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  1. Exploring an Abandoned 1970s Funky Retro Mansion. Today we're exploring a super cool Abandoned 1970s Funky Retro Mansion, sent to me by a fellow explorer named Sven! This huge old house has a large indoor pool, a glass sunroom, so much shag carpet and all kinds of retro goodness
  2. Vacated in 1973, sits a property first inhibited in the 1800's . Scattered across the vast property are tokens of the past, old American cars, and outdated t..
  3. ABANDONED $2,000,000 Retro 1970s Mansion | Two Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion. Today we're exploring a large custom built 1970s style mansion from around 1976. it features a very unique staircase as the main focal point of the interior. For some reason, other explorers have jacked up the value of this house but in reality it was last sold.
  4. Built in 1978 this luxurious mansion was built in a rural area. Now with the area being developed into communities, the house has been purchased by developer..
  5. This abandoned mansion was built in the 1970s. It's held on to much of its groovy vibe even as it decays at the end of an isolated road. Read on to learn more about the site, and check out the haunting video YouTube channel Parker Production captured at this abandoned estate. We're aware that these uncertain times are limiting many.

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For those who long for the decade of bold, clashing patterns, synthetic materials, textured walls and shag carpets, you can now travel back to the 1970s with this well preserved house that has been untouched for more than 40 years, serving as a glorious time capsule. Located in Framingham, Massachusetts, the psychedelic explosion spanning 4,133 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and. The 57-room mansion, which dates from the 1930s, was abandoned in 1976 by its owner, who was reportedly known to snap up grand estates and bizarrely leave them to crumble. Like a horror movie set. This large retro home was custom built in 1976. today 43 years later it sits completely abandoned. everything from the brown shag rugs to the old school chan..

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The Gold King Mansion is a huge, once-was luxury home currently decaying away in Mohave County, Arizona. The nearest town to the mansion is Kingman, Arizona, which is only a brief drive away from the Nevada border. The Gold King Corporation built it in 1929 to house and entertain wealthy investors and supervisors working in the mines Vintage Aerial of the Markey Mansion. Over the years, the property had many different owners. It wasn't until the late 1970s that Preble County farmer Frederick Voge bought the farm along with the 3 historic homes on it. In 2006 the home was placed under an agricultural conservation easement with the Three Valley Conservation Trust Grand pianos, a vast shoe collection and creepy children's toys: A haunting look inside a New York mansion frozen in time after it was abandoned in the 1970s. Just a few miles outside the.

11 abandoned mansions around the world that likely used to be worth millions. The mansion was built in 1819 to replace an early 17th-century house that burned down in 1810. In the 1970s, the. STAY POSITIVE MERCH STORE!!!https://teespring.com/stores/official-staypositive-merchThis Abandoned 1970's Time Capsule is located in the middle of the forest.. Drone footage of Coco Chanel's abandoned mansion Credit: Sam and Jess Explore. 26. Coco Chanel's Mansion in Scotland. Nestled on 700 acres in the Scottish Highlands, there is a mansion that was once a secret getaway of Coco Chanel.In the 1920's, Chanel re-designed all 22 rooms of the mansion 13 Abandoned Mansions With Pasts So Creepy They'll Make Your Toes Curl. Check out the wild stories behind these creepy places. By Hadley Mendelsohn. Jul 9, 2021 Flickr This strange abandoned mansion hides a very dark secret. Slide 1 of 20: Perched high on a hill above the town of Chattanooga, Tennessee, this mystery mansion has seen its fair share of scandal.

A Large House Built in 1967 that will Unfortunately Be demolished for a new house can replace itThis house has so much character, once these places from this.. - 10/10/20 - 1970's Decor Abandoned Farm House - 10/08/20 - Abandoned Mansion Written Off By Fire - 10/7/20 - Jones Falls Waterfall, Owen Sound Ontari This Mansion in New York was abandoned in the 1970's and you'll be astonished to checkout the recent state of this grand mansion | Page 5 of 15 | South Sea Times. The Grand Mansion in New York This old creepy doll definitely looks horrifying and the fact that how it was left behind as it is and still exists seems equally scandalizing. Click. Many of the homes were built in the late 1970s and have been left in varying states of decay. This empty entryway, the abandoned mansion offered open-air balconies, a games room, marble. - 10/10/20 - 1970's Decor Abandoned Farm House - 10/08/20 - Abandoned Mansion Written Off By Fire - 10/7/20 - Jones Falls Waterfall, Owen Sound Ontario - 10/05/20 - Abandoned Curtiss Wright Buffalo - 10/04/20 - 1960s Time Capsule Abandoned Mansion

