MSRP* USD$ 935.00. Utile side wall 36 in. 36″ x 1 1/8″ x 80″ Swan TSMK963662.018 at Wholesale Plumbing Supply Bath Showroom locations in St Charles,Eureka,Pevely, Wentzville,St Louis,and Farmington MO with a variety of Kitchen and Bathroom products including Shower Wall Systems Shower Enclosures in a Bisque finis

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