The abandoned mansion. With over eight and a half million residents, New York City is the most populated city in the United States. The housing shortage is huge, and if you are willing to live in a shoebox, your rent will be close to $1,000 a month. However, imagine if just outside of Manhattan there was an abandoned mansion with over 50 rooms. Exploring an Old Untouched Abandoned House. This explore is from an old untouched abandoned house with nearly everything left behind like the owners just walked away. Not quite a time capsule house but close enough, this old abandoned house was full of old items, old toys, games and furniture An abandoned Pennsylvania mansion that had been custom-built for Joan Rivers and her husband, Edgar Rosenberg, in the 1970s is back on the market for $2.3 million. Initially built by longtime. It was abandoned in the 1950s and bought in 2003 before being sold for just $120,000 at a 2016 auction. Although it was once a nine-bedroom prime property with a Tiffany skylight, the home is now.

Aktuelle Buch-Tipps und Rezensionen. Alle Bücher natürlich versandkostenfre A Playboy Mansion From The 1970s Is Rotting In Tennessee And It's Mesmerizing. The story behind this lavish southern Playboy mansion is a mixture of extravagance and darkness. The Swingers' Tiki Palace was built in Chattanooga, Tennessee by strip club tycoon Billy Hull. It opened its doors 1972, but the estate was abandoned only 12 months.

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A majestic 57-room mansion just outside of New York City has sat empty since the 1970s, an abandoned capsule frozen in time. Built in the late 1930s, the building comes complete with an indoor tennis court, bowling alley and other lavish luxuries This abandoned mansion is hiding a dark secret. Refinance rates at 1.99% APR. Calculate your rate now. Slide 1 of 20: Perched high on a hill above the town of Chattanooga, Tennessee, this mystery. Strip club tycoon Billy Hull built the Swingers' Tiki Palace in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the 1970s. The place that would soon come to encompass a sense of loss reminiscent of literary hero, Jay Gatsby, opened its doors in 1972. Here you can see the remains of an outdoor sauna, one of the many luxurious aspects of the sprawling palace. And it. The Remnants Of This Abandoned Millionaire's Mansion Are Hauntingly Beautiful. This exploration video from YouTube channel Exploring With Josh reveals the inside of an abandoned colonial mansion in Massachusetts. It's the Charles Winship mansion, and it's been left virtually untouched for over a decade 12 Staggering Photos Of The Ruins Of The Abandoned Tanglewood Mansion In South Carolina. Sometimes, the best window into our past is to look at the present, especially when the haunting remains of the past stand out in an ever-present way as they do with the ruins of the Tanglewood Mansion in Pendleton

The reason the hysteria over the David Gilmour Mansion is that David Gilmour does not, in fact, own the house. Nor, as NME put it, do the images suggest that the Pink Floyd vocalist just abandoned the home on a whim, because, as the now archived Hookend Studio's webpage describes, the Pink Floyd vocalist had previously sold Hook End Manor to West Side Productions, producers of Madness and. Creepy New York Mansion Was Abandoned In The 1970s/Photographer Has Unlocked Its Secrets In a mansion on the outskirts of New York City, time as we know it stands still. There, elegant pianos sit next to crumbling walls, snow decorates the floor under a toy rocking horse, and shelves of stylish shoes lie, untouched for decades A ghost town in Cyprus that was abandoned in the 1970s has controversially reopened - take a look inside. If you ever wanted to be a Foolish Mortal who spent the night at Disney's Haunted Mansion, this Airbnb near Disneyland is the next best thing. The post Haunted Mansion Inspired Airbnb Is Eerily Perfect appeared first on Nerdist This huge old abandoned farm house dates back around 100 years. Approaching the house down the long chained driveway, you can easily see how old this house and farm are. Inside, lots of ornate and intricate woodwork and some of the most insane 1970's wallpaper and ugly carpet I have ever seen! Come on inside and lets explore this old abandoned.

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  1. When Mark Professor Cline turned an old abandoned mansion into a haunted house, he also created one of the prime tourist attractions in the area, that is, until it was destroyed by fire in 2012. Stranger still, this was the second mysterious fire to occur in as many years
  2. From a marble mansion whose owner fled to the extravagant wastelands of Billionaires' Row, take a look inside these abandoned mansions once owned by the world's super-rich. Click or scroll for more..
  3. One of the most luxurious abandoned mansions of all time just so happens to be in the Congo. Back in the 1970's, President Mobutu Seso Seko of the was the leader of Zaire. He used his fortune to build a $100 million palace in the middle of a small remote village called Gbadolite

The Abandoned Cawood Mansion - 1923 Despite the decline, the town's population reached its peak in 1970 when there were more than 26,000 residents. However, this wouldn't last for long as many would begin moving away in search of jobs. Population in this area of Ohio/West Virginia would start to rapidly decline into the 1990s We've shared some of his findings before, like this amazing abandoned house that contains treasures that kids of the 1970s and 1980s will remember This property likely held some one of noble class at some time. It'd be a real wonder if it got restored to what it used to be. Check out these 31 other homes hiding secrets. It's already got that rustic farmhouse charm that everyone's after so this little, abandoned house in a Norwegian.

The 40-room Yorkshire home frozen in time: Eerie abandoned mansion left to rot for THREE decades. Home that was once owned by Indian-born aristocratic friends of the Royal Family is packed with. About the Abandoned Train Set Time Capsule House. Located in the Muskoka region of Ontario Canada, this long abandoned house sits boarded up along a remote highway. Unassuming from the outside, this forgotten bungalow is overgrown and boarded up, nothing more than an eyesore to neighbours and drivers passing by Taking on a fixer-upper is a big project, but attempting to restore an abandoned, historic mansion is an even bigger undertaking. Members of the Longwell family lived in the home into the 1970s Built in 1912 by William Boyce Thompson, an extremely successful copper magnate, his plan was for a 72-room country estate for entertaining (he lived in New York City at the time) on 22 acres of hilltop land in then rural Yonkers. After both he and his wife died, the mansion was traded between owners who had no use for it and eventually wound. The Liu family mansion, in Taiwan, had been abandoned since the 1950s when the wealthy family fled abruptly. In the 1970s Kingsdene, one of the mansions on the Hampstead street, was a commune for the Children of God, who later became the Family International

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Situated in the town's historic district, this grand Victorian mansion dates back to the late 19th century. The family-owned funeral home served the community for over a century before closing several years ago. In the 1970s, the property was added to the National Register of Historic Places. In recent years, a series of storms severly. The Liu family mansion, in Taiwan, had been abandoned since the 1950s when the wealthy family fled abruptly. In the 1970s Kingsdene, one of the mansions on the Hampstead street, was a commune. It is also entirely abandoned. Built in the late 1930s, and last inhabited in the 1970s, the neglect is allegedly down to an owner who would buy lavish mansions and leave them to rot The march of time has left behind a number of abandoned and overgrown places all throughout Pennsylvania, from industrial sites to old hospitals and homes. was once used to house the workers. Described as wealthy and eccentric, the current owners opened an antique store nearby in the 1970s, eventually moving the business into the house where they sold pieces from personal collection and from other local estates. The property has been vacant since the store closed over twenty years ago

1970s Abandoned House in Niagara on the Lake Ontario This is a 1970s abandoned house with a total 70s feel that used to be located in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Discovered first by Ground State Photography, this unique 1970s styled and decorated house still contained many items inside from books to records and more A photo of the Richard Crocheron mansion in the 1880s, when it was already an abandoned ruin. The city of Cahaba, or Cahawba, located where the Cahaba and Alabama rivers meet, was abandoned in. A dedicated pool house is a good place to start. Speaking of which, an epic video of an abandoned P. Diddy mansion - including that very aquatic accessory - has just sparked much speculation.

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Inside Steve Jobs' unearthly abandoned mansion he spent years trying to demolish. Jonathan Haeber. The sun rises on the boarded-up and abandoned Jackling House. A certificate labeled. The mansion was built in 1819 to replace an early 17th-century house that burned down in 1810. In the 1970s, the house was used for mock medieval banquets, but it was further damaged by fire in. The Pines Resort. This once sprawling resort now sits abandoned, filled with graffiti and vibrant colors from an era long passed. Add J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital to a New List. Perrysburg, New York It peaked during the 70's & 80's as guests flocked to the quieter & more affordable mountain compared to others in the region where prices were inflated & line ups long. Details aren't 100% clear but I was able to piece together a fairly decent timeline for the Abandoned 1970s Ski Resort. It seems the Swiss developer who created the resort met.

1970s Abandoned House in Niagara on the Lake Ontario Write a description for this list item and include information that will interest site visitors. For example, you may want to describe a team member's experience, what makes a product special, or a unique service that you offer Casa Sirena Seaside Resort. Abandoned in 2009, this once popular resort destination now stands frozen in time. Add Gates of Hell Hacienda Heights to a New List. Hacienda Heights, California

Established in 1908 and named Kep-Sur-Mer, Kep was a thriving resort town for the French and Cambodian elite until the early 1970s. During. Abandoned, ruined stone mansion in Maine overlooking the ocean and Casco Bay. Ruins of Goddard Mansion in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, built in 1858 for successful Some professional athlete with too much money and too few financial advisors built an insane mega-mansion and soon abandoned it because of the undoubtedly mind-boggling upkeep costs. The house has.

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The region of Shekhawati, in the north-east part of Rajasthan, India, is famous for its rows of abandoned mansions. The area, which was found in the 1400s and developed at the beginning of the 19th century, was once home to India's billionaires. However, today many of the grand mansions, known as havelis, are crumbling The stuff of nightmares, exploring the world's creepiest abandoned mansions isn't for the faint-hearted. Guaranteed to spook even the bravest of souls, these spine-chilling spaces are as sinister.

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15. Lemp Brewery. St. Louis, MO. Most people visit the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, but some might prefer to tour the abandoned Lemp Brewery housed within the larger, semi-occupied Lemp Brewery Complex. Sometimes however, I will pass things in between locations that are worthy of stopping, this house was a great example of that. Clearly the house is abandoned from the exterior and from what I could see in the windows, the grass is cut because by law, a property owner has to maintain the property or face fines Joan Rivers' abandoned 'Beverly Hills' mansion lists for $2.3M — in Pennsylvania. An abandoned Pennsylvania mansion that had been custom-built for Joan Rivers and her husband, Edgar Rosenberg, in the 1970s is back on the market for . Bill Murray Was Only Paid $9,000 For This Golden Globe Nominated..

Joan Rivers' abandoned Hollywood-style PA mansion lists for $2.3M. An abandoned Pennsylvania mansion that had been custom-built for Joan Rivers and her husband, Edgar Rosenberg, in the 1970s is back on the market for This Massive Abandoned 1970s Mansion Is Decaying In An Eerie Way. Check out this fascinating footage of a 1970s mansion that's been left abandoned in an eerie way. Article by Only In Your State. 15. Abandoned Property Abandoned Mansions Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Vampire House Outside Pool Pool Bar Mansions Homes Bar Areas

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The derelict 1970s office block, based in Norwich, had spent years morphing into a Ballardian dystopia - a Brutalist jungle overgrown with tropical palms and sprawling, wild greenery. Captivated by the building's aesthetic, O'Donovan messaged the original poster, Manalo & White architects, and asked if he could photograph the site Sadler Mansion. Skip to entry content. Dated 1895, this two-story Queen Anne-style house has some impressive features such as a corner turret, a hipped roof, and extended cross gables. An original one-story porch that once surrounded two sides of the house has been replaced with two small one-story Neoclassical columned porches MORE STORIES; Grand pianos, a vast shoe collection and creepy children's toys: A haunting look inside a New York mansion frozen in time after it was abandoned in the 1970s

Inside America's real-life haunted houses by Seph LawlessMemorias Perdidas: The Story of Grey Gardens

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Dragon Peak Lodge is an abandoned mansion in Hong Kong which has been one of the island's most haunted places for decades. Attracting urbex fans and ghost hunters alike, the mansion has a tragic history of death, and is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of Catholic nuns who were brutally executed by the Japanese army which took over the house during WW2 Inside the Deserted Mansions of an American Heiress. By MessyNessy. February 13, 2015. S he had three sprawling luxury homes at her disposal, but Huguette Clark chose to spend the last 20 years of her life holed up in a New York hospital room. Her father became as rich as Rockefeller from mining copper and founded the city of Las Vegas, but.

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The end of an era. In January 1988, Leidulf passed away and Petra lived alone in the house until the mid-1990s. She eventually died at the grand old age of 95 in 1997, nine years after her husband. Dr. Scudder bought a mansion on West Adams Street in Chicago and filled it with baroque furniture he purchased from the Balaban and Katz theatres. He was also an accomplished harp player and had been invited to play with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. By the 1970s, Dr. Scudder's four boys from a previous marriage were already adults Multi-Million Dollar Mansions That Were Abandoned For Years. Hook End Manor was a home to many celebrities, and it might be haunted. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. 9. Hook End Manor May Be Haunted. This next house in Oxfordshire, England, is the oldest house on the list. Hook End was originally built in 1580 for the Bishop of Reading The Nolan farm operated from 1856 until about 1970 and covered around 2,000 acres in Morgan County, Georgia. This plantation home is the second Nolan farm home, built sometime between 1905 and 1910. The first Nolan home is a plantation plain I-form house located further south on the opposite side of Highway 83. Behind thi A ghost town in Cyprus that was abandoned in the 1970s has controversially reopened - take a look inside. Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley List Their Pacific Palisades Mansion for $25. This old abandoned 170 year old tavern and Inn dates back to the time when Queen Victoria ruled the commonwealth. The history of this abandoned Inn spans the whole development of what was known as the Queen's Bush, a vast unsettled area between Waterloo County, Ontario and Lake Huron during the early 19th century